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Fantasy: From Friends to Fuck Buddies

Admit it. There have been times in your life when you’ve wished or fantasized about a friend of yours becoming a fuck buddy or something more. After all, with friends you get to bypass the sometimes tedious and awkward getting-to-know-you stage that you have to go through with a stranger. If it’s a really close friend, there might even be the promise of a deeper connection depending on how intimately you know each other.

This is a common enough fantasy that gay porn often ends up using it. For instance, Next Door Raw’s latest scene features a storyline where actors Sin Jet and Markie More play old friends who reunite unexpectedly on a beach. Markie’s generous offer to share his home with Jet soon leads to steamy bareback sex that’s sure to be enjoyed by Next Door Raw fans.

Of course, real life is much more complicated. Making a friend a fuck buddy doesn’t always end happily. Sex always complicates things, and turning a friendship into something sexual could just break that relationship.

We want to know if any of you have ever had this fantasy? Better yet, have you actually turned this fantasy into reality? How did it happen and how did it affect your friendship? If you’ve got any hot stories, share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Jeremy

    I have experienced this twice. Best friends since childhood and one night while out chasing girls at the bars he meets a nice looking coed and asks to take her home. It’s raining and we were in my car so I drove them to his place and she asks me to join them. We had a very interesting 3 some and afterwords she asks us to perform oral on each other. We were reluctant at first but she got the ball rolling and soon he and I were going at each other like long time lovers. This started a very long lasting fuck buddy situation even after he got married. It’s 29 years later and we still hook up now and then. Didn’t ruin our friendship as we still socialize with the same group we just have a secret relationship and don’t always act on it. We just have a certain sexual chemistry that is undeniable. The second one didn’t work out too well and ruined our friendship completely.

  2. Luigi Nonono

    I think that does not exist. From friends to lovers, yes. From fuck buddies to friends, yes. Fuck buddies implies a level of exploitation that is not consistent with friendship. Is there even such a thing as a fuck buddy? Not in my experience.

    • John

      It is perfectly possible to maintain strictly platonic relationship that does involve physical intimacy – just like you can have sex with someone but not be in love with them.

    • jaeger83

      I really don’t see why this has to be the case. My friend can’t pleasure me a little (or me pleasure him) without it being exploitation?

  3. Rano

    I have this fantasy a married buddy and he seems into things but I m not do sure and I don’t vwant to break up the friendship. He often offer me sleep in their home and I have a special room but he never enter to that room while I m in that room. So it kinds of double messages. I like to fuck him because he has a cute ass. Nice face and hot body

  4. R-L-S

    Ooh, definitely had sex with a buddy of mine. We were co-workers and started hanging out as platonic friends. As time went on (2 months, lol), I had a sense of him wanting to hookup. The attraction was there and very strong!

    One day after working the night shift, he invited me over to spend the night instead of me driving all the way home (this wasn’t the 1st sleepover for me). But for this particular time.. the next day we were in bed both in our boxers. Me with a raging Hard-on went to the bathroom. As I was getting back in bed he was looking Hot/Sexy as ever. The pheromones was think and heavy in the air.
    I was resisting to jump on top of him and I know he was doing the same. After 15 minutes or so, I said to myself, “the hell with”, (my hormones was off the charts). I decided to go for it and jumped on top of Him and He did not resist! (Big surprise there, lol!). That was the green light that we both needed! The sex was Hot! . He was a Vets Top and at that time I considered myself a Vers guy.

    Fellas, I tell you!!.. we COULD not keep our hands off each other. My legs/hole/mouth was open for Him and His was for me! There was just something about him, I could not resist him and He felt the same, . This guy had a 10 inch beautiful black dick . I made it a mission (To myself) to try and take all 10 inches down my throat. Sometimes I was successful, and other times I wasn’t.
    After 2 yrs or so, the friendship/Sex had to came to an end.. the friendship did not end well.

    Overall, I have No regrets over our sexcapades!
    Just thinking/writing this is getting me horny! .

  5. Kirt28202

    I have thought about it, but not going to cross that line. I like keeping my close friends as is and nothing more. That was easy.

  6. Wayne

    Naw, my close friends are masculine and they do nothing for me. I had one fem friend but we stop being friends because I wouldn’t fuck around with them. I had sex partners come and go that they never approved of. Bottom line they want to have sex with me for the longest. The problem started when I admitted that i knew that from day one at and thought about it too, but didn’t want to mess up our friendship. This pissed them off and the name calling stated. BYE TO THAT BS. Friends and sex don’t mixed well. Any friend I have now aren’t into gay sex that I know of.

