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Sexuality: Tips For Tops Who Want To Bottom

When it comes to the subject of tops and bottoms, most gay guys seem set in their ways. Unless they’re vers, there’s very little movement from top to bottom or vice versa, pun intended.

However, there are those tops who meet that special guy that makes them decide maybe it’s worth it to be the bottom for once. If you’re one of those guys, you’re in luck. Here’s our list of tips for top looking to bottom for the first time.

1. Lube up

It can’t be said often enough: lube is really, really important, especially if it’s your first time taking a dick. Don’t be afraid to be liberal with applying it on your hole and on your partner’s cock — it’s hard to get pleasure out of bottoming when you have to wince all throughout. Get free lube here!

Another great way to prepare yourself for bottoming is with dilating your asshole. Doing so helps your muscles relax and makes it easier for you to lubricate your anal canal. If this is something you want to try out there’s plenty of anal training kits in the Adam4Adam Store to try out.

2. Assume the position

Of course, there is no one perfect position as it depends on how your bodies respond to one another. However, it is a good idea to have yourself on top of your top so you get to control how deep, how hard, and how fast the top can go. Switch your positions up once you’re no longer feeling any discomfort. You can even have him stick it in you deeper, faster, and harder.

3. Talk to him

Bottoming for the first time can be a really intense experience, so make sure that you’re telling your partner everything that’s going on while it’s happening — whether it’s painful, pleasurable, or whatnot. Unless your partner’s an asshole, they’re going to appreciate you telling them that what they’re doing is making you feel good.

It’s just three tips, but these are ones that are sure to make your first time bottoming an enjoyable experience. If any of our Adam4Adam blog readers have any other helpful suggestions, feel free to tell us all about it! Share your thoughts and advice to us and other readers by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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  1. Tired OfIt

    LOL! First thing “ubertops” who decide to flip learn is, “Geez, now I know why bottoms get pissed off when I want it NOW and they’rd not ready yet!” Hosing out. and dietary intake in order to be a clean, pleasurable fuck takes a lotta WORK!

  2. Preston

    Hello I’ve been a bottom all my life at the age of 8 or 9 years old. Think.. bottoming can be fun. You get to explore ways of how and or what titillates your body. Or make feel REALLY GOOD.

    Most importantly, if its your 1st time, you much practice on yourself. A good way to do that, is by finger and of course must have LUBE.

    Your anal is all muscles and inner tissue.

    When people go to the bathroom, and need too do a #2 badly, and you release to poop. That is muscle

    Soon in order to relax that muscle, in a gentle way, you’d want to lube it up and massage that outter anal muscle until it’s lose enough to slide in a bit deeper.

    If he’s toppging be sure that he’s patient with you while he’s working in. You

    NEVER EVER go dry

      • Matt

        Lol Dave. Very hot. Love tight azz….Good lube is the key. When I was married to my wife I use to get jealous when I banged her. She would be in another world having multiple orgasms from my good dick. As a total top I then started banging guys and would get the same reaction from them. I decided to try to bottom. I started off small with a guy with a 6 in cock. It felt sensational once we got it in. Hurt just a little. This went on for a while. Then I went on a business trip to Georgia and met a black guy to a bar called Bulldog. We ended up going to my room. OMG. He was about 9 inches but not too thick. That was the best dick I ever had. I realized I had never been fucked until I met him. He went deep inside me where no one had been. I then realized what it really felt like to bottom. Lol. Being a true top I bottom now only about 5%. I was intrigued to find out what all the hoopla about and I

      • DayShadow

        And I’ll ask you the same thing. How much lube do you use when you go to the bathroom? I never use it and never needed to my bf is ten inches. If you’re using lube you’re doing it wrong. Clearly you fail to realize how slick the inside of you is.

        • argcub

          Actually, its a combination of things when you go to the bathroom. Your insides are slick, but your shit is also oily, so that provides lubrication. A dick is dry… and it’s a scientific fact that not using lube will increase the chances of tears to the anal canal.

  3. Sexdad

    Plan ahead, I keep a cleaning kit and lube in my vehicle. If I know in advance the guy I am meeting is well hung I use a toy to loosen up.

  4. DayShadow

    I’ve been reading these comments I don’t think any of you have heard of “Pure for Men”, that stuff works guys. You’re all talking about how much work you’re putting into bottoming. If it’s taking you more than five minutes, and I mean five minutes max, you need to start taking this stuff everytime you eat. 95% of the time I wouldn’t even need to but I do anyhow for good measure. I can be ready to go in the time it takes you to pee.

  5. Tee

    As a top, wouldn’t this already be something they would already know? I’m a top that has bottomed a couple times, Commonsense would tell me to lube and clean myself out if planned. I may I have had spontaneous sex, but at least there was lube, And very little talking. This should actually be a recap for bottoms. I have come across some nasty bottoms.

  6. wondering

    I top my bud. It drives him crazy to the point where he can cum without touching his dick.

    I agreed to bottom for him. No fireworks, no intense feeling. Guess I’m not wired that way.

    (annual physicals confirm my prostate is doing just fine).

    Anyone else have the same experience?

    • Hunter0500

      No wow for me either. Not wired. I “take one for the team” because two of my buds like to top now and then. (Not at the same time.) Both take their time and are attentive so it’s doable.

  7. Johnni

    I’m a bottom cause I always new I wanted to be controlled n submit by a man n I dont top cause I’m 4.5 n I belive bigger the more intiled for the job n I always sumit

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