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Speak Out: Do You Swallow?

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To swallow or not to swallow, that is the question. And so, what’s your answer, guys? Do you swallow or not and why?

Anyway, we are asking because other gay men love the taste of cum in their mouth while others can’t stand having cum anywhere on their persona, so much that they shower straightaway after sex. It just goes to show we are all different people with different wants, needs, and kinks but here are some reasons we stumbled upon online as to why some gay men swallow:

  1. They love the guy and they want to make their partner or boyfriend happy. Swallowing makes their boyfriend happy so they are happy as well.
  1. Catching their partner’s load is hot as is swallowing it.
  1. Curiosity. They watched men in porn films “catch cum in their mouths and swallow” so they became curious about it enough to try it.
  1. It feels intimate, personal, raw, and slutty. It is the thought of getting their partner off, make them feel pleasure and for them, nothing is hotter than that.
  1. Swallowing cum is primal sense because we associate it with pleasure.
  1. Because they were feeling submissive at the moment.
  1. Because it is rude not to swallow.
  1. They simply love it, no mystery or deep reasons there.

Others on the other hand, say they refuse to swallow their partner’s cum because:

  1. They don’t like the taste.
  1. Health reasons, they don’t know the guy.
  1. They have gag reflex so it follows that they can’t swallow as well.

What about you, guys? Share with us your thoughts and blow job stories in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to download our new Adam4Adam app from Google Play for Android and from iTunes Store for iOS!

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  1. hardy morris

    I swallow because I find it a pleasure 2 swallow his come 2 show my gratitude 4 his pleasure it is rude 2 spit out a sexual pleasure if you AR sucking his cock then why not swallow his cum

  2. bdboh

    I’ve tried it, and the results were CAN’T stand the tase of cum. Even my own! Love seeing a man blow … perhaps on my face or chest or wherever. I have no issues wearing it. Just not in my mouth ….

  3. nudebear1964

    Usually swallow…and continue sucking and enjoying the guy’s cock fill my mouth long after cumming, if he is able to do that (some guys get VERY sensitive after cumming, so cannot continue to be sucked).

  4. Jer

    Wow this is so amazing how graphic and beyond personal this question is ?
    Is nothing Kept between two people anymore? I guess this the Land of Blogs,Twitter, Instagram etc……of spoiling any privacy or clearly any intimacy

  5. Luigi Nonono

    First off, it is safer to take the cum down your throat and swallow, as the acids in your stomach will destroy any organisms in it. One can choke if the guy is shooting a lot of thick loads. You also don’t get a lot of the taste, which can vary from phlegmy to salty. What I get is a primal connection with the guy, being connected to his most inner workings, his capacity to create life, and that makes it very essential and spiritual. So I prefer to do it with a guy I like.

  6. Ronald K Hinkle

    Swallowing cum loads is something for these days. Used to be that was taboo. But no longer. It’s very common these days. In my mind, it’s no worse than taking a guy’s dick in your mouth/throat and sucking it. In fact, I now consider swallowing a guy’s cum … and him swallowing mine … is simply part of getting and giving a great blow job. It’s just part of the act, very common and usually expected. Of course, if a guy’s cum constantly tastes bitter or literally nasty, he probably has a problem and he should consult a urologist to see what the problem is and get it fixed. It’s a guy’s form of eating and licking pussy with a female.

  7. lakeccguy

    Hell yes I swallow! Unless it tastes nasty then I don’t. You other cock suckers know what I mean. Some guys’ cum is just plain nasty. I don’t know if it’s diet, some kind of health thing, or what. On the plus side of nasty cum I have found that if I let him cum while he’s throat fucking me then I don’t have to taste it. It’s a win-win deal! 🙂

  8. Dave

    Yes, I swallow. I think it makes my lover’s climax feel so much stronger when I am sucking on him as he cums. Some guys are very sensitive afterwards and I have to stop everything and some want me to continue sucking even after they have cum. Personally, I like for my lover to continue bobbing up and down but not continue sucking.

