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Sure, the little blue pill has made it easier for a lot of people to achieve erections, but achieving and maintaining one doesn’t have to cost you anything. Your erection, just like your sperm count, is also a good barometer of your overall health, so there are a number of ways you can get a better erection with going the pharmaceutical route.


  1. Watch your weight

– In case you didn’t know, the same types of food that bring you heart disease can also give you erectile dysfunction. An erection is caused by the flow of blood into the penis, and if your arteries are clogged, it’s not just your heart that’s going to have difficulty working properly. A diet that’s full of fried and fatty foods will only end up decreasing blood circulation to all parts of your body — and that includes your penis.

Aside from cutting those processed foods from your life, you can also look into getting into a Mediterranean diet. Research ( has shown that a Mediterranean diet — one composed of “fruit, vegetables, unrefined cereals and pasta, olive oil and nuts”.


  1. Stop smoking and drink moderately

– Cigarettes aren’t just bad for your lungs, they’re also bad for your penis. The nicotine in cigarettes harm blood vessels and makes them contract, hampering blood flow and making it much more difficult for you to achieve an erection.

Meanwhile, drinking hasn’t been linked to erectile dysfunction, but the damage excessive drinking causes to the liver results in a spike in estrogen levels in the body. And since testosterone is part of what gets your hard in the first place, less of it in your body means a harder time getting a stiffy.


  1. Don’t use steroids

– Building on the role testosterone plays in erections, another thing you can change is to stop using steroids, if you’ve been using them to build your body up. Steroids shrink your testicles, which not only lower your sperm count, it also saps your testicles ability to produce testosterone. And as said previously, lower levels of testosterone make it hard to get hard.


  1. Exercise regularly

– Research ( on exercise and erectile function of men under 40 has shown that a sedentary lifestyle has resulted in dysfunction in erectile and orgasm function, as well as intercourse and overall satisfaction. Increased physical activity, as it turns out, results in better sexual function for men.


  1. Keep calm and get a hard-on

– When you’re stressed, your body produces adrenaline, which in turn results in your blood vessels contracting and making it much more difficult for blood to get to different parts of your body, such as your penis. Getting enough sleep, keeping yourself calm, and maybe doing some yoga and meditation will help ease your stress, and in turn help you get hard as well.


  1. Try this one out!

– If all else fails, why not try out this product? Spartagen XT is a pill with a propriety blend of natural extracts that turns the natural production of your testosterone up to a healthy level through completely rare and exotic botanicals. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, is gluten free and vegetarian-friendly, and has no reported side effects. Nothing to lose, right?

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  1. NotNelly

    One other step: engage the anal sphincter! Take note, tops… During anal contraction (as well as prostate stimulation), blood is forced into the penis; notice how the anus contracts and the penis often “jumps” during ejaculation. If the anus has something to “grab,” during penile stimulation, the result is more intense sensation. Don’t go diving for the biggest plug or toy you can find, though; some amazing results (good news for guys who don’t care for anal stimulation) come from small plugs, just large enough not to pop out too easily (look for narrow necks).

  2. Walker

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  3. einathens

    I’ll say again that if you’re gonna run an ad masquerading as an article, please do us the courtesy of labelling it as such.

    anyone interested in the product should read the review of it at

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