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Stories : Tell Us Your Fun Hookup Story

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What’s your best or most memorable online hookup story here on A4A, guys?

I mean, surely we all have one. Maybe you were having a bad day but then you went online on Adam4Adam and the guy whom you like and have been chatting with for weeks was also online. On an impulse, you ask him out for a drink and he said yes. The night started fun but soon it turned flirty once the wine kicked in, then steamy, so much that you guys couldn’t get your hands off each other and you guys ended up having sex.  It turned to be one of your greatest nights as was my case although I wasn’t just having a bad day then, I was brokenhearted.

Years ago, I asked a guy I sporadically chatted with if he was down for a movie. I didn’t really have any expectations because like him, I just got out of a relationship and I genuinely only wanted company but he was ridiculously hot. At least in my eyes, I definitely loved what I saw. We didn’t know what each other looked like, by the way. We haven’t really gotten into exchanging photos before meeting in real life, maybe because we were both in a relationship when we met online and we simply wanted to while away the time.

The movie, however, was so bad we turned our attention to each other instead (I’ve never been so glad the cinema was dark and we were seated at the back). I ended up inviting him over so we could “watch a better movie” but who was I kidding. Anyway, it was not the healthiest and most effective way of dealing with a breakup, I know. And I would normally advice not to jump on someone else’s bed when you’re brokenhearted but that would be the case of a pot calling the kettle black.

Having said that, what’s your best or most memorable online hookup story on A4A, guys? Share it with us your stories in the comments section below and also, please always keep in mind A4A’s safety tips which you can read here. Don’t forget to download our new app if you didn’t yet as well, you’ll surely have amazing stories to share after that!


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  1. Dylan

    Oh fun story..

    Had a business trip to Buffalo, NY. I was cruising adam and found a SMOKIN HOT soccer player. I never in a million years would have thought he’d be interested in me. He happen to hit me up. We chatted for a day. He had weird hours as he was in health care. He was planning on coming over to my hotel. He only has a few hours. He knocked on the door and my jaw dropped. He was that fucking HOT! 26yo 6′ ripped body. I was going to worship this boi. He came in and immediately we start to kiss. It was to die for. Our hands went wild as we got undressed. He said I only have a couple of hours. I have to get to work. So we go to the bed (to make a long story short) I tie him up. He has always wated to try bondage. He can’t move a muscle (he had so many you could see). He was tied in a ball shape. So I could manuver him anyway I wanted and still have access to his body. I began rimming him. He was loosing his mind. I was pulling his cock back through and throating his 8″cut thick cock. He wanted out of the ropes in a good way so he could play too. I wouldn’t let him. It was all about him. He stoped everything. Said,”can you grab my phone out of my pants?” I thought that was weird but anything he wanted. He then says,”can you unlock my phone and dial a number for me?” I did. He is now talking on the phone”hey, I’m sorry but I’m not going to make it in today. I’m really tied up. Not feeling well. Hope that’s cool?” I hung up the phone. He spent the night. It’s been a long time since I was able to fuck a guy 5-6 times. He can 5 times as well. I swallowed every load. He was so cool and very chill. Just loved to have a great time. He was one of those guys who knew he was HOT but never let it go to his head. One of the best nights in bed I’ve ever had.

  2. John

    It wasn’t an online hookup however this was such a hot experience.
    I’m closeted, married. This guy at my gym is obviously gay and exactly my type. About 5’9”, slim but not bone skinny, nice butt. I rarely used the locker room however I heard he liked to play around there.
    One afternoon I happened to go to the gym at about 2 pm. Parking lot empty. It was a rare day that I needed to change from street clothes. The locker room has lockers around the perimeter and a row down the middle dividing the room. I got undressed and was down to my boxers when literally inches away from my head a delicious smooth ass walked by. As I looked him over he looked over his shoulder and smiled. I returned a smile as he went to the opposite end of the row of lockers. There was no one in the locker room but us and from his vantage a clear view of anyone entering. He looked back from his end of the lockers and showed me his shaved 7” cock. I wasted no time dropping my boxers and moved to the stool at the other end. Upon sitting down his hard cock was at my face and I immediately took him down my throat. He watched the door while I deep throated him, fondled his hairless asshole and stroked myself to my good day 6”! I’d lusted over him from afar for a while and wanted to make the most of it. His moans told me he appreciated my skills so I turned him so he could still watch out, bent him over and went wild licking, kissing, sucking and tongue fucking his hole. I read stories about tight assholes but my preference is an experienced hole. This guy had a lot of experience and his hole was very pliable. I got my tongue very deep and he was gasping as he stroked his cock. I was furiously jacking myself and close to exploding. He got there first. He moaned “oh my god I’m gonna cum”. I turned him back around and his cock got back to my face as it was beginning to ejaculate. I got him back down my throat and as he shot load after load into my belly I shot mine on the floor.
    I was really into this guy and truly wanted an ongoing thing. We did play at his place once and he fucked me good but we lost track of each other.