    One thing, I do not want a guy to cum on my face. That’s kindof disgusting and I feel it’s also unsafe to get cum near your eyes. You may cum on my chest, my belly, my cock, my butt……

  9. rightnowdave

    I have NO GAG-REFLEX!! I enjoy having my partner cum as often as He wants and as deep as he wants down my throat. It taste good and it makes us feel good.

  10. John

    Fuck yeah!a. But unless we are dating or I am really into you then you must be a slim twink with good hygiene. Anything/anybody else just don”t cut it for me

  11. Ron

    Yes, I swallow cum. It seems incomplete to give a blowjob and stop just because he’s gonna shoot. I don’t miss a stroke. I do enjoy the feel of a spurting cock, and the taste as well.

  12. DP

    Depends on the guy & the heat of the moment, but not always – swallow I mean!

    The 8 on line reasons are accurate & have been reasoning for me one time or another.

  13. G

    I love to swallow for all the above reasons. And guys love a guy that swallows, because from what they tell me, a lot of girls won’t. I get a rush knowing a big load will soon enter my mouth and throat. Maybe deep-down I am a slut.

  14. Of course I swallow.

    I hate it, when a guys pulls out of my mouth, turns and then jacks off. I feel cheated. To me why suck if you don’t swallow. I suck because I like the feel of dick in my mouth and like to inhale his manscent. I love it when guys hold my head down (not that they have to) and confirm they are Dominant and in charge, and I love to feel their dick pulsing as they shoot shot after shot of their cum straight down my throat. I love to taste it, but if it goes straight down that is ok too. And I swallow to confirm to him, I know i’m his Submissive Compliant bottomboi slut that I know I am and he is in complete control. And if he wants, he can, and should fuck me for round two.

  15. Guynamedj

    I swallow. Why put it in my mouth if I’m not going to swallow it. I enjoy it and I know most guys love having their loads swallowed. When I was younger I did not swallow I didn’t even want it on me. As I’ve gotten older things have changed.

  16. chuck

    I usually swallow when I know the guy. Luv the taste of cum though once I tasted some that wasn’t great lol. I don’t know what this fkr ate but his cum was lousy

  17. suckmenowmi

    When I suck a guy off, I usually love to swallow my reward. Sometimes, though, it really just depends on my mood. I do find it hot when a guy sucks me off and swallows.

  18. Paul

    I feel like I have the most intimate part of my sex partner swallowing his cum , So if I am really into the guy I want all of him,,,, Milk that hot Jizz every drop,, Plus it makes Clean up so easy,,,,, Nobody like pecker tracks on 800 Count sheets,,, No Shit .

  19. JimE

    They don’t swallow for health reasons, they don’t know the guy. However, more risk having come in your mouth than your stomach. If you have any mouth sores or bleeding gums then it is more risky .

  20. John Rosenmayer

    I love the act of swallowing cum. I like the taste usually but really love the act. The submissiveness. And its a little bit slutty. Love facials too. Maybe even from a few guys at once. Makes me so hot. Is this wrong?

  21. Marc

    Why do you care? Why is this a topic of discussion? What about some topics that really do matter like Speak out are you voiting, speak out how do you show kindness to others, speak out what do you do when you encounter homophobia, speak out how do you maintain mental health.

  22. Tarzan

    I love to submit to men and swallowing their cum is a submissive thing for me that is such a turn on. I have been in 3ways and groups where I have swallowed several loads and to hear the guys say look at him taking the load makes me satisfied knowing I have satisfied them!

  23. Hunter4B

    Our bodies are miraculous! We make energy from food, rehydrate from drinks, and on any given day we can do multiple tasks while our body is constantly processing, healing, functioning, and dealing with multitudes of tasks … a simple infection can cause a sore throat and immediately I feel the throat begin to protect itself with a coating. Now, see, I hate that word … phlegm.
    I said IT.


