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Gay Stuff: What is Your Biggest Turn On?

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What is your biggest turn on in bed, guys? Are you the type who gets turned on when there’s emotional connection on top of physical attraction? Or do you think emotional connection is not relevant at all? Are you the physical type of guy?

Having said that, does hair pulling turn you on? Especially when having sex doggy style; hot, right? Maybe you are turned on by guys who take the time to tease and tantalize you and heighten your pleasure with the help of sex toys. Perhaps you get turned on with ass spanking, erotic massages, or guys who smell good.

Perhaps you are the type who loves watching his guy cook and prance around the kitchen with just an apron on. Hmm… sexy indeed. Others admitted to getting erections at the sight of a nice ass, to giving a blow job, and to the feel of their guy’s beard or stubble on their skin. Maybe you are the type who gets turned on when your partner kiss, bite, or lick your neck or your ears? For others on the other hand, the mere sound of their guy’s sexy, deep voice turns them on. Or it could be the sight of their man in a jockstrap or guys rocking their V-neck shirts while giving you a glimpse of their chest hair.

Some men say they get turned on when they feel desired but others say they don’t need to feel desired to get turned on. It just goes to show that it really is different for all of us, isn’t it? So, what about you, guys? What is your biggest turn on? Share with us your answers in the comments section below.

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  1. Thad

    A big dick: I know it’s really shallow of me but I can’t help it. I see a big bulge or a big dick at the Y or gay sauna — it’s like steaming electrodes wired in my brain go off at full current. Forty years later, I can still picture the big fat dick of the guy who stripped daily next to me in high school gym class.

  2. bILL

    Myself seeing a guy wearing white briefs always been a big turn on When i was young I couldn’t wait for the Sear and Penny’s catalog to come out just to check out the men in the underwear section

  3. Marcus

    My biggest turn-on is a well built (6’1, 180) natural guy wearing semi-tite gray or black sweat pants and a v-neck white or red tee shirt. My eyes gravitates to his front genitals area first and then quickly to his little round ass. Him donning a well trimmed short beard with mustache attached adds to the turn-on.

  4. Jack

    Well, I love being in a room full of naked guys watching them sucking and fucking or them watching me. And one on one when my partner is making sounds of ecstasy in my ear as he plows me!!

  5. Matt

    The seediness of a rest stop men’s room with truckers parked outside.

    White briefs.

    Men showing bulge in real-world jeans.

    Horse hung tall lanky guys.

    Being next to a pal at the urinal.

  6. Steve

    Nips. They drive me up a wall. And kissing. And fondling. But nips is at the top. Touch my nips real lightly, gently, and all doors open.

  7. Chris

    Getting my low-hanging balls grabbed, pulled on, massaged, worked over, and sucked makes me really hot and horny. It’s also what makes my cock get very hard. Seems that with my balls, there’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain…so much so that guys have made me cum just by working my balls. A close second is groping a guy and feeling him get hard in his tight briefs.

  8. Browneyesrob

    Cleanliness is my biggest turn-on. Clean breath, clean body, clean clothes. A smile is a close second biggest turn-on.

  9. PostGayGrandDad

    The two- backed beast is the way to go. Missionary with a top who knows how to keep a bottom just this side of orgasm, lights on, eye contact, lots of kissing, chest to chest, alternating rough and fast with slow and loving. No tattoos, natural body hair. Lots of fresh sheets to change out and have a weekend of wild love. (Our record was 24 times from Friday evening through Monday morning.)

  10. Gaytorguy88

    I love pleasing a guy or guys, especially if it’s something he’s wanted to do but hasn’t because his partner won’t or he’s intimidated. Erogenous zones on a guy are the best. Ears, neck, pits, ribcage, nipples, inner thigh, gooch, feet, whatever is his “spot” turns me on. I love servicing a guy and having that control over his pleasure. I find a lot of married men and DILFs are neglected/deprived the most. Because of this they are the most excitable, in need, appreciative men who love to have a guy swallow him.

