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Fantasy : Sexual Bucket List

Sexual bucket list, do you have one? If so, what are the sexual things you want to do but for some reason or another, you’ve never got to doing it? Your list can range from vanilla to hardcore, no one is judging.

I, for one, have a very short list. Make it a one item list. *Laughs* I have always fantasized about being tied up (or handcuffed) to the bedposts complete with a blindfold then let him have his way with me. Okay, not everything. Just to be clear there should be no leathers, no slapping, flogging, and whipping as I’m really not into those and no, I’m not going to change my mind or even try to see if I will like it. On second thought, sex in the pool can be hot, too! That makes it a two-item list.

Anyway, if you find you have none, what about this: have you ever checked items off of a fuckbuddy’s sexual bucket list? Have you ever had the honor of fulfilling one for them? I gave a guy his first blowjob; it was probably on top of his bucket list. I remember how pleased he was when I gave him head and how eager he was to return the pleasure. To this day the memory continues to make me smile, to be honest.

Still a no? What about an item from a fuckbuddy’s sexual bucket list that for some reason or another you refuse to do no matter how many times he has hinted? What is it and why—even though the request is long-standing—do you not want to do it?

So, what is on your sexual bucket list guys? Share with us your list and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. SuckMe

    I don’t officially have a bucket list, but next year, when it’s legal, I would like to hook up with a guy that was born in the 21st century. I have no interest in minors, and generally like guys closer to my age (49), but sometimes a younger guy does turn my head and turn me on. Just sayin’… 😉

  2. Goldenloverinmym

    Yes have done a few of mine. MFM3 way, MMM 3 way several times love doing it, will anytime. Tried WS depends on the guy -guys and situation. I have vids on pornhub& Xhamster, played on cam. Still have a few left I want to do. As long as it’s with naked men I’m willing to try most things

  3. soft & fluffy

    Sorry , but I couldn’t help but be reminded of the hysterical scene from Austin Powers ‘Goldmember’ where on encountering the delectable sisters from the east named Fookyou and Fookmi he pulls out his bucket list black book and crosses off ‘Have sex with identical Japanese twins ‘

    Now, back to our regular programming . .

  4. Mark

    I’ve never been involved in a 3-some but I would like to try it with two tops and me being the bottom. I would like them to take turns fucking me in multiple positions. I also want to be in the middle with one guy fucking me while I blow the other one. Being tied up sounds like fun also.

  5. Matt

    3 things..
    !. To fuck a hot, hairy assed Harley man on his bike.
    2. To do a full rope bind on a guy, blindfold, earplugs, ball gag..
    3. To do a triple fuck.. me in the middle.

  6. Tom

    In Sarasota Florida where I live I once had sex in a very public location after the bars closed one Saturday night. A short walk from downtown is the fountain pointe by Marina Jacks . This would have been about 230am but still surrounded by condos and boats on three sides . We went at it like bunnies and were just pulling up our jeans and walking away happy .when we the the security guard walking up the path . Five minutes later and things would not have had a happy ending. I still think about this today some 15+ years later . Definitely bucket list worthy!

  7. Littlbuttcheeks

    I have only been fucked about 10 times with probably 8 with a condom and twice bareback. I am a bisexual bottom. I love to suck dick and swallowing the guys cum. I am terrified of getting an STD or HIV if I let the guy cum in my ass. But #1 on my bucket list is for a guy that shoots large thick loads to breed me.

  8. Littlbuttcheeks

    I am a bisexual bottom. I love sucking dick and swallowing cum. I have been fucked about 10 times in my life with 8 having the top wear a condom and the other 2 bareback but having him pull out before he cums. I am concerned about STD’s and HIV but #1 on my sexual bucket list is for a top that shoots large and thick loads to bred my little tight ass.

  9. T

    I’ve been suggesting that guys ask about my bucket list to pique their interest and get a conversation going. Whether guys think it’s mild or wild depends on their own tastes. I’ll just share my top item here. Being bisexual and more of a bottom, my fantasy is to have my knees pinned to my shoulders by a tranny who’s well endowed in both ways. All the others require two or more partners.

  10. JaysSN

    Hooking up is such a hassle that my sexual bucket list basically reads “Just don’t.” Sometimes I envy the guys who can still put up with the world.

