Gay Stuff: What’s the Biggest Penis You’ve Ever Seen?

To others, Jonah Falcon has always been the man with the “biggest dick you’ll ever see.” But what does it feel like to be him?

If you’re only hearing his name for the first time, Jonah Falcon is an American actor and television presenter who is dubbed as the man with “world’s biggest penis.” He talked about the ups and well, the huge downside of having a unique male sex organ like his in a recent interview.

Exactly how big his penis is, you ask? He said it is 9.5 inches long when flaccid and it measures 13.5 inches and 7 ½ to 8 inches thick when erect. His cock is reportedly described as “grotesque,” “gorgeous,” “hideous,” and “stunning” to name a few by those who have seen it.

Speaking with The Sun UK, Falcon said that his penis size has handicapped his acting career, “None of the major networks or studios would hire me. I add a bit extra edge that they don’t want.” He elaborated, “They Google ‘Jonah Falcon’ and then say, ‘We can’t use him he’s known for his penis size’.” Falcon concluded, “It sucks – it relegates me into doing smaller parts.”

Another downside, he said, is that he “has to be careful not to break his penis while having sex.” On top of that, he said in an interview with Rolling Stone that blow jobs hurt because “at this width, teeth are inevitable.” But the worst, said Falcon, is being constantly stopped and frisked by airport security or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when traveling because of his suspiciously large bulge.

Falcon, 47 and openly bisexual, said it’s not all negative. The upside of being the man with “world’s biggest penis” is that he gets to hook up with celebrities—male or female, pornstars, actors and actresses including Oscar nominees and Oscar winners—who sought him out on their own accord. Read the entire interview here.

What about you, guys? What’s the biggest dick you’ve ever seen? Did you have sex with the guy and if so, what was it like? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below. I know that some A4A users are well equipped down there… I’ve seen some serious meat online! #sizequeen

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  1. nycbob57

    When I first moved to NYC I met a guy in the park and went back to his place. When he unveiled his dick it was semi-erect and a good 16 inches long and 8″ in diameter. I could do nothing but blow kisses!

  2. Robert Lacrosse

    Mine is only 8 inches. The biggest I ever had in me was 9 1/2 inches. The biggest toy I ever had all the way in me was 12 inches

  3. fbc28277

    I will never forget it. I was in a bookstore in Winston Salem NC sometime back in the early nineties. I was in a booth that had a glory hole. I am siting there watching the movie stroking my dick and this enormous black cock enters the glory hole. It was well over a foot long and about as thick as my wrist. So big, that the guy probably misses out on some things. I sucked him off. Licking and sucking the head of his huge dick because the head was about all that would fit in my mouth. When he shot his wad, he shot so much cum he filled my mouth up. I have seen plenty of guys in the 8 to 10 range but this one was HUGE.

  4. Creampie83

    I’m always jerkingboff to giant dicks online but the biggest I’ve had is a very thick 10 inches. I’ve also been fucked with guys with maybe a shorter penis but a huge head. I also fuck myself with my 10” enormous Evan everyday.

  5. Tom

    Couldn’t measure, but when telling a friend in LA that I’d never come across a cock I couldn’t deepthroat down to balls firmly on chin, he introduced me to a friend who claimed 12.5″. It absolutely looked like it and hard as a rock.

    Thankfully, it curved downward slightly, so on my knees I took every bit down my throat (licked his balls with his 12.5″ cock down my throat).

    It was amazing though somewhat limiting – I had to remain in control of sucking him because if I went too fast, or if he started slamming it down my throat, I actually gagged a little, which I almost never do, and am not fond of doing. Still, he took more than 20 minutes to cum, said it was a “top 3” blow job and the only time he had ever cum while being sucked when no hands were used (I hate using hands when sucking someone off – that is just a wet hand job).

    For me, it was a “top 10,” limited by not being able to be throat fucked hard (which I love). But that limitation was outweighed by the thrill of feeling his cock just keep going and going and going down my throat, the size of his huge balls and the thud with which they hit my chin every time, how long he went without cumming so I could really enjoy time sucking his cock, the beauty of it despite it’s size, and… the massive (MASSIVE) delicious cum shot he rewarded me with at the end (just gushed shot after shot at least 8 times!).

