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Health: Potential HIV Cure Aces First Clinical Trial (UPDATED)

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Update: Zion Medical, the company behind Gammora, is being questioned after it claimed that Gammora aced its first clinical trial.

South Africa-based news outlet Bhekisisa reached out to the company and pointed out several problematic things about its claim.

For one thing, it appears that Zion Medical trial was not peer-reviewed. The company claims that peer review is being done alongside the clinical trial. The company says the reason why the results were shared while the peer review was ongoing was because the results were encouraging.

Bhekisisa also questioned the low number of participants in the trial, pointing out that a Phase 2 clinical trial usually involves 100 to 500 people. Zion Medical’s trial only included nine people. The company responded to the question by saying that a trial with a larger number of participants is something they intend to do in the coming months.

“Phase 2a is usually defined as a small study with a small number of patients, just like our study. We agree that Phase 2b and 3, once initial safety and tolerability has been proven, is usually performed on a larger number of patients,” the company explained.

(Previous version of the story continues below)

Yet another milestone has been achieved in the quest to find a cure for HIV.

The new medication, Gammora, has undergone its first clinical trial and achieved spectacular results, eliminating 99 percent of the virus after only four weeks of treatment.

The trial was conducted in Uganda, where nine HIV-infected patients were given different doses of the medication for four to five weeks. Most of the participants in the trial ended up with a 90 percent reduction in their viral load after just four weeks.

Two weeks later, these same patients were given Gammora along with antiretroviral medication for four to five weeks. Most of the patients ended up with a 99 percent reduction. Even more encouraging, patients did not seem to get any side effects from the drug.

Unlike antiretroviral drugs, Gammora does not prevent the transmission of the actual virus, but actually gets rid of infected cells. Gammora is derived from the HIV enzyme integrase, which is responsible to inserting HIV’s genetic material into the DNA of an infected cell. Gammora overwhelms that process, leading to the self-destruction of the infected cell.

While Gammora has only now reached clinical trials, LGBTQ Nation reports that the drug has actually been under study for more than a decade. In the trial’s second phase, 50 patients will be given the treatment over the course of two to three months.

This development follows the discovery of a possible universal antibody for HIV-1 back in May of this year. Last August, the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome also released a study that revealed that patients with a low viral load had clinical results similar to people who remained undetectable.

How do you guys feel about this new development in the fight against HIV? Are you feeling hopeful about the results of the clinical trials? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Amrit

    this is quack science. there’s no evidence to suggest that Gammora is any kind of cure for HIV. it works much like antiretroviral drugs do. there’s is nothing novel about Gammora, except it’s more quack science for this illness. if you want to know where the real cure for HIV is…

    although, it’s unclear if their treatment will attack the reservoir of latent HIV-infected cells. these are simply expected to die off.

  2. alex

    HIV was/ is a killer virus.. disease s always caused mass death among humanities, but not in the 20th century. It was a reminder to human beings to not to take things for granted. But gay men never felt so left out and demised. many generations of gay men are suffering from PTSD not only because of AIDS and HIV but living as gay men which society still have not accepted. for some gay men, if they are still alive, HIV and fear of aids stopped them in their track of life.many gay men are single. they survived the plague, but lost the chance of ever finding that relationship and feeling of loving another guy. Hope you can follow me.

  3. ISOLTRjock

    This brings to mind George Gilder’s book “The Israel Test.” Israel is a beacon of freedom, prosperity, civility, hope, and innovation (especially agricultural, computing, and medical innovation) to the whole world. The Bible clearly states that the Jews will be a blessing to the world. For those who are unaware, this drug was developed by an Israeli firm, Zion Medical. Too many gay men are liberals. Many idiots on the left hate Israel, e.g., maobama, and hate Jews. Some want to boycott Israel and force various entities to divest themselves of any investments in Israel. Some, such as the current pope, support carving a terrorist Palestinian state out of Israel. Some indirectly or directly support the satanic Islamist goal of wiping Israel off of the map. This drug should expose the insanity of gays being leftists, anti-Semites, or Islamists. Imagine a rocket from Gaza, which produces nothing of value to the world, damaging or destroying the research facility of Zion Medical. I am a Christian who recognizes the Jews as God’s Chosen People, and Israel as their God-given home.

    • Lamar

      Did you know, that the Ethiopians are “genetically” Jewish? “They may very well be the chosen” but, are the Jews we commonly know of today, the original Jews when we’re talking about color?

      Dr. Henry Lewis Gated Jr., an Ivy league professor of history, has done many documentaries.

      It seems the Jews of those days BC or before antiquities; removed the Ethiopian or “color” aspect of the original “Judeo” Christianity, like the Anglos have removed the “Judeo” or Jewish aspect of Christianity. Funny, what goes around, comes around.

      It’s a matter of the evolution of humanity and migration as to how the religion traveled north to what is now the “Middle-East” and how the Jews came to physically look the way they do according to regional-climate.

  4. Nicolas

    You should update the title of this article as well since there seems to be no evidence that this purported cure “aced” any clinical trial. At best, it grossly misled the world with premature statements about a trial that does not even muster basic scientific standards.

  5. Steve96080

    I would suggest you locate a person to review medical articles before you put them up on this website. The small population (9) versus the hundreds normally included in a phase II study would have been a giveaway to such a person. The lack of peeer review would have been another. If you choose to disseminate scientific information, you also have the responsibility to attempt to ensure that it is truthful. Otherwise you become part of the problem of FAKE NEWS. In this case, your fake news probably dashed the hope of many who need a cure. Being truthful and accurate is more important than getting people to fall for click-bait.;

    • Dave

      Hi Steve, we modified our article in response to other articles that came out during the day. We are not a scientific blog, just a gay blog that wants to share information to our users. Our intention is not to give false hope, we too were very excited about this news, and are in touch with health professionals to know what is happening with this medication and see if it’s true or false. Just waiting for info.

  6. bjjj

    So far they haven’t even found a cure for the common cold, let alone HIV. The best advice for the common cold is to wash your hands, avoid contact, and cover your coughs and sneezes. The best advice for not picking up HIV is safe sex, using condoms, knowing your partner, not sharing needles, avoiding oral sex if you have sores in your mouths, getting tested, etc. HIV can be treated, but so for hasn’t been cured. Many can live healthy long lives with the virus. What gets me is that there is such a social stigma about HIV and AIDS. Just because someone has a virus doesn’t make you any less of a person.

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