  3. Scott

    I went on a blind date with a guy I met here. We didn’t really connect on that date, and didn’t do sex either. I promptly forgot about him. Then a few weeks later, he asks me out again. After some back and forth, I accepted. We went out. We became friends, but didn’t sleep together. But as we kept seeing each other, we fell in love, and he asked me to be his boyfriend a week before Christmas. I immediately accepted that. We finally fucked that night.
    A few months later, we were travelling to an event, and I started asking him questions about his past hookups for some reason. He revealed to me that we had actually met and fucked at a sex party three years earlier! It took some work, but I remembered it.
    Later on, I hooked up with a hot daddy I met here too. I cheated on my boyfriend to be with him, and this guy had a monster cock. I had an itch that my boyfriend couldn’t scratch. Well, the daddy fucked me so hard I was blacking out for split seconds and seeing stars. It was an amazing hookup. I got gono as a result of the hookup, which led to my eventual breakup with the boyfriend. Turns out that was actually a GOOD thing, because seven weeks after that breakup, I met the great love of my life, and we had two beautiful years together.

    Jerome, if you read these, I owe you an apology for my accusations, and a thank-you for getting me there.

  4. Dan

    I had been sitting home looking at porn and was getting really hot when I decided to try a sex pickup site for the first time. I put in my info and started cruising. I came across a guy who looked fit with a big chest who was wearing tight silky underwear hiding a hard cock. I messaged him and we chatted for about an hour when he said he had to go because he had to be up early. I told him how disappointed I was and went into heavy seduction mode. After another 15 minutes he invited me over.

    When I arrived I knocked on the door and he answered in an outfit similar to what was “advertised”. He greeted me and lead me to the bedroom where the lights were low and porn was running on the TV to set the mood. He invited me to lay down on the bed for a massage. My mind was running wild as he took to warm massage oil and started rubbing my back. It drove me crazy as he leaned over my face and all that was between my and that beautiful cock was a thin layer of fabric. I reached out to grab it and he asked me to hold off so he could work on me.

    He rolled me over and started working my chest and legs as I begged him to let me put his cock in my mouth. He resisted and began teasing my cock and hole. Next he pulled down the blankets and lay back on the bed while I devoured his cock. I made passionate love to his cock licking the shaft, sucking the head and deepthroating that lovely thick cock. As he moaned I sucked his balls and gently caressed the head of his cock then slowly ran my tongue up the shaft and devoured his entire cock while rubbing it with my tongue. His juices started flowing and his moaning increased. He sat up and went for my cock eating it like it was his last meal. I told him I liked my nipples played with so he moved up on the bed and spooned my while gently rubbing my nipples. This drove me insane. My cock was dripping wet. I loved the feel of his cock as he ground it against my hole.

    Then suddenly the head of his cock was right on my hole and pushing. I begged him to stop but it felt so good. I told him he needed to put a condom on but he kept pushing until that big mushroom head popped in. He slowly massaged the head of his cock with my tight hole as I begged him to cover up. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and quickly applied a condom and some lube. He rolled me on my stomach and fucked me like I’d never been fucked before. He was moaning and wailing until he finally exploded.

    He pulled out and I rolled over so he could suck my cock. It was euphoric and I came in no time shooting hot jizz all over my chest. We cleaned up and lay next to each other for a while taking in all that had just happened. We kissed and parted looking forward to another meeting online in the near future.

