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Dating: Five Tips When Flirting With A Disabled Guy

Here at Adam4Adam, we take pride in the fact that we have a very diverse group of users. African-Americans and Latinos make up the bulk of our non-white users, with Asians, American Indians, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Islanders making up the rest of the site’s demographics.

People with a disability can also be found on the app, with photographer and advocate Robert Andy Coombs being one of the more prominent. And as they’ve revealed in a post we’ve made before — “Speak Out: Would You Say You’re Disabled On A Dating App?” — dating can be pretty tough for someone who isn’t able-bodied.

If you’re an able-bodied person who is also open to dating a person with disability, you might find yourself understandably worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. Here are five tips we can give so you can avoid committing a faux pas.

1. Don’t be offended if they don’t immediately disclose they have a disability.

The gay dating scene is already tough for able-bodied people so you can imagine it being doubly hard for those with disabilities. If they don’t immediately disclose that they have a disability, they probably have a good reason to do so.

2. Don’t say you’re sorry for them.

You might be saying this to sound sympathetic, but you don’t know how that person feels about their disability. It could be something that they’re proud of, or something they’ve learned to love about themselves. You run the risk of sounding condescending just by saying those three words.

3. Don’t ask them how they ended up in a wheelchair.

That question is already invasive on its own, but using that as a conversion starter is particularly heinous. It makes you sound entitled, and doesn’t take into account the fact that the person with a disability may not be comfortable talking about it right off the bat. A better way to go about this would be to say “Is it okay if I ask about your disability?” This way, it’s up to the person with the disability to decide if they are going to talk about their disability or not.

4. Don’t ask them if their dick still works.

Just because someone has a disability that requires them to be in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean that they have paralysis. Asking this is just as invasive as asking them why they are in the wheelchair in the first place.

5. Ask them how you can make sex good for them.

You should be asking this of all your sexual partners anyway, but it’s especially true for people with disabilities. It shows you’re considerate and interested in what works for them as a person with a disability.

Of course, this isn’t all the tips when it comes to flirting with guys with disabilities. To our Adam4Adam users with disabilities, what other tips can you give? Also for guys with able bodies, have you ever dated a guy with disabilities? If so, please share your experience below.

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  1. Hunter0500

    Flirt means “behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.” Doing that with anyone is bullshit, in my opinion. Don’t be a jackwagon and lead guys on.

    If instead of “flirt” we really mean in this blog “Five tips when initially chatting with a disabled guy”, let’s add: 6 Treat Him Like a Man Without Making Issues About His Physical Attributes.

    Just as you should with any other guy you initially chat with on a website or face to face.

  2. Jr

    I am 27% disabled, meaning that you can’t tell from just looking at me that I am different. I walk talk and move just like anybody else. But I live with chronic pain due to a spinal cord injury. The hardest thing is talking about it, but it further strengthens a friendship if people are open to it.

  3. David M

    I found your article on dating and disabilities contained good information. Generally speaking there are two types of disabilities, Seen and Unseen. I have a disability that is unseen, Bipolar II Disorder. Having a disability can be uncomfortable whether it is seen or unseen when dating. Being unseen indicates your date has no idea you have a disorder. Depending on your diagnosis the date may not see symptoms. I prefer to mention my disability as soon as I am comfortable with the person and it appears a relationship may develop. The disclosure may be had during the first date or subsequent dates. If you have a disability that you are disclosing you will want the environment to be comfortable and stress free. Don’t give a lecture about your disability, just a brief overview so they are not overwhelmed with information. Provide time for their reaction and encourage questions. If they are overwhelmed provide the option to continue the disclosure in the future. I am not ashamed of my disability. The more comfortable I am with the disclosure the easier it is for them to accept and understand how the disability may affect the relationship. Delaying disclosure gives the illusion that there is an issue of trust, yours and theirs. Finally know most disabilities have support groups for the one with the disability and the significant people in their life.

  4. Michael

    I have dated guys with CP and honestly they are wonderful love makers. They are even more passionate than most of the men I’ve known. Being with a man with a disability you just have to take things a little slower but most of the time the heat is HOTTER.

  5. NachtEule

    What advice would you give to the disabled guy who’s trying to get back into dating, that’s disabled from time in the military? Not every disability is immediately visable that is still a crippling disability, like lung injury, brain injury, spinal/neck injury, and for me, the VERY public thing of needing supplemental oxygen. I have to walk around with a nasal cannula on all day, night, and in between. I feel like I’m a dog on a leash, and when the tubing gets stepped on, or I trip on it myself, I feel like that dog on a leash! How do WE deal with introducing that little turd into the punch bowl? It’s hard enough to find a date, much less one where I have this tube hanging out of my nose and a motor running on a 5lbs portable machine.

