News: Eight Years Added To Sentence Of Man Who Intentionally Spread HIV

Attitude reports that eight more years have been added (on the the twelve he already had) to the jail term of Daryll Rowe, a 27-year old hairdresser who intentionally infected his partners with HIV. The sentence was handed down by Edinburgh’s High Court in Scotland, after Rowe pleaded guilty to having sex with four other men and infecting one of them with the virus.

Last month, The Guardian reported that a jury of seven women and five men found Rowe guilty of intentionally infecting five men with HIV and trying to infect five more men that he met on a dating app. He was being tried for five counts of grievous bodily harm and five counts of attempted grievous bodily harm.

Rowe infected the men either by damaging the condoms he was using or pressuring them to have unprotected sex with him. In fact, when Rowe was finally arrested in 2016, he had a bag full of damaged condoms.

Rowe was diagnosed with HIV in April 2015 and eventually stopped showing up at doctor’s appointments and taking antiretroviral treatments. By October 2015, the prosecution said Rowe infected as many men as he possibly could over a four-month period.

Rowe was first arrested on February 2016, but denied he was HIV+ when questioned by police. The police put out a public health warning and called on men who had sex with a person that fit Rowe’s description to contact them. On November 2016, Rowe went on the run and tried to infect two more men.

Apparently not content with intentionally infecting his partners, Rowe would also mock his victims by telling them he was “riddled” with the virus after they had raised concerns. One man said Rowe called him up to say, “Burn. I got you.”

For his part, Rowe tearfully denied deliberately infecting the men.

How do you guys feel about this news? Do you guys think justice has been achieved here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  1. Matt

    To be HIV+ and intentionally spread the disease is reprehensible. Sure, his partners should have taken precautions, but that does not mitigate his vile behavior. HIV+ man have enough stigma as it is when it comes to being accepted as good people. They don’t need a Typhoid Tommy running around infecting people and trashing them further.

    • NslashA

      You are a vile and reprehensible person for saying that, especially when some of his partners were trying to take precautions and use protection and he purposefully damaged it to spread the disease because he was angry because somebody gave it to him. If you are even infected I hope that law enforcement in your area takes the proper steps to keep people in your area safe from you.

  2. Wizard1369

    Im a bottom who has enjoyed bareback sex for 15 years. I have had poz guys “stealth” me, wait till after a night of monkey sex to let me know they are poz…and the guys who just don’t know..pulse cum deep in my mouth and ass. Im lucky, damned or blessed…I recently tested negative again.

    There are many guys out there wanting to POZ you…be careful

  3. Xnetmnder8

    Have to agree with all the comments already posted here. This guy is despicable and should a very, very long term in jail. Especially after purposely damaging condoms that were being used! Scum of the earth.

  4. Bob

    Life in prison, he’s intentionally given others a disease for life that up until recently was a death sentence. This man had no remorse and was hell bent on infecting as many innocent, undeserving men as possible. And then bragging about it. One sick fuck! Lock him away for good!

  5. Dylan

    I’ve seen guys on adam who I’ve known were HIV+ (saw the meds on the night stand in one case). But I’ve also seen a change in profile status from poz to neg. when I confronted one he told me “since I started being honest with ppl, I haven’t got laid in a month. So I changed it back to neg.” I asked,”are you notifying ppl that you’re poz?” He told me to mind my own business. So I laid into him through chat and of course he blocked me. I know where he works but I know if I ran into him the police & most likely an ambulance would be involved.

    Another shithead I spoke to in a bar that I knew from a mutual friend said to me and the bartender overheard,”yeah I’m poz. Some mother fucker did it to me and I don’t give a fuck who I give it to! It’s 2017 gays should protect themselves. Not my business if he goes in or let’s me go in bare.”
    He was banned for life from the bar and the guy he was hitting on found out when he came back from the bathroom. So he didn’t get laid that night.

    I think it’s fucking disgusting ppl would put ppl at intentional risk. It’s life altering. If I ever found anyone ever doing it to me, I would take matters into my own hands. I’m a total top and I do play bare (yes I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop). But I def hit my lil blue tic-tacs every morning and get hep shots/booster shots for avoidance and I know that’s not the fix all and prob wrong on many levels but it’s me. I’m not perfect. When I get a cold I won’t meet anyone for a week after, as I wouldn’t want to infect them with it. I can’t even imagine what goes through these moral-less mother fucker’s minds that do this shit.

