Pornstars: William Seed Is The New Man In Town

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The new MEN exclusive model William Seed certainly had porn afficionados looking out for his debut. There’s the fact that his name couldn’t be more suited for porn, and the muscular body. People’s expectations were definitely set high.

All those expectations were certainly met and more when Seed finally debuted a few weeks ago in MEN’s  “Closet Peepers”. Playing a straight guy peeped on by two gay guys, Seed eventually finds himself on the receiving end of a blow job before he delivers a wild pounding.

At 5’9” and 195 pounds, this brown-haired, green-eyed beefy hottie is certainly a lot to handle. He He says he’s a top with an 8-inch uncut cock, and he certainly puts that cock to good use in “Closet Peepers”. He fucks like an animal, to say the least, which more than a few of you have said is something you look for in a top.

While his Twitter is currently more promotional than personal, his MEN profile has a few more interesting tidbits, such as that he doesn’t like people who are too uptight, and that he likes gangbangs the most. And the easiest way to make him happy? Give him a blowjob!

Of course, viewers are already looking forward to his next scene. One follower on Twitter even had a suggestion for a scene partner.

What about you guys? Who do you want William Seed to be paired with next? What do you think of him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Matt

    He doesn’t do it for me. He looks like a bubba out of a trailer park and his body is too thick and pudgy looking. For porn, his dick is rather run of the mill. Huge NO for me.

    • Paul

      TOTALLY agree. Tattoos suck, and not in a good way! And just wait until these guys age and bodies change, gain weight, skin looses elasticity. Maybe the paint industry will come up with a brown body paint they can use to cover up the sagging designs, wilted flowers, and illegible words!

  2. David

    I have to agree with Luigi. I prefer seeing guys clean cut, no tattoos or piercings. That does it for me. This is why Sean Cody is raking in the cash still because they have these all American types-good looking, fit, beefy- that make me lose my mind. Just tired of tattoos.

  3. Jeremy

    He’s Way Hot !
    I’d have & keep him …. More man for me – the rest of y’all can go find a tattooless scrawny boy –
    William Seed Def Hot man

  4. Destin

    Damn guys william seed is a fucking hottie and has the equipment to boot. You guys are way to critical. Put up your pics lets judge you

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