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Watch This: How to Really Spank a Sub Bottom

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from wickydkewl YouTube)

So… spanking, guys. We talked about it a few years back, whether you find spanking hot or not here. Some Adam4Adam members said that yes, you liked being spanked during sex while some of you said they aren’t into it. Others on the other hand, thought it was hot, but only as a fantasy and not in reality (they say it’s mainly because spanking hurts our hands and butts). Quite a few are adamant that no, spanking isn’t hot but there are Adam4Adam members who also said they’d be open to trying it.

Anyway, we’re mentioning this now because Davey Wavey and Jeremy Feist talked about the proper way to spank someone and also they discussed when is the good time to spank somebody (for this last bit, Jeremy said it’s when you got their consent). Jeremy recommends using our hands for spanking, mainly because we can control how hard we can hit our partners with it. He also brought other tools that can be used for spanking such as a paddle, a crop, and a belt. Then there’s Jeremy’s banjo picks, but I won’t tell you what those are for, it would be better if you actually watch the video because their discussion is quite interesting and educational.

Adam4Adam members out there who didn’t want to try spanking, do you still feel the same way about it after watching their video or do you think you’ll be inclined to try spanking now? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and your spanking stories in the comments section below.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Don Hohoho

    I want you to do some research and write a post about the dangers of being too thin in your twenties, while still growing. Many do not realize that there is a growth spurt somewhere in the mid-20s for many or most men, in which their bones grow and they turn from adolescents into men. What happens if you are getting insufficient nutrients? Are the bones weakened? Are these post-twinks headed for osteoporosis? It’s never good to go against nature. This would also show the danger of labeling and struggling to fit within a label. For example, I could be a bear, but “bear culture” is too closely associated with dirty, risky, kinky sex that I want nothing to do with. It’s more victimization, and we must do away with that.

  2. Hunter0500

    A random ass slap? Yes.
    Spanking? No.

    Degrading and painful.

    But as with all things when it comes to mansex, if the parties are into it and consenting, slap away!

  3. PostGayGrandDad

    You just keep getting weirder and weirder.

    How about subjects for normal people who just happen to be gay? Like how to decide on a china pattern? (Hornsea Contrast was our wedding china but I also have a great deal of Rosenthal Aida white with platinum band #3471.) Perhaps wine pairings or the best glass to serve champagne? (Flute or hollow stem, _never_ those tacky flat coupes.) How about a discussion of wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies? What veggies can grow well on a balcony?

    Sex is such a small part of overall gay life.

    • Dave

      We like to post about everything.
      Music to sex, to fashion or plants…
      But thanks for the comments, we’ll see what we can do.
      For sure, not everybody likes all type of posts.

    • apeman

      You can get that info on thousands of other web sites. Do you really think guys on a gay hook up site come here looking for advice on how to grow vegetables? You’re right, sex is a small part of gay life, but it’s a big part of A4A. I suspect Martha Stewart (if she’s not still in jail) could much better advise you about wine pairings than Dave can.

  4. Don Hohoho

    I don’t get it. Spanking hurts. How is it sexy? It has its connotations of punishment. I am sick of seeing it in porn, same for spitting.

  5. Eagerwhitebttm

    It’s best with his ass up face down, and a big hard dick deep in his ass. Then slapping that fat ass while your going deep n hard calling him a bitch.. lol that’s how I like it

  6. Funlovingguy5

    To be spanked by someone that knows how to do it is a wonderful experience. This video shows the right way to go about it. Thank You for sharing

  7. Walter

    An article on spanking… on an adult site…. and no skin and no real spanking. Odd.
    Yes, I love to spank a nice ass.
    In NC.

  8. Lamar

    Ah, well, a moderate slap on the btm, can be fun, it stings a little, its ok, its not something that I seek because I would be “wired” in some sort of arousal. I love rough-play to a certain degree as is normal actually, regardless of your sexual orientation.

  9. Marty

    I hope the two guys in the interview went off and had rough sex after. One or two nice ass slaps during doggie, fore hand & back hand. Of course that’s sexy

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