Travel : It Was Raining Men at the Circuit Festival 2016

Photo credits: Circuit Party and Circuit Festival

Ever been to a Circuit Festival?

My eyes bugged out when I saw the pictures of the recently concluded Circuit Festival 2016 in Barcelona (held last August 2 – 14 2016) and Ibiza (held August 19 – 21 2016) in Spain. The men not only had faces and bodies straight out of a magazine, they looked like they were starring for Baywatch, too.

There was literally a sea of attractive men clad scantily. They came in various sizes: barrel-chested, beefy, big, brawny, burly, coltish, built, herculean, strapping, statuesque, taut. Okay, I’m running out of adjectives, you’ve got to see the pictures for yourself.

Do you love hairy men? If you love hairy guys and their happy trails you’re certainly in for a treat. But if you prefer hairless men, well, they were also everywhere as were men in shorts, jock straps, men sporting bulges. You name it, they have it!

The Circuit Festival is indeed a feast for the eyes.

Missed the event and would love to go see these men in person? No problem! Thankfully said Circuit Festival is an annual event and they will hold the next one in 2017 at Maspalomas, another tourist town in Spain.


Ready for Circuit Ibiza? 19-21 August

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  1. marcus

    I asked 10 of my friends black and white which of the guys in the picture of the circuit festival would they like to spend tonight with in bed all night long and they all picked the guy in the yellow shorts. Two of my friends are greedy as hell and they chose the guy in the white shorts and striped shorts to join them. Lol. You should pose that question to your horny readers. Lmao

  2. mountaindawg

    Marcus, I looked at all the pictures posted here. I can honestly say, I would like to spend a night with any of them.

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