  6. Lamar

    He’s going to get a lot more than he bargained for in prison, he’s gay + prison, (not good mix) and then what he did, too, its over for him, period, just a matter of a little time.

  7. Jim

    shoot him, hang him, boil him in oil…, take your pick. there is NO excuse for that kind of behavior. He stopped having human rights when he started his spree. He stopped having civil rights when her stopped acting civil.

  8. Greg

    There is so much about this story that has to be all wrong. In a four month period he only had five guys. A good looking guy out on the hunt and in only 5 guys. A gay and a good looking one at 27 is having at least 3 or 4 times a week, and that is not counting the weekend. They could not put a picture of the guy out only a public health warning with a description. What about all the places he with like parks, bars, local gay hot spots. If he wanted to do it like they say he would have gone to the bath ‘s. This guy did a lot more. I bet you. I have a question for all of you. “What about the guys that chase after HIV” what should be done to them.

    • seaguy

      While I don’t get bug chasing I agree nothing should be done to them. They are free to do that to themselves if that is what they want and it’s not like they then turn around and do like this guy did.

  9. J.sabien

    He was wrong no doubt… Yet justice is blind & fair where is the s.o.b who infected him . Somebody did the exact same thing to him and yet he has to pay the full sentence… Not to mention there is no truth that mitigates personal responsibilty, u can try to pressure me to have unprotected sex all u want , but its my choice if i give in. I understand that an eye 4 an eye leaves the world blind, yet u taking my eyes while u walk around wit 20/20 vision is not a solution either. This guy has my criticism for what he did & yet my sympathy for his pain. Hurt ppl hurt ppl & only hypocrites pretend they dont understand this. My prayers go out to his victims & to him cuz hes a victim to

    • Bkl83

      No, he’s not a victim. He made the choice to intentionally infect AS MANY MEN AS HE COULD. How could he possibly be the “victim”? Men like you make me sick. The fact that you’re trying to justify this is just as bad as his behavior.

      • MrBlack

        Bkl83 in no way did he justify or excuse the guys actions.

        This dude is a victim who’s made victims of other people. Not that complicated.
        In no way does someone being a victim excuse them acting like a spawn of Satan but it doesnt take away they were done wrong.

        Let this guy rot in prison and call it a day. I dont wish death on anybody, but if someone puts him on a stretcher I wont offer any sympathy or condolences. Period

    • seaguy

      How do you know the specifics of how he got HIV? And two wrongs don’t make a right. But unless you spoke to him and know for a fact that what he told you is true, I think you are wildly speculating to the point of painting him in a sympathetic light which is so wrong. He is a sadistic evil man.

    • NslashA

      How do you know that somebody KNOWINGLY gave him HIV? It could have quite easily have been somebody who did not know their status, especially considering that it’s pretty much been scientifically proven that positive men can hardly spread it if they are taking antiretrovirals and are considered undetectable. That is COMPLETELY different than what he did, which was to not only spread the virus, but even when his partners were trying to make a responsible decision by using a condom, sabotaging that condom to try and spread the virus. Also coupled with the fact the he knowingly stopped taking his antiretrovirals to make himself more infectious. That takes malice and forethought and is intentional. There is absolutely nothing that could excuse his behavior, no matter how you slice it. No matter how bad somebody else may have been to you, it gives you no excuse to be bad to someone else, period.

  10. Gay Tony

    The victims would have been fine if they were on PrEP. Maybe this guy was hired by Giles’s for intense grassroots marketing.

    • MrBlack

      Crazy as that sounds you never know with people these days.
      With the lengths people will go to make a buck I cant say its not a possibility. Disgusting thought all the same

  11. Lee

    A lengthy prison sentence is right, proper, and just. My heart goes out to those he knowingly infected as they are the true victims here. I hope while in prison he gets the counseling he so sorely needs to deal with his own HIV infection. Clearly he blames others for his own infection and lashed out in retribution for some sick wrong his mind thinks was perpetrated upon him.

    His hateful actions greatly enlarged the stigma that responsible poz men throughout the world live with on a daily basis.

  12. Bkl83

    Good. Now let’s change all these BS liberal laws here in the US back to their original sentencing for men who do the exact same thing.