    All in all, a fantastic, unique experience I’ve (sadly) not been able to replicate since.

  6. Mark

    I have only truly seen 2 that were remarkably enormous.
    One was when I was visiting the Crew Club in DC. No joke, this guy was sitting completely upright and the tip of it was touching his nipple. My guess would be a true 10.5/11”. I wanted to give it a try, but was involved in a “conversation” and could not get away. Once I was able to try to find him…..alas, he was gone.
    The other time, I went home with the most gorgeous man on the planet. He went to take a shower and due to too many drinks, I was on the verge of passed out. The last thing I remember was the tip “popping” in.
    The next morning, I awoke to him walking out of the shower and there hung the thickest, longest penis I had ever seen. He asked me if I remembered the night before and I responded with “barely”. He described the night to me, including the fact that even though I was completely out, my body responded in kind to every thrust.
    Save all the date rape comments, I already consented when sober, but I have sought out as well as acted upon recreating the same scenarios with others.
    He, however, is the biggest I have ever had.

  7. John

    The biggest I ever saw was a guy I was in the military with, allegedly 13”. I saw allegedly because I asked a different hung guy how big his was and he said his was 10 3/4” but his bud was 13”! I have no reason to doubt either size as I saw them naked regularly.
    The biggest I’ve ever played with was ironically the one that took my anal virginity. 9” that he worked so well that I had a hands free orgasm! It didn’t hurt because I’d been assturbating for years in anticipation of bottoming for real.

  8. F

    There was a guy at my high school that was 13” soft, never asked how much bigger it got. He was on the wrestling team and did all is weigh ins naked, though I don’t think he was ever concerned about going over his weight class. Funny how people like that break the stereotype, he has similar stats to the guy in the article, 5’7”ish white dude.

  9. I almost drowned

    There was this guy whose dick was actually used in one of the old ads that use to display on adam years ago. He dick was like an Arizona tea can, he still wanted to bottom tho. After he gave me a facial that almost killed me!

  10. Bob

    I have seen a penis 16 “ long and as thick as 4 inch diameter. It was on a black dude. The circumference is thus about 12.5 inches. I couldn’t even get the head in my mouth

  11. tony

    11 in guy in Atlanta it wasn’t thick,just long. had a bf that was thick and 9 in long felt like I weight 5lbs more when,he,was inside me, was so heavy

  12. Sammy

    I’ve seen two 9” penises. One I sucked and the other I sucked and got my ass fucked with it. It took a while to really loosen my ass up to take him in but I eventually did. It was a combination of pleasure and pain the whole time but if I had to do it all over again I would grab my ankles in a heartbeat!

  13. Ken

    Well once while I was running at a old park I met this very tall hot younger man. We ran together for awhile. I needed to pee so he said he knew a spot just off running path. Well we got there as I pulled it out to pee he did also dam. It was very long soft watched as he peed . I made a comment asked how long he said he thought about 12 inches. He like my huge balls so after a bit of touch we both got there. We went back to his place and had some very hot exploring oral fun. He said he had a hard time buying shorts since most of them his penis would pop out of . We became FWB not anal not with that tool lol

  14. PostGayGrandDad

    My friend Ned. I don’t know how big it was when soft, as I rarely saw it unclothed and soft. He had a helluva bulge. He and his younger partner, Bob, invited me to a threesome. Bob was normal size, Ned had thirteen inches and as big around as my wrist. The head was like a large plum. I am a big guy, but I could hardly get my mouth open wide enough to take it in. I watched it disappear up Bob’s butt. Bob was satisified and went to another bed to sleep. Then I started fucking Ned. Turns out he was a pretty insatiable bottom. I got together with them a few times. Really liked Ned. Bob ran off with some other young guy. Ned died about a decade later from a heart attack.

  15. Dylan

    I love the topic of huge cocks. I’m not a size queen by any means. But I do love a cock that can hit way in the back of my throat. I’m very cool with a 4″ dick as well.