  5. Anthony

    I was on a business trip in Maine. After checking in and getting to my room I’d logged in Adam to see what Maine had to offer. It took a couple of hours, but after that things were good. I was talking to 2 different guys and seeing what my options were. Finally I set something up with both ( separately). I hop in the shower before guy #1 gets there. He arrives looking hot, I open the door in my towel. As soon as the door shuts I’m on my knees taking in his 8″ down my throat, licking his balls, loving every minute. After awhile he shoots a huge load all over my face I sucked him clean and said goodbye. Hop in the shower again clean off for guy #2. Let him in, hot looking and in his 20’s, great ass. We make out for a bit and then get undressed and in the bed. He’s sucks me off, a and then we get into a 69, he had sweet cock and firm ass. Afterwards he asks me to fuck him. I lay him on his back and fuck him for about 10 minutes balls deep. I shot my load deep in his ass while he jerked all over me. Great night and true story. Can’t wait go back to Maine.

  6. Norm

    There was a hot guy on here so I checked out his profile. I thought maybe I’d get to blow him. I emailed him, we chatted and I invited him over. I never heard from him again. Never answered any of my emails. So now I see another hottie and he lives near me. I figured I’d just email him and see what’s up. He sent an email back that said not interested. All of a sudden I got an email from some guy and he was into everything I was and he was interested in me. It turned out he was 72. I asked him if he read my email where it said I was into younger. He said yes but he thought he’d take a chance. I said no, you’re older than I was looking for but have a good night. So now I was desperate. I took a ride to the rest area near me. I couldn’t believe this hot guy standing there with his cock hanging out of his zipper. He was just leaning against the fence so I went over and reached to grab his cock and he turned and walked away, got in his car and left. I sat in my car for a while and all of a sudden I heard a knock on my window. I looked and standing there was the fattest guy I had ever seen. I started the car and left, went home and went to bed. I started dreaming of this guy that came into the store I work in. I dreamed I went up to him and asked him if I could blow him and he said yes. Just as I was about to put his big cock in my mouth the cat jumped on me and woke me up.

  7. Ian

    After a late quiet night checking out the bars without any prospects I walked around the village to see who was out and I walked up a quiet part of the street I saw a man approaching me from the other direction, I sized him up and thought mmmm good type..a manly man..nice build..nice as we passed each other we briefly locked eyes and I thought what’s to lose and said “hey babe” and kept walking.. after a few paces I did a head turn to realize he had stopped and was looking back in my I turned back and walked towards him and asked if he’d like to go for a drink before the bars close..he smiled and said he didn’t know the area too well..i told him neither did I as I was we started walking and talking for a couple blocks which gave us the opportunity to analyze each other and realize we were both sane..he was also from a foreign country and his accent was endearing.. then as we were walking through a park he stopped to sit on a bench and motioned for me to sit next to him which I did..our legs touched occasionally as we continued making small talk then he asked if I was staying close by because he only happened to be downtown having dinner with friends I said yes not far from here..would you like to go..he asked if it would be ok and I said sure..when we got up I noticed he was walking a little differently and got a glimpse of his raging 8 inch bulge that he tried to hide with his jacket as we walked back to where I was staying..when we got into the room we started kissing passionately and then slowly started undressing each other..his pre cum had already made its mark on his undies then we got on the bed and kissed some more as I worked my way down with a stop at his nipples..then continued to the main attraction of his very erect cock..not long after I had it in my mouth and worked it over good with my tongue..he grabbed me and said he was going to come…and shot his load all over his chest as I stroked it he squealed that it was so sensitive and that he never came so fast as he was so excited by our hook up..after he calmed down and some more kissing and nipple play I got him hard and ready for round two..because I wasn’t done..this time I wanted him in me..we had condoms but no lube..he spit some saliva on his throbbing cock and worked it into my tight hole…it was intense and he stretched my hole out so I could take his width and length…after our fuck session he had a shower and got dressed which was just a sexy as seeing him take his clothes off and made plans to meet again the next night !!!

