Gay Stuff : Steam Room Fun Anyone?

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Have you ever tried working up a sweat in a steam room?


What about anonymous sex? Ever tried walking up to a guy, made eye contact, and had sex with him in a steam room without having to speak a word or two to each other? If not, have you seen a little action inside a steam room at least? Like you accidentally walked in on guys masturbating or giving each other blow jobs in there?

Well? Did you join them?

What about the other way around? Have you ever experienced getting propositioned in a steam room? What did you do? Did you take the guy up on his offer? How did that make you feel? Angry? Terrified? Excited? Or you’re on the shy and reserved side but have been on the receiving end of a little flirting?

Yes? Please do tell other A4A users. J Hit the comment section below and share your steam room experiences with us.

Did you guys see last week’s Bromo scene titled The Steam Room Part 1? It is exactly what this scene is all about. It also features one of my favorite actor the strapping and gorgeous Jaxton Wheeler and Rikk York. The scene starts with Rikk heading for the shower, his huge dick flopping in between his legs. You can also see Jaxton cupping his massive cock hidden under the white towel draped carelessly across his lap and jerking himself off, obviously giving Rikk quite an eyeful on purpose. The they exchange more suggestive looks and Rikk, taking his cue, walks toward Jaxton who had been waiting for him patiently. Needless to say everything escalated from there…

Whoever said we merely go to steam rooms for its health benefits? It has its other… advantages… and mainly one that is of the steamier kind, if only one knows where to look.

If you’re curious, check out Bromo and then perhaps afterwards you can head to your local steam room to try your own luck but not before letting us know in the comment section below of your similar experiences.

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  1. Djon

    Regarding steam room sex. That was always my weak spot. On several occasions I have been in the position of being in a steam room at the gym having sex. One of the hottest times was when I was simply sitting on the top tier back in the corner with one leg the lowered down to the next level. I found a hand moving its way up my leg. Has his hand move closer to my cock I began to swell, within seconds I had and giving me the softest sweetest blowjob I’ve ever had! Soon other men saw this going on and came over to help him. I found myself with five men caressing my body and my erogenous zones. Everyone was watching and jacking off. I came so hard I nearly screamed! After I came I felt like I owed him a favor so I returned it in kind. It was the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. We all left with a smile that day! Next day brought new adventures… this is a true story and happened in Monica California where sex is everywhere.

  2. totalbottomhairy

    Steam room, no I’ve never. Anonymous sex outside of a steam room, yes. But sex in a hot tub is something I’ve done quite a lot of. Also sex in a private swimming pool. Ironically the last time I’ve had sex in a hot tub was getting fucked by an airman from the local Airforce base I knew, and my last time having sex in a pool was getting fucked by a Marine who had recently been discharged. I guess if I were to have sex in a steam room next it’d have to be by someone in the Navy, Army, or Coast Guard… Yes please. What can I say? I’m very much into serving those who are proud to serve our country. And I like the water.

  3. scotti

    I had my first man to man experience ina steam room … i would go to the elks club and work out with my step father. Afterwards we would go in the steam room and “dale” would sponge us down with soap and hot water …… Wel he would save me ffor last maybe cuz from the second i got naked till i got dressed my cock was hard he would get me off while sponging my body so hot i stillchase that scenario any one ?

  4. Marc32

    Sex and steam is a natural. I’ve had countless encounters in the steamroom at gyms over the years and there never seems to be a lack of willing participants. Seems as if the steam along with being naked in an enclosed room inflates your cock like a natural viagra and straight or gay, men can’t help but react. It’s always a game to see who is going to touch their cock first or who’s swelling penis is popping out from under their towel. Once one guy starts it’s off to the races. Its not always hard core sex… many times mutual masturbation or even watching each other jerk off in the steam room is HOT. I’ve always gone to mixed straight/gay gyms so you never know when someone might walk in on you which heightens the excitement of the experience. The added bonus is popping into the shower to clean off when your done… many times one of your steamroom friends will join you which is a whole other level of fun.

