NEWS: Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage!

I do not know about you, but listening to President Obama talk about the people in his life that are in committed, same-sex relationships hit home, and will hopefully hit home to conservative Americans.

“I’ve been going through an evolution on this issue. I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” .

“You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents, and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently,” Obama said, according to a transcript.

The nations is divided as North Carolina voted on Tuesday to join 28 other states that have voter-approved constitutional bans on same-sex marriages, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Six states and the District of Columbia allow gay and lesbian marriage. In Colorado on Wednesday, a bill that would have granted civil unions to same-sex couples failed to advance to a full vote.



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  1. george

    well we will have to wait and see even if obama
    suports it that dose not mean any thang as we now that
    its the congress not all ways the man in the whitehouse…

  2. Purebalance

    He actually hasn’t come out and said he supports gay marriage. He previously while running for office said he doesn’t support gay marriage, but he does support civil unions. The NC change does not allow for even civil unions which is what had him even more amiss. The NC change also has nothing to do with banning gay marriage since NC already had banned it. They furthered their stance by saying “man and woman” in the wording of marriage in law.

  3. Anthony S.

    News: Obama panders to homosexuals to gain support for his re-election! Come on guys. Really? It’s a little too close to election time for me to take him seriously on this issue. This is something the government shouldn’t even be playing a part in anyway!

  4. corbin

    Obama flip flops on this issue. If he commented the same way every time then this interview would be easier to believe. He says one thing but doesn’t act on it. What did he do the past 4 years to change the laws on gay marriage or even civil union? Nothing.

  5. Fer


  6. kymarcin

    This is nothing but election year politics. He’s had 3 1/2 years to make this statement. He sees his poll numbers in trouble and he’s trying to play the “gay advocate” card. We need a true president and not one who uses the office for vacation travel, tv appearances, and re-election fundraising!

  7. night_ryder500

    This is HISTORY…..this is the Civil Rights of the 60’s …..Now for us in 2012…. I just made my very first donation to anyone running for office. I sent $$ to the President. I Have to support someone who understands what is RIGHT. I talk the talk…it was…walk the walk…my heart said…Put your Money where your mouth is. (no pun intended) Please understand what the President of The United States supporting GLBT rights & abitlity to get Married means…

  8. Darryl

    This is just what we needed, especially after what happened in North Carolina. I wasn’t surprised that the people decided that we cannot marry. The sick part about the whole issue is that straight people can have that option, but some piss on the santity of marrage. I think if they want to hold on to it so tight, then if they get marred, then they shouldn’t be able to divorce. I don’t think they would be very happy with being stuck with someone you don’t love. Just like we can’t be happy with the one we love.

  9. Convenient

    It’s kind of convenient that the moment his ties with Romney in the polls that he all of the sudden has a shift in his views.

    Politicians really will stop at nothing to in a vote.

  10. Yungobruh

    I support my president and I’ll vote for him again in November. However, this time around he’s just the lesser of two evils in my opinion. It’s nice that he implies he supports same-sex marriages. However, I’m not fooled into thinking that he sincerely cares about Same Gender Loving folks. He cares about getting SGL votes. His campaign staff and pollsters have statistically calculated how many SGL votes he can win by paying lip service to same-sex marriage verses how many opponents votes he’ll lose by supporting same-sex marriage. Most people who vehemently oppose same-sex marriage aren’t going to vote for Obama anyway. So by giving the illusion that he supports it he’ll gain more votes from people who probably would vote for him anyway. Let’s be gratetful to him for repealing “Don’t Ask don’t tell” and leave it at that.

  11. Kelly Philip

    I would love that to happen in my country and that some parents should be happy for their kids and not discriminate them in no way possible.

  12. James

    I think it’s awful strange that all the Promises Obama made to the Gay and Lesbian community where put off and stalled off until right before re-election, and then when he’s loosing ground he pulls this out! I hope we aren’t foolish enough to fall for it! He’s just trying to buy the gay and lesbian vote, and if we give him our support you can bet this too will fall to the back burner if he’s re-elected! I for one won’t vote for him.