    Im a construction worker and was working on a job in New Orleans. I was close to Bourbon St. And decided to stop for a drink or 5/6 on my way home. The drinks were going down nicely after a long day in the fuckin heat. I had to piss. Went into the restroom and this black guy was standing there leaning over the urinal tub. He was pissing and had his face on his arms on the wall. He looked up and said,”wuz up?” I replied,”that’s a great question for a gay men’s room.” He laughed and said,”I’m up!” He stood up and held out a 13.5″uncut cock. It was hugely thick. I asked if I could touch it. It was rock solid. I started stroking him. I asked,” how big is it?” He said,”its bog but I never measured it.” I reached for my tape measure on my belt (just came from work). I asked,”would you like to find out?” he laughed and commented on how I should always carry a tape measure in a gay bar. You never know when you’re gonna need it. I measured his cock in 4 different places. He was 13.5 amazing inches. He wouldn’t let me stroke/suck him off. He wanted some “twink ass”. I did play with it for a lil while. Bought him a drink when he came out of the bathroom. There is an ole saying in NOLA. “If it seems too good to be true, it prob isn’t.” I pulled hard on this cock. It was real. I wasn’t that drunk. A NOLA 1st.

  16. Blowpop50

    I once dated a guy for several months who had a true 13.5″ x 7.5″. Fortunately for me, he was a bottom who loved getting head from me (though I’ll admit sucking it was a real workout.) He was uncut and had huge balls too, which only added to my enthusiasm anytime he whipped it out. I’m getting a boner just thinking about it.

  17. Jacob

    Enough with big dicks. Yeah, it’s a curiosity, but totally useless in real life. I can’t see a dick that size NOT damaging a man or woman when inserted. Lots of disadvantages, too-seems like it would be in the way all the time. You’d need special pants or undies to keep it out of the way. Doesn’t fit in a mouth or a human hole. You would never be able to go balls deep.
    I prefer my own little average one-fits anywhere and is easy to carry around!

  18. BoricuaInCLE

    Largest I’ve seen? As long as my forearm (about 13 inches from wrist to elbow pit) and so thick around that your hand would make a capital C when grabbing onto it.

  19. Nudebear64

    I love the visual of HUGE cocks, but the reality is that if it is too big to suck, it is not fucking me. Now I do have a big mouth with no gag reflex, and I do LOVE to deepthroat. I have been with two guys in my lifetime who were way too big to suck (so definitely did not try fucking). The one guy I met on a local BBS (remember those…before the internet really took off) when I was stationed in San Diego (I was Navy). He used to “joke” that he has a 3-fister. We finally met in person and went out a few times. When we had sex I discovered it was no joke! He was HUGE…long AND thick! Sadly, I have lost touch with him. I fantasize about meeting him again and seeing if I can take it all now 😉 BTW, when it comes to cock, THICK is much more of a turn-on for me then length.

  20. Atlanta42

    Love how the gay community focuses on big penises. Yesterday you posted something about depression. This messed up community places such a high value on big penises and perfect bodies. No wonder why so many get depressed. They’ll never measure up to the messed up values of this community. I so wish it were different. I hate being gay.

    • AdamR

      Uh, this article is under ‘fantasy’ for a reason. And I’m willing to bet there’s been a fantasy article about small dicks too. Talking verbally or via chat with others about fantasy, sex, turnons, etc, is SUCH a game changer when it comes to sex vs. crazy-awesome sex. Thats all this is.. if big dicks turn you on, read this article, if small dicks turn you on, find an article about that. If you’re uncomfortable talking about any of it, that’s ok, but please don’t attack the community as a whole, and please don’t feel bad for not (in your estimation) meeting made up standards of performance or appearance. Each person is unique whose characteristics are their very own. And I’d be willing to bet that there are more than enough desirable guys who are into EXACTLY what u offer. But u gotta actually offer, and try not to get caught up in blaming everyone else for how ufeel.

  21. Edward Hinkle

    Biggest I’ve seen and also had up my ass And he was an honest 9.5″×9.5-10″ around and was talented enough to get inside me with no pain and it was incredible as I felt massive after tremors for over 5 hours after he finished and left.

  22. Charles

    Monsieur Jacques, whom I dubbed Mr. Wednesday because we played once a week at his place, grew to 9 hard inches. Our first fuck (I was always the bottom) lasted 45 minutes non-stop, and it didn’t hurt one bit. On alternating Wednesdays we only did oral stuff or made out on the couch or in bed. Either way, I was a very happy camper. My current Main Man is about half that size; he satisfies me just as well. What’s really important, to me, is the guy – not the Appendage.

