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Summer is almost here. Chances are you’ve already planned your perfect beach summer getaway, had your flight booked, and made your hotel reservations. But, like most of us, you are probably leaving swimwear shopping at the last minute and that’s okay because we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the gorgeous styles this 2017 summer season, there’s always one for everyone!

  1. The Trendy One. Board shorts are out, sexy, hot, and sleek is in like this fiery red Flipper Swim Brief from Rufskin that is form-fitting. That is the fashion for this season—designers say—the shorter it is, the better. If this kind of red is too loud for you, check out Marcuse’s Amigo Swim Trunk in understated red and white.
  2. The Geeky One. Now, this is one style I love because we get fashion and our favorite superhero or anime character printed in our trunks rolled into one. Take a look at the  Anime Brief from Marcuse shown below.
  3. The Sporty One. You may want to try NIT’s Gary Swim Trunk. This pair of trunks is like a shorter version of swimming jammers (okay, way shorter). In addition, NIT trunks are made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane meaning it is made of soft, barely there fabric that clings to your skin and is perfect for sporty guys like you. NIT trunks are available in other colors such as black, royal, and red.
  4. The Comfy One. Whatever the trends and the designers say, nothing beats a comfy swimwear like Aero Short from BCNU. This one is not too long and not too short; and although it is a slim fit, it is not too small and most definitely not too big. Click here to check for other colors.
  5. The Groovy One. The suits above not your style? No worries, maybe these Groovy Shorts from Marcuse are. It comes in gold, burgundy, and navy. It’s got a splash of urban vintage in addition to its laid back and practical style. 2eros also offers similar style albeit sexier and shorter. Click here and here if that is to your taste.
  6. The Flexy One. This Miami Board Short from Teamm8 is both a pair of summer casual shorts and a swim shorts rolled into one. It offers comfort in a non-restrictive way thanks to its fabric (53% Viscose 44% Nylon 3% Elastane) which gives it a softer, flexible, cool, smooth to the touch, and silky feeling.
  7. The Stripy One. Stripes are always in style during the summer, it reminds us the navy style and it is very sexy. I own a similar one myself and it always feels elegant and fresh when at the beach. This one from Rufskin is crafted from premium nylon-spandex and embellished with metallic gold piping at the waist and is fully lined for opacity. Check it out here!
  8. The Sexy One. The designers did say shorter and tighter is it this summer season. If you are in the market for a revealing swimsuit then this hot Micro Swim Bikini from Rufskin is for you.

Apart from the fabric and style, other things to consider are size, price, and type. Are you into trunks, swim briefs, square-cut shorts, board shorts, jammers, rash guards, and wetsuits and drysuits? What about the color? Do you prefer loud and bright or the darker ones? Then there are patterns and designs: do we want the printed, plain, or striped ones? Lots of considerations for a piece of garment but one thing’s for sure, whatever the trend this summer 2017 says, our choices should boil down to comfort, needs, and personal tastes.

Check out this link if your preferred swimwear design is not in the list above and share it with us in the comments section below.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Randy

    Now if all you’ve got to cover is a pussy, those skimpy briefs might work, but if you’re packing a weapon of mass destruction you may want to go with the trunks if you want to be accepted by the general public.

  2. Knightowl84

    So anyone with a sizable penis can’t wear these. Even someone with a less than average may have issues. Being uncomfortable isn’t sexy.

  3. HunterWI

    Guys who have those great bodies will look great in those suits. The rest if their character rules we will be good to go with.

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