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Sexuality: What’s Losing Your Virginity Like?

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It’s as the title says, guys: what was it like, losing your virginity? We are asking for one of our blog readers who suggested this topic and of course, we’d love to hear your stories too, and we are pretty sure some of our Adam4Adam readers are curious as well.

Was the experience awkward for you? Or was it amazing? Special? Incredible? Were you terrified? Did you plan it or is it something that just happened in the heat of the moment? 

On a related note, the average age with which straight men lose their virginity is 17.6 years while for gay people it’s 17.9. This is according to the results of a recent study conducted by the online health service DrEd who surveyed 1,000 respondents in total—500 Europeans and 500 Americans about “various sexual journeys humans experience over the course of a lifetime.” 

Participants of the study were also asked to recall at which age they first remembered experiencing “initial feelings and urges” and “realizations of sexual interests” which they call “sexual awakenings.” In line with this, the survey revealed that the average age when gay respondents become sexually aware is under 14 years old. Their sexual awakening, the study says, is earlier compared to others though gay people tend to lose their virginity later than almost any other group. 

When asked what triggered their sexual awakening, respondents shared it was because of an actor or actress (62 percent), their siblings’ friend (30 percent), and a relative (6 percent) among others.

What about you, guys? What would you say was the moment that defined your sexual awakening? Also, when and how did you lose your virginity?  

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  1. MattK

    As it was I who requested this topic, I’ll jump in with my story. This could bore some, but my fellow middle aged bi-married-closeted compadres might find it enlightening. For me, now 58 and married to my wife for over 30 years and still a complete closet case, it was always complicated and conflicted. I grew up in a very hetero environment, so coming out or even entertaining the idea of homosexuality was not something to consider when I was young. I can track back my attraction to guys to when I was a 7th grader. It was the first day in gym class that we had swimming instruction. So we all got changed in the locker room and it was the first time we would see each other nude. My pubes had started to grow in, but to my surprise nobody else’s had. Somehow, that got me on this impulse (which become more like an obsession) to subtly glance at other boys’ privates any chance I’d get. Over time, that evolved into an attraction. By 14, the thought of sucking dick and anal sex was starting to excite me, though I doubted I’d ever follow through on it.

    At 16, I discreetly bought my first gay porn mag. At 17, I slithered my way into an all-male adult theater and watched my first gay sex action. I’d later go into adult bookstores and watch the 25-cent peepshows. Then at 18 as a college freshman, one day I was jerking off in the stall of a men’s room in a campus building. An older guy (late 20s) came into the bathroom and passed by my stall. He could see through the crack in the door I was rock-hard, got in the stall next to mine and muttered “wanna fuck?” I had gotten a glimpse of him and my first impulse was that he wasn’t the type I wanted. So I sprung up, and bolted for the front door. As I reached for the door, he stood up and asked me again. This time I stopped, thought to myself “well, this is what I’ve wanted to try for quite some time, WTF?” So I said yes. He bought me to his off-campus apartment. I was not in the least bit scared – my excitement was boiling over, like an eager dog awaiting a treat. Long story short: I got my clothes right off and before long he was putting us in a 69 position. There it was, his 8-incher right in front of my face and without hesitation I lunged for it. After some 4 years of imagining the feeling of a cock in my mouth, the real thing far exceeded expectations. Same went for what I was feeling down below in his mouth. But I wanted more, so after some time sucking one another, I laid face down on his bed and spread my legs for him. This was 1978, well before AIDS/HIV came along, so he just lathered up my ass and slid his bare cock inside, cuming inside me after some pumping. I wasn’t done. I wanted my chance to top. I turned him over; by this time he was somewhat drunken-like having had a great orgasm at my expense and said “I don’t know if I wanna be fucked.” I would have none of that and he didn’t resist. So I lubed his ass and my cock, slid my cock inside him doggystyle and by the time I started pulling back for the first time, I was coming already. Must have been an enormous load – 4-5 years build-up, and a virginity-losing experience I remember like it was yesterday – 40 years later….

  2. Floy

    Is losing one’s virginity anal, or is it oral? I’ve never been popped but I have had it unloaded down-my-throat!

