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Gay Stuff: Masturbation, How Much is Too Much?

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Can guys masturbate too much? Also, how do you define too much masturbation? Jerking off thrice a week? Or is it two or three times a day? We are asking because this seems to be a common question online—yes, some men do wonder whether or not they pleasure themselves too much.

Anyway, experts say there is no exact number as to how much is too much and it’s only when masturbation starts to impede your life that you would know.

What does this mean? Well, if you’d rather masturbate than have sex with your partner or if you feel that masturbating is more exciting than having sex with him. Also, if you’d rather stay at home and jerk off during weekends than go out with friends; worse, you are unable to go to work or you regularly come to work late because you are busy masturbating. Moreover, you can’t get masturbation out of your head. It’s all you could think about. You wake up wanting to masturbate, you fall asleep while doing so, and when you are at work, you daydream about your favorite porn scene so much that you can’t wait to get home but damn, why does everything feel like it’s in slow motion? Another obvious sign you masturbate too much is if you ended up injuring yourself, apparently this happens, too.

What do we do when we realize we are masturbating too much? It’s simple really: we cut back on masturbation by setting a limit.

As to how often American men masturbate, well, the frequency varies depending on their age. For example, in this study where 2500 American men were surveyed, it was revealed that 23 percent of the respondents aged 25-29 masturbated 2 to 3 times a week as opposed to those aged 70 and above at 7 percent. Further, results showed that 17 percent of the respondents aged 25-29 admitted to not having masturbated in the last year (the study was conducted in 2010) as opposed to 54 percent for those aged 70 and over. Those who are interested may read the study in full here and here.

What about you, guys, how often do you masturbate? How much do you think is too much when it comes to masturbation? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. davy

    I’ve been a daily masturbater since age thirteen when I discovered it. when younger, I would go six or more times in a day just to see if I could (didn’t have a lot of friends and zero gay ones). At eighteen, the aids epidemic hit, at 22 I lost my first and only boyfriend to it. From then on my sex life was mostly masturbation as that was my solution to not getting sick and dying. That practice lasted until I got on PreP and in with a good therapist. I’m still mostly a daily bater (fairly decent to high sex drive). Though I can only manage three or four organs of worth now at 54.

  2. Bobby

    Bob from sunny Daytona Beach….. birth day Dec. 1946 …… had my first boyfriend when was 12 years old, younger days twice a day, now at least once a week or more if the weather is nice. Have my 10 acre farm and go naked all day, a walk in the woods is very stimulating for me, then were talking every day … to all have a grate day

  3. K

    Daily when possible. Use it or loose it is my motto.
    Need a hand bud, I know I appreciate a good hand now and then.
    Share the pleasures of life and manhood.

  4. Guajiro12003

    I really prefer to wait and fuck that to masturbate.! I don’t want to waste my precious liquid in a paper/toilet paper. Rather deposit it into another guy’s face, stomach, back or a condom…… and if there is trust…..breed it.

  5. Boomer10

    Great topic. I’m a 64 year old married guy and I masturbate to porn 2-3 times a day. Haven’t had sex with the wife in more than 15 years. Besides being pleasurable, it’s a great stress reliever.

    • GnRSM

      I know how you feel, I’ve not been physical intimate with mine in almost 20 years. In part do to medical reasons (hers) and mentally no longer wanting sex.
      I’m 65 and masturbate at least once a day… I’m lucky in that I have a neighbor (35) whom we have come to enjoy help release each others sexual tension 😀

  6. Briban

    I masturbate as often as I feel like it,that may be 2 to 5 times a day every day,yes I’m single. The gay community is hardly a welcoming place. So it’s easier to just jack off,no muss no fuss,you don’t have to kiss it,buy it dinner,or make it breakfast,put up with it’s whiny little bitch crap,if you want to go somewhere you don’t have to tell it where you’re going or when you’re getting back,or who you were talking to on the phone,it doesn’t care if you are rich or good looking or hung like a horse,or a puppy. It doesn’t care what you are watching on tv or the music you are listening to. It doesn’t argue with you if you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning or your socks,it doesn’t judge your lovemaking,it doesn’t care if you are bald or fat or ugly,it does not give a shit about your mother or your friends. So in the end I’ll stay single thank you very much. And masturbate till I can’t masturbate no more.

  7. hardtopftl

    if you are constantly late for work, for meetings, dates, dinners etc because you are constantly rubbing one out, that might be too much. if you spend more on lube than on food, that might be too much (switch to Crisco). if your laundry is 99 gym socks and 2 pair of underwear, that might be too much. if you constantly change your grip to avoid friction-burned areas, that might be too much. if you’ve broken more than one flesh-light, well, you get the idea…

  8. Tom

    Okay. I’m 63 and single. I sometimes masterbate 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes I go weeks without masterbating. Depends on my mood. I heard someone say awhile back, that your body will tell you when it’s time to stop.

