Fashion: Rainbow Will Rule The Runway At Burberry Show

Burberry chief creative office and president Christopher Bailey will be saying goodbye to the iconic British brand in a fabulous way at the London Fashion Week. After working for the brand for 17 years, Bailey is using the fashion house’s Fall 2018 collection to bid farewell while at the same time show his support for the LGBTQ community.

Rather than using Burberry’s iconic brown and black checked pattern, Bailey swapped it for rainbow hues. Additionally, Bailey also dedicated the line to LGBTQ people all over the world.

Bailey first announced the plan on Instagram, posting a photo of the rainbow-line fabric and captioning it with: “There has been a more important time to say that in our diversity lies our strength, and our creativity.”


Bailey’s final line for Burberry is being released in partnership with three LGBTQ charities: the Albert Kennedy Project, the Trevor Project, and ILGA (The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association).

Bailey is himself an openly gay man who has been in a relationship with British actor Simon Woods since 2009. The pair married in 2012 and have two daughters.

Make sure to check out the show tomorrow February 17th, live on Burberry’s website. Are you guys excited to see what Bailey’s final line for Burberry will look like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. Matt

    I’m so sick of the demeaning rainbow=gay crap. It’s all so vapid and shallow. I wish gay men would stop living to be caricatures.

    • Dave

      I dont understand your comment? An international company offers its support to gay organizations to help gay people around the world, and you’re mad at the rainbow flag instead of being happy of such an extraordinary initiative?

      • Matt

        The initiative is demeaning to gay men because it seeks to pigeonhole them by labeling them as “rainbow” people–and then to profit from it–when the reality of gay men is that there are a LOT of us that are dismayed and appalled by the rainbow mentality. Then factor in the economic opportunism of saying “hey we support gay people so buy our products” which uses the supposed “OK with gay” stance to line their pockets. It’s hypocritical and immoral. Deeply insulting to every one of us.

  2. Matt

    So Dave, to recap, you’re OK with opportunistic vultures making money for themselves as long as they say they care about gays? THAT is the hypocrisy of Burberry in this situation. If they wanted to give money to gay causes they could have just given money to gay causes and done the right thing. Instead they say they are going to give money to gay causes and the breathless media throws them a champagne bash and crowns them king because Burberry wanted people to be aware they are doing the right thing, but are they? Nope. Now, because people “think” Burberry has done “something” all they have to do is donate $1.49 (i.e. crumbs) and call it good. It’s opportunism and greed, nothing more.

    • Dave

      The designer is an openly gay man. They will also help world renown gay organism, I doubt they will give $1.50, because this would come out in the media. Of course there’s some PR behind all this, but also think that not many fashion company would do that move, they are all scared of loosing precious clients, so in that sense, I think Burberry made a big step.

  3. Randal

    The fashion industry and its transgender models need to get a grip on reality and join the rest of us in the real world. I for one don’t want to go around looking or smelling like a faggot. I’m a guy who just wants to look and dress like a guy. What I do in my bedroom is my business and I am sure that the majority of us don’t want to know what transgender people do in their bedrooms!

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