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News: Sex Toys Cause Berlin Airport Terminal Shut Down

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It was just a routine security check at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport, one that’s familiar to everyone. You know, the usual, where everyone’s luggage goes through X-ray scanners. However, last Tuesday, during one such inspection, employees noticed “suspicious content in a luggage piece.”

Unsure what exactly those items were, a security alert was issued shortly before 11a.m., CNN reports, which in turn, prompted the closure of the entire Terminal D.

Passengers were evacuated, flights grounded, and a bomb squad was called in.

Meanwhile, the owner of the luggage was “called over the airport speaker system” and was interrogated by the police. Perhaps due to embarrassment—the federal police spokesperson explained—the owner of the bag merely said his luggage contained “technical stuff” when asked what it was. An hour later, authorities concluded the investigation with a confirmation that no, it was not a hand grenade but rather a vibrator and various other sex toys. They then reopened Terminal D at noon.

Don’t let this incident discourage you from bringing your sex toys with you when you travel though. According to Travel + Leisure, there is a way to get sex toys through airport security and that’s by choosing a smaller vibrator, perhaps much like this Remote-Controlled Bullet Egg Vibrator. They also recommend that you store your toy in a clear plastic bag for hygienic reasons and that we remove its batteries or run the charge out for rechargeable ones.

Of course, it pays to check which items we are allowed to bring, maybe sex toys are illegal where you are going for vacation. Or, if you’re taking some lubes and toy cleaners with you, then you would need to adhere to TSA’s 3 ounces rule for liquids. More importantly, Travel + Leisure advise that we keep our composure because nothing draws attention to ourselves more by acting suspiciously. Lastly, if TSA ended up searching your bag, simply telling them the truth about your sex toy is the best way to handle the situation. You can also read these tips from

Anyway, have you ever flown with sex toys? Did you make it through security check without shutting an airport terminal down? Share with us your thoughts and stories below.

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  1. Rick

    I was heading out of town for a long period of time and my BF/partner and I were bracing ourselves for the long separation. He’s a top and I’m his bottom and he knew that I was going be horny for him and his cock while I was gone. So, being the amazing man and lover he is, he bought me a dildo to take with me.

    I had packed the dildo in my carry on and, since I figured that it would be detected/questioned, I planned extra time. As I suspected, it was caught on the x-ray and it was kind of funny to see the group of TSA screeners hovering over the x-ray screen trying to figure out what was in my bag. Finally, one of them drew the lucky straw and had to personally unpack and check my bag out. When he pulled the dildo out, he asked me if a buddy of mine had arranged a challenge for me or something like a college level truth-or-dare game. What a curious question!

    I told him calmly and forthright that my BF had bought it for me and I was taking it with me. The agent held my gaze for an extended moment as if he was trying to figure me out. Under the cloak of a hidden smirk, he just put it all back in my bag and said that I was good to go.

    When I told all of this to my BF – he got a real laugh out of it. Thankfully, I have my man and his cock and don’t need the dildo as much now.

    Recently, I had gone through the same airport and saw the same screener there. I don’t think he saw me or recognized me – when I told my partner that I had seen him again we both chuckled at the memory of the earlier event.

  2. Rick

    I was heading out of town for a long time away and my BF and I were preparing ourselves for the extended separation. My wonderful BF is a top and I’m his bottom and being the great man and lover he is, bought me a dildo to take with me since he knew I would need it.

    Given that I was packing the dildo in my carry on and knowing that I might get stopped at security, I planned for extra time at the airport. When I saw a whole group of TSA screeners hovering around the x-ray screen as my bag had gone through, I knew that my BF’s gift may have attracted some attention.

    The agent that ultimately pulled my bag aside to open and inspect ended up pulling out the dildo to verify. He asked me if a buddy of mine had put me up to it sort of like a challenge or a collegiate type of truth-or-dare contest. I remember thinking to myself what an odd question! Or, perhaps the guy was trying to give me an ‘out’ to explain a dildo in my carry-on.

    I told him plainly and matter-of-factly that my boyfriend had bought it for me for my trip. He held my gaze for a little while as if to determine if I was telling the truth or was there something else at play. I remember thinking to myself that it was only a dildo and not some kind of weirdly shaped explosive device. Then, with the semblance of a hidden grin on his face, he put the dildo back in the bag and said that I was good to go. Needless to say, my partner got a good laugh out of it when I told him the whole story.

    Just recently, I was going through the same airport and saw the same screener there. I don’t think he saw me nor recognized me as the guy carrying the dildo his BF had given him. However, when I told my BF that I had seen the same screener again, we both warmly chuckled at the memory of the earlier incident.

    BTW – Because I have my man, I don’t need the dildo much anymore.

  3. Jessy

    Been stopped everytime but TSA has been discreet and accommodating each time.. Every thing from a butt plug, 16″ dildo, anal douche and breast forms.. All made it intact..