    • MattK

      Ian, your story sounds like mine (see 2 stories below) had mine panned out like yours did! I’m envious. I also had another almost-hookup though the guy wasn’t as hot. I once went to this event at the old Toy Center Building on 5th Ave. & 23rd Street. Walked downtown afterwards down 5th that evening and a guy was walking ahead of me. I sized him up, then decided to pass him to see if he might be doing the same. He passed by me eventually, then I passed by him again and I sensed a little cat & mouse game going on, but when I had to turn onto another block, he didn’t budge, so I guess he wasn’t interested after all (or might he have been?). I have had 2 other hookups like yours though – both times where we’d walk past one another, then turn back and find we were both sizing one another up and we did have sex.

      • Ian

        MATTK….I love the cat and mouse game..makes it so much more exciting..the thrill of the chase…foreplay at its rendezvous happened downtown Toronto

        • MattK

          Hopefully, you’re still reading this string, Ian. I’d be remiss not to tell you that also back in the ’80s, before I went on my no-homosex run, I did have 2 cat & mouse hookups (successful). Both were similar to what I described, only after we both turned and looked, we approached one another. One time, I led a guy to my office (it was a weekend afternoon – nobody in the office) and he became the first guy I ever kissed – I was 23 at the time. Another guy I had the walk-past-turn-back thing while I was walking toward a job interview. I still approached him and we exchanged phone numbers. I called him when I got home later, he came over, and we had great hot sex. Then there was another rather bizarre one: I was in a suburban shopping mall going down an escalator. A really cute younger guy was heading up the escalator in the opposite direction. I got to the bottom, turned back up; he was looking back down. But he kept going, so I followed him in and out of 2 or 3 stores. I was like a private eye – I wanted him to see I was nearby but I didn’t want to creep him out either. Eventually, we spoke. He led me to his car in the pkg lot where he blew me. Didn’t do anything else, but ironically, we met up again via adam4adam about 10 years later and I went over to his place where we had some real hot sex.

          • Ian

            MAATK…love it…one evening I was waiting to catch the subway and this guy with a cute ass in tight jeans came along and kept walking up and down the platform..he was also cute but short.. so I pulled out my phone pretending to check messages but I was really trying to take a picture of his hot then he came and stood right in front of me so I got the picture but it didn’t go farther than…we should keep in touch..not sure if I can put profile name or email here

  8. MattK

    Though not a happy one, this story’s worth telling because it took place about 33 years ago (I’m 58) and I still vividly remember it considering how possible it was at one point and how gorgeous the other guy was. First a backstory: Having had homosex for about 7 years prior going back to getting my cherry popped (as well as my cock entering its first ass) at age 18, I had fallen in love and decided to get married to my wife (who remains my wife to this day and still has no idea of my gay side). It was also during the height of the initial AIDS scare in the mid-80s, so I had decided to get married and basically give up guys altogether for the dual reason of being in love with her and fearing I’d sooner or later get infected if I kept having random gay sex.

    So…one afternoon I was in NYC walking down a side street, maybe 20-30 strides from the corner onto an avenue and I walked past this literally perfect looking guy – just made me drool. We walked past one another, then about 10 strides later, I turned around to get another quick look. He was looking back at me too and we made “that” eye contact. Now of course I’m like “oh man! do I? but I can’t – I promised myself never again!” The “angel” side of me convinced my “devil” side to keep walking away. I rounded the corner, kept going about 10 more strides when the “devil” in me asked “WTF are you doing? Go get that hot piece of meat – he wants me!” So I walked back, rounded the corner, but the guy was nowhere in sight. Gone. I rapidly retraced my steps up the side street, looking inside any doorways I passed, looking across the street. I kept going, went all the way down the block now desperately trying to find him somehow.

    Never did find him and to this day it haunts me to no end!

    • Wesley

      I can relate to your post. I did that a few times in my youth (same time period. Mid 80’s. Aids scare). I’d run into a hot guy and my brain would say “keep moving”. So I did. Then I’d try to find him and, like you, never did. I strongly believe that everything happens (or doesn’t) for a reason. I just rationalized that those missed encounters may have saved me from contracting HIV. So while I still fantasize about what might have happened, I’ve learned to not regret it.

  9. Khadt2

    My most fun hookup was way back during college days.

    I was on my way out of the Humanities Building, on my way home and had to stop in the men’s room out of necessity. Upon entering I immediately ran into a very handsome bearded hunk. I did my business and we then exchanged pleasantries. Not feeling all that secure in a university restroom, I suggested we go to the Student Union for coffee and chatting. He gladly accepted. Enroot we told one another our names and kept up the chatter.