    I was 13 and he was 16. I was in 8th grade and he was in 10th grade: I knelt and he shot. It was good and it was my first time.

    Did I lose my virginity or my innocence? If losing virginity is getting popped; then, I remain a virgin at 66! I know…I know…I know…who am I saving it for?

    The world’s Oldest Virgin?

    • MattK

      When I requested this topic, I should also have mentioned defining losing one’s virginity. Although I did get popped my first go-round, I feel it should be defined – especially when it comes to gay sex – as any intimate contact in which some part of you makes contact with private parts of the other guy and results in one or both of you reaching orgasm. I personally don’t like it when guys say they’re virgins just because they’ve never taken it up the ass.

      • Floy


        I will ‘Thank You’ for solving one of the seemingly great mysteries of my life: did I lose my virginity at 13 or have I remained a virgin at 66?

        What a blessing to have eternal peace! Now, I may rest easily!

        • MattK

          Mr. Floy: I’m not sure if that was intended to be a laugh-along-style response or rude, but I’ll go with the former. What I was trying to express was that I just find it a little short-sighted when guys consider themselves “virgins” even though they’ve had cocks in their mouths, received BJs, and gotten intimate with others – eg: kissing, cuming together. I mean, that too IS sex, isn’t it? Just my personal opinion or bias…

          • Floy


            It was meant to be a joke. However, if one was to fully understand the definition of “Virgin,” it would be “Untouched.” A person who has never been touched is a Virgin; also, if a person has never been penetrated, he/she is still considered a virgin.

            A female, regardless of whatever sex she may have had if her hymen is intact, she is a virgin. If I have never been penetrated, I am also a virgin.

            I understood your post and I enjoyed it. I just use a sense-of-humor to make my point without stirring the pot.


  3. MarkT

    . I was a late starter with men (27). I was curious and finally decided to try it. I saw a “bi curious seeks same” ad answered it. Fast forward – we were both new to it. I figured I’d just do what I like done to me. When I went down on him I remember thinking I didn’t know what surprised me more – that I was sucking a cock or that i was ENJOYING sucking a cock. He came without warning me and as I felt his cum flow into my mouth I was incredibly turned on and knew then I’d be into guys going forward.

  4. Scotty

    Well, the first bump and grind was likely when we were both 9 or 10 at the oldest. Rubbed our bodies together and poked at each other’s butts, but didn’t know it really meant anything. First time for oral was with a different buddy and we were both 13. Seems like we were probably too young. We kissed and sucked each other for 10+ years. I got married and went in the closet until February 2012, when I had my rebirth and lost my virginity again. A year later finally had the first cock in my ass. I’m 53 now, still closeted and married, but finally feeling somewhat free.

  5. Hunter0500

    “Losing your virginity”.

    When someone loses their keys, or a law suit, or their job, or their wallet, or their credit card, or their partner … that’s not good, ever.

    Yet, “losing your virginity” is something that should be sought, a good thing, something to be treated as “get ‘er done!” Something that others just HAVE to know about.

    A quick of language, no doubt.

  6. Bill G. Hayes

    I was so very young, and coach was much older… I looked at him standing there in the guy…he was dressed in gym shorts and t-shirt….,wow he was so hot sexy good looking… he had one foot propped upon the bleachers.. I could see the print of his big cock hanging down one leg of his shorts..another inch and the head would be hanging out…he say me looking, he grinned, shook his head.. “why you still here, Bill.” “just stopped by to see you for a second before I go home” my eyes went back to the big bulge in his shorts.. He saw me looking and grinned, reached down and pulled up his shorts leg slightly, I could see the big head of his cock hanging out…”what you looking at” he laughed.. I had never sucked a cock but I wanted to suck his big dick more than anything. I licked my lips, I stuttered, staring at his big dick…He laughed again, come on I got the pass you need in my office…I followed him into his office. He gave me the pass then sat down on the overstuffed sofa…laid back. spread his legs wide apart.. his big huge cock hanging out one leg of his was growing harder and bigger as I looked at it… I couldn’t stand it any more.. I dropped to my knees, I buried my face in his crotch.. I licked and kissed his big dick taking it in my mouth ans sucking it..he put his big hand on the back of my head and shoved his big dick deep in my mouth…finally he moaned out “here it cum, baby here it cums” the first blast of cum shoot out and I swallowed and another blast shot out and another and another….I swallowed it all. I looked up into coach’s face.. “this is between me and you, you don’t ever tell a single sole” I want, coach, I promises I want”…the next day after school he fucked me on that overstuffed sofa..