    those letters cannot display the INJUSTICE that that bodily fluid makes me think of … and really it is healing and protecting itself, but coughing that crap out in the morning shower, or trying to speak at a meeting when your voice sounds like a toad’s croak, and you can barely breath is a task! There are so many fluids our bodies MAKE: bile, pus, blood, urine, snot, tears, sweat, saliva, and the king of them all … SEMEN.
    Semen is a blood product, so there is that; blood products CAN carry diseases for the blood (so blood, breast milk, semen, and vaginal fluids can carry those). It is wise to be vigilant and protect our bodies. I guess the best way to express my dichotomous relationship with bodily fluid is to say that when I don’t have a tissue, the thought of blowing my nose is a scary process … one had better nail the process of a ‘farmers blow’ [take a deep inhale, use a finger to press the outside of the unaffected nostril, and then push with all bodily might evacuating the ENTIRE sinus cavity pressure out the other nostril]. When done correctly the procedure leaves your head clear and there is no need for a tissue. Incorrectly and you are gonna miss that meeting … THAT is HOW I FEEL about SEMEN. It has the potential to be a beautiful experience to show a man that you care for, are interested in, and deeply trust … by completing fellatio with the logical ingestion of ejaculate. I care so deeply for you, I’ll override my own discomfort with bodily fluids to go down on your penis, slathered in gobs of my own saliva as lubricant, taking in the smells of your musky groin sweat, and taste of pre-ejaculate. I’ll gauge my readiness by your pleasure, and in that moment over look the panic I feel from the unknown, anxiety, and past experience. I’ll struggle to relax my throat, and ease you further in, so as to make the finale a seamless experience, a bravado moment where you realize you are the star and I am your awaiting vessel servicing all need:
    The tug on my neck. The rigor of your spasm.
    I take no bow as there is still a bit to go. A slow dance of extraction and exquisite pain, clean up and finale, as a dance of desire.
    I’ve never tasted my own semen.
    YOU have NO IDEA … Excitement, Joy, Love have had to struggle to replace anxiousness, embarrassment, fear, and abuse

  24. Imsyp123

    Hard not to swallow when he finishes in your throat. But if the precum tastes awful, not a chance he cums in my mouth. Drink your pineapple juice gents!

  25. J

    I always swallow my f b’s sweet cum. Love getting him off and love taking his juice into me. Spitting and dribbling it out is for porn, you know, the “money shot”.

  26. Fountnofyth

    Oh heavens, your answer options lack nuance! After 45 years of sucking cock and deciding whether or not to swallow (the first 10 of them exclusively with my own), I am decidedly more focused on the particular physical characteristics of the particular cum, and less on the idea of giving anyone sexual pleasure. I was flexible enough to self-suck from age 15-40, and after shooting hundreds of my loads straight into my mouth and tasting before deciding whether to swallow, I learned how different those loads could taste. More bitter at the start, sweeter final spurts. Sweeter yet, and much mire liquidy and silky mouth feel if preceded by an hour of edging and precumming. Over subsequent years, I have learned the probable (but only statistically) influences of food and drink choices, age, race, and degree of hairiness on cum flavor and consistency. And now, after having experienced prostate cancer and radiation obliterating my prostate secretions without eliminating sperm or other glandular contributions to semen, I can state with scientific certainty that it is the prostatic fluid itself that contributes the strongest and bitterest components to the semen “nose” and taste. One way to avoid the worst of these is to make sure that a cock is 6 inches down my esophagus when ejaculating, at least for the first 3-4 spurts. Then I can more easily enjoy having my mouth filled with the last sweet drips.

  27. Steven Kerry

    I don’t swallow if it’s a new guy and I don’t know him. I have read there is an STD that they are having difficulty treating and that it is passed on through oral sex. (Figures… there’s always some new fucking medical condition in gay male life! I guess this is one of the latest and it sounds pretty gross.)

  28. Jenkintownjay

    The whole reason I suck a mans cock is to make him cum seems a shame to waste it. I think an all cum diet has to be as healthy as other fade diets, and it’s more fun to prepare the meal.

  29. bjjj

    I love both swallowing cum, and having it shot all over me. It just make me feel a lot closer to the guy I’m with. Also love swallowing piss for the same reason. Honestly it tastes good when I’m all turned on and excited.

