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Would You Do Him : Tyler Clinton

Photo : Adina Doria

By now everyone has heard of Tyler Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s hot nephew who broke the Internet when he was thrown into the spotlight during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last Thursday night.

He stole not only the attention but also the heart of the crowd when he hugged Hillary on stage. Soon after photos of him by Adina Doria including several in a state of undress made rounds in the Internet as did conflicting reports about his age (others said he was eighteen, some said he was twenty two), who he was (a part-time model and a graduate of Loyola Marymount College in California), and how he was related to Hillary Clinton (son of Bill Clinton’s half-brother, Roger Clinton, Jr.).

I don’t think anybody was interested about those things though; they were too busy drooling over Tyler’s pictures and his abs.

What about you? Do you find him sexy? Will his gorgeousness influence your vote? Would you do him? Comment below!

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  1. David

    Wow, more unabashed Hillary promotion from this site. Shameful. You’d never see a posting on here about Trump’s two hot sons Donald Jr. and Eric!!! Guess A4A is now an extension of the “crooked media”.

      • David

        typical leftist response. Stop interjecting yourself into OUR election! You don’t have to live with the awful consequences of a crooked Hillary presidency, although your ultra leftist PM baby Trudeau is doing a fine job messing up Canada!

        • Dave

          right, 90% of Canadians love him. He is very inclusive, not racist, misogynist, homophobic and retarded like Trump! I hope for everyone in the US that Hillary will win. If Trump win, you guys will be in big trouble!
          Of course Hillary is not perfect, nobody is, but she is more human than this “old mentality” man.

          • David

            Where was Hillary’s “humanity” for all the women Bill molested and raped? Where was her “humanity” for the victims of Benghazi and their families (who she outright lied to)? Where is her “humanity” for the cops putting their lives on the line every day who she is against? She is for no one but herself and her foundation. And the money keeps rolling in (sound familiar?) Trump is none of the things you describe. No New Yorker could be all those things and be successful. You engage in the same liberal knee jerk name calling that is designed to shut down the opposing point of view. Not happening anymore. BTW, your Canadian dollar is not doing so well since Justin took over, is it? Bring back the Conservatives!

          • Dave

            I don’t have time to argue with you, I have my opinion and you have yours. Justin just took over FYI, to fix Harper’s mess. Conservatives won’t come back anytime soon.

  2. Elijah

    I fail to understand why we would allow a pretty boy dictate how we vote? You posed the question whether his “gorgeousness” would persuade us to vote for hillary? I weep for humanity if that is how we vote. We deserve a loon to be in office if we base our vote on physical attributes of the candidate’s husband’s step brother’s son. I say it’s ludicrous!! Now would i let him have sex with me? I’d have to pass. I’d undoubtedly find myself in the middle of some random crazy scandal that the clintons would orchestrate and use me as a scapegoat. No thanks.

  3. Mac

    Come on, he’s cute and related to The Clinton’s, but what does that have to do with Hillary becoming president. Are we so naive as to think this relationship will influence White House policy?

  4. boyworshiper

    Well im already a hillary supporter here , but id still suck an swallow to completion for him as well as sniff lick an eat his sexy as fuck all natural man smell from his ass armpitts crotch an hot sweety sock feet all unshowerd hes that damn sexy

  5. Gremel Thomas

    Yo I would chill kiss cook party build a empire and travel to every country like my tounge n anaconda would travel inside n out of his mind body n soul until he got wet then I would get him on his knees socks off n legs spread tounge out n mouth filled with daddy dick..hmm then I’ll let him use my 10.5 11 thick inch as a playground.. To be continued

  6. 27870sucksIII

    Hell yeah I’d do him! Then I’d let him do me! I’d suck the “government” right out of him! Mmmmmmmmmm ……

  7. Hunter0500

    A primped preened smooth pretty white boy. Nothing against him, but there are many other hot gay guys who aren’t from that same old same old mold.

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