  7. ric32

    I really started late. I grew up in a place and time when same sex adventures, if found out, would not be looked on with favor, I was always attracted to men since I was very young, winning the most pretty costume by wearing my older sister’s flower girl dress at Halloween. Finally at age 56 I started cruising the on line sites. Met a guy much younger than me, 32. We met for lunch, hit it off and ended back at his place. I sucked his cock and surprised both of us when I let him cum in my mouth. He then rubbed his hard cock between my cheeks. I was too scared to fuck then, but on the ride I home regretted that decision. The next time we got together he fucked me like a Trojan. I couldn’t believe how natural it all came and how great it felt for both of us.

  8. Greg

    Losing my virginity: In college, in my dorm room, at age 21, with a younger male student.

    Sexual awareness: Seeing the Ah Men ads in the back of my mother’s magazines when I was in junior high school.

  9. TDF

    I was 20. In college. I and a couple friends auditioned for a summer job and were hired for a variety show at a large entertainment park-a ‘Disney’ wanna be-that had rides, entertainment venues, food, souvenir shops, the usual. There were several different musical theatre offerings. Before the shift for the show I was in, I caught one of the others offered. A small theatre, where the people on stage could easily see everyone in the audience. Six entertainers, three men, three women. All exceedingly talented and attractive. At one point I noticed one of the men always looking at me. He wasn’t the one I was initially attracted to, but each time I looked at him, he was looking at me. After the show I was off to work my job, a musical review as well, with a much larger cast, and in a much larger theatre. When the curtain went up, there in almost the front row sat my admirerer. I was pleasantly surprised. He smiled, radiantly. It was my first of four back to back, 45 minute shows. And after pleasantly being observed that first 45 minutes that seemed to fly by, the remaining three were interminable. Days later, invited to a party at someone’s apartment and not knowing a lot of the people I had a drink and did the wall flower thing, observing people, getting drunk and high. At one point my admirerer was center stage dancing with one of the women from his show, and all the while turning her about to look at me. Somewhat high I at first didn’t notice but became increasingly embarrassed as friends were nudging me, ‘He’s staring at you!’ The next day he came to my last show of the day, sat front row center and didn’t take his eyes off me whenever I was on stage. Afterwards he was at the stage door and invited me to get a bite to eat. He was very engaging and his eyes seemed to never be off me. They sparkled.

    I had fooled around in high school and the early years of college. Mutual masturbation, that sort of thing. But ensuing dates with this fellow and I was smitten. One hot, hot night after dinner we went back to his apartment. A one bedroom that he was sharing with a college friend. Just a friend. We ended up in the living room, windows wide open to the front porch. Candles, the only light, flickered from the breeze of the open window’s incoming breeze, cooling as well, to two hot bodies seated on the couch. Nervous, whispered chatter was finally silenced by touching lips. Clothes were slowly removed. We couldn’t seem to get close enough. Moving from the couch to the floor, usually cooler there, made little difference. Our intense lovemaking had us drenched in sweat. The coarse textured oriental rug gave little comfort, but we were oblivious. I wanted him inside of me and he wanted to enter me as well. We were both working towards that end. He was older, more experienced and I had never been entered. Sweat was our only means of lubrication. I was tight, oh, so very tight but we both wanted what we wanted. Once in, he and I both came immediately, simultaneously. Hardly a prolonged orgasm, but intense. He stayed within me until he softened, sliding out as we fell asleep there on the floor. I had lost what I had considered ‘my virginity’. I also fell in love.