  5. 2bitwhore

    Years ago like around 1989 or 90 I was in the army stationed in wurzburg Germany
    I had been to the gym on base several times and sat in the sauna quite often but one day decided to go to one in the city.
    It was a nice big clean place quite different from the one on base.
    I went for a swim and relaxed a little in the sun being they had an outdoor pool, then figured I would hit the steam room before my shower and to head home.
    When I walked into the steam room there were 2 guys setting there on their towels completely naked. Both of them we’re probably mid to late 30, we’ll built although not body builders and I couldn’t help but check out their packages.
    Both were uncut which was new to me at the time, and one of the guys seemed to be about half way chubbed up, his cock looked thick and fairly long drapped acrossed his upper thigh pointing more up than down. The other one was a bit thinner but looked much longer as his cock laid between his legs and down onto the bench with at least 3 good inches laying flat on the bench, now i must admit at this point i felt a bit intemidated I’m fairly decent hung pushing right at the 8 inch mark but on the thinner side but I am a grower, not a shower.
    Hard to judge there height as they were setting but they were definitely taller and bigger than I was. Both were clean cut and had that professional business man look to them.
    OK I was 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed a whopping 130 lbs, wasn’t muscle bound by any means but I was a runner and I was pretty well ripped back then.
    OK back to where I was going here.
    As I walked in the steam room I seemed to have walked in on the middle of a more private conversation which didn’t really matter being I did not speak German, anyway mr. Half chubbed up pulled his hand away from his cock rather quickly and they both fell silent. After about 5 minutes or so mr. Chub got up to leave throwing his towel over his shoulder and walked right past me with his fat cock sticking out in front of him but curved down pointing more to the floor.
    Well with that fat cock passing 2 feet in front of me I couldn’t help but watch it bounce by and I’m sure my stare was not Un noticed lol hell my mouth was probably open from the awe of the massive cock.
    I had almost instantly popped a hell of a wood.

    I of course lean forward with my elbows on my knees trying to hide my now hard cock from Mr long cock who was watching me rather close.
    I was embarrassed and wanted to leave but how was I supposed to cover up my hard cock which at 23 I could use as a coat rack when excited.
    It wasn’t just a couple minutes layer that Mr long cock decided he would make his exit with me still leaning forward the way I was I could help but see his now hard cock pointing straight out in front of him and passed right by me at eye level and image thought oh he’ll if he was to turn sideways he would probably poke me in the eye.
    I was watching his cock bounce by when he stopped right in front of me, oh no, now what, my mind was racing and after what seemed like an hour but actually just a second, the guy had turned and his cock was right there in front of my mouth, honestly if he would have flexed it, it would of hit the tip of my nose.

    Now this time I know my mouth was open in the awe of it all because after staring at it for just a short momment, his pushed his hips forward and his cock head was on my lips and pushing in.
    I was horny as hell being the wife had not put out in over a month. And I opened my mouth more to take that long cock into my mouth, now at this time in my life that was the 3rd cock I had ever sucked so I was still a rook and was not very good but he didn’t care either way. He placed his hands on each side of my head and began to slowly fuck my mouth with slow shallow strokes.
    Now I was starting to get into it and i began to suck taking all i could into my mouth which was probably right at half of his cock which I would now guess to be at least an honest 9 almost 10 inches, and I’m not talking Internet inches either.
    He began fucking my mouth a little deeper and pushing a little further hitting my gag reflex but I did my best to try and stay on that long cock of his.
    His hands left my head and began to rub my back as I took more of him into my mouth his hands went further down my back.
    Now I lost my m2m virginity to an army buddy just a couple years prior at the ripe old age of 21 but I loved getting fucked from day one so if anyone even come close to touching my ass, I was all in and going for the gold.
    When his hands reached my lower back my ass came up off the bench by reflex.
    The higher my ass went the lower his hands went and before I knew it he was running a long skinny finger up and down the crack of my ass making me moan every time he hit my hole, that was all he needed, he pulled one hand up and cover a finger with saliva and it went back to my ass and this time straight to my hole and massaging the saliva in while he covered a finger from his other hand with even more saliva and within just minutes he pushed one long finger into my ass all the to his fist with one long push.
    That really got me to moaning and he didn’t waist aNY time adding a second finger and even less time to try a push a 3rd finger which took a little more work to get in to hilt.
    About this time I niticed that Mr chubbed cock was back and watching closely as I sucked Mr long cock and took 3 of his long fingers in my ass.
    I freaked at that point and went to pull away but Mr long held me in place as mr chub knelt behind me as I felt the long fingers slowly slide out of my hole making me feel empty until mr chub placed a hand on each cheek spreading them wide and buried his tongue in my ass.
    By thI’d time I was so hard it hurt, I had pre cum leaking from my throbbing cock as Mr long pulled his cock from my mouth and stood me up.
    He turned me to face mr chud and placing one hand on my hip and the other on my back he pushed me forward bending me down to face a nice very thick hard 7 inch Un cut cock.
    Pushing me forward to suck the fat cock in my face I felt the wet tip of his thin cock pushing against my hole and I instinctively pushed back as Mr Chub grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat very roughly to the hilt making me gag almost to the point that I had to fight to keep from throwing up.
    Mr love g cock took a long slow stroke wiggling side to side and pushing foward until I felt his body against mine, held still for a few seconds letting me adjust and get my breath from being choked by mr chub.
    He slowly began to fuck me nice and easy but that only lasted a few minutes before he began to pick up speed and fuck me a little hard, his dick was so long it made my gut hurt but felt great in my ass none the less.
    Mr Chub pulled his fat cock from my mouth and began slapping my face with his fat heavy cock as Mr long began to pound harder and fast into my ass.
    Mr Chub shoved his cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face again as Mr long began moaning and taking deep breaths as his strokes got harder and I knew he was coming with one last final hard thrust hold my hips back to keep me impaled on his throbbing cock until his cock stopped pulsing and he slowly slid his cock from my well fuck hole as a glob of cum followed his cock and splattered on the floor between my feet. He leaned forward and hugged my back and gave me a light kiss between the shoulder blades as I was sucking g Mr Chub who sounded as tho he was ready to blow his load at any second. Mr long patted my back and said the only word that was spoken throughout this whole affair “sweet” and he grabbed up his towel and left.

