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Sexuality: Are Your Condoms Too Big?

Do you use a condom every time you have sex and if your answer is no, why not? Also, what’s your penis size? Do you find the condoms in the market too large for you or your hookups, fuck buddies, or partners?

If your answer is yes, you are actually not alone in that regard. Reportedly, only a third of single American men use condom because the existing standard size don’t fit them and therefore, condom “slips off” during sex. It is, of course, important for the condom to fit because if it’s too tight, it could break during sex and if it is too large, then it would slip. Also, if the condom is too short or too large, then it could cause semen to leak from the base.

Taking into consideration the issue, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a policy that will enable companies to manufacture and sell smaller condoms. This, on top of the results of the study conducted in 2014 by Indiana University among 1,661 American men that revealed the average erect penis length to be 5.57 inches. In addition, the results revealed the largest erect penis to be 10.2 inches in length while the smallest was 1.6 inches. As for American men’s average girth (for an erect penis), it was found to be 4.8 inches.

Condom use is encouraged during sexual activities because of many reasons; one of them is to lower the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia among many others. Many people however, dislike using condoms. As aforementioned, there’s the problem with the fit (size) and how condom creates too much friction and reduces pleasure. Previously, there was a report regarding self-lubricating condoms which was invented to address the latter issue.

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  1. jonboi20946

    At present, there are condoms with the very large open and obvious print, MAGNUM. Right there on the box. Can you imagine how man condoms are going to be sold if the package print says SMALL or VERY SMALL.

    Yea Right.!!!

  2. DKLA

    The survey noted above says the largest erect penis they found was 10.2 inches… so why does A4A have a search for up to 20 inches?!? 🙂

  3. mark138

    I wish I could find a 12″ or bigger cock. Are there really any that size out there? I have had a ton of cocks in my life, and size wise most were way to small.

    • FreeSpirit

      I met three guys in that size range.

      1) The first one is a Black American guy I knew in college and who now lives in Danville, Virginia. His non-erect, flaccid dick is 12″ long! Yes, I saw it with my own eyes at a judo club locker room. However, we were never involved sexually because he is 100% heterosexual and is not sexually interested in men .

      2) The second one, a Puertorican-American, was a co-worker at a part-time job I had when I was in college. One morning in the locker room, he came out completely naked from the curtained shower stall, with his non-erect, flaccid 11″ long dick dangling on his thighs. He had timed his shower so I could see his long dick. Although he was interested in me and was a nice guy, I did not pursue it since he was already married to a woman.

      3) The third one was a German-American that I met in the steam room of a bath house in Manhattan. His 11″ inch long dick was dangling on his thighs so I took him to my room where he fucked me ball-deep and bred me. It felt so good. Oh, the good old days.

  4. PghTopMan

    When gay . com was still around, we had a formula to determine the actual length of a guy’s erection. “Gay . com inches” is what was reported in a profile. You took that number, multiplied by 2, then divided by 3. So, if some one told you they were 9″, you multiplied by 2 and got 18″. Then, by dividing by 3, you got the true length (18/3 = 6″).

  5. oral_pleasure4u

    Some guys measure their penis length starting at their anus. I’ve seen too many 8″ that were maybe 5″ on a good day

  6. Solardude tuttle

    Being a smaller guy myself i have found IORN GRIP and Beyond 7 to be a good choice for my skinny one. I buy them on net.

  7. Hunter4B

    Hmmm, I’m a pretty regular guy. when I was young I was very skinny and my penis was pretty regular when flaccid and stood out quite a bit when erect. I’d say 8 inches easily with good girth. As I have gotten older and played sports, I filled out and became muscular and I’d say my penis complimented my body, however, some lovers (women) were uncomfortable with its girth or if I pounded too deeply, I might hit their cervix, etc., so I had to be gentle. I would say I loved oral and it was impending. By the time I got into ‘guys’ I was still pretty muscular, but I filled out and was a good 230lbs, so I looked like a linebacker. THIS comment is for the size-Queens here: what a foolish game you all play, how many great guys have you missed out on because you only play with BIG cocks … in fact you are all dicks, and real men understand that a penis is just a part of the man. As I age (and I have heard that every 50lbs an man is over weight he actually pushes his gut outward causing his penis to appear shorter than it is)! Oh well, my interest is in my brain, and a handsome guy, with a great personality means a lot to me … if he shares his penis with me and is confident then I am still interested. One guy was 3.5″ and small framed so he was proportional, one guy was obviously VERY uncomfortable and his discomfort was the only factor that bothered me, however, I am sure he was damaged by the guys here that ohh and ahhh and act disappointed if a penis doesn’t LOOK huge. Time for this community to start growing up and acting like real men.

  8. bangme2k

    My doctor recommended me get flavored condoms to perform oral sex with to help eliminate getting STI’s orally. The problem is, the big name condom manufacturers don’t sell them in the larger sizes

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