  23. Boo'sheBigDick

    That would have to be JULIO GOMEZ(str8 porn actor, very dark skin). Got damn… Those females must’ve had a lot cocaine inside their twats to numb the pain… Or they’re just wallless holes.

  24. Stephen Smith

    14 x 6ish…

    Hurt like you would never know… just saying… I’d actually prefer 8 or 9 thick… than length.

  25. Dadlover

    Biggest I’ve oersonally seen was 10” flaccid and 11.5 hard. 6” in diameter. It hurt a bit at first, but throughly enjoyed many times before I moved away

  26. william

    Biggest I saw was on a old Scottish man in a Scotland bathhouse. It had to have been 15 inches soft. Not sure hard, but he was not a knuckle dragger, but a penis dragger. LOL I stroked it, amazed, but could not get my mouth around his head. No was was that going in the other end. LOL The biggest I ever took was 10 inches and he was very gentle and did not hurt. Not a size queen, and was very skeptical I could take it, but I did. Haven’t since then and not sure if I want to try again. 😉

  27. Jon

    Yes yes, big is better…sarcastic sigh…as an average sized guy and with limited sexual experiences due to no meeting the gay stereotype, I think super big dicks are not as important as many gays believe…however to answer the OP, biggest I’ve seen in person and touched/sucked was about 8 inches…average sized works best for me…I’m more a face guy, big Dick unattractive face, I’m not interested in sex.

  28. Tom W Ferrenberg

    Met a guy one time on line n then in person…….we came back to my place where we got naked…….when i pulled off his jockys…..up popped a huge cock. He had told me his cock was only 7 inches. I started suckin his cock but he was tryin to fuck my mouth……had to grab his cock to make him slow down cause he was trying to shove it all in my mouth…..finally sucked him off but he was upset n left cause i wouldnt let him choke me…..well i measured the big fuckin thing and it was. 11 inches long n 7 inches thick

  29. Steve

    I net a guy years ago and he was about 12.5 “. He was all top and I did bottom for him. He was very gentle at first till I could take him and after that it was very amazing. His nickname was superdave. It was just a few month fling while I was in the army getting ready to discharge. It was a very pleasurable experience because he did not do force it.

  30. Chad

    The guy who took my anal virginity at the age of 14 was 10.5″ and thick like a soda can hurt like hell at first but than felt excellent

  31. ric

    I met a out of town guy last summer on line. He was coming here for business and invited me to his hotel. I got there and he was gorgeous. Curly salt and pepper hair and a dimpled chin. When we got down to it and he whipped out his cock, my first thought was “I’ll never be able to take that”. I told him I would love to suck him, but didn’t think I could handle him fucking me. He talked me into giving it a try. We tried doggie and it hurt so much he had to stop. I got on my side and we tried it from that position. He was slow and gentle and he eventually got it in. Once he did, it was one of the best fucks I ever had.

  32. Johnny

    My married friend has a true 9”er.
    Not a world record, but it sure is nice. With patience, I can take it all anally. Oddly enough, I’m about 5”. Oh well….we have fun when we can. Both of us married…. limits the playtime.
    Raleigh, NC

  33. Matt

    11″. First guy who ever fucked me. Took 3/4ths of a bottle of lube and 30 minutes just to get balls deep in me, but he had the time and I was just so fascinated by the idea that his cock was going into me and that it felt so amazing. Made me a size queen for life! So I never turn down a monster cock.

  34. Dan

    When I was much younger a guy placed my hand on his leg where his cock was , he still had pants on and it honestly went to just above his knee and still not real hard, biggest I saw uncovered was 10″ and 1 3/4 to almost 2 inches diameter and hard as steel! We 69’d for a little bit then he fucked me with it for 15 minutes or so and it was a very good size for fucking/being fucked I can take bigger if I get the chance

  35. bob

    biggest was my most recent fuck buddy. he is partly African and huge. i’d say at least 9 inches. it was so fun to blow him. even soft he is huge.

