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A few days ago, the US Men’s Gymnastics Team was the hot topic on social media when the Wall Street Journal put out an article that laid out the team’s desire to be objectified so as to generate some buzz around their sport.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, 23-year-old gymnast Sam Mikulak floated the idea of the men’s gymnastics team competing shirtless so as to draw eyes and maybe even potential sponsors to the sport.

“People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference,” he told the newspaper.

The desire to court sponsors stems from the fact that despite the team’s bronze medal win in the 2008 Olympics and Jonathan Horton’s silver medal for his performance on the high bar in the same Olympics, they haven’t reached even a fraction of the popularity and the money that the US Women’s Gymnastics Team enjoys.

Of course, there have been remarks that the best way to earn that fame and fortune that the men’s gymnastics team wants so much is to actually win the gold. As of this writing, the men’s team placed fifth in the all-around finals, while the women’s team won the gold medal for their all-around finals.

It’s certainly sound advice, but it wouldn’t be as fun, especially as it would deprive us of the chance to ogle the sculpted bods of the men’s team, a sampling of which we’ve collected below.


  1. Sam Mikulak

– The 23-year-old is a seven-time NCAA champion in gymnastics, winning the all-around title in 2011, 2013, and 2014. His stint in Rio is his second time competing in the Olympics, as he was also part of the team during the 2012 London Olympics. The team placed fifth during their finals in 2012, and Mikulak also placed fifth during his vault final.



  1. Jake Dalton

– Another alumni of the 2012 London Olympics, the 24-year-old was the United States National Vault champion in 2009 and 2011, as well as the Floor Champion in 2011 and the All-Around Gold medalist of the Winter Cup Challenge, also in 2011. Dalton also signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Adidas Gymnastics in 2013.



  1. Alexander Naddour

– This is the 25-year-old’s first Olympics, although he has been a part of the United States’ men’s national team for the 2013, 2014, and 2015 World Championships. His forte is the pommel horse, where he’s a four-time national champion in pommel horse and a two-time World finalist.




  1. Chris Brooks

– The 29-year-old is also experiencing his first Olympics in Rio, although he has been a decorated veteran in many other competitions. He’s won a total of seven gold medals in various competitions over the years, and is currently the captain of the men’s team.




  1. Danell Leyva

– The 24-year-old Cuban-American was added to the team after Joh Orozco had to bow out due to an ACL injury. Like his teammate Jake Dalton, Leyva also has a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Adidas Gymnastics, He was also part of the 2012 Olympic team, and managed to net a bronze medal in the individual all-around at the Olympics.



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  1. Naphta

    Sexy guys, even if all of them are Caucasian. Cute smiles, too.

    Plus, none of them is taller than 5ft7. Which is very sexy indeed.

  2. JoeyGuyNextDoor

    High School was very memorable. I wrestled/swam, my best fuckbuddy was on the gymnastics team…I never missed a day of school!

  3. Thomas

    Perhaps the US Men would perform better and score higher at their specific disciplines if they focused less on the weightlifting and body conditioning aspects of their training and applied themselves more to the extremely finite details of the performance and flawless execution of their routines. I’m not disagreeing with the need for strength, but did anyone take a look at the size of the guys on the 4 Teams which beat the US Men in the All-Around? All were significantly less in muscle mass and overall size than the US Men’s Team. And certainly more agile.

    Since when did Gymnastics success require the athlete to look like Arnold back in his heyday? How detrimental to the required flexibility and overall agility is all this beefcake muscle these guys have all packed on to their ability to flawlessly execute and perform at this level? Don’t get me wrong here guys…they’re all great to look at without a doubt, and who among us wouldn’t kill to have a body like any one of these studs. But does this produce ultimately what is necessary for success? I question it more as being in direct conflict with the proper body type needed to produce winning performances capable of receiving Olympic Medals.

    I am left with the impression that the US Men have become more concerned with their public persona and their symbolism as “hunks” by the tabloid media, and have forgotten that they carry a huge load of responsibility for the long-term health of the sport of Gymnastics in the US. When the US Women win Gold with flawless execution and selfless appreciation to their Coaches and the Sport as a whole, how many little girls are now dreaming of being the next Simone or Aly tonight? If Sam Mikulak’s comments to the WSJ mirror the mindset of the rest of his Teammates and are thus considered part of what motivates each of them individually when they hit the weight room, it speaks loudly to what needs to change if the US Men want to be as successful as their Female counterparts.

  4. Brad

    He’s not on the Olympic team, but a top US gymnast is Paul Ruggeri and he’s gay and out. Also, some of the men took a photo on the beach in Rio prior to the games – all in tiny bathing suits. Must see…

  5. coldnovemberain

    Love seeing their muscular bodies flying, flipping, swinging and running around on the gymnastic floor. Keep it Up.

  6. Goldenlover

    Thomas your 100% correct, they are all good at what they do, but deff not Gold medal worthy i’ve watched as much as i was able to on TV. It seems the girls kicked the guys asses. and the swimmers are leading the pack, Michael and Katie and Carrie & April show how dedication to your selected sport and practice and prep lead to the the desired results
    TV in general has sucked for many years other than sports& motorsports. To much of fake reality shows and singing songs that i would never listen to or Dancing shit that i’d never watch if i was paid to

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