Sex Toys: Nine Sex Toys Under $20

Sex toys can be a godsend, whether you’re a single man looking for some sexual relief or an adventurous lover looking to spice things up. However, they don’t always come cheap. If they’re priced prohibitively, it doesn’t matter how much you want them — they just don’t fit the budget.

Of course, if you look hard enough, there’s always a cheaper and just as good alternative to be found. We’ve scoured the inventory of the Adam4Adam Store ( to give you a list of 9 sex toys all under $20.

1. Vibrating Double Cock and Ball Ring


Cock rings are one of the most basic sex toys to get. This particular one does double duty, and at the price it’s being sold it’s practically a steal. Not only does this toy constrict your cock as any good cock ring should, it also provides vibration that can last up to 40 minutes. You’re going to feel it against your balls and the base of your cock, so you know you’re in for a good time. Not only that, you can also use it as a ball stretcher by simply stacking the two rings on your scrotum. Get it now at the store for only $4.49, 25% off from its usual price of $5.95.


2. Strict Leather Snap-On Cock and Ball Harness


If you’re looking for a cock ring with a more S&M flair, the Strict Leather Snap-On Cock and Ball Harness could be what you’re looking for. This fully adjustable cock ring has three snap straps that help it fit most men. One strap goes around the cock and balls, another around goes under the penis, while the third one goes between your balls. You can get it at the store for only $13.50.


3. Ass Anchor 3 Piece Kit



If you’re looking to expand your ass or train your bottom’s hole, the Ass Anchor 3 Piece Kit is a perfect way to do it. Its three plugs in vary in size, from 2.75 inches in total length and 3 inches maximum diameter to 5.5 inches in total length and 5 inches maximum diameter, so you can switch it up depending on how much you or your bottom’s hole can take. Best of all, it’s only $10.95 at the store, 27% off from it’s regular price of $14.95.


4. The Obsession 11 Butt Plug


Here’s a butt plug that’s ringed for your pleasure. Its 11 rings and its length of seven inches make it a tool for the advanced hole looking for new pleasures. Prepare to be overcome by sensation as you slide it in and out of your hole. If you do it slowly enough, you can even individually feel every single ring! Buy it at the store for only $18.95.


5. Palm-Tec LX20 Intense Stroker 


When you’re jacking off, sometimes your hand just isn’t enough. For times like those, reach out for the Palm-Tec LX20 Intense Stroker. Warm it up with some hot water and prepare to feel incredible sensations. You get teased with soft nubs as you first enter, and then go on towards a tighter ribbed opening. You’ll then feel some relief as you enter a wide opening before entering another tight channel before emerging into the last wide chamber. Cover the pressure hole at the tip of the stroker and you’ll feel it sucking at your cock hard. Get it at the store for only $15.95, 20% off from its regular price of $20.


6. Vulcan Anus Stroker


Hungry for a hole but there’s no one around? The Vulcan Anus Stroker is a great alternative. It’s fleshy and filled with prominent massaging nubs, giving you a soft and sensuous experience that is sure to get you going. Its inner sleeve also pops out, so you can easily clean it after you’ve blown your load. It’s sold on the store for only $15.99


7. Japanese Clover Clamps


Are you a master looking to give his slave some nipple training? These Japanese Clover Clamps are a perfect addition to your S&M play. Clamp it onto your sub’s nipples and have him bite on the chain. As he pulls on it, the clamps get tighter. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can attach it to other parts of his body as well! Get it at the store for $17.95, 10% off from its usual $20 price tag.


8. Paddle Me Textured Silicone Paddle



Want a paddle that’s eye-catching as well as effective? Try out the Paddle Me Textured Silicone Paddle. Its red color is sure to draw attention, while its textured edges can tease or scratch his skin. The bumps and ridges on its surface will definitely make your sub feel exciting new sensations. Right now it’s only $11.99 at the store, less 20% off from its usual $15 price tag.


9. 8.5oz Jizz Cum-Scented Lube


If you’re looking to make your playtime smell extra jizzy, this has to be your lube of choice. It’s thick, milky, and slippery like semen, with no flavor to distract from the authentic cum scent. It’s water-based and compatible with latex, PVC, and silicone toys. You can even use it to fill up ejaculating dildos to add that extra touch of realism. Buy it at the store for only $10.99, less 27% off from its normal retail price of $15.

Have you tried any of these products before? Are you looking to try them now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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