  9. PostGayGrandDad

    Two to three times a week? Who are they surveying? For twenty or thirty years I went two to three times a day, yes. Five to six times a day on weekends. Two to three times a week? Absurd. I would consider those guys not truly sexually active.

  10. luigi nonono

    Once or twice a day, occasionally thrice. Sometimes I skip a day. Your dick should not get sore from too much rubbing! But some guys have high libidos and have to do it three times in a row.

  11. Daniel M Castillo

    as much as we would like to feel sex is so important when we get to a certain age finding a younger hookup turns very expensive

  12. dls245

    I’m a healthy 55 yr old male. I JO and shoot a load almost every night before bed watching porn. Longest I have gone without jacking off was 5 days. Feels awesome when I get to jackoff.

  13. Brock

    Like the photo, but you’ve excluded us older guys, 50+, 60+. Unfortunately I’m not surprised. We like to wear great underwear too and some of us have great in shape bodies. And where are the muscular guys? Sorry your pic is as inclusive as you want us to think it is!

  14. Einathens

    Whrn is it too much? When your cock blisters and you wince when you touch it and you have to wear a soft jockstrap under your boxerbriefs because your balls are sprained, and you finally realize that may b e five nights a week is too many to spend having 14-hour zoom marathons.

  15. Hunter4B

    As a teenager, just starting, maybe four times in one day … after that approximately once a day (5x per week) throughout high school, even during sexual relationships. Recently, been extremely busy (and even in those busy times often used it in PM to ‘feel tired’ enough to fall asleep, or in the AM to ‘wake up’) but also going through some deep depression, and therefore I have not felt the need in nearly two years. Strange, when I look back on how common it had become; like jello, there was ALWAYS some room …

  16. Hunter0500

    It’s not too much unless you’re choosing your hand over interacting with others. Much like Internet surfing. If your Internet time eclipses time with live hunans, you need to rethink your reality.

    For me, I masturbate anywhere from once to 5 times per week. Maybe a time in there of 3 times in one day. And I find it has nothing to do with how many times I’ve been way fortunate to connect with buds in that week. I could have a “there is a God!” week with buds and still be slapping the salami just about daily.

    And then there’s that week where it’s once and I’m good.

    It’s great to be a man!

  17. Ho Money

    I probably do it either two or three times a week. I don’t come very much since the health problems about 10 years ago, so I have to save up so I can produce some semen. I have the orgasm, just not the mess. Some guys would say that its a good thing, but I love to see a penis shooting cum, so sometime its a curse.

  18. Bernie

    I jerk off as many as 8 times a day…it gets watery looking after 3 times and it hurts when I squirt. Sometimes I do 3 times in a row. The most I ever did was 5 times. I love jerking off. I still have sex with others. What is wrong with me?

  19. Madison

    At least once a day. Usually in the morning before I get out of bed. I work in retail and some days a hot guy will cross my path. I usually end up fantasizing about him… and if the day is slow I’ll meander off to the bathroom and stroke out a load. I sometimes have to wonder about these guys who claim they masturbate 6… 8….. 10+ times a day. Seriously? Where do they find the time?

  20. Matt (Black)

    Being that I’m single by choice, I only jerk off as a last resort. I’m blessed to be very attractive and well built so I have no problems finding a fb. Plus I have hot contacts that are single by choice as well. If I’m not in the mood to be sociable then I take care of myself. I also find it more intense when I wait 3 or 4 days between fucking of jerking off. Then when I do release myself, I’m super hard and horny and that leads to a very explosive high volumn nutt.

  21. Rovid

    Well,, I guess somebody should qualify as an expert. Could be I am. Sixty years old and still masturbate twice a day. I would prefer to have sex with my partner and finish inside of him. But, since he prefers not to swallow and stays away from anal reception, what else is a guy supposed to do? I finally quit believing it was a sin. Been at it since puberty. It has not fallen off. Nor do I ask God to forgive me any more. It boils down to how full of it a man is individually. Some way more than others. It is made inside on purpose for release, is my opinion.

  22. Jeff

    Usually 2 to 4 times a day for me. At 62, age has yet to effect me. When it starts to interfere with other parts of my life, I cut back.

  23. Spike

    I love to masturbate I’m always looking for a exciting new place to masturbate inside or outside. Love to be an exhibitionist and let people watch me. I beat it a minimum of twice a day usually 4 or 5 times a day. Im 68 and loving it. Feels as good if not better than when i was 16

  24. anonimatovato

    sometimes a masturbation is better than trying to look for random hook ups with guys you hardly know and flake anyways.

