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Sex Toys: Your Free Gifts For March

If you’ve been looking for new toys this month but don’t have the budget to march into a store and buy one, there’s no need to worry. Adam4Adam has got two new free items for you this month of March, and all you need to do to get them is follow some simple instructions.

This month, the two free items we have on offer is the 18-inch Anal Snake and three free cock rings.

The Hosed 18-Inch Swirl Thick Anal Snake is long, girthy, and sure to loosen your hole for any dick that comes after. It’s flexible so it curves with your inner walls, and it’s ridged to deliver sensation as it goes deeper and deeper into you. While you’d usually pay $49.95 for this, you can get it for free by doing the following:

1. Add this to your cart

2. Add $99 worth of anything else to your cart.

3. Enter coupon: A4AHOSED2018 at checkout.


If you’re a cock ring enthusiast, then you should definitely get the Super Stretchy Performance Cock Rings. No frills and easy to use, these cock rings can fit over most cocks and prolong penetration and sexual activity. The cocks rings cost $6 per pack, but get them for free by following these instructions:

1. Add this to your cart

2. Add anything else to your cart.

3. Enter coupon: A4A3STRETCHY2018 at checkout.



Both items are only available until supplies last, or until this giveaway expires on March 26, 2018. Have fun and stay safe!


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