  13. Edward

    Wait! 20yrs for ten counts of attempted murder?
    Being an HIV+ male and having been infected by a deceitful partner, I find this decision absolutely unacceptable!
    Those men will spend the rest of their lives on grossly expensive medications, deal with the emotional trauma and social stigma, while that fucktard has a 20 vacay at the expense of the public.
    Just has NOT been served!

  14. TiredOfIt

    Maybe he’s on Gilead’s payroll. After all, this us the company that gives you Truvada (TDF) which destroys bones and kidneys, while they bought and are holding the patents for TAF, which us FAR less injurious to the patient, and aren’t developing it for marketing due to “business reasons.” Gilead has an agenda…and it isn’t your health. The Los Angeles Times blew the lid off of this story in today’s paper. Spread the word.

    • seaguy

      Maybe your on the payroll of Trump cause your spreading alternative facts and fake news. Truvada does not “destroy bones and kidneys” some can experience side effects that damage the bones and kidneys but that is why they get tested so that if they start to experience that type of side effect they can stop the Truvada before it does damage their bones Or kidneys.

      • Chandler

        Doing a study PReP Truvada/descovy combo study. My bloodwork including liver function and a quarterly dexa scan (bone density) is very good. When on PReP its a requirement to bloodwork every 3 months

  15. Corey Hanson

    His intentions might be honestly revealed in court. This case is just one example of why PreP should be made freely available to everybody who’s willing to take it, as a public health concern and public health cost. The only reason it’s expensive in America is because a bunch of corrupt, money hungry wastes of life are in charge of the markets.

  16. mike203920

    And just recently, governor Moonbeam in California signed a bill into law that reduces the charge of intentionally spreading HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor. If Daryll Rowe had went on his spree in California, he would not have to spend more than a few years in prison. And probably less than that.

    • Ares Smith

      Good. People don’t belong in cages.
      Gays need to stop obsessing over hiv. Poz neg who cares. Can we please not be the culture who’s existence is centered around a disease? The “Trust no one” mindset is the reason gays are so Unsatisfied with sex in the first place. Because They’re so terrified by well-meaning public fear propaganda that they are incapable of experiencing sex in a relaxed loving state. So they go on looking for more.
      Don’t you see it? Open your eyes people

      • NslashA

        Yeah, people don’t “belong” in cages, but when somebody’s actions causes great harm to the general public to the point that they can easily be considered a public health risk, we must do something to protect the public from further harm, or don’t you believe serial killers, rapists, and peadophiles should be kept away from the people they prey on?

    • Rex

      There’s a reason they did that. So sex workers would get tested and treated without fear. U=U i wish we’d quit treating people who are doing the right thing staying on top of it and are safe like garbage.

  17. Alex Colby

    To think he did this deliberately, one comment above said that people need to be more cautious, I’m not sure how as they thought he was wearing a condom, how would anyone know this guy has tampered with it? Who could imagine anyone being so vile and with such a malice intent? He could be forgiven if he didn’t know, however for the fact he would mock people about what he’d done afterwards shows and almost evil Narcissistic nature.

    Considering he’d managed to sleep with five guys in four months, plus attempted to infect another five clearly shows me that he needs to be in prison for a minimum of 20 years, once he’s an old man his ability to score will not be so easy……personally I think 30 years is a much better option for this very sadistic individual.

    • MrBlack

      I was confused at that part as well. Were those people he had sex with using HIS condoms or were they bringing their own and he was damaging them

  18. Eric

    What a pathetic young creature…. The sentence was too lenient – but is close to what I’d suggest. He deserved at least five years for each infected victim.

  19. Justin Drabin

    All people in the USA should be tested and the HIV+ people should be put on an island to live out their lives. This disease will not stop till something drastic is done. This dude deserves to die. I would kill him myself. Anybody ever tries this shit on me I will take them out!

    • seaguy

      OMG that is something one of those religious nutcase anti gay preachers would say. Maybe we ought to round up all the people who think like that up and put them on a damn island cause who needs that kind of hateful preposterous suggestion?