  36. Azversbtm

    Biggest I’ve seen and taken was 11.5 and I base all my encounters off it now. I know exactly how big 11-8in is by my hands, sometimes sad when 8in gius say they’re 10 now that I know better

  37. Matt (Black)

    The biggest I even seen was a young, tall skinny, very black Doctor that moved in my neighborhood to work in our local hospital. I seen his profile on adam and i hit him up. He didn’t post his dick size or a picture in his profile. We had good conversation and I found him to be very intelligent and funny. He was a bottom and the sex was unbelievably good…..But maybe because I’m bi, big ones does nothing for me. I read in some of the above post that dicks were so thick they could only suck the head. Exactly my point. I enjoy dicks meduim thick and about 7.5 to 8 in. I can do more and have fun with that size. I want to feel the dick pressing against my throat. When I ride it I want it to be comfortable and snug in me. I want to feel very little pain when he first put it in. For health reasons I don’t want to feel no uncomfortable pain during and afterward. I want to be comfortable. To me there’s nothing more pleasurable than a ROCK hard 7.5- 8 inch meduim thick dick. I love to look at a that dick doing foreplay when it’s bone hard and sticking straight out or upward with precum slightly oozing from the pee hole. FUCK!!!!!!! I deliberately skip over porn that features guys with huge dicks. I met porn star Hotrod in DC and we hit it off and had sex at his place in Capital Heights md. I was turned on by our conversation, his smile and hot tall slim body more than his dick. I ate his little round smooth black ass a lot longer than sucking his dick. It tasted unbelievably good. And yes of course I fucked him and he was very vocal!!! His face was frowned and he was literally saying fuck, fuck, fuck, oh shit boy fucccck!! Porn star Peanut from Philly and I hooked up when I was in Philly on business. We did it all. He fucked me with his meduim thick 8.5 inch rock hard dick and it felt sensational. I sucked the hell out of his perfect sized dick. We comfortably fucked each other off and on all night. The next morning and day I felt no pain whatsoever. I did feel a heavyness around my hole area and that was it!!!!

    • FreeSpirit

      You said : “But maybe because I’m bi, big ones does nothing for me.” Well, there are a LOT of bisexual men (married to women) who only want big dicks!

  38. TrentF

    I have connected with 2 guys on this site that have dicks over 12” flaccid. Both were bottoms and really were more into my 8” dick fucking them. When hard, they only got about an inch longer.

  39. apieceofprimechoiceass

    I am a size queen. Lots of big dicks in my life. Many stick out in my memory but the best were two guys who fucked me at the same time about three years ago. I answered a CL ad for two tops looking for a bottom. They didn’t advertise how huge they are. One was 11″ and a had a big curve while the other was close to 13″ and 6-7″ round. I couldn’t get my fingers around his dick. My eyes jumped out of my skull and my asshole got instantly wet when they dropped their sweatpants at the same time and their members bounced and started to sway. They were instantly hard because I had been talking some really dirty shit to them. One of the few times I was unable to deep-throat but I laid back on the ottoman and they took turns throat-fucking me savagely. I stroked them to help keep them hard and also so they wouldn’t snag on my teeth. They did prep me right by playing with my hole and getting it winking at them. I loved it when they took turns just rubbing the massive heads and shafts across my hole. One guy was so turned on he shot his load before even entering me so he use the cum to lube me up for his partner. The 11″ inch guy pressed that massive head against my hole and just kept pushing that creampie into my second hole. It was so intense and pleasurable. He picked me and up and slowly worked it in and out as we got a rhythm going. That big curved dick hit a spot I had never been hit in and I spewed my cum all over his stomach. I think my eyes were permanently going to roll back in my head. He tensed up and flooded me out. His partner was ready by then and laid me out missionary and just rammed his 13″ meat in my already gaping hole. I bet it was hot looking to see all the cum leaking around his member. He just punished me and talked shit the whole time. The other guy sat on my face and dropped his balls in my mouth and had me rim him to get hard. They just kept swapping back and forth for an hour and I know I got flooded out at least three more times. We met up again as a 3-some one more time after that but they broke up I think. Now I only see the 11″ guy off and on. Really wish the three of us were still going at it!