  10. Paul R

    I was 17, Had to get drunk to enter this very Busy Adult Books Store in Philadelphia. I went inside. I was like, Why are there so many guys in here. Some really hot on a Saturday night. Back then you had to get tokens. I got. a couple bucks worth. I entered the first or second booth. Again surprised. It was Gay Films projected on a painted wall from a 8mm film over the doorway. ( Let me digress ) When I was child my Mother would give us money and let us walk to the movies. She stated If you go to the bathroom all three of you go together. There are people out there that cut little boys penis off ! OMG> Ok back to the peep shop,,, Feeling like I struck it rich gay sex ! I have my massive thick boy meat in my hand, I hear this thumping. I look down to the back from where I was standing,, A GLORY HOLE. Fingers and a voice put your cock in here.. All I could think about was my Mother,, and A GUILLOTINE cutting my best friend off ! Oh No Not me… So this mouth said put your cock in I won’t hurt you… After much reluctance I did. OMG my first blow job…his tongue felt rough like a cats tongue.. He sucked me and licked up every drop…. Wow Now I understood the crowd and the population of men. I was a Man now! Monkey balls and a Gorilla suit on, So I checked out the whole store. On the way out I had a few Coins left, So I went into the same both, Two Guys push and shoved to get into the booth next to me… Turned out it was the same guy. I could tell by the Tongue. He blow me and made me cum again. My Cock was so sore… When I went to hurry out of the place this man tapped me on the shoulder and said thank you ! I really couldn’t look at him. I didn’t understand. He blew me , Shouldn’t I be thanking him. I had some guilt until I became a regular customer. 2 bucks on the way out every night for head,, And 2 bucks on the way home for drunk dick head ,,, This is before the Aids Scare, But its all true. Hope you enjoyed

    • Bil W.

      Paul R. I was also taught that there were men who cut off little boy’s penises. I was told this so I didn’t wander off while shopping and “get into trouble”.

      Losing my virginity was a strange and silly experience. 12 kids (guys and girls) in my boarding school got into the the dark equipment room in the gym and started fooling around. To this day I don’t know who sucked my dick, not even if it was a girl or a guy.

  11. Doc

    Enjoyed reading so …. I was 15 in a rural part of the country. Road my bike about 5 miles to a friends farm for a sleep over. 3 farm boys and 3 of us city slickers (we had one street light in town). The youngest, we were told that evening in the haystacks of the barn, liked to suck cock. We all got out our tools and he sucked each of us for about a minute and moved on. I thought I’d like to try it. I suggest the “so no one could tell” we should each suck Carl. He didn’t have much but we each took a turn. I ask him, “who was best.” He picked my best friend and we all “beat it off.” and went to sleep in the sweet smelling hay. That was 60 years ago. I thought I was straight and got married and still am. So why am I here. I learned about 12 years ago the delight of sucking young guys off. Doc.

  12. Lee

    I was curious for several years but was 48 when I received anal the first time. I met him at the bar of my hotel. One thing lead to the other and we ended up in my room. He dropped his pants and had an enormous cock. He was very gentle knowing it was my first time. It was amazing and the most satisfying sexual experiences of my life. I’ve been into it ever since but have never had a guy please me the way he did.

  13. william

    I don’t really remember the first time I had sex with another man and losing my virginity, but I do remember the real first time I was attracted to guys/men. I was in the 7th grade. My gym teacher was one of the hairiest man I’ve ever seen. Chest hair spilling out of his collar, very hairy legs he showed off as he wore his Jack Trippers. (Older guys know what I am talking about) I used to find every excuse/situation to try and be near me and fantasize catching him in the shower soaping himself down. And that is about the time I “noticed” the other more developed guys in class.

  14. Dan

    MattK, thank you and Adam4Adam so much for allowing us to have this opportunity to share. My first experience was with a fellow male class mate when we were 13. I must have had some idea that he wanted it just as much as I did. I had him over for my birthday sleepover. I’ll never forget how terrified I was, but once I felt him giving me oral and how amazing it felt, I wasn’t nervous at all. I asked myself, how could anything like this that felt so awesome, be a ‘bad’ thing.

    I remember we reciprocated most of night. I also had a very sexy cousin who I found out enjoyed male intimacy too. We all were clumsy teenagers, and mostly just did mutual jacking/edging and oral, but I have NEVER regretted it and have always had fond memories of those encounters. Unfortunately I think our society wants us to think this is an unnatural behavior.