  13. Chris

    This gets no comments but the postings on sex get countless numbers of guys chiming in? Where are our priorities, people? Not to be harsh here, but it is because of committed advocates for LGBT rights that we all can enjoy the freedom to be who we are sexually. As much as some people might like to imagine that gay marriage amounts to gay people pretending to be straight people, that isn’t the case. It’s about the ideological underpinnings of the notion that gay people are entitled to the same rights as straight people. No matter whether or not you plan to get married, you ought to be rejoicing that Obama supports same-sex marriage. I am really disappointed to see that no one else has posted anything about this, when there would have been dozens of comments if this was “jack-off material.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course – I like sex as much as the next guy. But come on, people – there is more to life than getting off.

  14. Chris

    Also, a curious thing I have noticed is that often the straight allies of LGBT people seem more interested in LGBT rights than LGBT people do. I have honestly met more committed allies among straight people who are willing to stand up and support us than I have met gay people who are willing to openly proclaim their support for LGBT rights. God bless the PFLAG mothers who have committed themselves to making a world where their gay children can live openly and without fear and embrace who they are. There is nothing as liberating or wonderful as a parent’s love for his or her children when that love comes from a place of total acceptance. I know of straight allies who have done truly heroic things for LGBT people – and these people had a lot to lose in sticking their necks out for gay people, a LOT. But especially among younger gay men, there seems to be no acknowledgement of history or recognition of the brave individuals who fought very hard to ensure that future generations of LGBT persons could be who they are and love who they are – and most importantly, not hide from who they are beneath masks of duplicity and fear. So the fact that Obama himself is willing to speak out for same-sex marriage, when a lot of LGBT folks I know are not willing to do so (and I’m speaking about the ones who wouldn’t lose their social standing by doing so – I recognize that not everyone has the luxury of living openly as a person who is L,G,B,T or otherwise non-heterosexual) … the fact that Obama spoke out tells me that it is time for LGBT persons who have not yet rallied around same-sex marriage to do so. I recognize also that for some communities under the LGBT umbrella, the issues are far more complex than human rights and policy change on the issue of marriage – for some communities within the LGBT umbrella, marriage isn’t even on their radar screen because they are still seeking basic respect and dignity of being treated as full human beings and not being harassed or otherwise demeaned. But for those of us who have the privilege to be able to speak out – and there are many of us – we need to speak out and acknowledge that the time for same-sex marriage has come, whether or not we plan to get one.

  15. Jerry Spaniard

    Political pandering in an election year. I, as a gay man with a brain in my head, am not falling for it. Further, he’s basically taken the “states rights” dodge, so he can have it both ways. He disingenuously supports gays’ rights to marry, but essentially says it’s up to the states to decide whether they want to ban it or not. If Romney had taken this *identical* position, I doubt many in the media would be gushing all over him the way that they do over Obama. [*NOT* that I am a big Romney supporter.]

  16. blake

    even though that this is a HUGE step forward, this decision made by mr. obama will probably come back and bite him. just watch all the neocon’s rally around mr. romney. this election will be extremely close, and it will remind us all about what happened back in 2000. but with the gay marriage issue, the biggest issue is still the economy. i know people whose unemployment are now cut off and they are desperate for work. however, i do applaud mr. obama for finally coming around to supporting gay marriage after flip-flopping on the issue since 2008.

  17. Dan

    I disagree. It’s a cheap political stunt to gain votes and to divide the couintry. The clue was when he said in the interview that his daughters have friends in school who have same sex parents. That anecdote is similar to, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”.

