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Watch This: Kevin Hart Speaks on “The Ellen Show”

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Was Kevin Hart really just being dumb, coming from a place of ignorance when he tweeted and said those jokes on his show, or was he being homophobic? 

“I’m not that guy,” American comedian, producer, and actor Kevin Hart tells Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show this Friday. The interview was supposed to air on Monday but Ellen said she decided to show it earlier than planned and not let her viewers wait.

If you are wondering what the deal is, Hart was set to host the Oscars next month. However, he ended up stepping down last December from the gig after his decade-old homophobic tweets and video clips from his Seriously Funny standup special resurfaced. 

In the interview, Hart tells Ellen, “I know who I am. I know I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body. I know I’ve addressed it, I know I’ve apologized. I know that within my apologies, I’ve taken 10 years to put my apology to work. I’ve yet to go back to that version of the immature comedian that once was. I’ve moved on. I’m cultured. I’m manufactured. I’m a guy that understands now. I look at life through a different lens and because of it, I live life in a different way.”

Hart added, “I had to address it and apologize and say I understand what those words do and how they hurt. I understand why people would be upset, which is why I made the choice to not use them anymore. I don’t joke like that anymore because that was wrong. That was a guy who was just looking for laughs and I don’t do that anymore.”  

Naturally, netizens weighed in on the issue. Some said Hart isn’t sincere with his apologies while others say the LGBT community is being overly sensitive. 

Ellen DeGeneres is currently facing a backlash what with her publicly “forgiving, defending, and siding” with Kevin Hart. All we can say is that the issue has now officially become a saga. 

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  1. Matt

    The LGBT crowd can be exceptionally intolerant and hateful. Trot out something someone said a decade ago and crucify him with it because in their hateful, intolerant world no one ever changes, or re-examines mindsets.

    I am not offended by homophobic jokes because I choose not to be so shallow as to be offended by even the slightest thing, but I know gay men who love the drama and the bullying of it all.

    They seethe at everything and that just is not psychologically healthy.

    It would seem to me that if LGBT people what acceptance and understanding, they should be the champions of acceptance and understanding rather than the bullies who are intolerant and hateful.

    People DO change. ACCEPT that people change. FORGIVE and much more importantly FORGET the drama.

    Ellen did a good thing.

    • Clone in Love

      “It would seem to me that if LGBT people what acceptance and understanding, they should be the champions of acceptance and understanding rather than the bullies who are intolerant and hateful.”

      It’s not a matter of being intolerant and/or hateful – it’s the rightful questioning of Mr Hart’s integrity, based on his prior statements. That he now comes, hat in hand, to offer apologies comes across are more of a ‘commercial mea culpa’ than genuine contrition. Further, why should I be “tolerant” of someone who holds who I am up to ridicule? Why should I find neutrality in his choice of target?

      You know, the Proud Boys poster child and former front man Gavin McInnes claims to be a comic – is he validated to tell “short nigger” jokes because someone, somewhere found them funny?

      • Matt

        So just to be sure you’re not a hypocrite…you’ve literally never said anything that offended another person, then changed your mind and apologized?

        If that’s true then you have a right to your opinion.

        But if you’re “do as I say but not as I do” then you’re precisely an intolerant hypocrite.

        I would say try to find it in your heart to be compassionate and forgiving, but…

        • Clone in Love

          You avoided a direct answer to the question: “It would seem to me that if LGBT people what acceptance and understanding, they should be the champions of acceptance and understanding rather than the bullies who are intolerant and hateful.”

          Or can you not reply without an ad hominem attack?

    • R-L-S

      Matt, I understand your point of view.. well said brother!

      The LGBT community can/are hateful and intolerant towards each other also. If we want acceptance/tolerance from the world, we need to look within our own community and eliminate the hatefulness inside.

      He (Kevin) has already apologized in the past and is doing it again. One person stated on Twitter that Kevin needs to apologize over and over again, if need be… that’s insane right there.

      I, for one do not believe he should continue to apologize if he is truly sorry. Let’s move on Ppl!

      Yep, Ellen did her thing. Also, we do not know what she and Kevin talked behind the scenes. Maybe she gave him a little educational lesson about the LGBT experience. The world may never know.