  11. hrhmaui

    There are (2)two answers to that question: “all of the above” or “none of the above”, which is it. . .because I need a job better than who ever is putting this article out. Why? Because I’m a product of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. . . .And I have Survived! Today, is 2018, be that as it may, history does have a tendency to repeat itself, in fractions of course. As I am still here, despite the epidemic, the middle east, & our own homegrown disparages of trying to amend the 2nd amendment of our constitution, (which I believe in as much as yes it does need to be amended). How does sex become a political statement, unless your a senator with his pants caught down to his ankles? That’s the mystery. . . turn ons are completely out of date today as they were of yesterdays, personally for myself, being a teenager back when was quite the learning curve. I admired older men, with experience and stature, and I went through a few as a matter of fact. Today, they call that the “daddy” syndrome looking for his boy toy to play with, and the total opposite goes as well. Back then, I believe in the somewhat “gentlemens agreement,” where sex was concerned. Although, terminology then, it was considered “Chicken vs. Chicken-Hawk.” My have times changed. . . .and I look forward to teaching the next venue of our gay population, a thing or two of the past, that has carried on symbolically. So, what was my biggest turn on, experienced and mature men of stature!

    • PostGayGrandDad

      There is a slight difference in connotation between Daddy-Son and Chicken Hawk-Chicken. At least to my mind . . . Daddies are into Sons and Sons are into Daddies. Chicken Hawks pursue Chickens and Chickens are not always willing but for the gold-digging opportunities (to mix metaphors).

  12. Hunter0500

    With so many great guys doing with so many great sex talents, who needs a best? And one act that one guy might be great at, another may not do so well … but he has his his own talents.

    Ok … got me warm just thinking about them!

  13. Jeremy

    Cheating 100%. Cheating on my boyfriend and being with dudes cheating on their partners. Love having dudes rub their cocks on my boyfriend’s pillow when he’s not home

    • DayShadow

      Jerk, and don’t even try the don’t judge me bs. You and the like minded are home wreckers. You hurt people and justify it under the most trivial of senarios and terms.

  14. Scott

    Bald head, hairy chest, briefs wearing otter with a killer smile and defined arms – these guys always get a second look from me.

  15. Giacomo

    Wow, That’s would be a nice chest smooth or hairy. The idea of just seeing their nipples through their shirt. But, Really drives me nuts is when I can’t see them and just have to feel them. I like the surprise of what they feel like.

    • MattK

      Hey, I’m with you. Why do so many shave or trim their pubes? I hate it! Yes, I’m 58, so I’m a bit old school, but the A-1 biggest beef I have with cock, balls, chest or pit shaving/trimming is, if they didn’t do it only moments earlier, the areas get all nubby right away, which I find totally disgusting. I go for younger, smoother guys, but only if they’re au naturel.

  16. Daniel

    Just seeing a guy in a tight t-shirt that shows off his hard pecs and muscled torso, is an extreme turn-on for me.

  17. justaguy

    Cuddling up in bed
    Sucking and Swallowing cum or piss
    Rimming ass
    Fingering ass
    Body contact

  18. Ralph

    Biggest turn on is a hairy stud who gets into rough play – no flaming queens please – REAL ROUGH MASCULINE men – wrestle for top – nip work – crotch play – REAL MASCULINE men on men muscle contact – and I will say it again – flaming is limp dick – REAL MEN!

  19. pagansexorgy

    -A bulge that you know is going to tumble out his underwear—a landslide of balls and freeing of the cock to grow..
    -Thick dicks
    -Noticeable visible penis line (VPL)
    -VPL where you can head of the dick
    -VPL you see, the guy notices you looking, eye contact is made and the unspoken body language of “Do you……” and a quick “Yes” in return. Basically I’ll bone up nice and hard and; watch out!!! precum and throbbing cock begins.
    -Getting into the name in bed part, hard cocks touching each other and leaving trails of precum.
    -Anytime I see a guy the can throb/twitch his cock up and down… where the cock could become a trebuchet…

  20. Peter

    Sex in public. For some reason lately the thought of sex in public places makes me hard. I am constantly searching for porn clips of random guys having sex in the restroom, gym showers or back alleys. My fantasy is to spend 1 day hooking up with 5 or 6 guys in public places.

