Sex Toys : Black Friday Weekend Sale


Black Friday is right around the corner and we thought about offering you a nice promotion on all the kinky gear in A4A Toys Store! With coupon code “BFM”, get 30% off on all your purchase from the “Master Series“.

Here are some suggestions for you:

The Black Destroyer Dildo

Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, the Black Destroyer is a heavyweight in the world of huge dildos. If you can take its head, you can slide down 14 inches before you hit balls. Standing at full height, it’s 16 inches tall from tip to suction cup. That suction cup is actually strong enough to support this monster, even when stuck to a vertical surface. Just make sure that you don’t pull any tiles off your wall while riding this thing!


Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant

This desensitizing lubricant only packs 2% lidocaine, so it numbs a little while still letting you feel what you’re doing. It’s for people who want to push themselves while still experiencing what they’re doing. You might need it to try the Black Dildo Destroyer (above).



Silicone Cum-Thru D-Ring Penis Plug

Slide this silicone penis plug into your cock with the help of some good sterile water based lube, and experience the wealth of sensations that you get from stimulating your cock from the inside! It’s flexible and light-weight for an easier time getting it in and out. It’s also hollow all the way through, so you can cum for your partner after he’s properly appreciated it. In fact, you can cum or piss through it, so it works fine for longer term wear.


Giant Bum Drops Anal Beads

These extra-fancy anal beads are soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to go in easily. They’ve also got a great pull ring for retrieving them once you’ve sunk all three inside of yourself.



Big Nipple Clamps, Adjustable

These large alligator style clamps are great for intense nipple play. The tips of these clamps are vinyl coated which provides a softer feel against the nipples. The intensity of the tension is adjustable with the screw located near the tips of the clamps. The clamps are attached by a silver chain.



Jail House Chastity Device

The Jail House Chastity Device keeps your boy toy from being able to complete a full erection no matter how much he gets turned on by what you are doing to him. The device is a sturdy chrome-plated cage that keeps his erection at bay.

You choose which one of the three rings you want to use and place it behind the cock and balls. Then place the cock into the cage and connect the cage to the ring. Use the included lock and key to securely close the device and keep his semi-erection locked in.

So make your choice and enjoy your kinky holidays!

Make sure to also check our new arrivals !

(The sale ends November 28!)







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