    However, look at history, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, and has anyone ever Googled ‘The Sacred Band of Thebes’? I firmly believe that we can all thank our Victorian Era ancestors for the stigma that we live with today.

    I actually feel bad for all the men out there who have the same feelings we do, and are much too insecure to admit their feelings and experience what the rest of know is a deeply sensual and intimate connection that only two men can have. I was in a 20+ year marriage to a woman and NEVER had the profoundly intimate connection that I have had with men.

    Thanks for letting me tell my story, I know that eventually our rigid and fixed ‘Victorian Era’ society will yield, and a new younger generation will establish a new acceptance about sexual preferences very similar to the enlightenment our modern society has gained regarding racial differences.

  15. Dan

    My first experience was at 13. A male class mate of mine and I had a sleep over at my home for my birthday. He introduced me to my very first ‘blow job’, I was really nervous to say the least, until I felt how awesome it felt. Needless to say, I was hooked. At 13 I had never heard the term ‘bisexual’ yet, I am now 63 and probably more gay than bisexual now. He and I continued for several years and I also found a sexy cousin of mine who enjoyed the same so he and I enjoyed mutual jacking/edging and oral too.

    As far as I am concerned, men have been making love since the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. Just Google ‘The Sacred Band of Thebes’ if you want further reinforcement of men’s true sexual identity. I think we can place this squarely at the feet of a generation raised during the ‘Victorian Era’ which has only repressed our true human sexuality.

    I was married to a woman for 20+ years and am now divorced, and I’ve never had the deep and satisfying connection that I now have with men. I have always ‘thought’ I was bisexual but seem to be more gay than anything now. Just like how our society has evolved and grown regarding racial differences, I am sure that future generations will be accepting of a new definition of human sexuality.

    A sexuality not defined by a’Turn-of-the-Century” uptight and frigid group who had probably never had any satisfying sex, and didn’t want anyone else to enjoy the divine connection that only two men can experience.

  16. Rudee

    I lost my virginity when i was about 23 …give or take a year… i remember it well..remember the guy, his name, his house and his looks…on the day of i called and ask if he was going to be home that night and he said yes… so i said would you like some company and he said yes… so i said id be down around 9 pm.. he was the same age as i was..we got to playing around like we did a few nights before when we met… but we only sucked dick that night… this night i was wanting to take it further and further i did…we got to kissing, and he was playing with my tight ass, and when i climbed on top of him pressing my ass to his body and i thought …im going to let him fuck me tonight no matter what… so we used saliva and he slid in me a little way and it kind of hurt there for a few minutes so i thought… a little pain I can handle this…. im glad i did… well he got that big cock in me and he was fucking me, going in and out , in and out… when suddenly he went deep in me and then i felt something pop…i thought what was that!… i never felt anything like that ever deep in me to pop ..was no sound just a feel good pop and he was deep in me and he was fucking me hard and it felt so good..he was enjoying the hell out of me and i likewise was enjoying the hell out of him..that night i have to tell you was one of the best fucks of my life…never will have another like that..thats how you know you got your cherry popped and no longer a virgin…he was a good fuck and we fucked one another for a few nights after that and somehow we lost contact…thats how i lost my cherry…you will know it when it happens to you…

  17. Brad

    Much like Matt, the stirrings began in middle school at swim practice where we swam naked and I was totally turned on by the cute tight little male butts (happily I was not “showing” my interest physically) and in high school one f the senior swim team embers caught me looking at him in the showers and smiled and gave me a nod to come closer. I did. He reached over and touched my cock and stroked me and then turned me around and slipped a finger in my ass…it felt pretty good but I pulled away out of fear of being caught and perhaps pt of fear of something more. A few weeks passed and he approached me in the hallway between classes and said he wanted to fuck me, was I willing to try I agreed and he asked me over to his house that night as his parents were going to be out. I knocked on his door and he met me wearing only tight white briefs and clearly had been stroking pre my arrival as his cock was stretching the fabric seeking to exit and I was apprehensive but gad to assist in that regard…I lowered his briefs and knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth, already slightly slaty from pre cum. It had a wonderful musky scent and was moist and I greedily took the tip into my mouth and sucked. After a few small thrusts, he pushed all the way in and I gagged and he pulled away. He lifted me to my feet and told me to strip, I did and he led me to the bed where he laid me on my back and moved between my thighs and stroked my cock I asked him to suck me but he refused said he wanted me to cum when he fucked me…I had no idea what he was talking about but was about to find out. He spit on his fingers and sipped them under my ball sack and teased my hole but did not enter. he asked if I had even been fucked and I said no and then he reached under mu knees and lifted then up I closed my eyes ad then felt him move between my cheeks, expecting a hard cock but instead a war wet snake like tongue that sent erotic shivers down my spine and I began to relax my sphincter and then came the finger and then fingers and my cock was rigid and dripping and told me to just relax, he’d go slow and when I was ready could push back and take him in…did not happen that way, he drove home in one fell swoop that suprised me and momentarily hurt but as he began to thrust, it began to feel good but was short lived and we both blew a load almost simultaneously. He handed me a towel, I cleaned up and left, cum leaking out as I walked home, but smiling and knowing I was no longer a virgin and that I would be back for more.

