sex toy: fucking machine toolbox

Most of you already know that adam4adam also has an online toys store at and we decided that once in a while on our blog, we will show you our latest finds, the toys that are on sale, the kinkiest ones, the sexiest ones….

Recently we had Mike try out the Diva Toolbox Lover. It’s a good product, but takes a little bit of learning. It’s a really compact machine, and sits really close to the ground. So getting on your knees and taking it from behind just isn’t going to happen unless you’ve got someone to hold it for you. You can probably lie on your back though. It’s also pretty light, so Mike ended up having to chase it around the room.

Ultimately he stood it on end and took it from above. In that position it worked great. He has conceded though that trapping it against a wall and lying on your back might also work. You can check it out for yourself and pick up one of your own right here, and don’t forget to use your KC coupon to get 20% off of during the ADAM4ADAM Kinky Christmas Sale!


To see sexy pics of a cute guy trying a similar machine, follow the jump !

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  1. otro_companero

    I’d be too afraid of the occurrence of a severe impalement incident. Although, it is obvious that safety measures have been taken as evident by using a condom (4th pic down).

  2. chicago Slim

    I’d be afraid of severe impalement, too, Otro. This machine seems like an AWFUL lot of trouble to go through to get fucked. Is it REALLY that difficult to find someone to stick it when you need it. I’m concerned about malfuctions in the machinerey. I’d never put anything electric in my butt.

  3. upmine9

    If you are thinking of getting a fucking machine… go for the “industrial” model… the “Extream Plow” !!!
    I got it and love it !!!
    When my partner has gotten off, but I’m still not satisfied, we set the machine up and I have it work my ass over for as long as I need it to.. it is heavy, well built, and powerful. Even after a 3 hour non-stop session, it still goes strong, and the motor doesn’t even get warm to the touch.

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