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Adam4Adam is Looking for You!

Got a story? You know—the “how we met at Adam4Adam” kind? If so, then you are the one we’re looking for!

Maybe you guys got married after finding each other here on A4A? Perhaps your romance was the slow burn type, you’d talk this week followed by a month or so of silence before the two of you would again say hi. It took a year for the both of you to decide to meet face-to-face but it only took a second to realize he was the one meant for you for life.

Were you the type who loved sending smiles here at A4A only to find out that—horror of horrors—you’ve sent one to a guy you met through a common friend’s birthday party? But he only laughed it off and one thing led to another and before you knew it, you’re moving in together.

Maybe you’ve known each other forever but the two of you never knew the other was gay. Up until you stumbled upon each other here at Adam4Adam. You two got to talking and the rest, as they say, is history.

Or you guys met for a date 10 years ago on Adam4Adam but your relation evolved and he became your best friend and are now always together?

Could it be that you’re this guy who moved to another country just so he could be with his lover whom he met here on A4A? Or did the two of you get a matching Adam4Adam tattoo just like Adam and Jeremy, A4A’s tattooed husbands?

Perhaps you decided to adopt a child with your lover after meeting each other here on A4A? Maybe the two of you named their son Adam after Adam4Adam?

If you met your soulmate, best friend, significant other, boyfriend, partner, husband or lover here on Adam4Adam, we want to hear from you! Please email your story to us via [email protected] for a chance to win a 6 month Adam4Adam VIP membership and get featured on our blog and social media. You might even want to become an ambassadors for Adam4Adam?!

Hurry and type away! We’d love to hear your story!

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