Celebrities: Australian Olympian, Simon Dunn’s Dick Pic Leaked

What’s not to love about Australia? The sun, the sand, the spectacularly bronzed men are all excellent reasons to visit and appreciate the Land Down Under. Aside from those things, now you can add Australian bobsledder Simon Dunn, whose dick pics recently leaked.

Dunn recently posted on social media about the leak, saying “Unfortunately pics of me have ended up online. This is obviously not one of my best moments, for that I’m sorry.”

While this is the first time that the Olympian has been caught in a nude pic debacle, he’s been known to post numerous pictures of himself in various states of nakedness, especially on his Instagram, thesimondunn.

Dunn has also been a columnist on the blog Guys Like U, where he also didn’t shy away from talking about his dick: “I wouldn’t say I’m shy, I’ve seen a few in my time and I’m pretty confident where I am in the size ratio. I wouldn’t say I’m big and I wouldn’t say I’m small!”

Ironically, he also talked about the fact that he had dick pics out there, and that one of them would end up being spread around. He said, “I think it’s a case that one will eventually resurface. I guess my only fear is that it’s a bad one and not one of the better ones I’ve sent!”

Dunn was the first openly gay male to represent Australia in the sport of bobsledding. He’s been featured on Buzzfeed and Attitude Magazine’s Naked Issue. He was also voted #1 in Attitude’s Hot 100 List.

What do you guys think of Simon Dunn? Any other athletes or Olympians you wish had a dick pic circulating around? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Ktb

    “Leaked”!! He admitted sending pics he only hopes that when he’s”caught” that it’s a good one! Sorry can’t say I’m a fan he’s ok but sexiness for me is more then looks, it’s also about personality and he doesn’t strike me as one who’s got a lot of depth!

  2. Andrew

    Not bad at all, hot body, and cute face, but the thing I don’t get is why public figures who are suppose to set an example when they get into this spot, exposing themselves to the public, fine ur gay and open about it, so what? I don’t hear straight athletes throwing their sexuality out there and getting a high 5 for their nude exposure to the public, ones private time should be private, because this is what I don’t like as a young bi man that the lgbt community is seen as a bunch of sexual exploiting whores that have to let it out for the world, to see.

  3. Father Hennepin

    Great looking cock if he wants to be a porn star, but the tattoos completely spoil the look. Why would a public figure take such photos? Stupidity or vanity? At least he’s cut.

  4. Kirt28202

    Ah man, you ruined the suspense. I could kiss and lick his face all over and not even get to his pecker. He is adorable.

  5. Michael Mitchell

    He’s hot and the tats seem to look like thigh high stockings…….a little cross dressing tattoo look. Very hot. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed that’s for sure!

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