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Diesel presents the Hero Fit, a new collection of men’s underwear with a focus on form and comfort. From boxer briefs to classic briefs, each underwear is made in breathable, natural cotton fiber, and feature new contour-defining panels that enhance the front, and lifts and defines the back. The brand just unveiled its campaign last week, check it out below, after the jump!

For the launch of this new collection, Freshpair is doing a promo strictly for A4A members! They are offering 20% OFF on everything on their site, including the new Diesel collection and even clearance items using code “BALLSDEEP“.


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  1. poperobertel

    my ass has been sagging for decades and desperately needs a lift. im so happy they finally came out with drawers to aid my falling derriere. aint nothing worse than sashaying down the street with a floppy fanny.

  2. Hunter0500

    Once again, a whole cadre of shots of “primped, preened and practically perfect guys.”

    And Poperobertel, the level of your ass’s sagging is pretty far down the totem pole of reasons I’d not be willing to get to know you.

  3. Leon

    Oh lord, that first guy looks like a mix between Jim Carey and Mr. Spock. I had to take a second to give another look just to make sure it wasn’t either of them. XD

  4. Richard

    So that is what we as gay men are supposed to look like. Rest assure 99.9 % of gay men do not look like that. I like just the average guy. You know he works hard tends to his responsibilities. He may be a mechanic, construction worker, air condition & heating repair guy, house painter, plumber or lawn & garden worker. Forgive me if I’ve left out anyone. That’s who attracts me. That guy the one you see everyday. I always make sure I speak to him. Let him know he’s appreciated.

  5. einathens

    What if you don’t have the bod to wear muscletwink panties? On 95% of men, those would just look silly.

    Wanna know how to get a contoured front and a lifted backside for $10?
    Wear a jockstrap.

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