  11. Loco

    I wanna be triple ducked and bred. 2 in my ass and 1 in my mouth…maybe 3 in my hole if we can manage, and I want all if them to squirt in my holes

  12. Andrew

    Well as a Bi guy i have had alot of my sex bucket list checked off and helped others check theirs off, i know for a fact i would never do a few things one of my sex buddies have been hinting to top my phat ass but kept telling him no, he loves eating my ass out and sucking my cock to cumpletion (yes i spelled that correctly), i’ve told him many times the most i am willing to do with my ass is have it eaten for hours on end and prostate play, i bottomed once it was cool but i knew bottoming wasn’t for me so i like what i like and i know exactly what i don’t like. Another hook up buddy wanted me to do something i have absolutely refused to do, he wanted me to squat over his chest and take a shit on it, and he refuses to have others do it only me, i told him HELL NO!!!!, i’m not into the scat scene. And i will never like it, i have been a guy who is keen on hygiene so thats out.

  13. Hunter0500

    Have expanded sexual fun with my buds over the years. We have added as we have gotten to each other and are willing to push across borders once we get to them. It’s never been like a grocery list that once everything is in the cart, we’re done. What happens when one store doesn’t carry what’s on your list? Do you just leave and search for another store? Guess I look at men as relationships, not sexual events to check off.

  14. Sammy

    1. Tied up and used. I’ve been tied up and teased before but I want to be treated like an object for my Master(s) to have his/their way with.
    2. DP in the ass with another cock in my mouth.
    3. Tied up and edged for hours.
    4. Everything I just described above, except I’m the Master and I’m doing to to an 18yo teink/jock.

  15. Nsa_now

    I’ve never had an official bucket list but have done many of the things I’ve fantasized about.
    I’ve been tag teamed. Many 3ways and a couple orgies
    Fucked in a sling
    I regularly have sex in work which is a big turn on.
    Gloryhole. Both sides.
    Sex in random places. Funeral home, body shop, offices, a supermarket restroom, garage, a truck while being loaded.

    I’ve blown a cabbie, a dpw guy, a few cable guys, a pizza guy, a ups guy, a firefighter, a few snow plow guys.

    There’s a few left.

    Bottom for a group
    Do a father and son. ( almost did. Had the son a few times but Dad and I never hooked even though he was gay)
    Do a cop
    A priest…

  16. Curt

    I’ve been in four separate 3-ways, but always as a top. My fantasy is to be a bottom for two tops as they take turns pounding me all weekend. I also want to get spit roasted while we’re going at it. If one of the guys is uncut, that’ll be a huge plus too.

  17. John Smith

    My bucket list is related to a guys occupation. I have been with a state attorney, an actor, a scientist, an artist, teacher, bartender, air steward, waiter, political consultant, restaurant owner, train conductor, tax accountant. I still want to be with a doctor and a guy in law enforcement. I find it hot to be with guys from such diverse occupations.

  18. P.B.

    My bucket list item is to be on the receiving end of a bukakke. I would love to be on my knees blowing at least 10 guys til they all shoot their hot loads all over my face.

  19. Edward

    OK here goes as an older bi man who is mainly a power bottom who loves riding cock there are a few I would like to try with me on the floor and my legs sticking straight up in the air and my my hands and arms supporting me want a guy to fuck me and take my cock and put it in his ass at the same time so we are both fucking and being fucked at the same time ,might be a hassle getting the to happen but have seen a video of 2 guys doing it and would be so hot .2nd 2 cocks in my hole at the same time ,3rd a good old fashioned gangbang with me being the lucky bottom and a couple of guys taking turns fucking me,4th a big cock top totally bpassable the-gurl with tits fucking me and of course a good sling fuck have had mfm,m4m, spit roasted even had a hand up my ass once INTENSE!!!

  20. Josh

    I have a fantasy where I have to fuck a cop to get out of a ticket. So that’s pretty much my only bucket list item. Lol

  21. Gaytorsteve

    I have this fantasy of watching porn in bed in my room and being caught unexpectedly by a neighbor who is so turned on he just jumps right into bed and while were warming eachother and the sheets up another enticed neighbor lets himself in and joins all without me being actively cruisy. Thinking semi anon but fuck buds not cum and dump. Slutty you bet but then who’s judging? Im more into surprise lets do this than oops I did it again.

  22. michael

    From college until my late 40’s, I was with only 2 guys. Both were LTR’s. Single now and fantasize about having sex in the gym with muscle guys. Also, have a cop fantasy. But, in the end, I guess that I would like to be in a LTR again.

  23. maneater5674

    Well my list is almost complete, I’ve had 2 BBC’s at once both using each hole, I have been rimmed’ fucked and sucked to completion, I have been in the middle of a 3way, 2 tops and me of course being the happy bottom. screwed in the woods banged in a swimming pool, fucked hard in a semi truck sleeper. and have stayed at a house in Myrtle beach full of very horny gay men all wanting to use me. but only a few got lucky. I guess the last thing I need is a ride in a sling. always wanted to try that out. maybe i’ll get my wish someday.