    Mr Chub pulled his cock from my mouth again and smacked my face a few more times with it before going around behind me and with no hesitation he shoved his cock balls deep into my fresh fucked, cum filled ass, I winced in pain even though mr long had me loosened up a d extra lube from his big load he shot deep into my ass, it still hurt but that was short lived as mr chub immediately began to pound his shorter but fatter cock into my ass hard and fast and with in seconds my cock began to fire off rope after rope of cum oneto the floor with at least 6 or 7 good strong spurts and then several smaller ones until it just began to drip to the floor and my ass contracting on mr chub must of been all he need as he pulled me back hard our to his cock and let out a loud grunt and began trying to shove his cock deeper into my hole which was not possible since we was already pressed tightly against my body.
    He didn’t waist anytime, he pulled his fat cock from my ass and pushed my tired body toward the bench where I gladly sat to try and catch my breath as he walked out I was horrified when I looked up and seen 2 guys just sitting there watching it all as they slowly stroked their hard cocks but I was done, finished, no more. I got up on shake legs and went straight to the showers, I washed quickly as I felt like every guy in there was staring at me but I don’t think they really were.
    I dressed and left quickly driving home I could feel the cum oozing from my sore stretched out hole all the way there.
    None of this was rape or anything, I wanted it just as badly as they did, we just never spoke or anything, it just happened.
    Not know these guys freaked me out because I have no clue what they have or do think have so I went one sick call the following Monday for test and again 2 weeks later when the doctor asked if I had something to worry about, I was scared of loosing my military career and all but I couldn’t risk catching something and not knowing so I shared very little of this story with the doc who I could tell really enjoyed it by the tent he began to get as he listened, thank god i was clean and still am today at age 50, I’m tested regularly all because of that day.
    I know this is probably not what you were looking for and probably way to long but I swear that every word is true to the best of my memory.
    Thanks. John

  6. Charles moore

    All of the above. It is so hot in every way. I get hard when I thing about it. I go to a bath house occassionally in Phoenix. It has a huge steamroom. It so primal and so exciting.

  7. hairyMALEblond

    We have a sauna in the men’s locker room. At one time there was always some kind of oral fun going on. You have to hit the locker room at the right time. The only problem is the intense heat gets to you after a while. We had a three-some there once that was hot, so hot we went into the tanning room and rolled around on the cooler floors. Most guys sat around naked on their towels however the new manager insists on everyone wearing a towel or shorts so no one feels uncomfortable. Don’t see the action like before.

  8. Chris

    Steam Room/Sauna is a def yes for me…especially on a cruise ship. While the wives are playing in the casino you would be shocked at the number of men in the steam room/sauna looking to have fun. Once on a cruise I met up with three other guys and we all ended up in the large shower at the end of the shower row, hot and steamy sex for sure. Easier to clean up too. Check them out if you go on a cruise…def a hit for me.

    • nailman

      I’m going on a 17 day cruise the first of Oct., and will def check out the gyms facilities!
      I was at a gym in Portland in the sauna when a gorgeous guy with a huge dick was sitting across from me. When he started stroking his crotch I did as well. After a few moments he came and sat next to me, he had me stand and face him. He stroked his cock while he sucked mine and when I was close I asked him if he wanted it, he nodded yes and I came in his mouth. He sucked me dry and then someone came to the door ending the encounter.

  9. J B

    I have taken people I wanted to play with (using the word play very loosely) into my local YMCA to play in the adult locker room’s steam room. When it gets all fogged up I played with him a little while and was trying to get into position for anal however, someone walked in on us and we quit.