  30. James Land

    I love to swallow. I just love cum and I hate to see any go to waste. The reason people don’t swallow because they have a gag reflex and therefore can’t swallow is a bunch of bull in my opinion. I have a gag reflex but I still swallow. I guess you can just call me a real cum pig.

  31. David9000

    As a bi guy, I have been fooling around with guys for about ten years now. At first, I’d suck guys off until they were ready to fuck me. I never swallowed their cum, mostly because these were all CL encounters and I didn’t really know them. I wasn’t until I met my current fuck buddy about 3 years ago that I become more cum adventurous. But it took awhile. One day when he was on top of me while he fed me his dick, he asked to cum on my face. I was caught off guard and said no. But later I thought about it and kept thinking about how hot that sounded. The next time we hooked up I sucked him until he jizzed in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop! It was such a hot experience. Then he pushed me back and sucked me until I came in his mouth! He had never done that before. It was so good. About a month after that, I met another guy and went over his house and sucked him on his patio in bright daylight. As he got ready to cum, he asked where I wanted him to do it. I said, “shoot on my face.” Damn, it rained cum for at least 30 seconds. It tasted so good so I put his dick in my mouth again to lick it clean. So yes, I swallow but it’s been a long process. I guess I just needed time to grow into my sluttiness because now I lust for cum and only think about swallowing and facials.

  32. Good guddies

    I love to have a man cum in my mouth it’s actually a turn on, but I don’t swallow,it’s just that it let’s me know that I did my job

  33. T

    Yes if I know the guy is safe I take that whole load. I love feeling his cock get extremely rigid and start twitching and then I feel the spurts hitting the roof of my mouth and his moans of pleasure get me so hot. There’s also a difference in taste if he cums straight in your mouth. It’s a lot creamier.

  34. Blua4a

    I feel that swallowing a guys cum gives you a piece of their essents “in a manner of speaking” it makes it feel as though you’ve taken a part of them, their mind, body and soul. There is a saying that I was told quite often growing up, that everytime a man cums and he feels that pain throughout his body it is in fact that he has just died a small death. To say that I enjoy it on some type of spiritual level would be taking it to far, but more that I enjoy it on the lines of the power dynamic of having a man’s most precious worth……his cum.

  35. Mark

    For me it depends on the guy, situation, how well I know him. I dont like it for the most part but do enjoy making my partner feel good, if this helps then so be it….

  36. andy19806

    To the “no” reasons 1 and 2, I will add my most important: I’d much rather be engaging in deep, passionate kissing and full body contact when he and I cum from mutual masterbation. Oral is great but not at the end.

  37. John

    Why not swallow? I work so hard on that dick to just let a guy shoot his load on the floor or on my face. I want to taste to see if it sour as a lemon or sweet as candy. Never waste a load. Cum is all protein and we need protein.

  38. Gary

    Check out increased incidence of HPV caused mouth and throat cancer among men. Get vaccinated with Gardasil 9 no matter what your age. Also after rectal pap smear. Why the lack of publicity about this risk? It’s not just HIV>

  39. Marc

    Yes. I swallow depending on the guy and how turned on I am at the time. If I think he’s hot and showing that I’m really pleasing him, I’m taking the big gulp. However if the experience isn’t going quite like I hoped, I’ll have him cum on me or maybe spit.

  40. Greg

    I love to swallow almost as much as I love getting bred. I love feeling the guy’s cock swelling and throbbing in my mouth and especially feeling his hot load shooting down my throat

  41. Paul Boutsos

    I started out by tasting my own cum out of curiosity and came to like the taste. Depending on what you’ve eaten recently, it can taste salty, sweet or just creamy. I then tried to lick up and taste another guy’s cum, only because I liked him and wanted to enjoy his sperm along with his cock. While I don’t swallow – or even taste – every time, I do enjoy receiving a mouthful of cum from a hot guy, only if I know he’s disease-free.

  42. Chris

    I don’t swallow, but I always let a guy cum in my mouth. I know it feels better to cum inside a warm, moist mouth that keeps sucking even after you cum. I ease up and then spit.

