News: NYC Gym Steam Room Fun Goes Out of Hand

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It would seem some men in a steam room at a Manhattan gym have had too much fun that it resulted to a lawsuit.

“I’m relaxing, I’m sitting in the corner, it’s very meditative,” the plaintiff said in an interview with The Post as he related how his supposedly “quick lunchtime steam” went down. But then the steam cleared he said and when he looked at the guys across him, he saw to his surprise, “This gentleman, sitting pretty close, his towel is open, his legs are spread and he’s looking right at me, and the guy next to him was rubbing [the man’s] inner thigh.” The man added, “He’s looking right at me, his towel’s off and he’s masturbating.”

But the straw that would break the camel’s back is when the man noticed a third guy who was also allegedly staring at him while masturbating. Thinking there was no escape and that he would be “sexually assaulted” if he stayed, he then fled from the steam room. The fleeing man informed the establishment’s front desk of the activities but he alleged that “nobody took any action.” The straight, single dad also claimed that Equinox gym “had known for as much as 10 years prior that similar wrongful acts were occurring in its steam showers.”

In a recorded interview The Post had gotten, the manager of the establishment supposedly told the complainant that, “It is a problem, and it’s something that every gym in New York City, not just Equinox, has an issue with.”

In your experience, how true is that last statement for you? Are gym steam rooms in New York really steamier than it should be? What about those Adam4Adam members who live in other parts of the US or wherever you are in the world, have you guys ever witnessed (or participated in) any steam room shenanigans? If so, exactly how much sexual activities takes place in gym steam rooms and is it more common today than in the past?

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  1. BigBossBear

    I understand people have their fantasies but they really should stick to bathhouses n private steam rooms. Ive experienced good steam room adventures, but during reserved time at an appropriate establishment. Ive seen some pretty lewd acts in front of minors at these places, done by both married dl men n even young out gays with no common decency. Im all for fun but public places especially where there could be minors present and those who dont want to be involved need to be off limits. These amateur voyeur and exhibition videos have caused some of you to loose sense of reality. You can be put in jail smh

  2. Luigi Nonono

    I hear about such things going on, in suburban gyms mostly, with married guys mostly. I occasionally encountered a traveler looking for action in a gym I went to, but they regularly checked the steam and sauna rooms, so you couldn’t do much there.

  3. Luigi Nonono

    I will also add that I, too, would not appreciate actual sex going on when I’m just trying to have a steam. It’s also highly unsanitary, of course, unless you mop up every drop of cum. I don’t find random sex at all satisfying. To meet there and go elsewhere, that’s fine. And all that sweat, it’s so salty.

  4. dan

    I’ve seen it at several gyms (not in NYC)… in the sauna, steam room, and showers. Most of the time the participants stop when you walk in on them. I’ve been “accidentally brushed” and propositioned several times as well.
    Usually, a stern look is all it takes. Ocassionally I have to something like, “That’s not why I’m here.”
    Only once have I had to say something to management…and that was because the guy was following me everywhere and disrupting my workout.
    Most days, it’s just guys taking care of business and getting on with their day.

    • Pembroke Pines

      Haaaaa!!!. Exactly. Why did it take ten years. All he had to do was give the guys a stern look. It happens everywhere and a single look would put the kibosh on it. I don’t buy that he felt like he might be raped. It took ten years for him to feel afraid.

  5. Dallas

    Gay men looking for dick at the gym? Imagine that. Just another reason society thinks we are sex craved animals and molesters. Keep it in the bedroom.

  6. Andrew

    About damn time, idk if they think this is some porno or cause u gay and horny u can do what ever u want, their r laws u know, and I’m so glad at least a few ppl would be facing the heat, its disgusting to go to a bath house or steam room to use the facilities and some one is having sex and looking at you as if they r inviting u or might rape you right there, I for one know that I am bi but I have my time and place and respect others, I dont go around have random sex with strangers or rendezvous in public setting like this which puts u into the running’s with the law.

  7. John E

    Way back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was a member of the YMCA gym in downtown Houston, Texas. Huge gym, famous for being written up in the national press as a flagship, first-class YMCA facility at a time when gyms were only just beginning to become popular among the mainstream. The locker room was so big that it had many hundreds of lockers on two floors and multiple “wet areas.” The central wet area (communal showers with a dozen shower heads, a 20 man jacuzzi, and a large steam room) was THE place in town to get your wank on! Erections everywhere you looked, playing footsy in the jacuzzi, and blowjobs in the steam room. Mind you, this was *The Young Men’s CHRISTIAN Association*! Located in TEXAS! Circa 1990, more than a decade before Lawrence v. Texas! The members of that YMCA were bankers, lawyers, oil industry men … and more than a few gay men. It was The Village People’s “YMCA” realized. I will never forget the time that the Colt porn star “Bruno,” an icon of the 1970s, visited during a business trip to Houston (I seem to recall that in real life he was an accountant from Miami, his real name was Herman, and he was Cuban rather than Italian), and he stopped by the Y to work out one evening. When he left the crowded weight room in the basement and went upstairs to the locker room, the weight room suddenly got very quiet. At least three dozen guys had trailed along behind “Bruno” to see what they could see in the showers. I sometimes miss those cruisy days at the Y. And yes, management knew what was going on, and they eventually stationed uniformed security guards inside the massive locker room specifically to cut down on the hanky-panky. And while it did slow things down a bit, it never brought it to an end. It was still “fun to play at the YMCA,” to paraphrase the song lyric.