    • MattK

      I can sort of related to you, Brad, in my aforementioned story, as there was one thing I left out: When my guy prepared to fuck me, he knew I was a virgin. He was certainly experienced and very thoroughly lathered up my ass. He then started to slide his cock inside me extremely slowly. Keep in mind, I’m laying flat face down on the bed. So little by little he sinks it in slowwwwlyyy. Naive me – I’m like “aw c’mon, shove it in already!” and I pushed on his backside to force it in me. OUCH!!! Hurt like a mutha fucka. Had to have him pull right out. I needed a couple of minutes for the pain to go away, then when ready, we tried again. This time he said “let me control it and slowly this time!” I did, he did, he got inside, it felt pretty good, he thrusted in and out till he came. All worked out great…

  18. Locofun3

    I was 40 my wife and I had decided to try swing but were not sure how to start .well one night she was talking to a couple that the guy was bi .we had talked about bi play but just always thought it would be talk.then one day I was at work she text me and said she wanted me to meet the guy from the couple to see if we got along .at first I was like you do it but it was no way so I agreed. Now I have thought about bi play for along time but never ever figured it would happen. So I said okay to the meet .the next day I got online he was on we talked and he said he could come over so I agreed and he showed up we talked a bit he said my wife wanted to see if I would try bi like I wanted her to do. I was like what do we do and didn’t take him long to have his cock out and in front of me . Well I was like can’t be that bad so I just leaned in and started ducking his fat cock . I was like most I have read on here surprised at the feel of a cock in my mouth the warmth then the hard but soft feel of it as he got hard in my mouth. After that I knew I like it and wanted to feel what it was like to have him fill my mouth with his cum . Well he did and I was hooked on sucking cock and eating the prize you get in the end.that was 13 years ago .she knows I like sucking but she dont know all that I have sucked. Now at 53 looking to get fucked but hard to prep with a wife and kid home

  19. jon

    We are Both 13. My mother was out for the day and I was staying at his house for the night. His parents were out at a movie and drinks. I was taking a shower before bed, and he joined me in the shower. We kissed and traded oral before his parents came home. He moved away shortly after but I think about him often.