  2. Matt (Black)

    As a African American I can understand how gays were offended at what Kevin said in the past. No excuse whatsoever he was wrong. Although at times comedians gets a pass during their stand-up routine but not when it hurts people. He was younger then and he apologized. Every single one of us said things in the past that was hurtful to a segment of the population and we all wished we could take back what we said. Once Kevin apologized and no longer say things that are hurtful to people, he should be able to put it behind him and live a prosperous life like we all who have done/said hurtful things do. I’m hoping Kevin do host the award show and let the hypocritical gay community know that they don’t run/own/dictate nothing.

  3. Ray

    The last line says it all. “The issue has officially become a saga.”

    Of course it has. Some gays love their drama and can’t wait to start it.

  4. Jeffrey

    Remember when sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me?

    Americans have become so sensitive. If you get offended because someone doesn’t like you or your lifestyle, see a therapist. You have serious issues.

    For me there is nothing to forgive or apology needed.

    • Matt

      Gays are like “Sticks hurt me. Stones hurt me. Everything hurts me. Me. Me. Me.”

      The shallow vindictiveness is a form of psychosis.

  5. Hunte0500

    Most homophobic jokes are hysterical (oh, keep reading before your panties get perturbed). They speak to the most absurd characteristics of gays that gays bring upon themselves due to their very own silly, irresponsible, attention-whoring, etc. behaviors.

    Kevin’s story speaks to 2 issues: 1) Politically-correct individuals (who also are internet trolls who sift through tens of thousands of old posts on countless sites looking for “dirt”) who look to go back years (and in some cases decades if not centuries) and then cry that “it IS soooooo wrong”. Shouldn’t it be “WAS”? Kevin has addressed and apologized for his comments from years ago. As militant gays so often say, “deal with it” which means shut up!” 2) Kevin has addressed and apologized. for his comments. He determined they were not the best years ago. He no longer makes such jokes.

    Where is the “love” gays so often demand? Where is forgiveness to someone has admitted to, stood up to, and flogged himself for his comments (admitted bad jokes) from years ago?

    Is this just another time where stereotypical gays want us to know they are victims? (Even if they had to wait years to make the claim.)

    Yes, his comments … looked at today … were not smart.


    The right thing now would be for the leader of the LGTBQ+ Community to take hold of this story and embrace Kevin Hart. They should have a public discussion about this story. THAT would move acceptance forward!

    Whoever that is, step up.


  6. bjjj

    I don’t understand why people are so judgmental, be it homophobic, racial, age, looks, gay, straight, bi, nationality, etc. Things that happened in the past should left in the past. People change, ideas and ways change, etc. Once again, I post, lets be respectful of each other. Just from experience, since I am white, gay, and my BF is also gay and black, we get a lot of curious looks, comments, etc. I understand people being curious, but when they show emotional and verbal dislike, theirs no cause for it.

  7. Ryan

    this is a lesbian vs gay male platform… this inst a fair apology. Ellen has never rallied for gay men on her show either i feel. she has always said, “am i right ladies” to male guests ect, but lesbians are a double standard and a different breed of gay people. Men high five one another when thinking of girl on girl action so when they think of gay males they can’t take sex out of the equation which is why discrimination occurs. Ellen is a celebrity and is friends with a lot of celebrities, so she is quick to forgive easier i’m sure…

    • David

      I disagree. This isn’t about lesbian or gay male. It’s about humans being fallible. Lesbian versus gay male shouldn’t matter. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Creating a divide between lesbian versus gay males compounds misunderstandings. We are all equal-albeit gay, straight, black, white, pink, purple, rich, poor or any other thin which differentiates anyone from being worthy of love and forgiveness.

      • ryan

        I respect your opinion, but for someone who has lesbian friends and has never seen them struggle in public or have an issue being gay is one reason I have that theory. It is a large double standard and unless you are gay and loved, good looking and popular or oblivious and even ignorant or even don’t give a shit what people think, then I don’t understand if you see what is going on in the gay community like I do. Gay men are “aids spreaders and child molesters” as straight men can’t separate sex when thinking about sexuality, so when they think about lesbians they most likely like the girl on girl action except Southern racists and religious folks wouldst have those perverted, pornographic thoughts in their minds. All I am saying is the gay community is tolerant for women and lesbians; women can play football and be a straight “powerful women” but a straight man cannot without ridicule do a feminine-like sport without some jack ass making a homophobic comment… anyway Kevin Hart and Ellen is a lesbian and celebrity basis apology I feel.