  18. Andrew

    Really disingenuous political stunt. Who really beleives anything this guy reads from a teleprompter. Distraction to focus on his focus to create two classes – elite and everyone else whp should be taken care of and told what to do by the government. Distraction so you dont focus on the implosion of the financial system. Yikes people are stupid

  19. Steve

    Too bad he is just saying ithat to garner votes…he has not one damn thing to do with it…he’s just pandering…the states control marriage laws and 31 our of 50 dont allow it…so he’s just talking to hear the sound of his own voice…he’s not proposing a constitutional amendment and he cannot change things by executive order…in all fairness, he did change dont ask, dont tell…but he’s powerless after that…

  20. wesley

    That’s all very well, but will he do anything about it before the next election? Of course not. He’s simply looking for votes. Which is funny, considering that the people don’t vote for the President anyway. Ask yourself this … did the people vote for the sweet retirement deal that the senators have? No. The senators passed that on their own. Did the people vote for Obama Care? No. But that was passed anyway. I’m sure many others have been enacted this way. We all know how corrupt the government is. Why would you believe that voting for the President would be on the up and up?

  21. p c

    The nation needs to advanced into the 21st century! Allow gay and lesbian marriage. We aren’t hurting anybody. My boyfriend and I have lived together for nearly 4 years and all we want is to call each other “my husband “. Is that too much to ask? I just hope its not another political promise that isn’t kept like so many other.

  22. T-blow

    For the people complaining,

    Would you rather Romney or Ron Paul get elected? Both of those two hate you.

    So you’d rather throw a fit that it’s “pandering” in time when actually it could increase GOP outrage against him.

    So far he’s the only presidential candidate to voice any kind of support for gay rights. So I’d say it’s a big deal.

  23. Rich - San Jose CA

    Political Crap!!! The term MARRIAGE is between a man and woman.

    I am married guy 48 years, but do like to play a little M2M.

    I respect those that want a real committed relationship ie
    But, I don’t want to be confused should I want to meet another “Married” guy for some M2M fun.

    Just my opinion!

    • blog

      Rich : That’s kinda weird opinion.
      I dont undertsand why marriage should be man/woman.
      I dont want to get married cause i dont believe in this institution, but everybody who wants to get married should be able to…

  24. RWCJL

    It’s about time and we as gay people should support President Obama. Mitt Romney is Anti-Gay and has been all along and has done nothing to support Gay People.
    Come out of your closet’s and do the right thing.

  25. Demetre

    If only this were true…as long as there are hypochristians in this world….there will never be full acceptance into the LGBT community. I was given a choice a couple months ago by my own grandfather to either stop being gay or lose my job. At first i lied just to keep my job, but everyday i worked i was bombarded with questions from him saying “have you found you a good woman yet?” or even going to my co-workers and asking them if they knew any females for me. And everyone else there knew i was gay. Even my mother was doing the same thing to me….so again i say….as long as there are hypochristians in this world….the LGBT community will never be accepted no matter who supports us.

  26. Kevin

    Ho Hum, More lies from this guy, imagine that.
    I’m sure he’d support the KKK if he thought he could get a few votes out of it. In the unlikely event he would get re-elected it’d be right back to his own agenda of destroying this once great nation. I’m not falling for it.

  27. im_my_own_man

    While it is somewhat courageous an acting president. running for reelection would say he supports same sex marriage, Obama takes the easy and coward’s way out by saying it should be left up to the states to decide. If it’s about equality like he says, a true civil rights issue, it is the duty of the federal government to enact federal constitutional amendments granting these rights. This is no different than states that had laws segregating schools in the 50s or laws prohibiting interracial marriages.

    I don’t care about religious sacraments. I just want the federal and legal rights my partner and I should be entitled to. I’m not looking to be married in a church anyway. I just want to ensure my partner receives my social security benefits when I pass away. I want to make sure that no one in the state of Texas can legally deny me housing or a job simply on the basis of my sexuality. It can and does happen in Texas and other states. A quick I call to the EEOC or any federal housing department will verify that.

    Let’s stop focusing on same sex marriage as some huge coup. Let’s start demanding that we want it all…federal protection against discrimination. It’s a larger civil rights issue transcending marriage.

  28. kymarcin

    Romney has been honest in his position. He personally doesn’t believe in gay marriage, yet has hired gay individuals for his staff. This seems to be making the right inroads into the conservative movement.

  29. Dawn

    I’m confused. Can someone explain to me how coming out as a supporter for gay rights can possibly lead to MORE votes? My mother, who has voted liberal since she could vote, voted for Bush over Kerry just because, as she put it, she couldn’t vote for a man who would support to men getting married.