  43. Rano

    Both, it depends on the chemistry, the odor of the person, and the precum smell, and the taste of the cum. I swallowed cum from the hot passionate love making because the sex was so intense and it fell so good. The ohet time, I love to swallow this guy cum because his cum is smell good and taste good, and he very passionate too, I love his mushroom head cock, I swallowed his cum every time we have sex. Other guys I met, rarely! I love my cum to be swallowed too. It’s passionate.

  44. Urinalpppp

    It’s about respect for the man I am sucking. All cum taste different, good and bad, thick or thin, big load or small. My first bj I gave at 16 guy grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock all the way in as he shot……that’s where I learned the importance of swallowing

  45. Eric

    Nope!!! Never!!!
    Not my thing. To each its own. To each its own.
    But not me. I personally think it’s disgusting to swallow someone’s bodily fluids.
    But I don’t mind if it’s done to me. However, I don’t ask for it.

  46. NYCWill

    YES!!! When he will let me or likes it. Especially my regular buds I hook up with–seems like a worthy reward for the effort and I like to be swallowed as well so it’s only fair. LOVE. IT.!!!

  47. Dylan

    I swallow. When engaging in hot oral sex, usually it comes out quickly depending on how well I”m giving head. The force sort of shoots into the back one my throat so it’s easy to swallow. As for the taste, it’s not too much of one as it’s more of the texture I feel and it goes down so quickly that I don’t think twice about it.

    Before I ever swallowed I thought it would be hard, or I’d gag. Then when I tried it I realized it wasn’t bad at all.

  48. Tony

    I love to swallow a dudes load. Maybe its a submissive cocksucker thing or maybe its the joy of knowing I can get a dude off with my mouth or maybe even the fact that once a dude nuts in my mouth I blow my own load. Anyway, I love to swallow!

  49. StuinIllinois

    It all depends on the situation. Sometimes I will swallow and sometimes I won’t. Some days it tastes so good ,and, others it just doesn’t. There are days when it is the hottest thing under the sun to have a nice,hot load in your mouth and it makes me want to swallow it! And,there are days that I would rather have it on my face or chest or wherever you would like it to be.

  50. JOckfanInLA

    My cousin introduced me to gay sex trained me to be his suck buddy and I loved him feeding me his seed. Then I taught my best friend how to jack off and guided him to oral sex where we would feed each other. He got hooked on being fed the same way I was.

    I’ve also had bodybuilder buddies tell me that they love swallowing seed because it helps them get more jacked and ripped.

  51. Lee

    Yes. When sucking cock, I really work for my lover’s load. When I get it, I consider it my reward for a job well done and swallow it all.

  52. maneater5674

    Yes I swallow every drop, I luv the feel and the taste of sperm in my mouth. the smooth texture of it in my throat and taste is like total pleasure when I suck a cock to completion. I always take my time and will work for a second load to swallow. I just luv cum, the more I get the more I want. to me that the point of sucking a cock, it’s for the sperm to go down your throat not on the floor.
    I am a total cum eater and lover. FEED ME PLEASE

  53. Robert

    For me, it really depends upon the situation. If the guy is really hot, good oral sex, interactive and blows in my mouth, then I will swallow. Otherwise, I will pull off at the last minute or spit it out. I am really into sucking and there is nothing better than a guy who loves to get serviced. There are risks with taking a load in my mouth and tend to be selective in swallowing.

  54. Rob

    Taking a guys cum in my mouth and swallowing it is an awesome way to express my desire and appreciation for sharing sex with me. To me shaoowing cum is extremely hot and a natural climax in oral sex.

  55. Joe Looney

    I remember receiving my first blow job and pleasure that I gave the man who swallow my cum. After several years of getting blow job I decided to blow a friend of mine. I love the sucking of his cock until it exploded in my mouth. The look of his face told me that I did a great job and my reward was to swallow. Since then I had sucked many dicks of various sizes and color. The taste is always different and the amount of cum I received is always different. Whenever a man refuse to shoot is my mouth I am offended and I am robbed of my tasting reward. I have suck cock for nearly 40 years now and still enjoy swallowing. Every individual will have to decide for themselves whether to swallow or not.