  8. David

    Kevin Hart doesn’t need to host the Oscars. He has not lost his career. He’s immensely successful. Ellen has every right to think and say what she pleases. If you don’t like it- change the channel. This is America. Free speech should be a given, and not dependent upon being politically correct or tolerant, or anything but free speech. If we go back years-how many of us has been perfect in everything we say and do?
    If we wish to judge him for his actions, then perhaps we should look at ourselves as a community:
    -The condemning of HIV undetectable men who are being honest and up front about their status. Where is that tolerance?
    -Where is the tolerance for people who choose to use prep and not condoms? Nobody is forcing any of us to have sex with them yet I often see them condemned.
    -Where is the tolerance/acceptance for people who have herpes-which is the elephant in the room yet nobody discusses it?
    -Why is it okay to sleep with a married straight guy but often is not if it’s a married gay guy? I don’t sleep with either yet I see many guys who discern between the two.
    -Why is okay for someone to grab another guy in a gay bar?
    -Why are guys who don’t like to be touched by other guys in a gay bar told they should be flattered when it happens? (If the one doing the touching is cute, and if he is not then it’s creepy.)
    -Why is it okay for a guy to walk around in his underwear in a gay pride parade but not acceptable any other day of the year?
    It’s a double standard.
    If we truly want equal rights then we need to grant the same and be more tolerant of viewpoints which do not agree with the LGBT community as a whole.
    What happened to forgiving and forgetting?
    We all make mistakes. Stop judging and worry about your own self. If you don’t like it then don’t watch whatever it is that offends you.

  9. Del

    I’ve been over this type of crap as the LGBT remains at the forefront of those are just as intolerant, bigoted, racist, ageist, and hateful yet while calling foul on others. Sorry, we may more rights, but the heart and soul of LGBT community still hasn’t evolved for the better. Love and forgiveness? Hah!


    This story did EXACTLY what it was intended to do. Kevin Hart gets his 15 minutes, and ELLEN brings him back to the fold. America is the land of second chances, so giving Kevin his, has brought a serious issue into the lime light. Perhaps more people will think before making racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. I’m with Billy Eichner on this one!

  11. BearOKC69

    I’m gay. I didn’t find it offense in the least. Not laugh out loud funny either but all of that is subjective. All too often people choose to be offended. As it has been said, you can’t control other’s actions/words but you can control how you react. Want to be offended? Fine. But it is your choice.

  12. Lamar

    I think the key word here is ‘past’, during his immature years, what has he said about the LGBT since those ‘jokes’? Well, there you go then, leave it be, its better than what the dude in the white house is capable of; admitting he was wrong.

    All too often, in this country, we keep digging up the past in more ways than one; finding someone who said or did something wrong; to crucify again and again, pretty obsessively bitter.

    It’s not like this country that apologizes for slavery upon occasion, only to turn a blind eye to its own racist politics/denial of racism “legally” mind you, therefore, keeping the after-math of slavery alive and well.

    I think he’s grown-up since then, having become more worldly, sophisticated and smarter, again, not like the guy in the white house.

    • Marcus

      Amen Lamar. I agree 100%. Many whites could care less about slavery and the impact slavery affected our people. They don’t even talk about slavery and act as if it never existed. A lot of them would own slaves today if it was legal especially that thing in the White House. And yes this is a racial issue.

  13. MED

    I was truly disappointed in Ellen as well. How would the netisphere have reacted if Kevin Hart were white, and he didn’t want his daughter to date a black guy? Let’s see ..Roseanne, Megyn Kelly, etc etc. Why is he allowed to apologize but had the story been about race, his career ended and death threats made? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone Roseanne or Megyn’s actions, but living in the South, as a white gay male, I am over always knowing have zero protection against discrimination, hate speech, and bullying.

  14. Etnest

    Big fucking deal he was trying to be funny. Let me know when he really says hateful things. Do u people know how many black jokes I heard? All of u need to calm the fuck down.

  15. Bkl83

    It’s hard for me to be sympathetic to the LGBT community when I face most of their racism, violence, and shallowness as a black man–and not from 10-year-old tweets.

    Grow up.

  16. Michael

    Some people cherish their anger. Take it away and they collapse into a pile of flesh – it’s the only thing holding them up. We are all souls in evolution; it we evolve too quickly, we might lose understanding. If we evolve slowly, we may miss opportunities. If we were in Kevin’s place, we’d want someone to understand the circumstances from our experience. It doesn’t diminish anyone to forgive. And if you’re truly without sin, go ahead and cast your stone. I believe perfection is the destination nobody has gotten to yet and may never, so leave the stones lie.

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