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Greetings A4A Blogosphere,

Today I am writing about a wicked cool site called Maskurbate!

What makes this site so unique is its ability to showcase some of the hottest guys out there (many are straight), combined with the mask, that makes this site all the more titillating and has this anonymous vibe. It is somewhat reminiscent of an era in the 1770’s where the societal elite would attend masquerade balls as somewhat of a game among guests. To me it is sort of an early and acceptable form of courting, allowing ones sexual temptations to be acted upon without social stigma. So these hot straight guys can experiment with other guys without being recognized, with the mask.


Enter the 21st Century and we have Pascal’s vision which has purposefully deviated from the norm of what you and I might deem ‘traditional porn’ – two hot guys in a room who go at each other with animal magnetism. Nope – not this site, at least not always. The focus is on the actor and his ability to bring visual stimuli and throbbing hard cocks and mouthwatering hard bodies to the screen.
Its concept was conceived almost by accident – the site curator and operator Pascal hails from the beautiful, eclectic, and electric city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I call it the ‘Sin City’ north of the U.S. border. It is filled with a plethora of beautiful men who are as sexually open as they come! It is no wonder that Pascal stumbled into the adult film industry from a simple request to film a guy he met online.


With Halloween around the corner I know some of you guys are planning your sexy costumes, maybe a sexy outfit, a mask? I’d like to know if any of you have developed a lust after that sexy someone whose face is covered but his amazing body is exposed? Ever taken him aside, perhaps to the host’s bedroom to ravish him sexually on a pile of other guest’s coats? How about a little cosplay? Ever partake? I want to hear a wild story about an encounter you’ve had with someone you just met. Was it good? Was it bad? Was it hot? Is this something you’ve ever fantasized about? Add it to the comments section!

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  1. Ken

    And from the article about wearing masks to the article about Halloween and costumes and is just one long cliché I mean seriously I tiny mask around your eyes isn’t like wearing a hood over your head so I doubt that these so-called straight guys wouldn’t be recognized secondly about Halloween costumes why is it that you think every guy is looking to be slutty or to show off his physique in order to get laid on a bunch of coats. Of course lest we forget that most of these articles are written for the sole purpose of selling merchandise and your videos but could you at least try for some of the brighter people out there to Penn an article that at least pretends to be sincere about the issues that said article claims to be about and not be so transparent

    • [email protected]

      Hi There, Thanks for the feedback – this was a promotional offering exclusive to Adam4Adam members. I think Dave does a great job of providing content relevant to daily gay life. He writes great entries and user engagement is awesome! As I am promotions I just add a bit of a twist based on the content we work with! 😉 If you have any suggestions – feel free to reply and I will be certain to feature an article/story on the topic!

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