  7. Matt

    Gay men fuck their friends all the time. Many gay men become friends with men they’ve fucked. The notion that a gay man would ripple with pleasure over his best friend and not act on it is ridiculous. Because gay men are likely to have other gay men as their friends, there is no impediment to fucking.

  8. bislusty10

    It’s easier to go from fuck buddy to friend. I’ve had fantasies about guys that I was friendly with. I did one time come out and tell a guy that I am bi. Nothing developed from that.

  9. shaun

    i have a lovely black friend who i see every day . i have known him for about 2yrs. and we get on great we work together and at weekends we go out together, but i did not think about him sexually. at least not until now.! we were out having a drink and i needed the toilet, i went in to the toilet and my friend was in . i was at the urinal and glanced down at his Cock, my God it was huge, must have been at least 10 inches long.!! i quickly turned away and said nothing and went quickly back to the bar, but i could not stop thinking about his cock. later on that night in bed i was masterbating thnking about his big cock and what it would be like to suck it.! now i think about it all the time. i can’t get it out of my head . I want to have sex with him so bad, i need that big Cock of his inside me so much.! I finally got the courage to ask him.! and to my surprise he said yes ok.! now we have fantasic sex and have moved in together… happy days….

  10. DJ

    I’ve had sex with a couple of friends and it has turned out well. Some I still sleep with and some are just friends. I’ve had sex with a Miami Dolphins linebacker and a basketball player from the Orlando Magic. To me a guy is a guy. Some you connect with on a greater level and some are just ment to be a one-night stand. No matter the type of guy, I prefer a sexual encounter with someone I can feel like I’m making love to. That’s the best sex ever for me. So far, that has only been with one person and he was comfortable with himself and we had the best time ever.

  11. BryBry

    I had a best friend that I hung out with, played raquetball, went to after work dinner. He even risked not getting married when his fiance didn’t want me to be Best Man at his wedding.

    At the end of our evenings (no sex) we would hug and sometimes I would kiss him on the cheek or a small peck on the lips. He said the kisses made him uncomfortable so I stopped hugging or kissing and we remained best friends.

    Months later, he told me that he missed our hugs. So I resumed hugging. I asked if he missed the kisses too and he said he did, so the pecks resumed.

    He subsequently got married and the wife had him out a distance between us. We never had sex even though he did invite me to crash at his place a few times and would eat popcorn out of a bowl I would hold between my legs when watching a movie together.

    I never tried sex with him though.

    We haven’t seen each other nor spoken years! I still think he’s a great guy and like looking at our pics together at his wedding with his arm around me.

  12. Joe

    I’ve done it with friends a few times and only one became N issue ,, kinda funny though
    We had 3 way with his gf,, (best friend of my gf at the time ) we were partying and it just kinda happened..I was fucking his gf and she was sucking his balls … his rock hard dick was only inches from my face ,, so I just went for it… as I did Las her ,he was fucking my face ..he came very fast ..and she did as well… ..I thought it was hot as fuck ..
    Well Monday came (we worked together) and at work he was distant … when we took a lunch break … he said, that it was wrong and we should never go there again …
    At this point I was realizing that I was gay … I did manage to suck him off 3 more times …and the last time he said he never wanted to hear from me again. ….quit his job and vanished..
    It’s been 20 years now and he found me on FB …. never married , still lives with his mother..and now we ts to come hang out with me I live Hawaii….so we will see what happens next … I’m down ..he’s got a sweet big dick …. and I’ve become a very good cocksucker since we last saw each other ….(practice makes perfect huney) I’m just worried that he will want to stay forever …lo l

  13. cuteblackjock

    I wanted my doctor for a long time ( full disclosure I am an ex pat so the dynamics and laws were different in the country). I am insecure about my cock size and told this to him. I could tell he was attracted to me for a long time. He always sent the nurse away, which in the country we lived in, was mandatory for examinations. One day as we discussed my cock, I asked if I could see his. he was a bit shy but he took it out. God it was gorgeous, beautiful head, thick, nice balls. before I knew he leaned it for a kiss. I grabbed his balls and we kissed passionately. now the doors in the doctor’s office don’t lock, so we sucked each other off against the door, and he came down my throat. We had a two year relationship of sucking and kissing. most times in his office on his gurney and few times at his apartment. he gained weight I saw him recently. same old spark isn’t there but sure, do jack off about him often. I recently caught up with another friend, whom, when I was 11 and he was 12 I would play with his monster cock under the sheet during the lunch at school at his place. he’s married now, gained a bit of weight but I want him. Hoping I can turn him into my fuck buddy. Wish me luck boys. my profile on adam4adam if anyone wants to get in touch: cuteblackjock

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