Holidays: Five Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. However, for some members in the LGBT community who had been disowned by their parents and family it can be a sad affair because celebrating the holiday season means spending it with our family and loved ones. 

And so, although it is a happy occasion, Christmas can at the same time be tinged with sadness. 

Some of us have lost a loved one or their partner or unable to see their family while others on the other hand, have already outgrown Christmas and are struggling to find its meaning. Whatever the case is for us Adam4Adam members, whether we are disabled or elderly or single and alone this Christmas, or maybe we no longer find it exciting, but we can always choose to find the silver lining whatever our circumstances in life is. Once we do this, we’ll understand how a simple act of kindness during the holidays can help other people feel a bit of the Christmas spirit and make them happy and yes, by extension, ourselves as well. That being said, we’ve gathered a few suggestions as to how we can help the LGBT community while simultaneously celebrating this holiday season. Take a look below.  

  1. Visit our family and friends. Christmas is a time for reconciliation and forgiveness, if spending time with them is going to be a little tricky or is always tricky, check out these tips on how to navigate the holidays with your family.
  2. Buy a small gift of new underwear and socks for a homeless shelter for LGBT youth (such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center) or gift them your used clothes. 
  3. Volunteer your time and services to LGBT community centers. You can check for volunteer opportunities with an LGBT organization using this list.
  4. Make a donation to an LGBT organization (check out the list of LGBT organizations to donate to here and here). 
  5. Write someone a card through The Rainbow Cards Project.

What is your plan for Christmas, do you already have one? Who are you spending it with? 

Happy Holidays to all and open your hearts and share the love with those less fortunate.

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  1. Floyd


    I have a much better way to spread Christmas Cheer:

    Spread you legs wide and raise them high! Just be careful about the height of the ceiling and the width of the opposing walls!

  2. billy g

    At this time of year, in what still seems to be the hardest thing for 99% of our families, friends and the world to accept, all I can say to who ever posted this comment, you are an Ass-Hole.. Merry Christmas to the rest of what and who try to be normal everyday people. Even being gay it’s still hard to be considered normal and statements like this one just proves it more ……

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