    Our conversation went on for quite a while. But all along the way it kept rolling around in my head, “I know this, David, guy. I’m sure of it.” Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I asked if I could ask him some personal questions.
    David; Yes, please feel free.
    Me: You’re married and your wife’s name is Jean.
    David; Yes.
    Me; You have a son named Eric.
    David; Yes.
    Me; You lived in (my home town) on Main Street in a large two-story red brick house.
    David; His jaw dropped to the table and in a low voice filled with amazement, YES, how the hell do you know that.
    Me; Your wife was my Sophomore High School Science teacher. You and I met briefly one afternoon when she invited students over to the house in order to form a ‘Science Club’.

    Well, needless to say David and I became VERY good friends and saw each other as often as his work schedule would allow. Usually late at night in my off campus apartment. He has always been my most memorable sex partner.

  10. Scott

    I was on a business trip and at the end of a very long day, I went to a French restaurant and had a great meal at the bar but most everyone at the bar was there with someone and I didn’t get to talk with many people. I finished eating around 7:00 but was not ready to head back to my hotel room. What I really wanted to do was to drink some beer and talk with some guys. The cute bartender suggested a gay piano bar round the corner which was also close to my hotel.

    When I walked into the piano bar, there were several guys standing around a piano and happily singing song tunes with an older guy playing all requests. It looked like a nice place to spend the evening – and very gay. I took my place at the corner of the bar and struck up a conversation with this bartender – 30 y.o. muscled guy with a scruffy beard. When I found out they served their draft beer in frosted mugs I knew I was in the right place. So, after about 3 ice-cold beers I began singing along with the boys. It was a lot of fun. But, if you drink beer, after a while I had to break the seal and headed to the men’s room. Secretly I was hoping to stand next to a hot study and get a glimpse of his cock. But, on the way in, I noticed a guy, seated at the other end of the bar, sizing me up. He was damn hot – closely cropped light brown hair, 5 o’clock full face shadow, and gorgeous chocolate eyes. I was wearing a tight, black polo shirt (showing off my muscular chest and firm abs) and light jeans that were also form fitting. I have salt and pepper hair and a full beard that showed off the black shirt.

    On my second trip to the men’s room, this gorgeous guy came and stood next to me. And my secret wish came true – he pulled out his 7″ thick cock and let loose. As I was standing there, I began to stiffen up. He caught me looking and shook it a couple times as he smiled at me. Woof!

    I got another drink and went to the piano to sing with the group that was singing with more enthusiasm as they had been drinking quite a bit. Then I noticed my restroom god standing next to me, singing in perfect pitch. We started with the usual small talk and sang some together. I found myself becoming very attracted with this guy and couldn’t stop looking into his bedroom eyes. When it was time to refresh our drinks, I came and sat next to him. He moved his bar stool close to me so that our legs were touching. What a rush to my anxious cock.

    We found ourselves staring into each other’s eyes so I put my hand on his back and told him that he is incredibly cute and sexy. Since it was getting late and I was feeling very good due to the amount of beer – I needed to go back to my hotel room. When I told him I needed to end my night at the bar, he looked disappointed. Before I knew it, I asked him to join me in my room. He quickly paid his tab and we walked hand in hand to the hotel. When we got into the elevator, he leaned over and kissed me. He had been drinking margaritas and I loved the taste of tequila on his tongue.

    As we walked into the room, we began stripping each other of our clothes. When I unbuttoned his shirt, I saw the most beautiful hairy chest – covered with that light brown hair. We explored every inch of each other – oral mostly that night – and brought each other to a point of explosion at the same time – filling the room with man smells and covering each other in our man juices. Wrapped in each other’s arms, we fell asleep holding each other. I wanted that moment to go on forever.

    But again, because I had spent the evening drinking beer, I had to leave his embrace to pee. When I returned to the bed, he pulled the covers back and said, “Welcome back to my arms.” Truthfully, I fell in love with him at that very moment. Laying next to him, skin to skin, we began kissing. He whispered in my ear, “fuck me.” I covered my shaft with lube and, as he wrapped his legs around my waist, I pushed in. After about 20 minutes we both exploded. Exhausted, I laid on his chest, with his sweat mixing with his chest hair. He sighed and said he had a new favorite position.

