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News: Another Man Found Dead at Ed Buck’s Home

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from WeHo Times)

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of a young black man who was reported unresponsive early Monday morning.

Police responded to a call at 1:05am to Edward Buck’s West Hollywood apartment about a man who was not breathing but was declared dead at the scene despite the paramedic’s efforts to save him. Neither the man’s identity nor the cause of his death is known yet but what is certain is that he is the second within the space of two years to have died at Buck’s home. 

Ed Buck is a wealthy American political activist dubbed by the media as a “donor to the Democratic Party.” 

The first man who died in Buck’s home was Gemmel Moore, 26, a homeless black gay escort who reportedly died of methamphetamine overdose on July 27 last year. Police found Moore “naked on a living room mattress littered with drug paraphernalia, sex toys, and syringes while a ‘male pornography movie’ played on the television.” His death was classified as an accidental overdose and the Los Angeles County District Attorney did not file charges against Buck citing insufficient evidence that “Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.” 

The deaths of the men sparked outrage, controversy, and allegations that Buck has “a fetish for drugging sex workers.” 

“[He] would supply heroin, meth and other drugs to him to smoke or use with a needle,” LaTisha Nixon, Moore’s mother, allegedly told WeHo Times in an interview last year. “Buck would pleasure himself at the sight of my son using drugs…” Read Nixon’s full interview with WeHo Times here.

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    • Rich

      This is very sad. To say that it’s because of the color of his skin, with out evidence is race bating, nothing more. What evidence do you have, and I mean documented evidence, that it’s due to skin color?

      • Lamar

        It’s the second blk guy, though, not wht or whatever, but blk, so he likes chocolate, no crime there. He’s white, well-to-do, these victims are clearly poor blk drug-addicts who just happen to be blk, seems like its becoming a pattern, especially, if he should get away with it. At any rate it is about race, ’cause its happening to blk guys, specifically. They didn’t die on the streets, but it the cozy confines of this man’s posh home.

        • bjjj

          I agree, black, druggies, and he’s rich to attract those type of guys. I’m not much into the political scene, but that’s what it sounds like. Money, race, and power, and if you have clout, money, and fame, and a political activist he gets away with it. Those guys he killed or died from drugs, even though homeless, etc. are just as important as Ed Buck himself. Everyone is a worth while person, regardless of what money they have, political power, race, looks etc.

  1. R

    What the hell is THIS? This SICKO giving dems a worse name oughta be on the Dump side of the equation but either way, just like w/Gates & Suckerburg & soooo many other fugly corporate/politcal gringos w/money, it’s the only way they’d ever get any! Only we ain’t hearing about THOSE killing the “hired help” like whatever the m-f-ing hell THIS object is, what’s got me running for the barf bucket now!

  2. Chance Johnson

    This political psycho should have been arrested for just having meth alone now another death of a young black man; he is probably injecting and killing them intentionally. Another Jeffrey Dulmar.

  3. Jay

    Wow this’s so sad i chatted with him 3 weeks ago and told him to be careful out here you’re doing a dangerous job and look what happened to him.All young and older Black escorts need to take heed and find another way to earn money.

  4. John

    This man is getting away with murder because of his wealth and his ability to donate to politicians who will pressure authorities to overlook things.

  5. Ryan Smith

    Warning: my reply is not going to be very popular but is basically my opinion with the information provided so far..I notice that people is saying this about race when in fact it isn’t..Although what happened to Gemmel Moore is very unfortunate, I don’t think a crime was committed..According to his own diary, he chose to continue to go the Buck’s place and get high even after he noticed he was getting addicted..The short of this is Gemmel got paid to go a guys house, and smoke/shoot Buck’s drugs..i could see if ONLY Gemmel was smoking while Buck wasn’t..But both got high together and did so for hours at a time..Buck had been taking drugs for a lot longer than Gemmel, therefore his tolerance would a lot higher. Gemmel should have stopped going over there if he felt he was in danger..but he didn’t. According to his diary, he continued to go there…Not sure why He continued to go..Maybe Buck was giving him food, a place to sleep for the night, and of course money to survive while getting free drugs.According to Blake( one of the guys that came forward), it wasn’t always sex..Sometimes Buck just enjoyed the company of a Black male in his home while they “both” got high together…What happened to Gemmel is a risk many homeless escorts take everyday in the name of survival..My wish for Gemmel would be that he got help at the Gay & Lesbian clinic..Everyone in WEho knows where that clinic and they do offer pretty good help with drug addictions. My question is, if it is found that Gemmel did OD by accident and it was discovered that it was done by himself, who would be at fault?

  6. dre

    dayyum, he killing all of my blk brothas.. so kills the 1st black man and the police find all these druggs in his house and he doe’snt get arrested. no conviction for druggs and then he repeats the same thing..

  7. R. Devon M'bare.

    I totally understand the need to feel like you’re in the place to blame Buck , however, the time to bond and get cohesive as a people in my opinion, should be when the same people protesting after tragedy occur ,would have walked right past the addict, ‘homeless addict ‘may I add, and not offer any assistance or concern. It’s a tad bit late in my opinion. And with EMPATY! I conclude with this ; I can almost bet my last breath that neither one of those young men were forced to enter his car ,home, do drugs, solicit, Etc you get the picture? An ounce of prevention and (true concern ,may I add, Beats a pound of cure… I pray for all young people black white brown or yellow who suffer from addiction , Mental Health conditions various abuse etc. who are looked over, judged, dismissed, incarcerated, murder, discriminated against, denied rights and denied love because of their unfortunate circumstances or wrong choices that they have made to get them in desperate situations. Everyone has and will continue to need help ,love compassion and advocacy am at some point in their life you’re a liar if you deny it. There are truly no big”I’s” or little “you’s” in Gods kingdom. And when will we ever get through our heads to our hearts that we were created for each other not in spite of each other???

    • Okzebra

      It sure looks like predatory grooming behavior, coupled with a fetish, to me. Possibly serial killer stalking gay escorts. I feel really badly for this young man. Dog, he could have moved in with me I’d. Of been happy to help. But, I don’t pay for sex. This is why. This is about power and money not attraction and love.



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