    Does anyone understand actual Politics in the U.S. in 2012?

  30. UrDesire714

    I’m sorry but sometimes i feel that the only reason why he said that was so then he can be re-elected this year .

  31. Eduardo

    Why would anyone think he’s trying to get votes? if anything this hurts his possibility of getting people’s votes, given that there are so many bigots in this country.

  32. tg

    His change of position on this matter doesn’t make him a good President or candidate. A REAL leader stands up for what they believe in, even when it isn’t popular.

  33. mo

    Publicily stunt for re-election…..? I don’t care what the motives are. It still should be celebrated as a defining moment for our community. He’ll have his supporters from gay right winged conservatives and left winged liberals. It may sound jacked up….but as a blk gay man, I personally don’t believe in gay marriage. So what does that tell you…..

  34. VegasMarc

    Yes Obama might be doin this to get the votes on behalf of gay america, however lets not forget that the vass majority of american voters which are made up mostly of conservative americans, will actually vote against him. If he wanted to lose his chance at being re-elected, then he would have probably would have gone against same-sex marriage. He supports the gay community more than we know, from dont ask dont tell, to investments and support to the hiv community. Bush didnt do anything to help our community. Obama supports our community however the picture is bigger than it looks. He might be the president, however he has to play his cards right in order to sway over the republican dictators in office who belive in puritan vallues yet still cheat on their wives with high end gay prostitutes (Lady Gaga-Government Hooker)-was partly due to the whole gay escort controversy. This is our chance as gay americans to get out of da club, off our toys & go out and vote. Its all we can do. He supports us in private but the voice must be ours. Go big or go home…

  35. Kevin

    Thank you President Obama.
    Just by you making the statement of your support for marriage equality, you have started a national / international conversation. You have shed light in what some people think of as a rather dark place. Regardless of your motive, be it for votes or you standing ground on your morals, we are now one step closer to equality.Again, thank you.

    Now LGBT community we cannot allow this opportunity to pass us by. The momentum is there, let’s get busy and get whats ours… Equality.

  36. Mark

    I don’t think its anything to get excited about. He changed his position on it to get votes, and only because of that. He was for it, then against it, now for it again. It is a publicity stunt, and nothing more than that.

  37. wes

    Stunts and panderering.he can say what ever 34 States have laws that even the slyest president cant overturn.2/3 States would have to ratify it

  38. Tom Z

    His personal support of the issue means nothing. Don’t be blinded by the fact that a president openly expressed his personal feeling towards the issue. As far as I know (from what I’ve read) is that the president has not said it is his adminstrations stance or that he will persue it. All the interview said was that this issue has affected him personally, and that he sees no reason why gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry. I will not thank Obama until he takes it to the next level…

  39. kaygee

    Making a statement to get votes or not, he did not have to say a damn thing! That is more that the other candidates have done. As someone said earlier, lesser than the two evils. Romney does not give a damn about gays, blacks, latinos nor women, in addition to anyone making less than $100,000 a year Romney is an elitist whose only interest is to protect the rich. If he is elected, those without jobs, female, minority, students will be totally screwed! mark my words! Like I said, he did not have to acknowledge you punk bitches at all, but he election be damned, he said something!

  40. dan

    this is a good thing, but i live in arizona and it is not a gay friendly state,i just hope more states pass laws allowing this.

  41. Ivan

    Who cares if it’s legal or not. Are we really fighting the good fight as the gay community? Do we really want marriage? Do we deserve it cause last I checked we can marry.. Women lol I think gay marriage will bring in an increase in divorces.

  42. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Some of these comments are disgusting. You bitches need to come out and support Obama because if Romney gets into office, you’re going to be fucked, literally.

  43. roy b

    Now that he came out finally for gay marriage it’s up to us to get it passed on the federal level. It’s up to every single gay person, bi person and trans. Person to get out and vote, if you are over the age of 18 you need to help vote out all the republican thugs out of office and keep them out of office. It’s up to us to get our full civil rights!