  21. latinlust69

    Frankly i love having a hot makeout with a guy in a jockstrap in a car, or anywhere! Then more still in jocks. Or understall action!

  22. Kevin James

    My biggest turn on is hairy asses. There is nothing sexier than a guy with a stomach, thick thighs, and a nice hairy ass sitting on my face for hour…Not playing with my dick, just riding my tongue

  23. John

    Hey I really love seeing a guy in a jock strap. As early as high school gym class when you strip down and fill in the pouch. Love different colored ones and both the swimmer style and wide waist band . I have at least 6 different ones. Also seeing a guy wearing a wrestling singlet without a jock on. Seeing the outline of his manhood and being thankful for what his daddy gave him.

  24. Bufguy

    I love a hairy hole. Getting my tongue in there and eating a guys ass al night while he moans and eggs me on. Getting it so wet there is no need for lube, just my saliva so I can slide my raw Dick in deep. The feeling of the coarse hair on my raw cock is the best. Finally when I do cum inside the guy seeing my pearly white seed all over that thick hair surrounding his mancunt is just saw sexy

  25. Steve

    WOW!!! So far all these turned me on! Lol

    I love kissing, rubbing slow sloppy head!

    Also love to dress in women’s sexy stuff with others who like it. Not always happens but HUGE TURN ON.

    Can wear my under armor stuff too and be just as turned on.

    Also the thought of doing what I should not be doing is major turn on too

  26. PDXBareBottom

    Completely anonymous, blindfolded, face down, ass up, taking all cummers, bareback bathhouse sex. Oh, and fisting… both giving and receiving.

  27. DayShadow

    Intimacy and especially cuddling. The closer I feel to someone the more turned on I am when I’m close to them. I’ll be sitting next to them on the couch and just by sitting next to them I’m ready to go.

  28. MarcUPguy

    Younger guys with a well-defined ass. As a 60-year-old with an aleays-hard dick, I enjoy eating and then fucking a young, muscled, tight-holed ass. I did fuck a 20-year-old the other day, and, wow,, I was in ecstacy when he got my cumload. Young guys — we older guys appreciate you younger guys who appreciate us!

    • BostonGuy

      You couldn’t have described this scene any better. I’m also 60 and have been with mid 20’s on up. I was confused about this type of attraction but have learned that there are many young men who enjoy the company of an older guy for many reasons. I too thank them for giving us older guys some time and attention both top or bottom. I’ve lately have had a huge attraction towards black cock.

  29. bdbohio

    For me …. seeing a nicely built hairy man slowly stripping down. Pulling off his shirt, removing his pants and standing there in his boxer briefs. Seeing the outline of his cock and then slowly stripping those off as well. Does the trick all the time for me!

  30. Bill

    Total Sub Bottom here so I love being in 3sums or Groups with me as the only bottom taking cock after cock! Love to be Spit Roasted and love sex in Slings ! Noting better that being a Cock slut for a few Horny Top guys!!

  31. Butch

    hot, clean cut, masculine man, in a white t shirt, tight jeans, work boots or cowboy boots, 5 oclock shadow, muscular build, enough of a bulge that you know he is all man

  32. Scott

    Unshaven bush, but not gorilla-like thickness. Especially on a smooth or lightly hairy chrsted guy with thick dark pubes.

  33. Randhir

    A thick hung cock and balls with a huge load of cum on a skinny cute dude. That makes me spread my legs instantly

  34. Alex

    So many possible but I love group fun…being taken by a guy or 2 and surrounded by other guys fucking and sucking. Love being in a sling and surrounded by a few guys I can suck or jack off, all while being fucked

  35. pride

    My biggest turn on is ATTENTION. I love the feeling when someone lets you know they are interested in you and you feel it’s true! Physically, I like the smooth back of the neck, nice ass, and a nice firm shaft to squeeze and pull on ; )

  36. Ric

    I get really turned on when the guy I am with is really getting into what we are doing. When it is really obvious that he is really enjoying what we are doing I get really excited and makes me want to please him even more. The best part of that is we both end up totally satisfied.

