Sports: Bulges to Watch Out For at Rio Olympics

These Olympians have trained hard for their chance at Olympic glory, and their bodies definitely show all the effort that they’ve put in. It’s a delight to watch their bodies perform athletic feats ordinary humans can only dream of achieving.

But for those viewers who’re watching the Olympics for much more prurient reasons than most others, the delight comes from watching these tight, hard bodies clad in even tighter athletic apparel, leaving practically nothing to the imagination. Every bump and bulge is visible, with a special emphasis on bulge.

Here’s a list of six noteworthy bulges you guys can watch out for in the ongoing Rio Olympics — we’ve even included the dates when they’ll be competing!


  1. Ning Zetao

– The 23-year-old swimming champion was a trending topic across all of social media over the past few days, due mostly to his slamming swimmer’s bod that definitely proves false the constant refrain that Asian men can’t be sexy. Ning Zetao is already a celebrity in his native China, with a spread in Elle Men and a GQ China cover story. You can see him and his trunks on August 10 as he competes in the heats for the Men’s 100m Freestyle, and on August 12 as he competes in the heats for the Men’s 50m Freestyle



  1. Ashton Eaton

– This 28-year-old Olympian is a decathlete who “holds the world record in both the decathlon and indoor heptathlon events, and is only the second decathlete to break the 9,000-point barrier, with 9,039 points”.  And not only that, Eaton is already a medaled Olympian, having won the gold medal for the decathlon at the 2012 London Olympics. If you want to see him compete in Rio in his shorts, tune in on August 17.




  1. Nelson Evora

– Nelson Evora is a 32-year-old Portuguese track and field star who specializes in the triple jump and the long jump. He’s been competing since he was 15-years-old, and has won a total of 16 gold medals, one of which was at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He’s also the current European triple jump indoor champion, and you can see him and his bulge take a stab at another gold medal in the Men’s Triple Jump on August 15.



  1. David Boudia

– Divers, just like swimmers, are just ripe to be ogled, and 27-year-old David Boudia sure has the body and the bulge for it. The Texas native has been diving for 16 years now, and during the 2012 London Olympics won two medals for the United States — a bronze in the synchronized 10 metre platform and a gold in the 10 metre platform. He competes in the Men’s 10 metre Synchronized Platform.




  1. Tom Daley

– Of course, no list of Olympic bulges is complete without the out 22-year-old British diver and Olympian, Tom Daley. While Daley’s been diving since he was seven-years-old, he only came out to the world in 2013, in a Youtube video where he talked about being in a relationship with a man since early that year. After winning a bronze medal in 2012 London Olympics — the gold went to David Boudia — Daley won the gold in the Men’s 10 metre Synchronized Platform.



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  1. Aaron

    The male gymnasts are fun eye candy as well, though you can’t always see their bulges. Their arms and chests though, rowr. Jake Dalton is very fun to think about.

  2. Elijah

    “The constant refrain that Asian men cant be sexy”? I’ve never heard such a refrain and i don’t understand why anyone would say such an ethnocentric insensitive thing.

    • Naphta

      I heard it. Mainly on a4a.

      Not sure where it comes from, inferiority feelings maybe by those non-Asian men who will never, ever be even close to the stunning looks of the various Asian types?

      Anyway, the less they dare, the easier is flirting for me 😉

  3. Sidd

    The US men’s gymnastics team is about the sexiest most perfect collection of hot young men I’ve ever seen. Sadly their attire suppresses cock bulges. But man are they beautiful. My only disappointment is that the gymnast physique tends to have flatter asses. But omg those arms shoulders and pecs! And such beautiful mugs. I think jake dalton just may be the perfect male specimen. 🙂

  4. Chris

    Did you all see the pulse night club shooters dad sitting right behind Hilary at one of her rallies on the front row even, he advocates violence against gays and Hilary supports him, when asked about it by a report she ignored the reporter, better think twice about who we vote for she only wants our votes and then cares less about us Beware voters!!!!!

  5. Cctxtocleoh

    What bulges? These guys have none, especially the Asian guy. If you want a real eye candy show either watch porn or the Brazilian and England rugby teams. Muscles and ass for days.

    • Bilal Moore

      Off limits? You’ve never been into woman have you. It’s not the same for heterosexuals, why for us? If someones hot, I’m lookin.

    • Exmil

      By the attacking responses i see towards you, it becomes just how obvious gay men shamelessly objectifying most of them are. Respect self respect and restraint is not an openly gay mens quality. The fully support the hedonist perspective of being openly harrassing, catcalling rutting homos who have none of those qualities. Worse you can comment just as you did and you offend them for their lack of any apparent dignified humanity. See ya Hunter0500, back to my dignified and blunt closeted bi lifestyle that they insinuate is a bad thing. The only thing about it is these hedonists attackers are low maintenance easy fuck holes. Appeal to their base desires and they have no standards to get in the way.

  6. TB

    Guess I just have to say that you have to discount their years of hard work and training to get gay men to look for dicks. Way to go. Set us back a few more years. These men did way more that you have. Unless A4A becomes an Olympic sport, you still posted a very distasteful entry. Just helps all gay men look bad

    • Goon4Hire

      The Sweden his picture was pulled from a Flickr account its been online for almost a year or more. Have seen the picture months ago.

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