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Hey guys, my vacation is coming to an end soon ๐Ÿ™

I’m in Mykonos right now it is so beautiful here. The weather is perfect, the ocean is refreshing, the food is so yummy and the Myconians are sooooo nice and beautiful. If you are thinking about going to Greece for vacations, I suggest you try Mykonos. It’s Paradise! If you are a party boy, come during august, it is packed with gay party goers from around the world, but the hotels are super pricey. If you are more like me, relax, casual, not into big parties, you go to bed early to be able to enjoy the beaches all day and not miss a single minute of sunshine, come in June. It’s not too crowded, prices are fine and temperature not too warm. (Around 28-30 Celsius/85-87 Farenheight, dry, no rain)

For my stay in Mykonos, I rented a villa to be able to cook with local products and live like a Myconian for a full week. ย Every day I get my meat at the butcher and fruits/veggies of the day at the fruit shop. I also got a ATV to get to where I want easily. In the morning, I go to the gym then around noon, I go to a beach and come back home around 7. There’s beaches for all tastes here. If you like beaches with music, chairs/umbrellas, you will want to go to Super Paradise, Psarrou or Elia beach, but if you prefer natural beaches, more quiet, I suggest Fokos (my fave, and try the little restaurant right beside the beach) or Agios Sostis.

So who’s up to come next year? I definitely will come back!

Check out some pictures below! You’ll also notice my butt tan lines on the last picture… They’re on point ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. smellyodick

    Be sure to take the short boat to Delos before you leave. A site like Pompeii and beautiful empty mountains to hike. Definitely worth the trip and culturally rewarding.

  2. dunedude

    was hoping there would be mo tan lines. I thought there were some nude beaches in the grease. If there is where are they located. Looks like a great place.

    • blog

      dunedude: all the beaches are nude here… U do what you want. I keep my swimsuit, I’m not confortable naked in front of other gays. I would probably have a hardon.

  3. Wizardfan

    Nice pics dave. Heading to Athens next week. Planning to spend some time in Delphi and Hydra plus a few days in Athens. Thanks for the weather update. Looks beautiful

    • blog

      Wizardfan : I went to Athens and Mykonos 4 years ago, and my suggestion, don’t spend too much time in Athens. I would recommend1 or 2 days only.

  4. DaveP

    Nice! Thanks for sharing, Heading there in July on a cruise and will be at Elia Beach for our day in Mykonos. Looking forward to it.

  5. Johnny D

    Very nice, looks like fun. I can only imagine what its like to be out there soaking up the rays. My Scottish ginger ass would burn in 15 minutes, sucks ass, always has. Love your smile in the pic. Have FUN!!!

  6. Jaxon Coxx

    Hey Dave..thx for sharing. Youre looking good. Keep posting pics of you. Mykonos is amazing! Is it true that Superparadise is no longer a predominantly gaymen’s beach?

    • blog

      Jaxon coxx: hmm yeah I would say that. Elia is more gay, 50% gay. Super Paradise is more 20% maybe. But I dont like it so much. Music is too loud and too many families. Elia on gay side is fully gay.

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