Grow your MO this Movember

Movember is here, guys!

For Adam4Adam readers who are hearing about this month-long event for the first time, Movember is that time of year when men all around the world come together to grow moustaches for charity (hence the term Movember: it’s a portmanteau of “mo” from moustache which is also its Australian slang term and “vember” from November). Run by Movember Foundation, their mission is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues such as mental health and suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. You may check Movember Foundation’s global projects and partnerships as well as updates here.

But why these health issues in particular? Prostate cancer, for example, is one of the most common cancers among American men. In fact, American Cancer Society estimated the new cases of prostate cancer in the United States this 2018 to be around 164,690.

What can we do to help? We have three options:

  • one of which is to “grow” a Mo to inspire donation and conversation.
  • Or we can “move,” meaning we can commit to walking or running 60 miles over the month. But why 60 miles, you ask. It’s because 60 miles stands for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour.
  • And lastly, we can opt to “host” a Mo-ment and raise funds however way we like, socialize and get friends together with changing the face of men’s health at the forefront.

A4A members who wish to learn more about it or to participate on the event may sign up here. You may also check out the video below for some of the best moustache styles you can try this Movember.

That being said, we are also taking this opportunity to remind you, our dear Adam4Adam members, to get checked regularly and to take better care of your health because it’s as they say, prevention is better than cure.

Are you going to take the Movember challenge? Have you ever participated in the event before? Share with us your thoughts, and stories in the comments section below and make sure to send us or tag us in your selfies sporting a moustache on Instagram using @adam4adamofficial and #adam4adam and we’ll feature you on our account!

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  1. Derryck S Griffith


    Living a Healthy and Happy life is an individual aspiration. There is no Blue Print or Format that you can get to ensure this is done.

    However, all things being equal, happiness is also a state of mind, because you may be rich, wealthy, or poor, but that does not guarantee happiness either.

    The human condition does not guarantee any of us anything, and like our four legged cousins. We all have to find our own way to make this life worth living.


  2. Lamar

    Wow, I really find this man quite appealing! I can’t ‘really’ grow facial hair, I’ve had this adolescent-like stache forever, if I did have more of a reason to shave I most likely, would keep a very short beard, actually. Hell, I wish mine was full like his.

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