  24. Randhirforboys

    1. To be in a room with young 18yr olds with huge hung cocks, fondle them and suck them until they all cum
    2. Have a hung young skinny boy just grinding his cock on me

  25. Bttm

    Let’s see…

    1. the dreamy one: having casual worry-free sex in a post-HIV era.

    2. The bourgeois one: having a Harem of obedient 20-something well-endowed dominant rough multiracial tops a my service.

    3. The down-to-earth one: having a Latino stud pissing in my ass and fucking the juice out right after.

  26. bill

    I always wanted to wake up and have someone over me sucking my cock and having fun or wake up with some hot mad standing over me naked as a Jay bird

  27. Brian

    I just want once before I die to have sex with a man who is handsome and has a nice body. Doesn’t look like that will happen since in the gay world everyone magically turns ugly as fuck once you hit 30. I’ve been ugly for 30 years according to that. And I wish people would realize that men over the age of 50 are still sexual beings. Gay men are the worst about discarding people who aren’t young and beautiful. Very depressing.

  28. Bud

    I have always wanted to bottom for a group of black hung tops. Dick in my ass and mouth at the same time. Getting filled and covered in cum

  29. Phil

    I really want to be used by a confident dom. Sex sling, mild b&d, made to take cock in both holes… maybe by more than one man.

  30. Jerry

    I have done quite a bit already: spit roasted, sucked way over two hundred dicks, been fucked by several guys, fucked by a black guy every which way possible, have sex in a bathhouse, jerk off on a web site, fucked a woman in a bar with others around, sucked off in a bar and shot a load while getting a lap dance, had a male stripper jerk me off, gone to a nude beach, and several night spots with naked male strippers.

    My wish list:
    1. be stripped on a stage and suck lots of dick in front of people
    2. be the receiver of a bukkake
    3. suck a dick on line and get fucked on line
    4. play a strip game with several guys and maybe girls
    5. be the man in a cfnm event.
    6. anything with people watching

  31. publius1

    1. Raped by a muscle jock.
    2. fuck the shit out of a twink at the top of a stairwell.
    3. Door ajar in a sleezy motel taking all comers.
    4. Making love all night repeatedly with a versatile satyr of a guy (hairy and insatiable)
    5. Finally taking 12″ down my throat, beating my record of 11″
    6. Doing it on the floor in the center of a leather bar.
    7. Yeah, sandwiching some twins.

  32. Leaddawg4us

    Was in a MMM 3way and was a top, love to try bottoming.
    Love to try and swallow loads ( married here and have to protect myself and her)
    Love to play at an XXX theater with BBC patrons.
    Want to be a slave, but nothing hurtful
    Eat an ass
    Be degraded….

  33. Charlie

    I am an oral bottom that loves cock. My list is:
    1. Suck cock and swallow cum at a party with others watching.
    2. Eat a fresh cream pie.
    3. Suck cock and swallow cum on web camera.
    4. Be in sling and fucked bareback by 5 or more guys.
    5. Like to try felching an ass leaking cum.
    6. Want to be blindfolded and sucking other guys at a party.
    7. Want to have another guy pee on me and in my mouth.

  34. BJ

    I want to have sex with some hot young guy, really get into him, oral, and anal, suck and fuck, swallow his cum, rim his ass, and have him do the same to me. Then just before I cum, I want this hot young (legal age) guy to piss and shit all over me as I play with it and jerk off till I I shoot a massive load. Yes, you read right, I want him to shit (scat) on me as well.

  35. 55btmguy

    My bucket list is not that long and like many other responses on here I am a oral bottom
    1. give road head in the middle of the day while riding around a busy city
    2.take at least 3 loads of cum in my ass bareback one right after the other
    3. be made to suck 2 or more black men off in front of lots of people then get fucked by them
    4. put a sign on the public restroom door announcing free NSA blowjobs and see how many I can suck off
    5 Make some videos to put on a porn site or you tube if possible for anyone to see it (legal age of course)

  36. Rex

    I want to get gangbanged by at least 5 hung guys just using me to drain their balls. I have been spitroasted before and loved it. It left me wanting more. But I want to be used like that for at least a whole weekend. Preferably by BBCs

  37. dave denni

    Been there done it Almost. Like the photo at the beginning of this article.
    That would be my butt at my first gay pool party . as a guy came out of the pool staring at me. With rock hard cock past his navel. Later on he used it on me true sex in the pool not good water bad lube. My done list. DP.,BB,CBT, gang bang tied up, getting no cock attention during sex, worn a chastity cock cage Durning sex.
    Ability to cum hands free n limp during sex. NEVER IN A SLING OR MY CUM AS A LUBE ON MYSELF.
    DAVE. dd57dave

  38. bibutleaning

    T nailed my top item, pun intended. I’d love to have a well endowed tranny pin my knees back to my shoulders and fuck me hard while smothering me with her tits!