  56. bub burnett

    yes i love to swallow my guy load ,I did it everyday for 6 years,and more on some days when he wanted me to, we had sex and made love ,but he just loved for me to swallow and we had the best relationship ever,i now work at a truck stop where hot truck drivers take showers and want to relax and i help them in any way i can including swallowing a load about 10 or 20 times a night with pleasure then they take their shower and go to sleep. i love my job

  57. Ed

    I am a mature, masculine looking and acting alpha male. However after a few drinks, and some poppers, a talkative partner can turn me into a submissive cock worshiping, cum loving faggot.

  58. CJ

    It’s most of the above. To swallow your mans load…..IS primal. It’s submissive and raw…personal and slutty. It makes him happy…and that turns you on. And if you do it…,you do it for all those reasons. And you love it.

  59. g

    I fucking love to swallow a load. It drives a guy wild and the look he gives me afterwards… it’s like he loves and me and is grateful as hell. It feels so good and intimate

  60. Joe

    Of course I swallow ,, that’s the reward for doing a good job !!!
    I think it’s safer to swallow than spit it out , and I believe it finishes the bj as it should be … But the. Again I don’t just suck any dick either ..

  61. Mark

    I usually don’t swallow but have a couple buddies that I will take their loads all the way.
    When I am getting sucked I truly don’t care if the guy swallows or not. In fact the hottest bj I ever got was in bookstore, and I shoot in his mouth, my cum oozed out and caught in his beard. That was ship hot seeing my load do that.

  62. Ken L

    There is something magical about drinking my man’s seeds. it makes me feel like he’s given me the greatest gift of his body. The actual taste to me isn’t so important as the act of bonding to my man that way. soooo goood!

  63. Mark Boxshus

    I swallow because it’s a combination of raunch, satisfying your partner, making me hard, knowing I got him off and was rewarded with his load….my prize for all the hard work……actually have learned to love the taste of success (cum) and the smell of cum also is another turn on, especially in a well worn cum and pissed stained jock…………it’s intoxicating. Who needs drugs or booze when a salty, crusty, piss yellow and white crusty cum infused jock will do nicely. Try sucking on one of those 10 minutes. Pure Heaven.!!

  64. Dan

    love the feel of a man pumping his hot load down my throat. I love know that a guy is getting off while using my mouth. Awesome feeling. Wanting it in Chatyanooga

  65. Hotguy399

    I always swallow. When sucking a dick all I can think about is that moment when the throbbing and shooting starts. The hottest thing for me is when the dick cums in my mouth and getting to swallow what I have worked so hard to get.

  66. Rob

    Very rarely. I like to watch a cock shoot the cum and have him give me a facial with it. If I am really in touch with the guy and want to give him the ultimate pleasure I will swallow his cock all the way down right when he starts cumming and milk it out with my throat muscles. I do like to take his cock in my mouth after he cums to clean him up as he goes soft

  67. Dylan

    Yes and no. I do like to swallow esp a hot twink. Huge turn on. My brain tells So I’ve found that If a guy places his hand on the back of my head I can do it easily. I really love when a guy places both hands on the back of my head and pulls me towards him just as he’s about to cum and crushes my nose against his pubic hair. Then there’s nothing I can do but gulp it down. but if I’m on my knees and he blows in my mouth, no brain says,”no!”

  68. chiefconsultant

    I will swallow and I don’t mind it. I will admit that some cum is bitter and not to my liking but let it flow and I will swallow.

  69. Brad

    Yes, I love swallowing! I love the heat, the taste, the texture. I probably was imprinted by the first porn books I read from my dad’s porn stash, where everyone of course loved licking it up and swallowing it. So I tried swallowing my own, and got hooked.

  70. JustTony

    For me…I cannot swallow. It is more of a mental thing for me. I am not a huge fan of bodily fluids so it is a difficult thing for me to do. I have tried it, but I fail.