  37. Matt (Black)

    I’m a 25 year old Africa American and what turns me on sexually is for me and my partner after a long tiring stressful day is to take a hot soapy hour-long bath together using Men Dove body wash. We then brush our teeth and gargle with scope minty mouthwash. We then get in bed naked under the blankets. We cuddled, kiss passionately and talk about any and everything. Sometimes we watch a movie or a sporting event cuddled up. I be laying on my side with my back to my man. He be behind me with his hard dick pressing against my lubed hole as we continue to talk and cuddle. We take our time enjoying each other lips, nipples, ass holes and dicks. Then we get back in our sideways position and then my man as he carcass my nipples with his fingers slowly ease his brick hard dick deep in my hungry wet tite ass. We continue to talk or watch tv as he gently ease deeper inside me. That feels so freakin good. This usually go on for hours changing speeds. We both be very comfortable slowly enjoy each other until we bust and then we fall asleep cuddled up in our puddle of cum!!!!!

    • justaguy

      I agree, showering together, and cuddling up in bed naked, kissing, and making our are fun way to get turned on with each other. To many times guys want to just blow and go, and a real relationship involves spending quality time together. I am white, and my BF is black, and we love just spending time together, both in and out of bed.

  38. Shawn

    I love to watch some men’s facial expressions when the are getting close to cumming and then when they shoot their load. Major turn on…

  39. Carm

    There’s too many turn on’s for me, but my favorite turn on is having my ass squeezed, groped or fingered while we’re kissing. I can get instantly hard and just be wanting to spread my legs to have my hungry hole fed.

  40. sexslave65

    I get turned on when a guy looks at me and smiles.
    The more foreplay, before he spanks or whips me, makes me melt in his arms.

  41. LegLuver

    I’m not gonna lie, the physical DOES captivate me and a muscled dude will send me over the edge especially if he takes care of his legs. Built quads, calves, hams will get me hard in no time

  42. Jersey_Devil

    For me, everything starts with kissing – deep, wet, long-lasting kisses with my partner sucking on my tongue and moaning into my mouth. I also love a firm, round ass and the little sounds a hot bottom bitch makes when I slide my cut dick into his pussy. And my personal highlight is when my partner says, “Fuck me…Fuck me, Daddy!” – nothing worse than a silent bottom, while nothing hotter than a bottom who stays hard and cums while being fucked!

  43. Dan

    Being naked when others are still dressed knowing I will soon be undressing him and sucking his cock, being told how he is going to use me, being fucked in the mouth knowing it will soon be in my ass and probably back to my mouth several times before he is done. Being told what to do as in using my toys or whatever he wants me to do for him especially in the outdoors..

  44. John

    Men with no body hair and a small cock. You’d think by that I’d like a tight little pink asshole. No my biggest turn on is a hairless, gaping, brown asshole. I like them well used with suckable asslips!

  45. Alan

    Being a total bottom, I love making hot hung top men happy. From their words of delight as I deep throat their cock, pull off and stroke it looking up into their eyes to having my legs pushed over my head while they pound into my ass while I moan and encourage them to “pound it harder”. I just love serving cock!

  46. Jbwantsfun

    One of my biggest turn on’s is when the other guy or guys is verbal and a little bit of a dominant type, that just turns me into a oral sub that will be begging for the cock and my face covered with as much cum as possible.

  47. fantasy fulfilled

    A big turn on for me is when I”m able to swallow a huge load of cum and as he finishes cumming, he start to piss with his cock still in my mouth. I take it all down, swallowing all his cum and piss in one session. Also love deep wet kissing, sharing our saliva back and forth. Also love breathing together, both of us put our lips together, and both of us get into a rhythm of breathing each others breath through our mouths. If turned on enough, even sharing. tasting, and maybe even swallowing a little brown stuff from his hole is great. Sweat is a turn on, so is sharing snot. I love the idea of having some of his juices in me, and mine in him. That way the excitement continues throughout the day, knowing I have some of him in me and I’ve shared myself with him.

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