Yesterday’s post was our “less than 25$ suggestions”  for Christmas gifts, today is our “less then 50$ suggestions”. Just click on the highlighted name to view it. Order now to make sure you’ll have your products before Christmas. Hope you”ll enjoy what we selected for you and happy XXXmas shopping !

1. Black leather and jock straps are perennially hot. This classic leather jock strap is made by Strict Leather, who supplies us with some of the best BDSM and leather gear. 


2. Cock ring and plug combos are one of the hottest toys for versatile tops everywhere. They create instant feedback inside you with every thrust, adding whole new sensations to your fucking. 

3. Metal cock rings look hot, but they can be a bitch to get on and sometimes even harder to get off. Every now and then even the fire department has to get involved. These allow you all the hotness without the complications involved in getting them on or off. 
4. The Clone-A-Willy is a great toy for you and your lover. It can be fun to do together, and can create the ultimate in personalized gifts. When isn’t a perfect replica of your cock the perfect present? (pictured below)

5. Restraining yourself or your partner can be fun, but police style handcuffs are hard and not made for comfort. These Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Cuffs can be just as hard to get out of, but much more comfortable. They also just look damned good. So throw away the pink fuzzy play cuffs and upgrade your play. 

6. Dick Rambone is a huge stocking stuffer, capable of dominating even the most massive of stockings. Whether your lover is a size queen, or just wants a good coffee table conversation piece you can’t go wrong with this. 
7. Inflatable toys are great for training your ass to take bigger things. They’re also good because they’re soft and tend to distribute pressure to the areas that can most easily take it, so you’re not likely to hurt anything. Vibrations just make them even more fun. 
8. For size queens looking to size up, these plugs are fantastic. Each one is three challenges, allowing them to build to greater abilities than ever before.  Even if they look like black Xmas tree, they are NOT ! (lol)

9. This remains our most popular enema system. It’s so simple to install and so easy to use. 

10. The action-view masturbation stroker is a clear device that allows you to watch as your cock thrusts and pounds between the beaded cyberskin shaft. With each stroker you can simulate getting an engaging blowjob or pounding an ass from behind. The ribbed tunnel of the stroker is designed to make it easier to clean. They are compact enough to fit snugly in your hand so you can concentrate on the pleasure at hand.

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