Arts: Achraf Amiri, illustrator

I’ve been liking his work for quite a while now, his name is Achraf Amiri and he is an art illustrator. I thought about sharing his talent with other art aficionados in here because what he does is quite impresive and very “gay” (in a good way!) Lot’s of men, lot’s of fashion, lot’s of celebrity caricatures, lot’s of sex…

He is a young creative minded person who loves to express himself in various artistic ways. He likes to break the image of the “superficial world” and make it accessible to everyone, with a critical view and some touch of dark humor. He also describes himself as ” the hidden son of the Addams Family”.

Do you like as much as i do?


(follow the jump to see more of his work)

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  1. otro_companero

    His work seems so severe, irreverent, maybe even macabre to some but, nonetheless, sharp and witty. That said, his portraits come off relatively soft and warm.

    A favorite (and appropriate for A4A blog) in his online portfolio under “MOOD” is of a man sucking a cock coming out of the screen of his laptop. While at the other end, a book with “Jack Keruac” is clenched between his ass cheeks!

    Young Mr. Amiri is also striking!

  2. David

    real imagination, I personally do not like it, but I recognize that he has a vision which is not about making money or people like him, hence you have 3 comment’s.

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