    • Remote69

      You sound like a big fool and i have no remorse for saying it to you people have rights an you cant do that to people are you crazy did you think before you sat down and type this yes its a public health problem but if people dont get sick the phamacutical companies wont make money which is a big injustice to mankind that people have to die versus money but jehovah never slept and these people will answer to the creator may jehovah bless you and another thing hiv is spread through unprotected sex infected person to healthy person via unprotected sex not by hugging or touching hiv poz people dont have leprosy so why and you cant test a person who does not consent i have many friends who have died because of this disease an family and it hurts but i would never suggest this it gets me angry educate yourself read learn

  20. ItalianCMH

    I have been HIV+ for nearly 20 years. I got it because of a person who chose to lie to me and not tell me the truth about his status. But also on the same note I was old enough to know better yet i had unprotected sex regardless.

    From my own experience in relation to what this person did to these other men its shameful to say the least. But my message to the men who were affected may read this is that as someone who was lied to myself and intentionally infected…its painful…its nerve racking…its life changing. But it took me a very long time to forgive myself for letting this happen and to forgive him for doing it to me. But forgiveness ultimately gave me freedom from the terrible thing and allowed me to move forward in my own life.

    Please know that I am praying for you all and i hope that you can find the ability to live your life to the fullest even after this terrible thing happened.

  21. LJ

    Nothing else withstanding, anyone who has unprotected sex is “A MORON!” While this man’s actions are not only hideous and shameful, the partners took the same risk as drinking bleach.

    • Ares Smith

      The kind of thing a bitter human robbed of true sexual experience substituted instead with a mere simulation of intercourse into a plastic bag would say.
      Inform yourself. The partners risk was actually extremely low. Even barebacking some estimates now place the risk of infection when bottoming for an unmedicated poz partner top who cums in your ass to be as low 1 in 1000.
      It’s an uncommon disease.
      You’ve been hoodwinked and denied your sexual power as a gay man: society hates you and is pretending to be keeping you “safe” from something in order to control you.

  22. Julian

    Ok so he was wrong but that’s completely taking the responsibility of the other consenting adult who allowed themselves to be so easily persuaded to sleep with someone without protection. If they did it with him most likely it’s a pattern… so both parties are responsible… so no it’s not fair. I use to lean more so towards the other answer, but I have learned that a lot of gay men don’t know their status, and the second someone discloses, they now have a person to blame… so you infected them….

  23. Javon Lyles

    I seen guys on tumblr that support Satanism. Like the dark nasty side of the gays. Dark fetishes, kinks, and taboos. This right here is one of them. Guys who are into stealth pozzing guys and guys who bleed their anal out to become one with stds as well in addition to not or rarely take meds. Specially guys who are nazis too.

  24. Thom

    This guy should be locked up indefinitely because he purposely damaged the condoms with the intention to spread HIV. Similar 1997 case of Shyteek Johnson in rural New York State, sentenced that man to prison for 12 years for infecting at least 14 women. When his sentence was up in 2010, New York State continues to hold him indefinitely under civil confinement as an incorrigible sex offender.

  25. Chandler

    Doing a study PReP Truvada/descovy combo study. My bloodwork including liver function and a quarterly dexa scan (bone density) is very good. When on PReP its a requirement to bloodwork every 3 months.

  26. Mark Boxshus

    He got off very easily. If he felt the need to infect others, because he got infected, then he should have stayed the course with his medication and sought out counseling to deal with his inner frustrations. I would never, knowingly infect anyone……even my worst enemy. Just not fair to play God at other’s expense. He should be castrated and made to pay a long, and lonely sentence.

  27. Genies Gin

    I can’t believe someone would go about intentionally spreading HIV, to the point of making sure they had a high viral load and poked holes in condoms. Having HIV can be pretty devastating, I know. In my case I completely withdrew from having sex at all and over the last six years can count on one hand the number of times I have had sex. I am such an intensely private person that having to suddenly be in a position to share sensitive medical information with a guy I probably hardly knew was just too much even though I have been undetectable since 3 months after my initial diagnosis. It was like being Hester Prynne all the sudden and being presented with the giant letter A. To see someone who clearly is the reverse of me, he’s hot I’m hotter, is almost surreal and definitely weird. I can get guys who are keeping up with their meds and are undetectable not saying much and understand the arguments for both why they should and shouldn’t. This guy though, thats a completely different animal and makes the those of us who struggle with HIV all that more stigmatized as a result WOW man, thanks for fucking us all!

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