  6. Dylan

    I was in VA and this guy invited me over to his place to hook up. We met on adam4adam (thanks guys). He left the door open and I cane in as instructed. He was sitting in a wheelchair in the kitchen. We bs for quite some time. He was wounded as he was a member of the Army. He asked if it bothered me. I said,”does what bother me?” He laughed. He was so cool. He made me feel easy. He was drop dead georgous and I wasn’t leaving without at least checking out the rest of that body. He had a very light racing style wheel chair. Not like one you’d see in a hospital. He got around fine. His arms were AMAZING to say the least. Perfect chest you could pound on. Smoking hot ripped body. Beautiful face. We were heading towards the bed room and he stopped. I stepped beside him and bent down to kiss him. He was about to “let me off the hook, one last time.” I told him wild horses couldn’t drag me out of there. I pick him out of the chair. Not because he needed help but I wanted to hug the fuck out of him. I place him on the bed and I got in. We made out and hands found their way to each other’s cocks. We got undressed as fast as Superman and this guy had the same body. We sucked, 69 for a long time. I positioned him ass up face down and rimmed that ass. He could def feel it as he moaned at the right times. He had a triangle hanging from a chain to get into bed over the bed. After rimming him into a frenzy, I knelt behind him and said,”hey, I’m just gonna play back here if that ok?” He said,”fuck yeah!” I massaged his hole with just the tip for awhile. I was rock hard. I held onto that triangle. And braced myself. He used his arms and pushed back. I fucked him like no tomorrow. He was an amazing bottom. I spent the night. We showered together. And had a lot more sex. It was so hot. The next day we both had of so we went to breakfast, then lunch. Went back to his place and had more sex. Dinner later that night. He cooked. And then more sex. I was there for a month. We hooked up every night. The sex was amazing. We are still best friends. I went to his wedding as a groomsman and maintain a great friendship with him and his husband. I am so glad he is in my life. If I left because his legs didn’t work I’d be the one who was missing out.

  7. Dan

    I had a fwb who was in a wheelchair. I had grown up with friends in wheelchairs, so I didn’t think anything of it when he disclosed it. He and I had a great connection, and we had hot naked fun in bed. If I had been out, we might very well be married today.

