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Stories : Four Funny and Embarrassing Sex Stories

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Yes, sex can sometimes be hilarious when something unexpected happens. And when it does, happen to you, my advice is to not dwell on it because it’s totally normal and definitely not an isolated story.

You feel it is horrifying while it is happening, even think you’ll never live this embarrassing experience down but the truth is mostly everybody probably has got a funny and embarrassing sex story to tell. Don’t you think so, too? Anyway, one Redditor brought up this topic and it gained hilarious responses.

  1. The Puke – the user who created the thread (OP) related how he was sucking his partner’s dick but then said partner shoved the dick down his throat. OP then proceeded to puke all over his partner’s dick much to his own embarrassment. Partner told him not to mind it and they carried on as if nothing happened.
  1. The Bed – couple had been a little overly vigorous in an otherwise fragile bed. Said bed’s wooden bed frame collapsed, no one was hurt so they merely laughed it off. The embarrassing part came a bit later when the commenter had to ask for help from their building’s repairman cum doorman to put the frame back together. The guy put two and two together and now makes “creepy comments” about commenter’s “vigor” every time they meet.
  1. The Fart – one of them confessed that he farted while someone was eating his ass, what’s more is that the fart had the “strangest sound.” A guy jumped in on the discussion and said that someone farted on him while he was eating their ass (with a ‘brrrp’ sound) but that they only laughed it off as very little could “dissuade” him when it comes to eating ass.
  1. The Pimple – one guy said he was “sucking someone’s nipple playfully in the dark, only to move away and bump into the actual nipple.” The guy added, “Turned out I had been playfully sucking a decently sized pimple.”

So, that’s their funny and embarrassing story. What’s yours?

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  1. Casper

    I went into a gay bar, in Provincetown, MA., early in the 1991. There were many women and quite a few males, or so I thought?

    Eventually, I got around to asking a rather, handsome male if he’s like to dance? He said yes, and so we danced.

    During the course of the evening, I made my intentions known and he didn’t seem to mind? We danced several times and finally, I asked him to come home to me.

    Much to my chagrin, he said “I am a female.” Well, I’ll be dammed! I got fooled by a handsome Dike! Apparently, she was enjoying her evening at my expense and ignorance.

    It didn’t take me long to realize that I put my foot into my mouth and right down my throat! I left the bar, a wiser man.

  2. Bill

    Funny thing I am a top but wasn’t going to turn down a good ass eating while getting a good blow job and ball licking Once he got there and and got to doing the tongue massage I felt a lil fart escape my hole I was embarrassed and said sorry he didn’t know what I was talking about and kept going Was one of the best B/J’s I ever got I always said my farts don’t stink I guess I was right

    • Hunter0500

      A hazard of mansex. Like a belch or the scent of sweat. Even guys fresh out of the shower are going to smell like men sooner or later if. For many guys, it’s what they’re expecting. Others demand that their partners be pretty, perfect and scentless. For me, it’s a case of “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

      I’m also a guy that is happy to end up with a partner’s body hair in his mouth. It means I’m having a mess of fun!

  3. Lil' Jack Horny

    I bottomed one night for a guy who had a huge mushroom head. He thrust it inside me and it acted like a plunger because when he pulled out, out came a “plum”.

  4. Eagle_69

    My partner & I had been together for a year or so and when I had a dental appointment, I brushed & gargled before I went but I forgot to floss. I wish I had because during the exam, I felt the dentist pull one of my lovers pubic hairs from between two teeth on the top right side of my mouth! Needless to say, the sex the night before was awesome, but the dental exam that morning was quite embarrassing! OH MY!!!

  5. Nheat4blkmeat

    I have a fuk buddy whose goal is to fuck my throat deep and get me to puke slim… then he uses it for lube to fuk me with…

  6. Mark

    A guy i met on line here told me a horrible story of a hook up went wrong..
    Cut to the chase,
    A very hung top met an inexperienced bottom here on Adam and the bottom was knocking on his door within 45 min. What the bottom failed to say, was that he was previously at a Asian Buffett here in Los Angeles, stuffing his face. (for sure didn’t even go home and clean up before the encounter)
    Anyway things heated up fast and before you knew it, the cubby bottom was on all fours ready for the pounding of his life..within a few minutes the bottom began saying it was extremely uncomfortable ( top had 91/2 inches) after a while the pressure built up and he was trying to get up and run to the bathroom, when a firehose thrust blasted (you know what ) all over the hung very D L top, the walls, floor also the Tops pit bull was also sprayed. The bottom ran out the apartment, took his profile down on Adam. never to be heard from again The top is completely traumatized claiming to only receive Oral (poor Guy) and rightfully so!

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