Contest: Win a Tenga Masturbator Egg!

Easter is just a few days away, and pretty soon kids will be out hunting Easter Eggs. But why should the kids have all the fun? Join our Tenga Egg giveaway and have Easter fun with an entirely different kind of egg. Read all the details below.

The Tenga Egg is a popular toy for masturbation that comes in a variety of designs. Each egg contains a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve that suits most sizes. The design reflects the egg’s internal details, each of which give users different sensations as they use it.

The Adam4Adam Store currently has the Tenga x Keith Haring series available. The Keith Haring Collaboration was made with the belief that to enjoy sexuality is not something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about. In fact, the collection description reads: “The healthy practice of sexuality is a sure way of enriching your life. If only people everywhere, could safely and freely enjoy their sexuality. With the Keith Haring Collaboration products, we aim to realize such a fun and wonderful world. Get the party started! The fine details ascend from a mellow stimulation, building up slowly for a slow, decadent stimulation.” See the video below to see how it stretches and how this product is fantastic (I tried it… and loved it).

How to Win a Tenga Egg?

Today, we’re giving 6 of these eggs to you guys. Here is how to participate:

  • On Instagram : We are giving 3 eggs on our Instagram account (@adam4adamofficial). Simply comment why you deserve a free Tenga egg and we’ll pick 3 random guys. Easy right?!
  • On the blog : Same process, just leave a comment below and tell us why we should send you a Tenga Egg. Be creative and funny, and we’ll select 3 winners here too.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to participate on both Instagram and the blog to double your chances. Check out the photos below to see the different textures. Winners will be announced Sunday morning 10am ET. Good luck and Happy Easter to all!




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  1. Troy A. Ludu

    OMG, Do I need that egg! I’ve got a hot new young friend in my life and he has a hard time relaxing enough to handle my dick (if you know what I mean). We are really trying to keep things exciting but we’re running out of things to do since he can’t take my dick (yet). Please help me keep the young stud in this old guy’s life!

  2. Curtis

    I should win a Tenga Egg because Ive been single for coming up on 5 years and I rarely have sexual encounters with other guys because of me being shy. So this egg will Definitely Help me get some of the edge off in the bedroom

  3. Ric

    I would very much like to win this! It seems like an interesting concept for someone who doesn’t get to bottom as much as I want to. I’ve been very much debating on purchasing my first toy, but I cannot decide on the right cock! I can only imagine how this would break my into my toy-venture. (fingers crossed)

  4. Warren

    It would be eggcellent to have one of these. It would be eggciting to play with this. I would dye to have one. It will make me hoppy to have one.

  5. Larenzo A

    The Easter Bunny gave me a bunch of eggs but when I use them they don’t feel that great. It’s getting pretty slimey. Jesus didn’t die for our sins so we could have a gooey mess after playtime…

    Actually, a gooey mess sounds kinda fun.

  6. Mark

    You need to send me the Tenga Egg as I’ve been single for 14 years now, live in a National Forest where Gay Men are few and far between, even the Bigfoot roaming the woods are tired of me hitting on them! Need some Spice for the “Do it yourself” activities….!! Looking to Hatch a Happy Ending. !!

  7. michael b

    Adam4adam i should get a free tenga egg. It would go perfectly in the drawer next to the bed.
    Also the easter bunny is putting on the snow plow on his truck here in Denver therefore I’ll put the plowing onto the tenga egg when i win it.

  8. Cruz

    I work all Easter weekend! I won’t be finding any eggs! Give this guy a fighting chance to get an egg! And I’ll do with it what I do with everything I get my hands on…..I’ll fuck it!

  9. Michael

    I should get a Tenga Masturbator Egg because I am EGGS-ACTLY the type of person to use such a precious tool for pleasure.
    It would be EGGS-cellant for me to brag to all of my friends that I have the Tenga Masturbator Egg for my personal pleasure.
    My friends won’t think I’m showing off too much because they will think it is not so
    EGGS-stragalent but they couldn’t be more wrong – it not an EGGS-aggregated tool to achieve personal pleasure but it sure will make me a lot less sEGGS-xually frustated because of how it fulfills my sEEGS-xual primal desires to bust a nut.
    That is why I should receive my very own Tenga Masturbator Egg.

  10. Luke

    I think I deserve an egg because I have never had a toy to play with before. Just came out to my family and friends and would like something to reward myself for such an accomplishment. It sure would be “egg”citing to win something!

  11. Mike

    So I can Tenga a good time with egglands best from Tenga. I would have a spot for my eggplant, ha! Those are the best yolks I could come up with until I can smash an egg with my cock.

  12. Cristian Campuzano-Sanchez

    I want to have the tenga egg so I can relax my 22 year old ass into pure heaven. I usually use my finger or some man’s tongue but the egg would be a much better replacement

  13. Jeff

    I’m hoping at least I’ll be able to bounce my eggs somewhere, perhaps with a new Tenga Egg. Can’t bake a cake without cracking a few eggs.

  14. Joe

    I should win an egg , it would benefit my community. I would make sure to share the joy of it with all the guys in the community I hookup with. Would put a smile on more than just one face

  15. Brock

    I’d love to have an eggciting time trying out a new Tenga egg. It could help my profile out with some hot new pictures. Happy Easter and good luck to everyone!

  16. anhedonius

    Because I’ve found that neither Faberge eggs nor hard-boiled eggs really get the job done right no matter how much you try, so I need an alternative.

  17. Sean

    My husband has to work all Easter weekend, so I won’t see him to help him find any eggs! So I need the egg to help spice up our life-and it is an egg he’ll enjoy!!!

  18. Riley

    I would love to win a Tenga Egg. I’m still figuring out sex for me. I’ve never used any toys before and I would love to try one out. If it works for me, I’d love to buy more!

  19. Bill

    Not asking for one, as I bought a dozen at an ABS in Macon. They were in the clearance pile with no one knowing what they were. They last forever and are great anywhere.

  20. J

    I want some goodies to fill my basket. If you can’t find a cream filled egg, why not make your own? I also love Keith Haring’s artwork. How often do you get a chance to fuck a piece of art?

  21. Tony

    Why? Because it’s a wierd consept that neither Alfred Kinsley or Sigmund Freud ever thought. Some idot was like let mold a sleeve into an egg, and now it sell like hot cakes, and I want one.

  22. Chuck Rankin

    When I was a little boy…I was forced to go out to the hen house and gather eggs. I would approach the nest and damn….the stupid chicken would still be sitting on the eggs. So I slid my hand underneath the feathers that covered the breasts of the chicken…soft supple…egads…”cluck..CLUCK”….OUCH! The damned bitchy bird drew blood on my wrist.

    Why did my mommy make me touch the breasts of a chicken…just to get those damned eggs? I like men…and bouncy breasts…..just make me think of a big glass of MILK.

    I need to be re-trained into the appreciations of what would make me cum first….the chicken or the egg….

  23. Jim

    You should pick me because I will masturbate in a group video chat room & When people ask “what is that you’re jerking off with?” I will say “the Tenga Egg and it feels f*cking amazing!!”
    Masturbation , product placement and promotion all in one jack off session .

  24. Randy

    Eggsactly what I need maybe this can help me be faithful… This looks great I guess good things do come in small packages

  25. Mattw

    I think I should get one, it’s been ten months since I last had any sexual contact plus I broke my tooth…face it my love life is over!

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