  10. Jay

    Two years ago, I took my GF to Tulum in the Mayan Riviera. We stayed at an adults only resort, by no means a swingers resort. During pool time, we met this interracial couple from Minneapolis; a beautiful black woman with huge tits and her BF, a lanky white guy with what appeared to be a big package in his swim shorts. I usually wear a speedo for tanning, so her wife brought up the roundness of my ass in my suit. We had a few drinks and around 7pm my GF said she had to shower and nap before dinner. She went up to the suite and I excused myself to hit the steam room, which is co-ed. I was sitting in the empty, dark, steamy room when the door opened. I couldn’t see who it was, but then I felt a body sitting next to me. It was the white guy with he black GF. I removed my Speedo and got up to the cold water splash to rinse. I went back to the same place at the back of the room and noticed the guy had taken off his shorts. which I sat on. I rose again to move and felt his hand caress my bare ass. I stopped in place and he got up and stood behind me. He started rubbing his cock head between my ass cheeks. I could not take it any longer and put my hand in my mouth to get some spit, rubbing it all over my anus. I heard him mumble “I shouldn’t do this” but I pushed back spreading my ass and feeling his huge cock head slipping in my too tight hole. I could not believe his cock size! He must have been about 8 inches long and just as wide, with a taper at the base. He pushed in and in my horny state, it hurt from his width, but I wanted his cock inside me. He was halfway in when I tightened my hole and his cock was sucked in by my hungry hole, down to his balls. He moaned and started to pump in and out. It mus have been a minute when I felt his huge cock twitching inside me and his moans and growls, saying “fuck, fuck.” I was in ecstasy milking his hole with my ass muscles. We fell back on the bench, his cock still balls deep inside me, and I started working my ass up and down on his amazing cock, which stayed hard throughout. My position on his cock was using his curved cock and huge mushroom head to massage my prostate, which made me leak cum onto the floor of the steam room. I said “wow, you’re making me cum without hands” and he yelled out “I’m gonna fill your hole again”, his cock pumping a warm load that I could feel being shot deep inside me. I sat down on his cock bringing him deeper inside me, when we heard the door to the steam room open. I jumped off his cock and headed to the shower, my cock still dripping my cum and his cum leaking out of my hungry hole. I showered without seeing who entered the room, putting my Speedo back on. I left and went to my room, where I found my GF naked on the bed. I fucked a load into her, all the while farting cum out of my hole. She asked why I was sooo horny…

  11. Jack

    Regarding steam room sex, yes I’m a sucker for it. At my gym there are some really hung guys that hang out in there and stroke under a towel. I’m not shy so if I see a nice cock I’ll compliment the guy . I’ve even complimented a hung Latino one time by squatting down on his 8″ cock forcing it in me. He came really fast.

  12. TOM

    Had my first an only experience a couple weeks ago:
    He was sitting naked with a towel covering his dick. Older white man not bad. I sat on the opposite side of the room in boxerbreifs
    Me: hot in here
    Him: yea it’s great tho. It’s better if you’re naked
    Me: yea but it can be kind of awkward with a bunch of dicks in your face
    Him: yea if that sort of thing bothers you
    Me: yea it doesn’t lol but at my regular gym no one walks around naked. Maybe cuz it’s a school and we’re mostly younger and surprise srections are no fun
    Him: looks down: oh shit. I’m getting one now
    Me: hey, it happens
    Him, touching it: I better not do that
    Me: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do
    Him: well, if you don’t mind
    Me: I’ll watch the door (stand up and look out)
    Him, getting up and standing behind me looking out and letting his hard cock touch my hand
    I gave him the best blowjob I knew how 🙂 it was so hot

  13. Gary

    Had some great experiences at Club Orlando sauna. Watching men suck cock right next to you is very hot. Getting sucked by men who don’t know you or you know them is great . Having a man put his hard to your lips, gets me even harder……….

  14. Brian H

    a young Mexican guy kept looking at me while I was in the sauna naked. When the other guys left he moved closer to me. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. He moved his hand over and touched my cock. I got hard almost instantly. He stroked my cock for a while and then went down on my cock with his mouth. He removed his clothes revealing a large uncut cock probably 8″ I started stroking his cock and then went down on him with my mouth. He pointed to my cock and his anus. So I bent him over doggy style and slipped my hard cock into his wet juicy hole. It wasn’t too long before I shot my load deep inside him. We embraced for a while and then I went back to his cock with my mouth and after quite a bit of sucking he shot a large load of cum into my mouth. He kissed me goodbye and left the sauna. He was very young I am guessing about 19 or 20.

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