  44. Jason

    Even if this is just awfully convenient timing and he is pandering this is still some progress. Obama does have a good record with our community such as, “don’t ask don’t tell” despite his discomfort. I have to admit that his discomfort is obvious and it bothers me but hey, he has done some great things and I sure as hell don’t think Romney is going to be better. In fact he already has said that he defines marriage as one man and one woman. We may not like it but a line is drawn in the sand and we have to choose. If we don’t vote then we have no right to0 bitch. It’s just that simple.

  45. cockworshipper4u

    The problem with Obama is that he has proven to be incapable of managing the country. Four more years of Obama and we can marry whoever we want, and we can all happily starve with our new partner!

  46. Daniel

    I am AMAZED at how backwards this country is! When are people going to talk more about the economy and less about the bedroom. Also remember, George was arrested in Washington, don’t you think this is a publicity stunt; having a huge gay party, and he’s straight???? And I agree, I don’t want to be part of an institution which has a 50% failure rate. I believe better of myself!

  47. Mike

    Are all you guys supporting Obama just stupid? He supported gay marriage in 1996 when running for the Illinois house. Then he was against it and civil unions while running for the Illinois senate. Then he tweaked his position again while running for president. And now, here we are in election season and he comes out in support. He’s a lying bag of crap that will say anything to get elected. He just wants our money. I hate to break it down for you but if he’s reelected, he won’t do anything to support us.

  48. clay

    Amazing how quick people in power come to use the gay community ,to canvas votes from them by giving them as it were a token , then they will not support the said gay community ,that gives the votes after the election its sad we are always used . Why not reopen the gay saunas that brought money into San Francisco , many years ago .Why not allow gay couples in all states the freedom to adopt without the many problems they face , why must the gay community be ousted from the armed services and treated unfairly for so many years in a nation that is suppose to be a progressive one .

  49. slugger40291

    After ready many of the comments I am PROUD and AMAZED how many Men are thinking for themselves and not being duped by the Liar in the White House . Let him instruct the Dems in the house to draft legislation to legalize gay marriage then I’ll give him some credit . Obama is full of Shit !! And real Men know it .

  50. dynasty05

    He never supported it until this year…..ironically it’s an election year………DO NOT FALL FOR HIS FAKE ASS PLOY for votes

  51. USMEX83

    I for one believe is better to have a president supporting gay marriage regardless of political strategy versus a president who shows no interest on the issue or worst against gay marriage. We need to take into account who else is running for president, and what is there stand on the gay marriage issue. Like war, choose your allies carefully, and make sure that they are on your side of the field NOT against it.

  52. RJ

    Everything this president does or has done is for his own gain. He will do absolutely nothing if re-elected towards gay marriage. All he is doing is trying to get more younger voters to get out and vote. He is also trying to get people to talk about anything but our poor economy. Any gay person that falls for his latest political stunt is an idiot. think back to Clinton. Everyone thought Clinton was going to do something for gay people because he gave that impresion. What did he do? NOTHING!Get real people and stop thinking with your crotch. I made the mistake of voting for Obama once and I WON’T do it again. He is the worse president since Jimmy.

  53. Joe

    I am amazed at the responses. Maybe the writers do not know the struggles that ensued prior to this historic moment. Maybe they are just negative. Either account…it is historic. A sitting president of the USA said publicly he supports…W O W. I know that from this moment forward it will take time. And if anyone wants to see it occur faster, then get out vote and get others to vote and clear the House of Republicans…get folks who are interested in doing something and not reading from the bible.

    Now to you, the host of this site, why not put up pics of Mitt and Barrack and asked one of your questions…Do him? Yes or No!!!

  54. Fer

    Some people are just stupid πŸ™ πŸ™

    IS THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY that a president support gay marriage!!!!!! Love my president and I will support him.

  55. Rob

    Chairman Obuma needs all the votes he can get. That’s the only reason he came out with his latest opinion. He doesn’t realize it’s all about the economy, stupid!

