sex toys: 10 XXXmas gift suggestions under 25$


Here are our suggestions for Christmas stocking stuffers for your lover or fuckbuddy! Hand picked by our xxx guru and under 25$ !

1. Some positions can be hard, and it can be especially hard keeping you and your partner positioned right. The sex enhancement strap makes things so much simpler, allowing you to pound into your partner without worrying about pushing him away. 


2. This cock ring is a great stocking stuffer. While it is inexpensive it’s well constructed of quality leather with edgerounded for comfort. It’s easy to get on and off, and looks good on just about anyone. 

3. Do penis pumps give you a bigger penis? Yes, they immediately give you an unnaturally huge erection. If used often enough they may cause permanent growth, but for under $20, get our SMP penis pump and let’s just enjoy the huge erection at hand. 
4. This unassuming enema bulb system has possibly the most comfortable curved soft rubber enema tip. Experienced users will likely find it more comfortable than even thin plastic tips.

5. Vibrating Vince is so silky soft and flesh-like on the outside with a firm vibrating core for easy penetration. This mix of realistic feel and vibrations is simply irresistible for less than $20.

6. This inexpensive little product will change the way that you apply lube. If you’ve ever found that the lube that you’re applying isn’t all getting in where you need it to be, this Lube Launcher will fix all that. 
7. The Adam’s pleasureskin 8 inches cock  has been a recent favorite, doing a great job of filling that demand for an affordable realistic suction cup cock. The only criticism, some find it a little thick, but others find that all the more appealing. (below)


8. How do you make anal sex more enjoyable? You prepare and practice. The anal trainer set is a great way to break in even the tightest ass, so you can work your way up to comfortably taking your lover.
9. Some of our favorite reviewers requested one of these to see if a $20 prostate massager could actually perform. While they were used to the best products on the market, they found this toy unexpectedly enjoyable, so we recommend it for an inexpensive foray into the world of prostate pleasure: The Pro Pal Male Dual Stimulator
10. The jock strap with wrist binder is a fun little light bondage toy that can lead you and your lover to some fun hot times. If you need heavier bondage gear, poke around, the selection in our store is extensive.

Enjoy and happy shopping !


(sexy santa picture credit here)

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    • blog

      The Kid, Xmas is a very commercial thing now…u celebrate it for Christ and Jesus ? Good for you dude….
      For us, Xmas means fun with friends and vacations/holidays.
      And if you dont like our suggestions, just read the next post 🙂

  1. axemelater

    THE KID great comment !
    IF you keep on writing to every site who promotes buying gifts for chrismas and are not called Saint Patricks
    Go on Celebrate being a creation of GoD with a dildo if needed….

  2. M

    Kid… You’re a fag. I’m a fag. We’re all fags. You celebrate the birth of some fictional character of the most hate filled religion in the history of man? They want nothing more than to hang us, and you dare to get up on A4A for advertising sex? You are one confused individual.

  3. mtlguy

    I think i want the sex enhancement strap for XXXmas, looks like a great tool! and if it doesn’t work i can always use it to slap his ass 🙂

  4. seekaman

    Kid, I understand how you feel. We have to understand that A4A is a business, so they promote items which bring them income. People go into business to make money, and A4A is no different. It was very nice that they established a blog regarding AIDS/HIV awareness, but most of the A4A blog topics will likely be geared toward sales.
    I share your distaste for the commercialization of Christmas. Let’s try to influence some young people to view Christmas from a different perspective. I’m a single adoptive parent and I focus my sons on doing something positive for others. We’ve granted wishes in letters to Santa we selected at the post office and we’ve served meals to the homeless. I hope they’ll do something similar when they’re out on their own one day. Maybe some of the fellas using A4A will get inspired, too. There’s more to life than just sex.

  5. Marv

    This season is a season to celebrate a gift given to us. We all give in different ways, some spend lots of money that they have and some only have what’s in their heart. Lots of ways to give and it should be all year long. Without sex we wouldn’t have life so lets all live it and share in the gifts that have been given to us. May it be a special time for all of us and enjoy it how ever you feel best and may that Special Gift of LOVE bring PEACE and understand of each other.

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