  25. Fountnofyth

    My record was 6 times in 90 minutes, on 1985. Caught that on VHS tape, never stopped rolling for all 6 cumshots. But too much?—well, I learned about that in 1968 at age 11. One Sunday afternoon I found an empty room in our basement (tough with 6 siblings), and went at it for 2 hours or so. Probably came 4-5 times, but since I was still 4 years away from puberty they were “dry” orgasms. Problem was, my little boy wiener still had such soft skin that I damaged it. I woke up the next morning with a massive 1/2-inch thick blister formed from all my (cut) foreskin. Like a big tire inner tube stuck onto a traffic cone, it was easily double the entire usual weight of my weewee. I showed my physician father, in frightened tears. He calmly inquired, “It looks like it may have gotten rubbed too hard?”, to which I could only reply sheepishly, “Well, maybe. A little.” He wrote me an excue to get me out of my once-a-week gym class that day. Last thing I wanted was to have to change into those flimsy red gym shorts. The blister started to subside by that evening, and 3 days later I was back to normal. No popped blister; no major infection risk. But I learned a lesson but good: USE VASELINE!!!

    • BobbyB

      LOL, what a great dad you had … I did the same thing only my entire shaft doubled in size (swollen) and turned black and blue (from yanking back and forth hard) I too learned to use a lubricant!

  26. rparktop

    If you want to masturbate than have sex with your partner the issue is not masturbation, it most likely sexual incompatibility & maybe time to move on. If you’d rather masturbate than eat pizza, then you have a problem

  27. Monty

    WOW, I guess I am abnormal! I very rarely masturbate. Even as a teenager, I did not get into pleasuring myself. In the course of a year maybe 2 or 3 times for me. NEVER have I jacked off on a daily basis in my life. Being 55 years old, I much rather be with another person to have a release. I was celibate for a total of 14 years which may play into my lack of “self pleasure”. Much love to those of you in your 60’s and continuing to “beat it”!

  28. bjjj

    I jerk off at least 3-4 times a week, and also get off either with my BF or someone else as well a couple of more times a week.

  29. Dick

    For as long as I can remember when I jerk off, I’ve never had the feeling of “that feels so good” when I touch my dick. Like, I’ll stroke it, and then I’ll cum. I have an orgasm but the whole deal what you see in the movies isn’t there.

    Also if I jerk with my opposite hand I go soft. And I can’t use lube either or the same happens. Anyone else? Feel free to reply. I’d love to hear if this happens to other guys too.

  30. Kurt

    There were guys in the survey who said they did not masturbate at all in the last year? SAD! By the way, the article does not make it clear whether all the references to masturbation do or do not necessarily include ejaculation or orgasm. Big difference!

  31. Jo9

    after Surgery the Urologist suggested [TOMKAT ALI] to help build up “semen-Volume;” I prefer popping a tablet in back of throat to combat the bitter taste…maybe, fantasize of a guy who ‘jizzed ((there)) after eating asparagus. But it worked.

  32. CASilverFox

    In my 70s but still jack off 3-4 times a week. Many days I don’t ejaculate but just lube up and play with my hard cock cuz it still feels good.

  33. Lamar

    I was a late-bloomer, I had wet-dreams as a pre-teen and teen. My pediatrician told my mother that my body was growing so fast that my sexual maturation/development would be delayed, indeed it was!

    I was 19 and in my first apt, when one late Saturday after noon-early Summer, after smoking
    a joint with a high-school friend; whom I had a crush on. I lay on my stomach and my dick became unbelievably hard-tingling; I instinctively raised my ass really high and began grinding the bed like crazy!

    I use to get-off before and after going to bed and anytime between, 5-6 times a day, maybe more! I use to be late to work in the morning ’cause I had to cum, otherwise, its on my mind all day at work, I’ve even grinded myself at work, I’ve always been a severe grinder, lol! Still, to this day I get-off once or twice a day and sometimes three.

    These days, as per the conversations on here; the gay scene most guys being hiv-std+ and whatever, ect., its just much easier than hunting in the minefield of disfunction that way too many gay men have become, they’re just not worth it.

  34. Tarzan

    When I first started jacking myself off, I enjoyed so much, after I would cum, I would keep jacking myself to cum again! I would do it till I had dry orgasm! That was when I was 13 years old or so! Now a days, I jack off a few times a week! I’m playing with my self as I type this comment! I think it is healthy to do it on a regular basis! Frequency depends on the person!

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