  56. Yungobruh

    First Joe Biden came out….then President Obama came out…., in favor of same-sex marriage. Hummm, do you boys have something to tell the American people? LOL

  57. 44107

    I am shock at the responses from the LGBT community in regards to Obama statement. As Americans “we” fight everyday to be treated with respect as we live are lives. I appuauld his stance and his statement. I do not think it was political base, however, it seems that no matter what any President does it is never good enough for anyone. I wish more people understand the control the President has and how laws are introduce into this great country USA. The President does not have the power to enforce States to approve same-sex marriages, however, he does have influences based on his recommendaton. I think this is a great step toward a goal that so many of us wish for everyday. Please understand that this is something that cannot happen over night, everything must go through a process.

  58. 4x4lvr

    Yes, just another political move to catch and sway voters’ attentions! Just what we needed, another excuse to increase the divorce rate! (sigh) No one has proven that gay marriages are better, so if you don’t invite us for the wedding, at least invite us for the divorce!

  59. navysausage

    Well, Obama did tout his transparency if he ever took office. And now we we can see through this very blatant (and timely) stunt.

  60. Bible Belter

    I first saw the story on CNN. I figured – ah, another political stunt to save face and garner votes. My initial thought – Buy me a clue, Mr. President, as to “Why now?”. Why wait until an election year to finally side with many who have been struggling with this issue for a long time.

    If you ask me, it’s like a slap in the face. If you believed the thought that we have the right to marry, you would have stated this from the get go when you were hired for the damn job 4 years ago. THEN, and only then, would it be a little more believable.

    As a gay man, I don’t believe in gay marriage. I don’t think I need the title, personally. I DO want, however, my friends and loved ones who want the title and all it comes with – to have what they want. They and all of you who wish for this are the ones who deserve that happiness. I hope its granted one day, in all seriousness, too. Not because of someone who is hurting for cash and votes. But because someone is willing to throw shit into the wind and stand beside those who struggle.

    I won’t go into the subject of some who think that its okay to have their cake and eat it too.

  61. Nik

    Don’t be fooled! This president or any other for that matter could care less about you and your partner. I say let’s live our lives and be proud of who we are regardless of any political endorsement.

  62. Darryl

    Whatever our issues about Marriage equality, what we should understand that we need to understand that this issue will be debated by everyone. For or against, at least it’s being talked about. Not everything the President does get’s our support in terms of legislation. But it’s a good start and we should be proud that at least he has realized that gay people only want to have the same opportunities that straight people have. What’s wrong about that. When you ask people one on one if they knew someone who’s gay, would they want them to be treated unfairly just because they’re gay? I thought we went through this kind of thing back in the 50’s and 60’s. The country will not fall because two gay men, or two lesbian women want to get married. Just like with NADT the Military didn’t crumble, in fact it’s still going strong. Let’s not continue to divide the country with this announcement. We have many other issues that will challenge all of us in this up comming election. We should focus on who we want to lead this Nation beond 2012.

  63. Demetre

    To Mo…the only reason you as a black gay man dont believe in gay marriage is because you were always taught that in church growing up and you like many other christians are set in their ways. gays have just as much right to this as any straight person.

  64. Hunter

    Our President didn’t care about this issue at all on 2009, 2010, or 2011. He only cares about it now because it’s 2012, he’s up for re-election, and is looking for votes. He won’t give it the time of day in 2012, whether he’s elected of not.

  65. Bill

    If he is for it, Why did he not say it on Jan 20th 2009. It is now election year 2012 and only wants the gay vote, that is why.

  66. Steve

    Obama is playing the gay community like a fiddle. As a senator he said he was for gay marriage then when he was a candidate for president up until a few days ago he was adamately opposed to it and now he’s all of a sudden for it. Give me a break!! The man is a master at telling his intended audience what they want to hear to get money and get re-elected. And for the record who the hell cares what he thinks any way. He’s not a king who rules with a sceptor. We give way too much credit to the office of the president as to what gets done in this country and his opinion means nothing. It’s what congress does and what the states do that get things done. This issue will never be settled on a national level. It is being done state by state.