    • Paul

      The same occurred at the Downtown YMCA here in Pittsburgh. Guys were not shy at all! A guy approached me in the shower and said to him are you crazy?! He was rock hard and this was in a communal shower. I was shocked one day when I walked into a sauna and there was my neighbors husband jacking off with another guy at LA Fitness while she was out in the lobby waiting on him. It happens everywhere. Nothing new under the sun.

  8. Jack

    The gym I belong to in northwest Indiana has a steam and sauna . It takes awhile to know who is gay and enjoys fun-in the steam room. I would knee on the bench in the steam room and if a guy is interested he would walk behind and tap my ass . I’d wiggle my ass. Then he would fuck me . Same with sucking . The custodian caught a few peeks and pulled me aside later and sad I have two choices suck his dick in the mop room or be reported . Well 2 years later and a stomach full of cum , lol .

  9. Shan Dong

    Steam rooms and saunas have always been cum dumps. This is true internationally. I was in a steam room in Asia and there was so much coconut cream on the floor that I almost fell on my ass. And the sauna was a bukkake box.

  10. bjjj

    In an regular gym where there are straight guys sharing the same steam room, sexual contact between others should be done in private. It would never offend me, but it does some people. (of course I’m gay). Wish there were more bath houses around that gay guys could go to and enjoy the surroundings, and be comfortable with the action going on. Many of them have gyms, steam rooms, hot tubs, pools, and sexual action and being naked is the norm. But, why do people make such an issue of it. Guys are suppose to be naked, in locker rooms, steam rooms, etc. It’s not something to bring to a legal situation over. I agree I’m sure it’s very common place in most saunas, locker rooms, pools, and hot tubs.

  11. Bobby Gerkins

    If this is a true story that guy is an idiot. NO one was going to assault him. It’s just dudes being dudes. Damn.

  12. HornyBottom

    Some of my first sexual experiences were in the steam room at the gym. Growing up a closeted gay boy in the south, being out wasn’t an option. Discreet play was the only option for me. Now I just find it fucking hot. It happens ALL THE TIME in the Vegas spas. Constantly.

  13. HumanRights

    I haven’t had too much opportunity to experience it, but I know it is pretty common. What the issue at hand here is not the activity, but the reasons for the activity: LGBTQ men are still not comfortable with who they are, not to mention society’s current view of us (cough cough, Trump is this thing we call president). We NEED education — yet it’s been taken, and we NEED that education to include teaching men how to be accepted, how to accept themselves, how to feel without shame for feeling, and how to respect sex vs nonsex brain and behavior. Kids get it, us adults are stupid… probably because puberty and sex are a thing that occurred later in life.

  14. andy19806

    Last place I had steam room action was in Greece which was amazing. Seems most places here are requiring bathing suits and many making them coed to prevent the fun. Besides it been a lot of years since some stared at me in a steam room. LOL

  15. latinlust69

    I’ve been in a few gym steam rooms over time. When there were single sex steam rooms it could get a little “heated”at times! Even in the dry sauna! I had a regular jo bud at 24hour for a couple years. Never jacked each other but did penetrate his ass with my big toe on occasion. Seen guys suck and even fuck while i kept watch. Got blown a few times in the steam room of a Mormon owned gym too.

  16. david

    I have always had great sex, fun etc in the steam/sauna on cruise ships. Im my area too many straight guys go to the gym near by and are too afraid of loosing their virginity..ooops I meant to say membership

  17. Mark

    The over zealous gays or dl’s seem to ruin it for everyone. They chase everything they are into regardless of any recip and will cock block anyone at anytime if they cant get it.

  18. Franz

    C’mon give me a break that shit been going on for decades,,Anyone that’s not into that sleazy steam room fun usually stay’s outta there.

  19. Hunter0500

    Any gay guy who thinks being gay entitles him to sex himself anyplace, anytime, infront of anyone, in a public space is an ass. He’ll be the first to cry bigotry and that he’s not being respected for his diversity when called on the carpet for stupid behavior. Respect is a two way street.

  20. Dave

    Three guys were jacking off in a steam room. Nobody made a move toward the “offended” guy, yet there he was experiencing gay panic. Who’s the real victim here? The guy who’s suing the gym should just find another gym to go to if he can.