  71. MattK

    Those 3 reasons not to swallow mostly cover me and are why I’ve never taken a guy’s jizz orally ever (and I’ve sucked many a cock). I won’t even suck guys who pre-cum (at least, noticeably). I’ve tasted my own on several occasions and to me, it tastes like a cross between egg whites & amonia – yuk. I also fear disease. But that said, I do find it super-hot watching guys do it in pornos and when guys take mine. I’ve also held out that one of these days I’d consider trying it if I find myself with some 18-year-old virgin. This way I’d have peace of mind. Otherwise, not for me.

    One last note: I often wonder why in pornos they never show guys sucking to completion. They always have the other guy jack off his load into their open mouths. The very rare ones I’ve seen where they suck to completion, I find those super hot because you see the cum ooze out the sides of their mouths. Mmmmm….

    • Ranttrap

      It’s called “the $money$ shot” and it is what the actor gets paid for, PROOF of ejaculation. If you have ever seen porn out takes or gag-reels, sometimes a coked out star CAN’T shoot, and in one they showed how a film tech just squirted some lotion in the mouth of the fellator to make it appear as if the star had shot … disappointing

  72. GnRSM

    I love to… I love to feel the warmth of his penis as it fills and grow in response to the touch of my hand. To taste the sweetness of his pre-cum upon my tongue as I lick the head of his cock, to feel the velvet firmness of his erection as it slides between my lips into my mouth. As I feel my own cock response to the touch of his tongue, lips, and mouth upon my erection.

    To feel the warm landscape of each other bodies, as our hands explore each others bodies and cocks; to suck one another to sexual release, to feel the erotic warmth of each another’s ambrosia flowing into our mouths, to taste sweet nectar of man to man pleasure.

  73. IceKing81

    Have to be half way on this topic…it is disrespectful for one to eat everything and expect their partner to swallow. What one eats, is what you can expect to taste. Vegetarians/strict kosher eaters taste better. Pineapple and fruit juices as well as, fruits, works wonders but only if the bad foods aren’t in your diet…

  74. patrickla

    Taste of cum depends on what he ate. I swallowed for the first year of my long relationship, but I got so that it made my stomach really sick because my bf comes so much, at least 1/4 cup. So I just enjoy it in my mouth but don’t swallow

  75. Russell MIller

    I swallow, because it makes my lover feel very special and loved and cared for. I love to deep throat and take his load in my throat. I love the taste of cum and the warm creamy feeling in my throat. I have been a swallower since giving my first BJ when I was 13, Have been swallowing ever since. I highly encourage it. Try it and see what you think and feel.

  76. Of course i swallow

    WTF, We waited days and days for comments to be posted, and then you immediately archive and you put up some stupid video and the comments are immediately posted. You do this (not posting comments for days, all too often.

  77. OrallyDriven

    I love to suck a man to completion. Nothing like knowing he is in full ecstasy and his vein is pulsing and balls are lurching and then feeling that initial splurge of cum battering the inside of my mouth. The cums keeps cumming and I love to mix it with my saliva without opening my mouth and then swallowing and hopefully not losing a drop and then just continue to soft suck on his cock until and long after he has finally limped out. That is the ultimate compliment to him and hopefully he reciprocates in kind fashion.

  78. Polepro

    The first blow j’ob I ever gave I swallowed. It is a part of giving one and not finished until he cums and I swallow. Many times he is down my throat so far there it would be difficult to try to spit it out if I were to try. I don’t know how some guys don’t like it and don’t know why guys receiving one are satisfied have it spit out. It is interesting reading what others think about it.

  79. Oral Expert

    I feel empowered and in control of what I want my Man to feel in that moment. Giving great head is a passion of mine. You actually have to do the work to bring him to climax and that is very rewarding mentally. For me, swallowing energizes me. It’s like, I’m taking his energy from him and making it my own 🙂 Leaving him weak or refreshed from the release, all in pleasure. His dick is mine. BUT…..pineapples, mangos, water etc….PLEASE!