  40. Worrell

    I have seen some huge dicks although I never measured them. I worked at a n industrial plant in Jamaica. Dozens of guys shower in the evening.Talk about meat market.
    I met a Jamaican in Prospect in Brooklyn.We chatted for a while before we embraced.It felt like an iron pipe was pressed against me.I felt it all the way to his knees.I was going to give him a BJ but he had to take it out for me.My fingers span 8″and that dick was almost two times my span. It was my dream cum through.It was uncut and smelly
    Could not do it

  41. Joe

    I was invited to a party once, turned out to be a sex party ….I was shy ,, although everyone got naked with ease …I just played observer … an older gentlemen was sitting close to me and we smoked some 420… watching what was going on around me my dick was rock hard only pants… the guy sitting with me was also naked and was growing rapidly … it was 9″ and thick … we went for a walk outside away from everyone …and I had to taste it …lol ..
    He shared some other smoke …and soon had my pants off and rimmed my ass for a long time ..before I knew it ,he was trying to slide his di,k in me.. oh

    I didn’t realize that 3 other guys were outside as well ..(it was dark) k began fucking me ,, 2 guys were at my face sporting bigger dicks … that night o discovered that I am indeed a bottom as took each one of them..until a nother dude showed up ..I swear it was 13″ and thick… not a chance ..even after being thoroughly fucked there was no way he was getting in me…
    Needless to say ,I for invited to every party they had… I know slut….

  42. tightchubbottom

    The biggest cock I ever seen was in the service this one guy had 14″ in length and about 10″ around this thing was a tree trunk a bunch of us were talking and saying no body could ever take that. One day he had some people come up from back home and his lover was a lady about 500 lbs and we said that is because she is probably the only one that can take his size. The biggest I’ve ever had was 9″ in length and 8 inches around I remember saying to him as I sucked him there is no way that will fit in my ass and he smiled and said trust me I will go easy it will fit with enough lube he was right it did and for the first 2 minutes it was he’ll so painful but then it was the most amazing encounter of my life.

  43. Allset

    This craving for comments sounds like a trap for penis enviers. Negros are not the only ones, and since we are mammals (lest we forget) the horse has every male beat. For the record, fantasies are cheap just like talk.

    • Jay

      First off, who uses the word negros in 2018? Second, you’re wrong; humans have the largest size penis of any mammals in proportion to overall body size. You seem and sound ignorant.

  44. Lucifer

    This craving for comments sounds like a trap for penis enviers. Negros are not the only ones, and since we are mammals (lest we forget) the horse has every male beat, even mr. fat falcon. For the record, fantasies are cheap just like talk.

  45. Sam

    This craving for comments sounds like a trap for penis enviers. Negros are not the only ones, and since we are mammals (lest we forget) the horse has every male beat, even mr. fat falcon. For the record, fantasies are cheap just like talk.

  46. Dave

    I feel cheated! 🙂 The longest cock I’ve ever had in me was 7.5″ and felt perfect! The fattest cock I’ve ever had was only about 3″ long. It was so fat, I could barely get the head of it in my mouth. He wanted to fuck me, but I was afraid he’d make me bleed.

  47. Rick-Chicago

    there were three guys that I have encountered once upon a time….the first guy was an African-american guy and was 9.5″ and moderately thick, and I took every inch up my ass while giving another guy a blow job at the same time. the second guy also an African-american guy was an ex-coworker who had probably 10″ in length but was “holy shit huge” in thickness. It would hurt for 30 seconds to a minute when he would first enter me and after that time had passed and it stopped hurting as much he would start slowly stroking in and out and it would get better and stop hurting all together and he would stroke till he shot his load deep in my hole. the last guy also African-american…what can I say….I love black cock…..was about 5′ tall but had a dick that had to be 10 to 12″ long and was so thick that I thought I was gonna get lock-jaw from trying to suck it. It was so huge that once it was in my mouth all I could do was slide it back out again, couldn’t move my tongue at all…tried a few more times and had to say sorry but I was gonna quit trying. he laughed and said it happens all the time. he asked me if I wanted to get fucked instead and I declined saying that I would be split in two with that monster. again he laughed.

  48. LOWELL


  49. Steve M

    The largest I’ve ever seen in person (and got to play with) was a white guy who used to be around the metro Detroit area back in the 90’s with an actual 13.5″ x 8.75″ cock and huge balls.