  11. Anthony

    So I was almost of legal age (I say, 12 months, but whose counting.) when i had my 1st hookup, well not really hookup, more like voluntary take over. He was…older!! Not yet 25 and definitely legal drinking age, he was assistant coach to this sports team I was on (not football, not soccer, similar but we had sticks with nets on them, and not for catching butterflies) So I was late for practice and was being a wise ass during practice as well. Coach was not happy with my attitude that day. Due to a college rejection letter to a school I was dying to get into. “Alright 5 laps to to cool down and our wise ass Captain will stick behind to clean AND PUT EVERYTHING AWAY IN THE FIELD HOUSE, THE REST IS DISMISSED!!” WHAT?! You heard punk, of course you can argue and we can make it a daily thing until you graduate…..A YEAR FROM NOW!
    As everyone is leaving I was gathering all the equipment to one spot so I can haul everything in one shot. It was a freaking hot hot day I stripped down to my white mesh varsity shorts and was happy i had my jockstrap on. “So coach never said anything about who can voluntarily help you” I spun around to see Asst. Coach ( lets go with Jordan), in his black varsity shorts and sweaty chest and chest hair, shoulders, arms….oh crap!! i was starting to pull a stiffy. i quickly spun around and started hauling all that equipment across the playing field, and with this heat…i think i would die first before see the equipment shack. Coach J lifted the other and “i think this will make it easier”. On my shoulders or my aching closeted virgin cock? so as we headed to the field house, a loud deafening clap of thunder exploded right above me. my freaking luck, and 5 seconds later Niagra falls came down out of nowhere, we double timed it to the field house and went inside to dry off, but it made no difference. we both only had the shorts, socks and jockstrap on i peeled away the shorts, socks and cleats hung it up so it can dry. Jockstrap onlyi stood at doorway to look at the rain falling…sideways?? i turned to tell Coach J…but was stunned by his naked body and that…aint no dick…its a baby elephant truck between his legs. i mustve stared to a little too long “like something you see?” Jolted back to reality i was trying to shake that anoconda out of my mind. i turned my back on coach because i cant stare at someone i want so bad and a piece of meat that i want kicking down my doors called virginity. have no fear those doors where about to be ripped off the hinges. as i continued looking out i heard a whisper “Forgive me but I cant take anymore and I want you so so fucking bad and for so long” Whu?!?!?! i felt his arms tightly around my body and i was lifted up and carried to the back of field house and dumped on stack of foam mats and beds. i turned around to see coach J, at doorway, staring at me with his hungry/starving looks and his cock is drooling cum onto the cement floor. when i looked up he said one thing only “im taking your hole and im gonna be the one to fill your hole with my loads. scream and yell no one can and will not hear you. after that stament he has already pinned me facedown on the mattress and my ass perked up and my arms behind my back. I feel is cock head at my hole and something wet hot and slimy being dripped on my hole and down my nut sac..before i could answer myself has already full weight on top of me and his whole 9 cut and thick fat pillar of a cock all the way in me. i couldnt scream or yell, i think i mustve blacked out. as i came back to the living coach J was was crying on my back arms still around me and still IN me. i struggled and i resisted which made him even harder and hornier. his cock was touching something in me that….makes it harder and harder to hate him and i was backing up into him and forget about the condom. from anger to exctasy, and pain to “i see heaven”, he came at least 5 times and when he shot it was right up against my “squeal button” which also made me cum. but not once did he tried to pull out to shoot. everything was in me. finally we were making out, and still in me, he told me that he is sorry that he did it this way. he’s been holding back so long. this moment being stuck in the field house almost naked….he just couldnt take it anymore. “why? why me? ” you might not remember me but i was your younger uncle Lloyd from high school (Lloyd passed in a car accident, i was still too young to understand) and your family resemblance is very strong, especially now that your all grown up. I really didnt know how to take this info, his magic stick is growing right into my spot. “coach J, please not now that topic is inappropriate while your still skewering me, f**ck me some more….”