    • Bob

      I was 14. My best friend, Mike and I were attending 2 weeks of Boy Scout Camp. Most campers went home for the weekends but since we were there for 2 weeks we stayed to work on a service project of building a bridge to an island in the lake. It was hot sweaty work. We had our shirts off, I notice how beautiful Mike’s body was. I was surprised by my thinking thank and how it kinda made me feel. His shorts had slid way down on his hops, I could see his tighty whities and it kind of aroused me. I found myself with an erection and was kind of rubbing it when I noticed Mike watching me. I jerked my hand away from my cock and turned away real quick. He could tell I was embarrased. But he just smiled and went back to work.
      We worked late and by the time we got back to our camp, it was getting dark. We were filthy and headed to the shower which was outside, old sheet metal walls and no roof. Like I said earlier, it was the weekend and we were almost the only ones in camp. I guess since no one was there, they did not turn the lights on to the showers so we were showering in almost complete darkness except for the moon glow. We were all soaped up and I felt a hand reach over and feel around untill it located my cock. I had never been touched by another, I was shocked…..but I liked it. Needless to say I was hard in a nonsecond. He rubbed, slowly stroked it. It was feeling really good, then he stopped. I thought, crap, I wish he had not stopped, should I touch him, should I say I liked it, should I say anything? By now, our eyes adjusted and I could see him rubbing on his equally hard cock. He saw that I had liked it and saw me looking down at his very nice cock. He reached over, took my hand and guided it to his cock. I was shaking with excitement. This was all so new. I played with it and before long I felt it pulse, his hips thrust forward and I felt hot cum in my hand. That was so exciting, I lived that I had caused that, giving him pleasure, making him cum and groan with pleasure. Then he turned away and I thought, hey, what about my hard cock. I was ready to stroke it when he backed up in front of me. His ass cheeks soapy, slippery and he worked his cheeks around my cock. OMG, that felt so good. He started rocking back and forth. His muscled butt cheeks kind of grabbing my cock and his bubble butt cheeks forming so perfectly around it that it felt like being sucked. I was getting excited as was he, we moved more rapidly and at one point, he went back, I went forward, the head of my cock was at his sweet hole and went in. We both froze. You know the gasping sound u make when someone drops ice down ur collar? That is the sound he made. I thought he would pull away. I did not want him to. Then he ssid, is this what u want? He bent over, and pushed hard back against me causing my cock to go balls deep. Again we froze. He giggled and said, fuck me hard. I had no idea what I was doing but I guess nature took over. I grabbed his his and repeatedly slammed my cock into him. It last quite a while, building in intensity until I exploded in him, deep im him and I just held him up against me as my cock pulsed over and over again pumping all my hot cum into him.
      We were both exhausted and rinsed off, put our towels around us. We ran to our cabin and bot collapsed on our bunks. He said did u like it. Oh yes, I loved it. Good, I did too he said. After that, I fucked him once a week at least for 4 years until we both went off to school. I still miss Mike. My first and still maybe my best. Never forget Cam Boxwell!

      • MattK

        Wow Bob – thanks for such a hot and detailed story. I nearly came reading it! As a 12-year-old in sleepaway camp, I was just barely starting to realize and feel what an orgasm was like (thanks only to my hand), and on a couple of occasions that summer, when all the other campers & counselors were down at the waterfront, I slipped into the bunk, closed all the shades and in the only way I knew at the time, I would lay on my back, raise my legs up and tug on my balls till I got “that magical feeling.” That was my early way of jerking off and I’d reach orgasm but was too young to spurt out any cum yet. And this was all about discovering my own dick – I didn’t even have any sort of male interests yet. Weird how we all evolve in such varying ways…

  20. ballsbluff

    I grew up on the outskirts of small rural town and my buddy’s family owned a farm adjacent to us. I was into western movies, especially watching the fight scenes. Often times it was more wrestling than fist fighting. One scene had a chase, where one cowboy jumped another from his horse and they rolled down a hill in an embrace, first one on top then the other. My buddy and I tried to recreate the scene bare chested. I think we both developed a hard on in our tight jeans, immobilizing both cocks and rubbing. I’m pretty sure I exploded in my jeans which was both hot and embarrassing at the same time. We didn’t know about sex until then, or what that was called. Later it became frot or frotting, which was our preferred way of having sex.

  21. Hunter0500


    If “it felt good” (in a sexual way … meaning sex organs were involved), it was “sex”. A lot of good sex happens, even without orgasms, so we know that’s not “the line”.

    If people are “up close and personal” and contact “below the waist” is included, it’s sex; a person has been “having sex”.

    It’s simple.

    I’m open to discuss is kissing is “a sex act”.

    Uh, yeh. Would vote that it is. So, no, let’s not have that discussion.