  67. inquiring_mind

    He also supported gay marriage back in 1996: “President-elect Obama’s answer to a 1996 Outlines newspaper question on marriage was: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” There was no use of the phrase “civil unions”. [Outlines purchased Windy City Times in 2000 and merged companies.]”

    Too bad he couldn’t have evolved (again) a few days earlier to try and have an impact on North Carolina.

  68. Yawning

    You complainers are idiots. Vote for Romney and see the “rights” of yours that he defends. Obama has publicly worked to end DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; he’s done SOMETHING. His opponents will do nothing. Such whiners and fools.

  69. Jonathan

    I have two feelings on this issue with Obama..

    1.) Why bring it up upon election time? Back in 2008 you told Ellen DeGeneres that you don’t support gay marriage, however, you could possibly support civil unions. (Video is on Youtube)
    search: Obama on Ellen D

    2.) I beleive he is trying on the other hand. Because he has been working on the “Dont ask, dont tell” issue for a few years.

    So I have mixed feelings.

    But either way, hope he is being honest. Enough bigots it is 2012, not 1875!

  70. Danny

    Absolutely agree… He just wants the “gay” vote…He really could care less about same sex marriage… Even though the word “orientation” isn’t in the 2nd amendment , it is still a hate crime to be denied benefits that straight couples have. Also, about the church not recognising it because of it being stingy God, what about the straights that don’t believe, shouldn’t they be denied as well…

  71. BryBry

    Romney states he’s Anti-Gay, and that’s an acceptable position for some of you?

    Obama states that he’s in Support of Gay Marriage, and he is seen as suspect. I don’t get the doubters.

    Marriage is, and has always been a matter of States Rights. There is NO DIRECT influence this President of any President has on marriage. Obama is simply stating his SUPPORT (meaning Acceptance of) Gay Marriage. If anyone else wants to share that opinion, it is their privilege. It is impossible for it to be pandering in that the president is not elected by direct vote anyway. In states where he has an advantage, he would get the electoral votes (if this issue is the deciding factor) anyway.

    I believe that having someone…anyone be in support of me, for ANY REASON, is a more desirable position than someone who is NOT IN SUPPORT (as Romney has clearly stated)…

    Doubters tend to doubt no matter what the position, but I clearly prefer anyone in favor of me over someone who is not in favor of me!

  72. Oh Really?

    I’m sorry, I can’t take someone with a screen name of Cockworshipper4u seriously in a discussion about politics…

    Some of you people are truly ridiculous. Obama probably is pandering, but Mittens is much worse, in that he supported gay rights before, and then sold out to the GOP. And to the guy that is married and plays on the side. Do you have a permission slip from your wife? You’re the worst kind of person out there.

  73. navysausage

    @oh really?: regarding the married man cheating with gay men, there is another blog here covering that very topic. However, the majority of those bloggers approve of fucking around with a married man. so yes, they are the worst kind of person out there.

    @yawning: Obama has championed squat on gay issues. He has been for fighting DOMA….sure, all of one whole day. Yeah, he’s done something alright…something self-serving for political gains. He can thank Joe Biden for forcing him out on the issue. He may have wanted to speak up about his support for gay marriage later…but for his own political gain. How’s that for using the gay community? Own up to it and realize that his support is nothing short of disingenuous.

  74. psyke

    As its been said several times on this posting, the president doesn’t have the ultimate decision here, so what does it matter whether he supports the gay community or not? No battle has ever been won just because a president has stated done sort of support, feigned or otherwise, and this one will be no different. Yes Obama has changed his position on gay rights several times, and i have the full expectation that he will change his mind a few more times if he is reelected. But at the very least, at the moment, he has a word of support for us. Its not an outright stance against our right to marry, or to have to same legal rights as straight couples. But it amazes me that so many are willing to make a stand on a post that will only be read by other gay people. If you really want a change, get off the posts and go do something real, that is what gets results, not waiting for the man in the white house to give them to us. As far as the whole sanctity of marriage thing is concerned though, that hasn’t existed since divorce became common and marriage stopped meaning forever.