  8. Bob Chappell

    I am your average Country Boy Type, born an reared in a small town in the N. Western Area of the Upstate in S.C. By no means am I Naive to sexual abilities and performance as an Experienced Oral Bottom!!! After High School and 2 yrs. of Technical Education, then transferring to an Accredited Southern College, nearby the area I grew up in, I commuted from Home to School on a daily basis by driving my MGB Roadster out and back, often stopping off at the cruisy lake areas of Hartwell and Joccassee and even driving North of town to the Table Rock Area off Hwy. 11… Searching, Hunting for some Manly Man Cock to Play , Suck, Arouse and service his wants, needs and sexual desires the way he chose for his pleasures and satisfaction. And never had a problem in doing so then. The years in between have been partially good to me, for I have been Blessed to have had 5 Wonderful Manly Men, 4 Tops and 1 Versatile Top fullfilling my years of Happiness, Enjoyment and My Deep Desires of Pleasurable Satisfaction, although all My Partners had different fantastic abilities to please Me as well as Pleasing Themselves at the same time. It truly was a give and take Partnetship, of Love, Understandings, Listening to eachothers good times and the bad times either at Work or throughout their Daily Activities in General, but Most of all Being their for Each Other Everyday and Allways by their side with the reassurance if comfort through the devastating issues of looking a loved one in the Family or even a Dear Friend from their past… Now for the update of Today as I am Single and have been for the past 23 years, because if not finding the similar type of guy, not because I’ve been Comparing them to my Past Relationships and Previous Partners. I realize that no other guy could live up to the standards or monogamous Relationship I’ve had in the past through my rather cute, energetic and active lifestyle I use to live. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve slowed down considerably since my earlier years especially since I just turned 59 in September. Even though I would welcome sexual activities as often as possible on a daily basis ( I still have a strong urge for energetic sexual desires, fantasies, rolle playing and pleasing those as well as being pleased by doing so)…I am still in the Market for the Undectable Gay Man that appears to be and live in a Straight Lifestyle as I do in Redneckville Mountainous Discreetly in the presence of Others, while out and about through the town or just being Himself in another City that is More Acceptable of the Gay Lifestyle… 🙂 Don’t get get me wrong I enjoy being with someone that share the same or similar beliefs in the most discriminating circumstances… One thing I left out of my Formidible Years was, before accepting a Partner to Love and be there for Him, being able to serve His Needs, Wants and Sexual Desires, I joined and worked my way into the Military in the United States Navy, Home Ported out of Norfolk, VA, stationed Aboard the USA CONCORD AFS-5, A Supply Ship, serving the 6th and 7th Fleet of American Military Ships Deported and serving in the Mediterranean Ocean, then passing through the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas where needed for Replenishment of Food, Supplies, and Store Goods for all Enlisted & Officers aboard Various Ships, Destroyers, Frigates, Amphibious, and Air-craft Carriers, and let’s not forget all the unseen ships that were maneuvering about under water, that’s right the Submarines, with their Sonar, Radar, Stealth Capabilities and several Nuclear Subs in the same vacinity throughout the waters in which we serverd and traveled, servicing those American Ships and Carriers of our American Servicemen, that for the oral majority served their Country to the Best and with the Utmost Respect fulfilling their individual duties as directed by their Senior Superior Officers that served in Command of their Specific Departments… But all the Officers and several of the Enlisted (Myself Included), were Respected by 98% of the Enlisted Personnel and usually all the Officers showed their Respect to the Elite of the Enlisted Personnel that had achieved a Higher Rank in their Specific Department, Especially towards Me, I had gained the respect of all the Officers and Enlisted as a Petty Officer 2nd Class in only 3 years of Service onboard my Ship of Assigned Duty, where I jumped at every opportunity, studied extensively in order to pass all written and oral exam in order to Cross Rates to another Department onboard the Ship, continuing to maneuver myself through different Departments, advancing myself by taking Advancement Testings with time servers onboard the ship, with the abilities to achieve the proper steps excelling beyond My Fellow Shipmates, it was My Strong Sense of Desire to Advance and Excelled to better Myself while serving in the Navy, by achieving the Higher Grades of Advancement through Various Departments, surprising all Department Heads if my entry into their Department of my on achievements and Aquired Knowledge in their Department without the benefit of attending the proper schools if education to qualify for the preset entry selections into their respective areas of knowledge and field of a broader spectrum as in the past time frame that I had acquired and passed into with Very High Marks beyond what was required to enter their Official Office Space to mingle and perform specific duties alongside others that barely made the passing grade to be assigned into that Department, while there I realized I needed further Advancement in order to achieve a Higher Sense of Respect from not only the Enlisted Officers that had time in Service to be an Officer for their particular Department they were the King of, so again, I jumped Rate to the other side of the Personnel Department that handled all the Entitled Paperwork for all of the Enlisted Personnel, (trust me, it was an overload of long working hours just to keep all the paperwork up to date for all the Newbies (Seaman Recruits, just out of Boot Camp, after a 2 week leave with their perspective Families and Friends in their hometown), then working on all those who decided to change rates from Deck ( where all the Newbies are assigned after Boot Camp. 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    Thanks, Please do what you csn for Ne to still enjoy and also be able to share Ny Talented Sexual Desires of a Passionate, Very Pleasung Man to Honor A Really Nice Manley Man with My Bottom Puortion of My Eager to Please Body of Great Passions of Extensive Eexperience and Great Pleasures until He reaches His Own Personal Satisfaction and need of a restung period of time delay (perhaps to acquire some replenishing sleep in otder to functipn in a couple of hours at His Workplace or job… Let Me know if You can really HELP AN AGING MAN OF 59, actually I dont really feel that the age listed represents My Mental Attitude, My Thoughts that others of that age (The Married Guys) actually have been worn out by the younger activities of any children if any were produced ? 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Very few actually attend for the Scholastic Academics that can be achieved through proper channels of learning through Discipline, Respect, Honor, Proper Ediquite, knowing to speak only when spoken to, unless You, Yourself is giving a Speech, or performance that requires You to Speak in order to get You Point across to another person or group of people in General. You know I should have stopped my Schooling many years ago, Eliminating Public Speaking, Extensive Writings, and other invasive subjects that have procured me to retain so much knowledge, that I thought would be useful someday throughout My Life, before it actually came to an end. DEATH!!!! Yep, thats when My thoughts will stop, I’ll write or speak no more. And all those who know Me or have known of Me, will either Miss Me or Rejoice over Me for dying !!! My legacy will be the useful knowledge I leave with those who wanted it, to learn the differences, and the ability to understand what it all means through My Personal Thoughts and Explanations derived from all the extensive schooling and traveling I had Achieved in My Lifetime!!! Perhaps I should start writing my Autobiography through the Anthologies of the above information, before My Death, well heck far, knowing Me and My Lifestyle Ill more than likely live way beyond the 100 year mark which has often been favorable through the extended lives of My Elderly Family Members, that well exceeded that mark in their lifetime of living, actively and alert as well. I remember a Great Uncle that was still said of him having Sex with girls/women in their early fifties down to the upper forties up until 2 years before his passing on (Death @ 112, He smoked and drank Moonshine everyday of His Life He said up to the 2 year mark prior to His Death the following 2 years later, and that was 1 week prior to His Birthday which He would have been the ripe old age of 113…He was always Happy too, one of his Sister the Baby of the siblings, and She said he was the 9th child born living the longest duration of time, and rarely saw a Doctor in His entire Lifetime, but was always sex crazed, since the time She can remember as a teenager when He was at What She thought was His Prime Sexual years in His Middle 30’s, and that was only the beginning of him growing more and more sex crazed . She told me that She vividly remembers His 50th Birthday Party, at the ending of the event that was like the Social Gathering for the Entire Town to turn out for, 5 of his Older Brothers each paid for a different working girl to stop by at different times throughout the rest of the evening as their present to Him from the Older Brothers, for Me I only remember meet only for a short time 2 of the Older Brothers at Uncle Bob’s 60th Birthday Party, where Uncle Bob approached Me and My Dad’s Sister’s Oldest Son, about My same age, that we should know of some Older Women that would like to come visit Him for a Rifling Good Ole Time in the Barn up in the Hay Loft for more Privacy , With His Request came a time frame…Please make sure They can go at it and take it fast and hard for a minimum of at least 3-4 hours, for me to really enjoy My Birthday!!! We actually got a late start going into 3 nearby towns to locate the local working girls still on the streets at 8:00pm to come to His place around 11:00 or Right Now as His instructions were very clear in order for My Cousin and I to recieve $100 cash from Him (Uncle Bob) for the cost of the woman in the age range of 35- 50 so She would have enough energy and stamina to endure a good ole pounding from our Great Uncle who was Well Blessed with a Huge, Long, & Fat Cock to use in working women only, there the only ones that would go for it, poor old Uncle Bob couldnt keep a Girlfriend more than a week at the most, He loved having Sex so much and the Good Girls in His area of the Mountains ( All Family Members on that darn Mountain), so She came with Me as the 8:00pm delivery Girl in order to get her fee of $35.00 for 3-4 hours if hard intense Sex with Uncle Bob to get what She was working for that evening so she would have enough money to pay her rent on the far side of town where no-one ever went to for the fear of being raped, molested, and or even beaten-up or robbed, heck, both of the last two could happen if they wanted money as well, but the thugs would most always take your jewelry, cause they could trade that at their liquor store in their community for the almighty alcholic beverage of their choice without any questions ever ask as to where it came from ever period…