  12. Boise Bear

    I am a long time burner (i go to burning man) In the days before they tryed ot make it family friendly there were tents where sex (read fucking and everything else) was going on 24 hrs a day. Well one night I was in one of the bigger tents just watching the action. Now the way things worked in there was you went in and found a place on the sofas or cushions and striped or at least took out your cock, and waited for some one to come and sit next to you or you went and sat next to some one that looked interesting. Like I said I was on the cushions alone and two guys came in and striped and lay down next to me. one of them facing me and the other behind him getting ready to fuck his ass. now they were very close less than a foot away from me. So I reached over and started playing with the guys cock who was getting fucked. Not enough room to get my head in so I just stroked him slowly. shortly a guy came in with another guy and he lay down close to my hard cock and his friend started sucking him off. A few seconds later he works his way up and starts sucking me off. So now we have a guy getting fucked (very slowly) and me playing with his cock and a guy sucking my cock and a guy sucking his cock. This went on for some time, but soon the guy fucking my playmate cums and then my hand job comes and then I cum and the guy sucking me cums It was a chain reaction. Soon the two guys fucking got up and left and then the sucker on my cock leaves with his friend who I don’t think got off. Never a word said.

    Another time I was standing naked in a smaller tent and a guy comes up too me and starts playing with my cock and so I started playing with his this went on for a while with some sucking in between. He had a nice cock not big but nice and I wanted to get fucked so I ask him if he would like to fuck me. He said sure so we went to look for a place to lay down. I seen an empty mattress and took him that way, grabbing condom and lube along the way. So I get him down on the mattress and start worrking on his cock getting it hard and it wasn’t working try as I did it wouldn’t get much more than soft erection. well I am on my knees working on him and worked my way around to put my ass in the door to out section of the tent. Now one of the ways that you can signal that you want to be fucked in a place like that is place a condom on your back if your in the right position so I put the condom on my butt along with the lube. i had several guys come along and rub my ass but no one to fuck me, then a guy comes along and starts fingering my hole and playing with my hanging cock balls I though well here comes that fuck that I wanted. he kept it up for a long time too. But no he left too What he did felt really good And I though several times i was going to cum.Soon I must have hit my play friends spot he came too. I got him off. We said a few nice words and he left. I am laying there with a semi had cock and nothing to do so I start stroking it and in comes some young guy and takes pity on me and sucks me off.

    i have several more stories about Burning man but no time now, if you have a BM story pleas share. i miss the old times.

  13. Rico

    All these stories are wonderful – why can’t I find something like – darn – I looking to fulfill my fantasy – so freaking tight here – getting tired of JO.

  14. bjjj

    Well, I have been wanting to let others on here know how I got to meet a wonderful, friend, companion, and yes sex partner. This probably would never happen in a million years. I cruise the adult arcades upon occasion, and action there was kind of slow, so I went into a booth, watching and jerking to a gay porn movie. (this was almost 2 years ago) I left the door unlocked, and a very nice man came in to join me. We did the usual, got each other off, and he gave me his number. Well I didn’t think much would come of it, but a few days later I gave him a call to see if he wanted to meet up with me there again. He said “well sure” I agreed to pick him up and we both went there together. Yes, we got off again, and agreed to get together again, and then again!… Then I asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat, so we did. Got to know each other, and started doing all kinds of other things. Have gone to movies, shopping, concerts, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, etc. This was almost 2 years ago, and we still see each other several times a week yet today We have done several overnight road trips, and short trips as well. We talk about our families, lives, jobs, and were always helping each other out where and when we can. We both have met others in both of our families. Our friendship/love is no longer based just upon sex, but more of a companionship with each other. For those who haven’t seen my other posts on here, yes he is a wonderful black man and am white, and I assure anyone who reads this or any other of my posts our caring about each other has nothing, yes, absolutely nothing to do with our skin colors.

  15. roguelike

    An A4A Story

    I had been hooking up with a this guy for a couple months, vers but leaning more towards me letting me top him all the times we hooked up. He was cute, late 20’s, blond, 7″ cock, cut, but it was his roommate that got to me. He was former Army, not super built but just on one look you could tell he still worked out.

    Anyway. I’m online with A4A, my bud isn’t around and not answering his cell. I come across his roommates profile. Before I even get to post a message the inbox is flashing. I figured my bud’s roommate to be straight, but he recognized me and wants me to come over…and fuck him.