    I personally agree with a lot of the people here, I’m not interested really in the marriage but in my partner getting what he is entitled to when i do die, but i don’t need a title for my man to know i love him, and no law, president, or person will ever be able to change that.

  75. tim

    all you guys don’t know what he’s done in four years? He’s done a lot. Im not even going to go in to details look it up.

  76. navysausage

    Tim, if you are going to boast about Obama’s track record, you’d better come prepared. He has driven us deeper in debt thanks to his bailout plan. All he did was pump money into Wall St so the one percenters could keep their golden parachute. Now he’s courting the very people he lambasted because his poll numbers are anemic. The unemployment numbers are constantly skewed thanks to the media. The statistics are conveniently omitting numbers of Americans who have simply quit looking for work. DADT was a collaborative effort, no thanks to him. Only when public support swayed in favor to repeal did he finally speak out. He took no part of any fight for a cause; he merely jumped on the bandwagon of his choosing and what political gains he could score. Bin laden, good on him…but this was another collaborative effort that could’ve transpired without his permission. Bin laden was in the crosshairs long before O took office. Great, all he said was get him. What a hero. He is playing us, democrats/the gay community/the general public, for his votes. He does not get my vote based on his empty support for gay marriage.

  77. Matt

    Anyone who thinks it an announcement of substance is a fool. It’s purely a political move during a failing campaign, and the LGBT and Hollywood have sucked it up like…well nevermind.

    The bottom line is thought O might have had a suspiciously times “epiphany” and voiced support, he still feels states should have the final say. Being a president who is not shy signing Executive Orders and suing states for activity the administration disagrees with, you’d think it would be easy for him to take a real stand, not just rhetorical one.

    So, essentially nothing has changed other than Obama has received a surge of checks from the LGBT and Hollywood community and renewed fawning praise from the clucking hens on The View. In my experience, a great many within the LGBT community are attracted to style over substance and in this case are fooled by the feeeeeling of support when in reality it’s empty.

    Wake up. You are being played. Don’t be the superficial community the cynical Obama has pegged you to be.

  78. Corey

    Glad to see that most of the gay community recognizes this for the cheap political stunt that it is. Hopefully those with stars in their eyes will come to their senses before November. I personally don’t care about Mr. Obama’s opinion on gay marriage. Cos if I’m married to my boyfriend and still homeless because of a shitty economy that Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to care about, I’ll still be homeless. Romney 2012!

  79. Rightbackatyou71

    What a coincidence that he comes out with this now that the elections are a few months away. If he really supported gay marriage he should have said it at the beginning of his administration.
    Honestly I think he is using the gay community to get votes and sadly many are falling for it. WAKE UP people!!! we have been used many many times before and this is no different, how many more times are we going to allow politicians to use us for their sick purposes?????

  80. Oh Canada

    Look forward to the day ( a long ways down the road I am afraid) when all of North America allows same sex marriage. We have enjoyed this right for some time now in Canada. Our Prime Minister Trudeau, during the late 60’s and 70’s, said it best: “…the government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation…”
    My husband and I have been married since 2007, and always cringe when travelling to the US, where US security guards make us have to go through customs separately because they don’t recognize same sex marriage.
    Oh Canada!

  81. jorge

    I think this whole issue would go away if government got out of the business of marriage altogether. Not sure why they’re in it to begin with. Leave marriage for the churches and just establish civil unions for everyone, and I mean everyone for government purposes.
    As far as Obama, he’s just doing it to shore up the gay vote. He’s numbers suck and he’s shoring up his “base” get the gays to the polls and the latinos with his stop of deportation, etc. Such blatant pandering and in the end, he won’t do shit about it. None of them will. It will happen through congress eventually and then whoever is president will sign it by then. But I prefer my solution. It’s equal, it’s immediate, and everyone will be happy (hopefully), they wouldn’t really have a reason not to be.

  82. jorge

    For some that are so amazed that the President came out for it. Really amazed at all the pandering?? Really?? That’s all it is. If you read more than that into it, you’re………well, just dumb. I’m so sorry to have to put it that way but I don’t know any nicer way to put it.

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