Style: 2(X)ist Classics

Fads come and go, but a classic stays eternal. For a lot of us, our male friends in their tighty whities were probably the first thing we jacked off to growing up. You’ve probably even swum in the the neighborhood lake or river with these on and stared longingly at your guy friends who were wearing the same.

If It’s still something that turns you on to this day and you’ve been itching to get you or your partner a new pair, then Adam4Adam Underwear has the perfect deal for you. Buy a three-pack of their Essential Contour Pouch Brief at only $34. It’s got the 2(x)ist signature Contour Pouch for extra support, and is a no-fail basic you’ll love.

If tighty whities aren’t your style, Adam4Adam Underwear has plenty of other styles to choose from.

Did you grow up crushing on jocks? Did you watch them on the field, bodies more developed than yours, sweating as they exerted all that effort. Did you ever think about what all that physical exertion did to their jockstraps? Adam4Adam Underwear has those as well. Prefer the directness of a thong? You can find those in Adam4Adam Underwear as well.

Have any of you tried out any of these styles before? What has been your experience with the 2(x)ist classic tighty whities? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section below!

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  1. bjjj

    I have a whole drawer of tighty whities, but usually wear bikini briefs as I think I look more hot and sexy in them. However I like the tighty whities when guys have piss, cum, and poo stains in them. It’s hot to take a guys underwear, put them over my head and smell and taste them as I jerk off.

  2. Richard

    I love to wear bikini briefs by 2(x)ist. I look hot and sexy in them. It turns me on when we are undressing each other and he has on some hot and sexy 2(x)ist underwear. I just love underwear. Just love the he way 2(x)ist undies show off a nice bulge. A guy in a pair off white undies are very hot!

    • Njguy39

      Totally agree. I have a thing for underwear, a nice bulge to play with and pleasure is what turns me on the most. All about the bulge 🙂

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