Health: Drinking Alcohol Increases Your Load

People don’t usually connect alcohol to great sex. More often than not, a drunken night out might just result in an encounter you’d rather forget. But if you’re the type of guy who’s turned on by rivulets of cum, moderate alcohol consumption may be the way to go.

In a new study published in the Journal of Andrology, scientists have determined that men who had four to seven drinks per week had higher semen volume and a higher total sperm count. The study involved 323 men who were observed over the space of two years. The men were divided into four groups: the sober ones, those who had one to two drinks per week, those who had four to seven drinks per week, and those who had eight drinks and over.

The paper says that “In particular, higher semen volume was observed in men with 4–7 units/week of alcohol intake, and ≥8 units/week were not negatively associated with other seminal variables. Patients drinking 4–7 units per week also showed a higher total sperm count in athe subgroup of men with no risk factors for impaired fertility, and in those with 2–4 and ≥5 h/week of leisure physical activity.”

The study also took into account other studies that presented contradictory findings to their own work. They noted a previous study if 1221 young Danish men that found sperm concentration and total sperm count were negatively associated with increasing habitual alcohol intake. The researchers point out that the subjects in that study had higher levels of alcohol intake than their study.

If you’re not a drinker at all and don’t plan on starting anytime soon, there are other things you can do to keep that sperm count up. These things include maintaining an exercise regimen, eating healthy food, losing weight, reducing your stress levels, and going commando when you sleep.

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  1. MarcUPguy

    I volunteer for this study to drink the cumloads and see if they TASTE any differently depending on how much alcohol they drink. Anything for science: that’s my motto. marcUPguy

    • PostGayGrandDad

      Or the type of alcohol they drink. I’m sure I’d prefer a load from a single malt guy over a beer drinker. Beer drinkers are known to eat guacamole and salsa and other kinds of Mexican foods and there’s nothing worse than a load from a guy who has ingested cilantro.

  2. Mary Francis

    However, the maximum amount of sperm in any given ejaculation is about 2 tablespoons. Oral ingestion of sperm does not require more spermatozoa or prostate fluid; this just reflects our culture’s preoccupation with quantity over quality.

    Regardless of incentives, sperm production reaches it zenith at about 14 years of age and begins to diminishes around 25 years of age and continues in a straight line until cessation. And, at a certain age, sperm becomes occluded or clumps so the quality of the ejaculation also diminishes as the male grows older.

  3. Hunter4B

    LOL, this story promotes alcoholism? It is a report of a study and it shows a corollary. It does not proclaim you need or should drink more, and if you do drink more it just may have the placebo effect of making you ejaculate more too. Queue next week story about how guys who have class and treat others guys with respect tend to be richer, happier, and better lovers …
    Oh man, way to go Dave … now I have to act with class?!? Damn these controlling blogs!

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