  9. GoodolFuckBuddy

    It’s amazing that I just found this article! I had a doctor’s appointment a few days ago and the receptionist there is a man in a wheelchair. I’ve been going to the same doctor for years and the first few visits I didn’t even realize he was in a wheelchair. I’ve always thought he was attractive and we have enjoyable friendly conversations even though it’s just small talk. On this last visit he seemed very flirty and much more attentive to me than during previous visits. He really caught my attention this time and I’ve been thinking about him ever since. His being in a wheelchair doesn’t matter to me. I would date him if there’s actually something there between us and it’s not just my imagination. Him being in a wheelchair would not matter to me. I am honestly concerned about the sex though. But I would deal with that when it comes to that.

  10. Johnathan Newman

    I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder chronic depression anxiety. I also am deaf in my left ear have arthritis in my legs and epileptic seizures and I am hiv undetected. Yes to some I may be broken but I dont let any of my health issues stand in my way I continue to push myself and overcome the stigmas and judgement that is prevalent in the gay community, Life has tried so many times to break me and one thing I do know I will not break. I have been single since 2008 and I have tried dating and get rejected over the whole hiv thing and its scary when your fighting the battle alone and people judged you with out knowing the real you. I can honestly say the somewhere along the way humanity and dignity have been stripped away from society and there is no morals or grace left in the heart of man. It saddens me I am only 31 years old I have seen more than my fair share of hate and violence but also seen very little of kindness in life. I am not broken and realized that I don’t need anyone to be happy I am perfectly fine with being alone I am comfortable in my skin in me life and very happy with what I can do and any man who tries will have to prove themselves to me trust is not easy love is not easy and neither is life. You make it what it is you want and try very hard to stay positive.

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