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News: Trump Shuts Down Research Into HIV Cure

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Here’s disappointing news just a little over a week since World AIDS Day. Science reports that the Trump administration has asked scientists from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to stop acquiring human fetal tissue for experiments. According to one scientist, this effectively “stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV.”

While it is only coming to light now, the directive was actually issued last September without a public announcement. This is an expansion of the Trump administration’s ongoing actions against government research utilizing human fetal tissue acquired from elective abortions. While using fetal tissue is legal, anti-abortion groups have been fiercely opposed to it.

The study that ended up stopped because of the hold was looking into how HIV initially colonizes human tissue. It was using the fetal tissues to come up with “humanized” mice, whose immune systems behave like those of a human. The study was supposed to be a collaboration between the Gladstone Center for HIV Cure Research and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML).

According to Gladstone Center for HIV Cure Research director Warner Greene, RML researcher Kim Hasenkrug had prepared humanized mice for a trial of an antibody that might prevent HIV from establishing reservoirs in the human body. However, in emails provided to Science by Greene, Hasenkrug would end up notifying Greene that Health and Human Services (HHS) had put a stop to their research.

In the email with the subject HHS directive, Hasenkrug said “[HHS] has directed me to discontinue procuring fetal tissue from ABR, the only source for us. I think that they are the only provider of fetal tissue for scientists in the nation who don’t have direct access to aborted fetal tissue. This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV.”

ABR stands for Advanced Bioscience Resources, which is where they have been obtaining the human fetal tissue.

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  1. Mike Jones

    The very idea of fetal human tissue from selective abortions makes me hurl ! Abortion to me is abhorent ! I am gay and poz and I dont care. Destroying a human being is beyond disgusting ! Its NOT I repeat NOT a womans choice. I hope it haunts them the rest of their lives ! Aborted fetuses are in Heaven…the women that have an abortion…well…I fell sorry for them…almost.

    • Ranttrap

      I hope you wake up and smell the disgusting coffee you are brewing. You HOPE a deeply dark and personal decision haunts the person … ?!? That puts you, an 11, on my ten point disgusting scale. What sad, dark place did you get to in your life? Also, the fetus is dead, so you would have that tissue go to waste … for what purpose? Like the Yin and Yang, if good could come out of tragedy, then so be it! I truly pity you, the hate you spew, regarding a decision YOU’LL never have to make!

    • Rick

      Just wondering…. why does it bother you so much¿¿ I am TOTALLY against any abortion but if it is done and there is nothing that you can do to stop it because it is legal, then why not make the best use of the fetus for research… i dont see the sense of throwing them away… they are dead… maybe i feel like this cause when I die just byrn me and throw me away… I’m dead zfter they harvest EVERYTHING they could to help anyone…..

  2. Mr.Suckable1


      • Jer

        Yeah – you did
        You voted for a clearly history retarded-hooker/porn star paying billionaire ( that his trustfund baby ass got from his dad and immigrant mother) playboy manchild egomanical narcisstic whoa changing thingslefy amd right. Not by any means representing the American people only his supporters who are gun toting rednecks and more than likely racist bigots of white Americans who claim to feel left out and yet he’s putting in more than likely sexually assaulting/ rapist types or just old white guys as our SCOTUS to make ,change(s) to our laws and set things in motion for future generations to endure from ideals that are beyond antiquated due to Again this 70 + yo manchild yes that’s who you voted for . We don’t need a wall and certainly don’t need to Make America Great Again .
        It’s already been beyond great . People have just forgot it or never knew it to begin with

  3. rtm

    An HIV cure has already found, a couple of years ago in Israel, in the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. There’s no need to get on with this research and waste the public money, there’s a need to start manufacture and distribute it!!

  4. gtownbottom

    That’s What Happens When You Vote A Crooked Fcuked Up P.O.S. In Office…. You Can Say Ta, Ta For Now(TTFN) Towards H.I.V. Cure Progression. Think About The One’s Around You That You’re Effecting And Vote Wisely In 2020. America Is Already Great, And Been Great, Your Toes Aren’t Permanently Pointing Upward And You Have A Pulse… Keep Those GLBTQ Haters Out Of The White House.

  5. father hennepin

    That’s ridiculous. There are many men who have proven to be immune, and they have been studied for years. There are other approaches, and besides, HIV is preventable. Like by being careful!

  6. topman28601

    I want a cure for HIV and AIDS as much as anyone on this planet. But legal or not, there is no moral or ethical justification for elective abortion. If anyone should stand up and defend the right of the helpless to live, it should be gay men—who have seen more than their share of hate without any recourse or defense. You want equal rights and treatment for all human beings? Start with the weakest, smallest, most helpless of all—unborn babies. And stop trying to lump all gay men together to fit some agenda. It’s not only unethical, it’s disgusting.

  7. Chris Evans

    All the sex “TRUMP” has, I’d think he would want a cure for HIV. He will more than likely contract and die of “AIDS” anyway. Oh Yes Virginia, there is a Santa-Claus after all. That Vermin-Creature!

    • Libertarian Queer

      No, what you don’t tolerate is any reference to political leftists like yourself if you deem the reference derogatory or negative. I didn’t use any “N” word or other racial epithet whatsoever. Would you have been happier had I written the name of a different color selection in a box of crayons other than chocolate? Being as how facts seem to bother you, did you know that abortions disproportionally kill more babies of ethnic minorities than any other group? Margaret Sanger was kind of into eugenics, too, ya know.