  4. Mike

    I’ve taken dildoes in my carry-on luggage through security at 4 different airports – in Phoenix they raised some eyebrows and my bag was RE-screened twice. The guy looking at the X-ray screen was pointing and laughing – a female supervisor was called over. She told the guy to “knock it off” and brought me my bag and issued an apology for the delay. At Las Vegas a male agent pulled me and my bag aside and pulled out my “trick kit” with condoms, lube, wipes, poppers and a small dildo and made me explain what everything was – this was in full view of everyone else. I kept my cool and asked the TSA agent if he was enjoying himself and that really pissed him off. (I had a rainbow luggage tag tied to my bag with a jock strap – I think that’s why I got pulled aside.) Fortunately a female supervisor came over, assessed the situation, ordered the “extra screening” stopped and sent me on my way. Other airports were ABQ and Ontario (CA) and no one said shit.

  5. Mark

    I used to fly weekly for work and always had a fleshlight in my checked bag, along with cock rings, nipple clamps, lube and condoms.
    Never had an issue, but I flew out of small enough airport, that I got to know everyone. Who knows if they ever noticed it and what might have been said in back rooms, but it travels many thousands of mild with me

  6. Dee Jay

    I have traveled with my sex toys on several occasions, NEVER in my carry on luggage. I have a small bag that contains, condoms, lube, a 6″ cock shaped jelly dildo, a combination cock ring/prostate stimulator, lube, gloves, and an assortment of cock rings. This past year I add some rope and candles to my travel array. If this is going with me the bag is checked as much as I hate the airlines and there fees the potential of public embarrassment and just as bad missing a flight just aren’t worth the chance of having your play toys brought out in public. – DJ

  7. Dylan

    Well we didn’t actually shut down an airport terminal but we def got the extra screening in a private room. When we got into the room everything my bf and I had was displayed on two tables. 4 TSA employees and a supervisor were present. We were on our way to Vegas, whilst there we were going to a huge S&M / gear party. My bf being a VERY GOOD lawyer took charge of this one. He made our rights very clear to them. I happened to be questioned first in front of the tables. The agent held up items that you could clearly know what they were used for. He held up a homemade harnesss made out of rope and brass rings and snap hooks. He fumbled around with it. So I took it from him and opens it up. In a smart ass attitude he asked what it was for(def knowing). I said,”oh…that, I put my bf in it and with those ropes there (pointing to a pile of rope and brass hooks) I restrain him to a bed and then I fuck him for hours. Sometimes I let a few friends join in. When his in it he can’t move a muscle. That’s when I own every bit of him. His face got as red as a fire truck. I said,”you should try it some time.” He basically forgot the English language he was so embrassed. Then my lawyer bf jumped in and threw some legal bs at them and how this embrassment was unnessessary and detaining us any longer would make us miss our flight which he would make sure TSA would foot the bill for our time, taxis, hotel, flights and any other expenses he could come up with. They were more than happy to help us pack us up and get us out of there.

    Btw the party in Vegas was off the hook.

  8. Jason

    Thinking ahead as I headed to the airport, I removed my metal donut cock ring that I was wearing; and placed it into my carry on. I normally wear it most all of the time because I like the weight of it. So, when I got to security, they pulled my bag aside and proceeded to go through it. He pulled the cock ring out and was holding it in the palm of his hand as to try and guess the weight of it. He even called over a couple of other TSA employees to have them hold it to see if they thought it could be used as a weapon to hi-jack the plane. While they were discussing this over, the one that was holding it, asked me what it was. I said, “it’s a cock ring.” They all three had a look on their face as if they were all thinking in their heads, “It sounded like he said cock ring. But what did he really say that might sound like cock ring?” So they asked again. After answering a second time, they still looked as if they did not understand me. So they said I could not take it on the plane as I could hit someone over the head with it and take over the plane. They gave basically two options: 1. Throw it away. Or, 2. Take it down to the lost luggage desk and ask for an envelope so that I could have them mail it to myself. By this time, I was about to miss my flight. I did not want to throw it away. So, I offered a third option and asked if a flight attendant could hold onto it for me until I reached my destination and then give it back to me. They told me, “no.” So, I took off running down to the luggage desk and proceeded to get an envelope which happened to be a plain white letter size envelope. I knew it would never make it to my house through the mail system in that envelope. So, I had to run it all the way out to my car located in long term parking. I tossed it into my truck and ran all the way back to the boarding gate where everyone else had already boarded and they were just closing the door. Luckily, they saw me running up and waited for me to board.

  9. Wayne in NYC

    I’ve traveled quite extensively to Argentina, Brazil, and all over Europe, as well as around the USA and always take a shoulder bag of my toys packed inside my checked luggage. This includes handcuffs, dildos, vibrators, lubes, cock rings, butt plugs, various leather ball stretchers and cock restraints, and hog tieing apparatus. One time I found a TSA note inside my luggage informing me that it had been opened for closer inspection, but other than that, nothing has ever happened. And everything was still there, surprisingly!

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