  50. FreeSpirit

    The biggest one I saw was Leon’s in the locker room of the former Judo club on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn in 1992; this club was run by the American Female Women’s judo pioneer Rena “Rusty” Glickman Kanokogi and her husband, the great Japanese judoka Ryohei Kanokogi. After the judo training, we were about 15 guys in the basement men’s locker room changing clothes when Leon dropped his judo pants. Leon is about my height, 5’9″-5’10” and his non-erect, flaccid and thick dick almost reached his knee. I was flabbergasted! I took a quick look around and saw that everyone had a shocked look on their face.
    Well, Leon was not a stranger to me since we were classmates at the Engineering School of the City College of New York (part of the City University of New York) and took many classes together including “Physics 421, Acoustics”). After graduating I had not seen him at all until I joined the judo club in 1992 and ran into him again (he’s an excellent judoka).
    However, I had a preview of his size back in college days. One day, we were seating and chatting on the short wall in front of Sheppard Hall at City College. It was summer time and he was wearing white shorts and if I remember white shirt or T-shirt. There were about 3 feet of separation between us when he decided to put his two feet on the wall, so he would be seating along the direction of the wall while I was seating in the normal position with my feet on the sidewalk, in other words he would be facing me now. First he lifted his left leg and put it on the wall and then he lifted his right leg to put it on the wall too and then a huge white sack or bag came out of his right shorts’ leg. Leon was wearing white underwear. I could not believe what I saw and I probably looked at it for too long or too noticeably. Then I regained my composure and we both looked at each other without saying a word. The silence seems to have lasted much longer than it did in reality. Finally, Leon said to me : “But I love women a lot”. This remark seemed outlandish since we were not talking about sex at all and never did before. I did not reply to his remark and went back to the previous topic we were talking about.
    I did understand his remark from the beginning though. What Leon meant was that : “If you are interested in me, know that I like women a lot too” because if he were a 100% heterosexual or straight man, he would probably have said (jokingly or harshly depending his mood) : “Why are you looking at my junk? I am not into men”.
    This is not a made-up story. Leon has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Master of Civil Engineering degrees. I have a Bachelor and a Master of Electrical Electrical Engineering degrees and a New York State Professional Engineer (PE) Licence. Leon is married (to a woman) and had two daughters back in 1992. I don’t know if he has anymore children. On several occasions at the judo club, Leon told the other guys and women there while we were chatting : “This is my man here.” He even put his arm around my shoulder or waist once when he said that.

  51. Noah Nova

    I don’t have any experience with actual big cocks because I was overweight and rejected by the peers for how I looked 6 years ago. Even as I have slimmed down and started to add a bit of muscle, I find most people still reject me because I do not fit their bill, or have a really big cock. Mines close to 7 inches but many prefer big men. That’s how I’m mostly sexually frustrated and lack a lot of horniness for fun and sex. Why I’m mostly a single lonely guy.

  52. RL

    It’s just me, I know, but it really confuses things when people say diameter or thickness instead of “girth” or “circumference”. When that one said he saw one 4 inches thick, by common usage (meaning girth) that actually would have been low average. But he cleared it up by saying girth would have been about 12, so I know he used the word correctly.

    That’s almost as confusing as the guys who measure length starting at the perineal terminus, behind the scrotum, and not from the pubic bone. With all things phallic, we really could try to use correct descriptions. I always give girth and diameter, to avoid confusion.

  53. JH

    I find huge dicks to be intimidating although fascinating and nice to look at. However not practical for enjoyable sex at all. I like average penises on a sweet sexy handsome man who treats me right. There are so many more qualities in a man that make him sexy and cock size is definately not one of them. I have even been with handsome guys who were less than average but they were so handsome and appreciative of another cute guy noticing him that the connection was very satisfying. I think a healthy relationship is so satisfying and the size of his cock is just not as appealing as his masculine energy and passion.

  54. JH

    I find huge dicks to be intimidating although fascinating and nice to look at. However not practical for enjoyable sex at all. I like average penises on a sweet sexy handsome man who treats me right. There are so many more qualities in a man that make him sexy and cock size is definately not one of them.

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