  8. marco dane

    The world is bad enough, without you adding the the misery. Your headline amounts to the equivalent of FAKE NEWS. Stopping experiments using FETAL tissue — which has been an issue with repubs for a long time — does NOT equal STOPPING HIV research for a cure. It’s fake news because the implication (as you know) of your headline is – that the Trump administration hates gays and wants them to die from HIV. Again, I loathe Trump, but more than that, I loathe when anyone on either side of the aisle, resorts to Fake/Distorted News to fear monger. Would your headline be as catchy or receive as many views if it were more truthful (and boring)… no, but that’s because the news here isn’t all that exciting. That’s not an excuse to resort to blatantly disingenuous headlines. Stick to the facts – people will trust you more, and then be more apt to read your articles.

  9. Edward Stallworth

    Trump is gonna get whats coming to him yet fucker; anybody who voted for this asshole is right along with him , And he hurting the ones that vote for this loser. That’s whats funny.

  10. Wayne

    This why I stick to my own race when it comes to sex. I notice a lot of non minority be wanting sex from us but will never support us politically. Last I check republicans platform is anti gay. What in it for you gay supporters?

    • pinocchio

      You’re labeling of all people of a particular color is as wrong as when it happens to you. All people of one color is not the Republican party. They seem to just be the most racist. Don’t try to fight racism with racism it just makes you a hypocrite.

  11. Lamar

    trump, will undo anything that Obama did; he’s rather ‘sickly’ obsessive that way.

    Whatever your whole reason voting for trump: “the economy”, “the wall-illegal immigrants”, “restriction of human rights-resending the voting rights of blacks” and “making America great again”=basically “Jim Crow-redo”, “resending abortion rights/women’s rights”, “resending gay rights”=(sending you to suck-fuck in seedy dark alleys and truck-stops), etc…

    Basically, if, you are anything, other than wht-hetero and at least upper middle of- class-rich, America will, be their kind of “great again.”

    He’s a for ‘imports’ as long as they are from the Northern European countries; making America great again “genetically-eugenics” as aforementioned and I’m glad you did, Libertarian queer. That’s where we’re going in reality, if, we allow it of course, through utter denial-ignorance as to ‘where Euro-America came from’ in its darkest past of Europe during the early last century.

    We still, have among our midst, the aspirations of the blond, the blue, the Nordic race as the “pinnacle” of human genetics; has a lot to do with religious programming actually,
    The purity of souls, closet thing to God, etc.,

    Its all insanity; greed, anti-social behavior, psychological-spiritual illness of course, speaking of
    eugenics; the best of the crop of human genotypes, lmao of course.

    Personally, I think the worst of the human genotypes have killed-off the best ones by genocide mostly and still ongoing in various ways. That’s the best of human genetics for you, speaking of eugenics, lmao, shit, man, they’re killing off everything that sustains life, period, that’s how wonder ‘they’ are!

    As far as abortion, well, if the woman makes the choice to do so, it must for a good and sound reason, mostly, it’s her choice. Man kills much more indiscriminately and otherwise after all and that’s a sin to burn in hell for, too. . .

  12. just a bi-guy

    not anti gay at all. just anti pushing like whats been done from the lgbtq community.for the most part, people are fine with the people from the lgbtq community but its gotten where straight people feel that those in the community have to force their lifestyle the those who are straight and those who are straight have to accomodate their every desire or wish which is wrong.

  13. Scott

    And all of these words, so filled with anger, hate, and ego. I respect all views on abortion but does it slap you in the face with irony, here we are on a Gay bulletin board, soapboxing how abortion shouldn’t be a woman’s choice. I know I risk stating the obvious, before soapboxing your “I am right and no matter what you say it is just dumb as shit” point of view easy for all of us who are GAY and MEN to make? Last time I checked, men being pregnant is still a distant future event, so why make such definitive statements MEN! Yes, I understand you can still have an opinion on what you deem to be human life, but seriously… when was the last time you were raped, and pregnant with the rapist’s child? Or found out you were pregnant because of an incestuous relative taking advantage of you. Or, found yourself at the edge of the world, with no hope to take care of yourself, much less a child, and had to make the hardest choice of your life. Empathy men! Have your opinions but before condemning others for theirs, how about we silence ourselves for a moment, and walk a mile in another’s shoes. How quickly we forget our past, a world that said we were abominations, a world that said we deserved to die…where would we be today if others in our society didn’t stop to listen and consider our point of views too.

  14. Bryce

    I’m confused, I thought we already have a cure for HIV…Like avoiding unprotected and promiscuous sex.

    Why is this on Trump while absolving people of their lifestyle choices? Unlike cancer or congenital defects, HIV is entirely avoidable for those who want to avoid it.

  15. MPG

    This article is not about shutting down HIV research. It’s about shutting down fetal tissue research as it says in the linked article:

    “The suspension, imposed this past September without a public announcement, came as the government launched a review of all fetal tissue research funded by the federal government. ”

    The A4A headline is very misleading and biased. What I find more horrifying though is that it’s possible to ship a bunch of HIV virus via FedEx. I don’t think I’d want to be the driver of that truck.

    If you want to get outraged about something, though, look through medical studies about herbal treatments for viruses. A study from the 70s showed that licorice root has a compound in it that deactivates herpes virus PERMANENTLY. How many people have ever heard of that? You’d think by now, 40 years later, there would be some kind of advancements there, but if it’s as easy as adding licorice extract to lube which would at least prevent it from spreading, it would seem, then there would be no profit in pharmaceuticals. I am not a medical expert, though, so I cannot suggest that as a way to cure anything. But I can suggest that anyone do some searches on PubMed or Google’s equivalent to see all kinds of published research on treatments that God created that are kept hidden from the public.

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