    It’s not like I had any arrangement with the Army guy’s roommate, who I’d been fucking for months now. Needless to say, I met Army guy (let’s call him Jay) at the door of their apartment and within minutes of sitting on the couch we were naked and making out. I worked my way to his cock, which was definitely thicker than mine, I could barely get my mouth around even half his length. I focused more on his sac, which was smooth (I should mention that he is blond and it’s not dyed…) and then his ass, which he wanted a lot of attention paid to.

    Jay was laid out, legs spread, and cock hard with my head deep inside his crack. I came up for air, letting our hard cocks mingle while we kissed, and he said he wanted me to fuck him. I looked down and while I had length, he had girth, but who am I to say no?

    I wanted him doggie first, mainly because I know that’s usually easiest for us guys to allow penetration…plus I really wanted to hold his cock in my left hand while I guided my own cock into his tight hole. We fucked for a solid hour, finally finishing with him on his back and his legs wrapped around me, my cum deep inside him.

    He didn’t let it out, either. Needless to say, when I did finally withdraw from him, after we had flipped over so he was on top of me (my still hard, throbbing cock inside him, pumping residual cum I’m sure!), he finally pulled himself off of me and went to the kitchen. I was wondering what was going on until I heard a drawer open and then close.

    Of all the things to come back with, he had a tape measure.

    “That cock isn’t 7 inches…” I was still rock hard after cumming inside him, and my hardon wasn’t going down anytime soon, especially since he was now measuring my manhood and proving my teenage self to be wrong: There’s nothing wrong with knowing how big you are, and it’s even better when proven wrong by another guy and you’re even bigger.

    After laughing at him taking a tape measure to my cock, we ended up entwined on the couch, me behind him, my cock between his legs while my arms were wrapped around him. After a couple hours of sleep, I found we were both restless…my right hand had navigated to his own throbbing cock, and again, I was surprised that he wasn’t dominate, as his cock, while not full in length like mine, was full and had the girth of an oversized porn dildo. I had length going for me, but he had thickness.

    If we could have combined our dicks together we would have taken over porn for the next 20 years.

    Not to be though. Our hands all over each other, my cock grew back to attention immediately (especially when I felt how hard he was and how much he wanted me) and I aligned my cock with my Army guys ass for the second time that night.

    It’s so hot not needing lube because your hot guy held your previous load and now you’re just churning butter while you fuck again. I barely lasted 10 minutes before my balls unloaded again, deep inside his hole, but this time he took a walk to the bathroom and let all my cum out. I hadn’t moved and he came back to lay beside, against me on the couch again. My cock sprang to life but I told him “Just let me between your legs and let’s sleep.”

  16. tyler

    Ive been sucking off my best friend for years since we were in school. We’re 22 now and he is str8 and engaged, but still lets me blow him whenever we get together. Thats all we do and he has never reciprocated. He only does this with me (as far as i know) and isnt on any sites or apps. He goes to college locally and still lives at home.

    Right after I first downloaded and got on another app, I starting chatting with an older guy who hit me up. I had mentioned in my profile that I wanted to try servicing an older “daddy type”

    We chatted back and forth for a few days and one day after I was leaving my friends house, I looked on the app and noticed the guy i have been chatting with was a creepily short distance away. I clicked on his profile and he had deleted it (or blocked me) out of nowhere.

    The next day i get a message from a new profile that was worded the same way and we started chatting like before. After a bunch of beating around the bush chat, I finally put it together that its my friends dad. I was kind of nervous and embarrassed since we exchanged all sorts of pics besides face pics. And he has known me basically my whole life.

    Long story short…..The scenario was so wrong and so hot i couldnt resist.

    I now meet him during the day when his wife is at work and my friend is at school. I service him in the same spot on the couch in the basement that I service my friend.

    The funny thing is, it was months of regular meets before he asked me if I ever did anything with my friend, his son. I was surprised for a minute just assuming he knew, but he actually had no idea. So now when I go over to hang out, when my friend and I do our usual routine of going down in the basement to “play xbox.” He totally knows whats going on. Its a total secret from my friend though as I know it would freak him out and that would def ruin what I got going on.

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