  22. Jim

    I discovered men at the age of 13 when I stumbled upon an issue of playgirl that belonged to my sister. my first experience happened at 17. I had discovered the adult bookstore. I was walking around and noticed a turnstyle that led to a dark stairway. I asked where it led and the clerk told me to the gay theater. was curious and paid the man the $5 entry fee. It was a large dark room. it had a large screen TV playing gay porn. benches were lined up for seating. I had no idea what I was doing. I sat down and started watching the movie and was hard in a matter of minutes. I looked around now at the other guys. some older, some college guys, business men. I was just a few blocks from wall street so it was a good mix. noticed booths in the back. I went into one and noticed the hole in the wall. had no clue what that was about. came back out and noticed this cute college guy watching me. I motioned for me to go into the booth. he went into the one next to me. he told me to put my cock through the hole. I did and he began to suck me. it was the most fantastic feeling ever. i had my first orgasm via oral sex that day. I would return to that theater many more times, even after I got married. I lost my anal virginity there too. He was a tall and handsome business man who was probably 15 or 20 years older than me. it was a very spur of the moment choice. it was clumsy and not that great. My first real good time was with another older man whom I fell in love with. We were both married and had a beautiful 6 months together. I wanted to leave my wife for him but he did not want the same thing. it still was the most fulfilling sex of my life and I still think of him often.

    • BiMarriedNYer

      It’s always hot finding common stories, Jim. When I was 14 and on a camping trip, a few of us ventured into a general store (for lack of better way of remember it) and I found myself in the magazine section discreetly gazing at a copy of Playgirl. Was the first time I had seen hot guys naked. May have been the first time I realized what my dick wanted. I proceeded to discreetly rip out a pic of one of them and kept it with me the rest of the trip!

      Another parallel: In my late teens and early 20s, I used to venture into those 42nd St. adult bookstores back when that block was a “forbidden zone.” I took some cocks through those glory holes and vice versa, but more often than not, I’d whisper to guys I’d find to ask them if we could go somewhere safe, clean and comfortable for some all-out sex. Scored on a number of occasions, and thankfully none turned into horror stories.

  23. Nathen

    I had lost my virginity to a girl when i was a jr in high school (16-17 yrs old). But I officially cashed in my gay virginity card shortly after my 22nd bday.

  24. Rick

    I had my first blow job when i was 17,in a department store restroom,he was in his forties. I would back often and get blown. I started giving head a few months later. I went there for couple of years, until the police started cracking down on the activies. I lost my anal cherry when i was around 21,again it happen in a public restroom, the guy was around my age. I really enjoyed it.

  25. SteveAgain

    I discovered my interest in men about age 20 … I loved watching hetero porn at the local adult bookstore, but grew tired of the faked orgasms put on women, also frustrated that they wouldn’t show the GUY’s face when he came. So I started watching the gay porn which was very satisfying — real orgasms, and could watch guys’ faces.

    Soon, I began to fantasize having gay sex. I wasn’t really interested in oral (I would skip all that foreplay in porn), but wanted to try getting fucked. After all, the bottom in the videos seemed to be enjoying it.

    Many years later, about age 25 or so, I was on a trip to Las Vegas. I had found an adult bookstore, and first night there noticed sometimes 2 guys going into one booth. That got me thinking… so I returned the next night with a condom in my pocket.

    I noticed some guys left the booth door open, and I could peek inside. I avoided the older guys that seemed too common. But finally found a young guy, maybe 20, and he was interested too, as he invited me into his booth. I put a few quarters in so the video would run for awhile.

    I think he was thinking BJ, but I told him I wanted to be fucked, and showed him the condom. He nervously agreed, and we both dropped our pants. Yes, we were both already hard, too! He sat in the chair, and we got the condom on his dick. I turned around, and after a little fumbling, I got his dick lined up with my hole, and I just sat down onto him.

    Holy fuck, that hurt like hell!!! But, I was determined to see this through, so proceeded to bounce up and down on his dick, pain notwithstanding, for a minute or two. He then slipped out. I tried to adjust to get him back in, but he told me no … he had already cum! I was still in pain and had gone soft, so we ended and pulled up our pants. As I was about to leave, he mentioned that this was the first time for him! Wow! We had taken each other’s virginity!

    It was awhile before I tried again … I knew there shouldn’t be pain, and sure enough the second time I ever got fucked, it felt sooooo good now!

    I’m now in my 50s, married to a woman, but still enjoy getting fucked once in awhile (when I can manage it discreetly). And yes, I see the irony as young guys online pass by me now, too. But young or old, if you’re in the Seattle area, feel free to give me a shout… 😉

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