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Hookup: Would You Sleep Over After Hooking Up With Someone?

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So, you went home with a guy you just met for the first time in your life and had sex with him. It was amazing and you could say with all honesty that the two of you had a great time but the question is: would you let him sleep over? And what if your hookup doesn’t ask you and he just went up and settled himself down for the night on the other side of your bed, would that bother you? Do you let a hookup sleep beside you or do you find that strange?

What if it’s the other way around and the two of you went to his place instead, would you sleep there or would you rather wait for his invitation? What if the invitation does come, would you take him up on his offer? Why or why not?

Personally, I would allow a hookup to sleep over especially if we had a great time and he was being all cuddly and sweet after sex because it could be a start of something? A question mark of course because I could be reading too much into it and there might be nothing there after all but at the same time, giving the two of us a chance isn’t too bad. On the other hand, me staying over the guy’s place, I’d say it depends. If I could feel that I am welcome, that he wants me to stay (translated as: he couldn’t get enough of me), then why not? If not, then I’ll go because I don’t want to overstay my welcome and also because staying when the other party clearly doesn’t want me to sounds clingy and clingy equals cringey to other guys so there. But of course that’s just me, what about you?

Do you have hookup sleepover stories to share? How did that go for you? Share your hookup sleepover stories with us in the comments section below and while we are at it, please always keep in mind our dating safety tips!  

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  1. Matt (Black)

    I had a sensational sleepover guest about 10 years ago and we still see each other on occasions. We live 140 miles apart. I had to spend 2 weeks in philly for a training session at the time that I had just started chatting with a guy I met on Adam. I told him that I was going to be in philly for two weeks and he asked me where was I staying. I told him the name of the hotel and he asked if he could come up on the weekend and spend the night with me. I told him sure. We had never seen each other in person but we exchanged pictures. He drove up that Saturday afternoon and I met him downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. We hit it off right from the start. We talked in the room for hours. Then we went bowling and site seeing. We then had a nice dinner and then went back to the room. We then played cards and talked some more. We then both took baths to get ready for the bedtime festivities . It was fantastic. After we got done we both freshened up and we to slept in each others arms. About 6 am in the morning we did a repeat performance and believe it or not it was even better the second time around…
    We hooked up about 10 times thereafter and it just as good everytime. Going to call him right now………….

    • bjjj

      Sounds like you had a hot fun time and also became great friends as well. Sleeping together is a lot about trust, friendship, and yes sexually compatible. A sleep over is more than just sex, it’s about getting to know each other, becoming friends, lovers, and doing things together. I’m glad you still keep in touch and hopefully see each other yet today.

  2. Leo

    I’ve had sleepovers after hookups. But sleep is usually not an option. It’s not from a night of unbridled passion and sex, but rather because I always seem to get the guys who snore like a banshee! I remember one particular hookup where I went to the guy’s house, we did the deed, and then tried to sleep. He was so loud that I had to go into the upstairs bathroom and sleep on the floor. AND I COULD STILL HEAR HIM. There was no sleep that night, and I was a zombie the next day. It wasn’t fun, and I never played with him again.

  3. Russ

    Another consideration is: Do you want to sleep with someone or do you prefer to sleep alone? I tend to move around a lot while sleeping and am informed I am noisy….translate: I snore. Not a good combination. My preference is to have fun then call it a night.

  4. Ken

    I would stay at his place if he asked, that way, if he ends up snoring or being a bad sleeper or cuddle bunny, I could get up and leave. But I would not ask him to stay at my place until I get to know him better and making sure he doesn’t snore!

  5. Lamar

    That was my first lover, yeah, we both had the next off, no reason to rush out of there, especially, since the night before had been such fantastic sex for us. I awoke first just waiting for him to wake-up, he did and with an immediate smile and blushed, lmao, it was great!

    I asked “are we to have seconds?” He said “you mean thirds” I told him “I just a pig for you, can I please have some more?” Well, we did have a decent go of it that lasted for years.

  6. Kasper

    For those of us from an earlier generation, we did ‘sleepovers’ as children. And, of us those, who are gay, we just carried the ‘sleepover’ to its natural conclusion.

    Even as a teenager, I had boys sleep over on the weekends…from New York’s Village or from Rockland County, NY. It was just natural to have someone sleepover after sex…if you thought enough of that person to have had sex with?

