Photography: Adam4Adam’s Photoshoot in NYC

Hey, guys! As some of you would remember, we made a casting call for the Adam4Adam NYC photo shoot last March 2. First off, we would like to thank all the Adam4Adam users who responded to our notice and submitted their photos, we appreciate it very much.

From these submissions, we selected two models, Steven and John. Steven is a muscly bearded redhead sexy man and his username is gingermuscle.  John is a beautiful slender man who just started modeling professionally in NYC and his username is LovingJR. Congratulations to both for being selected as part of Adam4Adam’s photoshoot. As you all know, it is for our redesigned app and website that’s coming very soon, so you’ll see them on the home page and in other Adam4Adam promotional content.

That being said, are you guys ready for the new app and website? Adam4Adam members can expect a fresh look and a whole load of exciting new features. We already started to test the website with 2,000 users every day, and the app is still being tested internally with staff and everyone loves it. It is modern and powerful!

Meantime, we are showing that photo from the shoot we did last week in New York with Steven and John. We had a wonderful time doing it and we are happy to share some of the fabulous behind-the-scene photos for your viewing pleasure on our Instagram account at @adam4adamofficial.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Hunter0500

    Was thinking the same thing. These two guys are at least more toward the kind of guys you’d run into at work or the hardware store. Somewhat primped and preened, but not deep into “Wilshire Boulevard”. A look at profiles from any city on this site gives an idea of “Main Street” (the majority of) gay guys look like.

    Was at a great play party recently with about a dozen guys. There were guys with some extra weight and some guys with some extra years. Not one was built like the two slim, younger winners here or the pictures of guys most often put up by the site.

    Talking about and demanding acceptance of “diversity”, is empty if we ourselves are not going to walk the walk.

  2. bjjj

    Love the photo at the top of this blog. It’s really hot having a white guy and black guy showing us that race doesn’t matter. It’s all about love, care, and affection, and of course sexual fun with each other. I am white, and my love is also black, and we have the greatest relationship ever.

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