  21. Jbobblj

    Back in the early 90s i had several trysts in the steamroom. Hell the dry sauna was hot too. Sucked a married guy in thete. He had 11″

    • Jockn2cbt

      Are you kidding? All I ever had to do at a west hollywood gym was open the towel a little and give my cock a twitch and I’d have three guys mouthing me instantly. Getting caught at 24hr there can revoke your membership even though it’s in the middle of the happiest place on earth, gaywise, so to speak. And yes, when I travel, seems all gym wet areas are a little cruisy, big cities are bolder about it. I will agree some guys get stupid about it like they have a license to do as they please. Lots of guys have lewd and lucidious on their rap sheets too. Life is about moderation. Don’t have to be a prude 24/7, but at the same time don’t expect others to be on the same page when you do less than discreet things. Anybody can sue anyone over anything. I very much doubt this guy has much of a case. Are we going to transfer guards from schools and airports to monitor mens’ rooms? And how does all this security get paid for? If this suit wins, expect gyms to close up the locker rooms entirely and their members can drive home to shower. We lost my gym’s jacuzzi to the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was cheaper to fill it in than buy the $5000 sling for whatever disabled person I never saw at the gym needed to use to get in and out with.

  22. Lamar

    I worked pt at the downtown ‘Y’ membership desk in my hometown. People were trying to get an honest work-out in before work, after and on lunch-break; having to deal with this kind of messiness it was as an openly gay male, it was disgusting. Those of us with better self conduct, felt it shed a bad light on the rest of us.

  23. Randy

    When I would visit NYC, I stayed at the Westside YMCA. The steam room was busy there. I got several body rubs and a hand job there. I saw a few guys shake there heads no and they were then left alone. The steam fog was very dense and you seldom were seen by anyone.

  24. Kyle

    Interestingly the man said he was in for a meditative session. One might assume his eyes would be closed so as to not distract from his trance. Why were his eyes open and this drawn to the other men?

  25. Tee

    This happens in every corner of the Earth. In every country. This is nothing new. If you go to a gym, spa, or sauna, expect to see something like this every now and then.

  26. Randy

    Naked men + steam = go figure… Anywhere and everywhere. Certain gyms have retained a fun friendly reputation, however, men will be men at the gym. I’ve been guilty of fooling around in a public gym but I am not proud of it. There are bathhouses for that. Making out in a public gym is rude to other members.

  27. Chance Johnson

    Diseased shit like this always goes on in Chicago gyms such as xsport etc. The gays that goes there are so filthy that its not even interesting. I am so glad that now that someone filed a federal lawsuit on the owner and now the FBI are sending undercover guys in those gym to catch these cum drunk gays and are locking them bitches up and exposing them to all other gyms in Chicago and work establishments. This kind of shit is what has given gays bad reputation over the years and gays use to be of respect and class and now all that has became just a pile of diseased aids; don’t give a fuck if I infect shit. So guys please don’t let your lust be your cause of death or don’t let people that know you; find your id over the internet as being caught sucking and getting fucked in a gym.

  28. Jockn2cbt

    Wow, Chance, how many concussions were you given with that thick ass bible? That said, I agree gays are responsible for their behavior. If you dare cruise a straight gym and end up with a sexual predator conviction don’t go crying to anyone but yourself. As far as this guy’s lawsuit, it’s a tempest in a teapot. I think the overwhelming majority of gays would back off it someone got angry about a proposition, we’re just not that “rapey” as a group. I have had to knock a couple aggressive trolls on their asses in baths because they just can not not touch, even when you warn them repeatedly. It’s called discretion boys, learn to use it.

  29. John

    For the most part being that I am closeted my playing takes place usually in private or appropriate places. HOWEVER. There is a cute twink at my gym. I know he’s gay and I’d never spoken to him. I’d heard stories about his activities in the locker room.
    I am usually a morning workout person. One day it so happened that I got there around 3pm. Parking lot empty. I go in the locker room and get undressed. Sitting on a stool naked and a hot bubble ass goes by inches from my face. I recognize the hot twink and my cock stirs. I’ll be damn if he doesn’t turn and smile as well as shake his 7” cock at me. He went behind the end of a row of lockers. I thought WTF so I started stroking my cock. He motioned me to come to him. I did and sat on a stool in front of him to suck and rim him while I jacked off and he watched for anyone. I went at him for about 10 minutes until I heard him gasping while my tongue was deep in his asshole. He stood up, put his cock back in my mouth and gave me a huge load while I unloaded on the floor. A few weeks later I had his bare cock in my fuckhole at his house. Oh man am I horny

  30. ISOLTRjock

    The comments which oppose sexual activity in straight/mixed gyms get two thumbs up from me. My gym is straight and family oriented. I don’t go there for sexual activity and I strongly oppose anyone else doing that. I’ve had a few great dates at this gym. I agree with those who say take it elsewhere, i.e., “Get a room.”

  31. Rick

    The guys complaining here are probably guys who never get invited to ‘the party’ and are just bitter.

    There is a lot of lookism that goes on in The Community.

  32. Gage

    Lol…. this is so common and use to be more so. I’ve been in YMCAs and other gyms that
    had more play going on than many bath houses I’ve been to. Ive been in gyms that 7 guys were jacking off and playing in the steam room at once. If you don’t like it….. leave .

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