    I had sex with those whom I liked enough to have them share my bed…afterwards. It’s called class and humanity…

    they were good enough to lie their bodies upon my mattress and, therefore, good enough to lie their heads upon my pillow.

    • rob dupree

      Had a similar suburban upbringing in Westchester County, NY. Not ending with a sleepover was rarely a consideration. My first sleepover became a six-year relationship.

  7. Trisexualtop

    I hooked up with a guy and insisted that he stay over with me, now we going on 2 years into a relationship and I’m madly in love with him and wouldn’t have it no other way.

  8. bjjj

    Sure, I’d sleep over with a hookup, if I felt I could trust him. I did this once a number of years ago, and although we didn’t get much sleep, it was exciting and fun.

    However at present, I have a wonderful BF, lover, and yes, we have traveled and got rooms together. Although not exactly a hookup, we have our fun first and then, take separate beds so we can get sleep for the next day.

  9. Ron

    I’m open to it if he’s a great guy and we click.
    I have often wanted a guy to stay…but they have to get back to their “Normal” life, which is actually the wife at home!
    So much for just finding a normal gay guy.

  10. Kofi

    If it’s an initial hookup, I’d prefer that he leaves…I’d definitely leave it I was at his house. I generally prefer sleeping alone unless it is my partner and we’ve learned each other’s style for sleeping. Funny story, I once had a guy come over and we had fun. Afterwards, he used the bathroom – and I thought he would get dressed and go home (or wherever, just leave my place). Instead, if came back to the bed and got comfortable. I was mortified. I kept making comments: is your car parked in a longterm spot; hmmm-I need to get some sleep; etc. He never got the hint. He actually turned over and went to sleep. Luckily, he did not snore too badly. But, I didn’t want overnight company. I think it was really rude. From now on, I make it clear to a guy, “no sleepover!”

  11. James

    They’re called bangovers and they are frequently great. If the sex was great, you chat some afterwards and you both feel a connection it can be very sweet to sleep in each others arms while you kiss & cuddle all night long in bed. Not every guy feels comfortable sleeping at another’s guys place especially on the first hookup, but it can be fun and satisfying.

  12. Hunter0500

    Of course there’s absolutely nothing inadvisable about sleeping (as in being not awake) over night with someone you’ve just met. Whether it’s at his place with just your wallet, keys and phone. Or at your place with your wallet, keys, phone, jewelry, family heirlooms, bank records, artwork or anything else of importance or value. Hey, if the sex was good and he seemed like a nice guy, why wouldn you expose yourself, your life and your valuables completely to him the very first time you hooked up?

  13. Bill G.

    most dates I have usually end up having sex…I usually let my date decide if he wants to spend the night or not. once in a while have met a guy that’s so hot and sexy..usually the ones who are well equipped ….I don’t have to ask..we have sex all night long over and over again and again…I fix him a good breakfast and after he eats I give him a good morning kiss and his dick starts getting hard again so we jump back in bed…

  14. Tommy

    I visited an Engineer in California and ended up staying with him for a week. Going to sleep with him and waking up to him, his morning wood, and manly musk scents before he showered was heaven. After having morning oral and anal sex we’d have breakfast and I would get under the table and give him oral while he ate his breakfast. He liked mouth fucking me a lot and making me gag and choke as he said the sound turned him on and the gag felt good on his cock head. I was also his exclusive urinal and I liked that very much. It was a hot and kinky experience and I loved it.

  15. AJ

    I don’t quite understand the confusion on this matter. Usually, the topic of sleeping over is discussed early on in the conversation. If we end up at my place I’ll tell him that he is more than welcome to spend the night. If we’re at his place then I’ll tell him, that I only have a few hours to play unless he wants me to spend the night with him but if not, then I let him know that I need to leave by a certain time.

  16. Anthony Azmar

    NEVER! Regardless of how good the sex may have been I don’t sleep over (nor invite/allow others to sleep over at my place. C’mon guys…seriously, just HOW MUCH can you know about a person after a drink or two followed by a great sexual encounter? You can’t tell if you’ve picked up a Jeff Dahmer! Give yourselves some time to get to know each other before that invite is extended.

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