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Garcon Model is one of the hottest new brands on the market. Not only their products look great, but the fit is amazing, they wash really well and look new after each laundry cycle because they don’t wrinkle or lose their colour.

To introduce their latest line of briefs, photographer Jerrad Matthew snapped the beautiful and sexy model Alex Crockford in the brand’s three colorful new styles: Ocean Briefs, Dodge Briefs and Espanola Briefs.

Check them out below and let me know which colour you prefer! Personally, the blue-pink Ocean is the one I like the most.

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alex-crockford-garcon-model alex-crockford-shirtless alex-crockford


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  1. Angel

    I like all kinds of guys, weights and proportions. But if we’re just talking about eye candy, which he is, he’s too beefy for my taste. My ideal man is leaner, not so bulked up. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter as long as there’s a real, friendly connection…

  2. Haloh25

    Look up “perfect” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of this specimen right under the definition. I want more, I want to see everything! :'(

  3. Tom

    I so look forward to the days when these stupid cartoons (tattoos) that these hot and not so hot guys are wearing, go out of style. Hideous.

    Is like saying, oh, here’s my (insert body part/area here). Could you draw on it please?

  4. Kirt28202

    They all look great on him, but I prefer the masculine colors, so I will go with the gray/orange ones. Nobody would turn this guy down for a roll in the sack.

  5. rj

    He is a great looking man with a great looking tattoo. I’m amazed how so many queers can’t accept, but want to fix and change. I think that’s why so many are alone and still looking.

    He’s a total Babe just the way he is.

  6. tatsrcool69

    I don’t get it? How are people seeing any flaws in this guy. I’d take the underwear and the guy… (or just the underwear off the guy…) If you watched his viral vid, there were people that were hesitant… Again, wtf?!

  7. headsupguy

    It’s not a matter of “fixing and changing” or lack of acceptance. It’s bewilderment. Why in the world does a guy spend hours and hours in the gym, building muscle, eliminating fat, sculpting his body into the perfect male form, then deface and devalue that perfection by embedding ink in the surface?

    It’s like scrimping and saving for years so you can build your dream home with all the architectural details you love, planting a beautiful landscape around it and manicuring the lawn to perfection. Then you spray paint graffiti on the garage door. Why would you do that??

  8. headsupguy

    Fast-forward to 2035. The trim on your beautiful house and the front door need a fresh coat of paint. A violent storm broke out a main limb of one of the trees you planted in the front yard. And the garage door graffiti has faded and partially flaked off. Your former dream house just looks sad and neglected.

    Likewise, your body has aged. That skiing accident 10 years ago kept you out of the gym for 3 months and you just never got back to it. Your biceps have disappeared under a half-inch of fat and your skin cells have expanded and regenerated many times. The sharp, black edges of that tatt you were so proud of have faded and blurred to a sickly, greenish-gray, and the deep crimson ink has faded to almost pink. The blue ink has disappeared completely, leaving you with a dark blob of color that looks more like a skin disease than art.

    It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  9. TieGuySC

    You can buy other styles of this brand on cheap undies dot cCom at $14.99 a pair, but not the styles pictured here. Get them while they last. Get 15% off using GARCON15.

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