  80. Ross Carlos

    I used to not stand the taste of cum sometimes gagging from it. After several years I got used to it and it doesn’t bother me to swallow a nice load. Guys go crazy if you swallow plus it’s an easy and fast way of giving “Blow and Go” service to NSA guys. 🙂

  81. orockme

    Ha! You learn something new every day. I didn’t know that pineapple juice helps the taste. And yeah, I usually like to swallow. The first time a guy shot his load deep in my throat I was surprised and realized that the swallow decision was already made. That was hot. Now sometimes when I’m sucking cock and the guy is starting to cum I’ll go down more so he can get the feeling of shooting into my tight throat. The guy is usually turned on more by that. Sometimes I’ll spit cum out if you can taste that the guy is a smoker or if it is kind of icky. But by then it is already in my mouth and I’m tasting it so whether to swallow isn’t going to solve the taste problem.

  82. Dave

    I’ve been sucking cock since I was in grade school. In sixth grade, a classmate and I used to go out into the woods behind the school and jerk off. A few weeks of this and I talked him into putting his dick in my mouth. I can remember the first time he came in my mouth and cum came out of his dick. It kind of surprised me but it was just natural for me to swallow it. It was salty but not repulsive. We both enjoyed it and continued well into Jr High. We used to run to get into the woods behind the school when the bell rang so that I could suck him off. He would sometimes suck me, but it was mostly me sucking him and once he started jizzing in my mouth, I couldn’t get enough of him! Amazingly we never got caught! I’ve been swallowing cum ever since. It doesn’t make sense to me to give a man a blowjob and not go all the way. These days, I have to know him very well to suck his cock bare. I have one married friend that I’ve known for decades that I blow once in a while. I’ve also sucked guys with condoms on. Most guys aren’t interested in this, but sometimes they will go for it. The best load I’ve ever gotten by far was from a black man. He FILLED my mouth with cum! I felt him stiffen up and his cock started pulsing squirt after squirt of thick ropy jizz, I thought he was never going to stop! I could feel the intense pressure against the back of my throat as he blew his load. I let some of it dribble down my cheeks but I swallowed most of it. Damn shame I never got to suck him again!

  83. Anthony

    I swallow. Love the taste. It is a fantastic reward after giving another man a blowjob. Sometimes, though, I don’t get to taste it because he’s down my throat so far, I only feel the sensation of the penis pulsing as it deposits his load. I don’t waste a drop and totally love it when I’m fed my load, too.

  84. Staykinkysd

    I love sucking cock, its one of my favorite hobbies but I prefer not to swallow and would rather receive a facial. I am a kinky sub and I think its more endearing to my Dom that I’m willing to wear his load as his mark on me as his submissive. Just a different point of view.

  85. dave

    I have never been able to swallow. I will let a guy cum in my mouth, sometimes I will gag a little and sometimes i will keep sucking so i know i do end up swallowing a bit. Wish i could swallow.

  86. dan

    for me it is about the male intimacy and the feeling of his cock as a previous poster said about how you can feel the pulsing of his cock as he is having his orgasm. I have also improved my breathing with the help of a very patience and kind top who coached me on deep throating, it feels amazing for us both when my lips touch the base of his cock knowing that I have completely gotten his entire cock inside of my mouth and throat.

  87. Mark Sutton

    I don’t swallow,its a texture thing.but i will let them cum in mouth i just keep sucking and let the cum ooze out and drip down shaft.

  88. gene

    hey guys I don’t swallow but suck all the cum i can hold and save it to masterbate at a later time when i get horny and no one is available its the best lubricant i ever used so silky, feels so good MMMM I save it, lasts about 3 days then turns watery and not silky.
    Question: is it harmful and can some type of germs develop in the saving time/stage????

  89. jaeger83

    I absolutely dread the taste, but I love when a guy holds my head down and forces me to take it. When I’m getting sucked off and I’m in a dominant mood, I’ll force the guy sucking me off to stay on it until I get some sign that he’s swallowed.

  90. bjjj

    Of course I’ll swallow. That goes for cum as well as piss. It about a bonding between the 2 of us. The idea of having his cum (or piss) in me and/or mine in him is a turn on. Why do you think guys rim? It’s to enjoy the man taste of each other, sharing that which is most private and personal. My BF, lover and friend has the best tasting cum ever. And sure I swallow it all. Makes me feel close to him even if he’s not around.

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