    Several of you hit my number two fantasy which is to be fucked while in a 69, and number three, being fucked while fucking another guy.

    I’d love to be the guest of honor at a gang bang with well hung guys. In a sling or tied up would be great. I guess the ultimate would be with my wrists and ankles tied to a weight bar resting on the bench press rack to be fucked by a bunch of hung muscle studs.

  39. Wannaplay5352

    My sexual bucket list:

    1. MMM threeway…done.
    2. Spitroasted…done.
    3. Sex outside…done. 3am sat nite. Edge of tree grove 50ft from apt complex 20 ft from road.
    4. Double anal penetration.
    5. Gang banged.
    6. Spend a weekend at a gay naked campground where I am the main course of a sexual buffet.
    7. Sex in a pool…done.
    8. Sex in the ocean…done. Middle of the day. People within 20 ft.

  40. Phil

    Years ago I fulfilled number one on my bucket list . I always fantasized about having slow passionate sex with a hot football player.

    I was commuting to Texas at the time from NYand was in Dallas during the week for 9 months. I was at dinner and the restaurant in my hotel was packed. The maitre ‘d knew of my love of football and there was a NFL player there alone that wanted to eat so he asked if he could sit with me . We had dinner and I told him about my suite and that it had a sauna in the bathroom and direct access to the pool . About an hour after dinner there was a knock at my door and it was this hot , sexy football player in running shorts and a tank top asking if he could use the sauna.

    Hell yes he could. I let him go in by himself , didn’t want to appear to eager since we discussed our married lives at dinner. About 10 minutes later he comes out sweaty and half hard asking if I wanted to join him ? A minute later we were both naked next to each other in the sauna. A couple minutes later he leaned in and kissed me !! We got out showered together and he spent the night in my room. He was also commuting to Dallas for business and we would meet at least 2-3 times a week for 6 months. He was very well known and married with kids as was I but we sure enjoyed ourselves for the six months . We kept in contact for years ! Lots of hot and wonderful memories !

  41. Steve

    I want a 3 way MFM
    Be the center of a gang bang
    Fucked by a BBC-done
    Glory hole both ways
    Fucked and suck off a group of college kids
    Have sex with a random guy/girl

  42. bob

    wow so many hot things above, so many things i’d never do, so many i have. here are a few:
    sex at theatre with one kissing me, one on my nips, one blowing me, one eating me, all with door opening and closing; many 3ways; a few group scenes; one cop; a few porn actors; one late night (well hundreds of late night) meet up in a park and cumming with him on picnic tables; same guy (one of my top ten) and i playing in gazebo at night when less than 40 feet away was a full basketball court of guys playing; one guy one my dick, his bf on my balls (wish that was repeated more often), a leather couple at the top of my list (I met them in parking lot of a grocery store at 3am for top guy to check me out, i passed muster, when we got to his house he had me unzip my pants and walk across the lawn with my dick out); being the first man for a man in his 50s who had only been with his wife (and took my load too); multiple theatre groups; several car bjs’ (one with cops overhead in helecopter looking for a criminal, that stopped any further car play); barebacking about 6 guys in 2 weeks (so fucking hot, fortunately I stopped but not before seeding the same Irish hairdresser twice); pool play with one guy twice while his lover was inside sleeping; being with multiple guys while their bf;s were in house elsewhere; being with a biker /motorcycle gang member (and super nice guy), i bumped and grinded so much the bike fell on the ground but we had sex many other times; many 69s; tied up (with more than one guy) and blind folded; getting into spanking (and guys you have to try that, better than poppers to make u hard), as spanker and spankee; two dicks in my mouth at once; a few hundred guys i’ve had a lot of fun with.

    bucket list: leather bar, bathhouse.

  43. Jason

    -I want to get fucked by a group of 5 or more guys that are long and thick. Each one filling me with their cum. Then I’d go home to my wife and go to sleep next to her.
    -I want to get sucked or fucked while I’m on the phone with my wife.
    -I want to be the guy in the middle of a MMM sandwich.

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